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The sky is a dark grey, causing shadows even in the lightest of places. It’s not necessarily because there’s bad weather; it’s always this way. It’s almost like the sun is no longer existing, like it gradually decided that this sad excuse of a planet wasn’t worth it’s time.

People walk at a reasonable pace, all wearing black suits or black dresses. They style their hair in a certain way in the morning, not because it’s how they like, but because they know they’re not going to get any respect if they show up to work looking like they’d got out bed five minutes ago. Each face is empty, almost lifeless.

I’m the same, of course. My hair is forced out of my face every morning, shining due to the gel. I rise out of bed every morning and take the time to make sure I’m looking presentable; ensuring my suit is ironed and my shoes are shining. I eat cereal - the same one added to the breakfast table in every house all over the world each morning - full of fibre with no exciting taste. I don’t like it or hate it.

The long drone of the alarm buzzes through the building, and I don’t hesitate to the lean over and reach into the top drawer of my desk. I keep nothing in there besides papers compulsory for me to do my job. I grab the small gun that sits in the middle and feel the roughness of the plastic underneath my fingers. (The government had to create billions, do you really think they’d use anything that’d cost them more money?) I already know there’s four doses ready to be used because I made sure to reload this morning.

All around me, men and women are doing the same as I. As though it’s recited, we all raise the gun to our necks and pull the trigger, still sat behind our desks. The skin surrounding the end of the gun is opened and allows the blue liquid to seep into our system. To describe how it feels would be impossible; the whole purpose of the dose is to take away any feelings or any emotion that threaten to surface.

The room falls silent when the alarm stops ringing and everyone has shut the drawer of their desk. I sit up straight, feeling refreshed. Just as before, there’s the constant sound of typing and clicking from each desk around me.

“Bieber,” I hear the rough voice that I’m aware belongs to my boss as he comes striding along from behind me, I can hear his shoes meeting the floor as he walks purposefully. “Have you taken your dose?”

“Of course, sir,” I reply and stare ahead. There’s no movement in my face - my nose doesn’t twitch, my lip doesn’t threaten to curl up into a smile - while my boss’ hands press against my desk.

“There’s a woman just been brought in, mind doing the honours?” he asks and when I’ve had enough of his stare burning holes into my face, I shift my gaze from the multiple backs of heads in front of me to look at him.

His hair, just like mine, is swept back and kept in place with gel, although his hair is a lot darker than my own, apart from the grey strands beginning to show. He has a crooked nose that gives me the feeling he’s going to poke my eye out with it if he gets any closer. He’s showing his age with the crow’s feet and wrinkles that are starting to layer over his skin, and not to mention his ashen skin that makes me wonder whether he’s ill or simply tired.

“Of course, sir,” I nod before rising from my desk. “What’s she here for?”

I’m walking by his side now - I’m only just taller than him - and we must look almost identical, I think.

“What do you think?” He doesn’t give me time to compose an answer. “Sense Offence.”

I don’t say anything in response but carry on walking, knowing the exact moment my boss will turn off onto a different route as he aims for his office. When he does, he takes the awkwardness from the conversation with him and I feel as though I’m able to breathe again.

There’s a door at the end of the hallway. It’s grey paint glitters under the blazing lights. As I’m marching towards it, it opens and one of the other men appears dressed in the same suit as me. He catches sight of me and does a subtle head nod in my direction, I return it before swiftly sliding into the room and closing the door.

Sat at the table, a woman sits staring at the wall opposite, as though interested by it. She doesn’t acknowledge me, even when I make my way around the table so her eyes are piercing through my stomach.

“Hi. What’s your name?”

She doesn’t show a sign of wanting to talk to me, or wanting to be here, and I don’t expect an answer from her and I know I’m right not to when she continues to keep her lips in a straight line. My hands press flat against the table so I can see the veins on the back of my hand rising through my skin; they look like tiny rivers.

“I’m Justin Bieber,” I say and she - finally - looks me in the face, although she looks less than pleased, “but you don’t care about that,” I mutter and grab a chair that’s been pressed up against the wall and sit in front of her. “Do you know why you’re here?”

She takes a few seconds, but I watch her lips part and she takes a deep breath. She’s starting to tremble slightly. “Because I want to live like a real human being?” She looks like she might start crying.

“To live like a real human being is to abide by the law and take your doses, and we both know you haven’t being doing so. Why?”

“What keeps you going?” she asks, taking me by surprise.


“What makes you get out of bed in the morning? What’s your reason for living? What’s your purpose?”

I frown at her, watching her eyebrows furrow while waterfalls are building in her eyes, threatening to burst and flood her cheeks.

“To serve, to make sure offenders like you are incinerated the second you leave this room.”

“Are you happy?”

I shrug. “I’m merely doing my job; I neither love nor hate it.”

Her facial expression shows sympathy, although I’m unsure as to why. Her body shakes, causing strands of her hair to twist and turn.

“Feeling is beautiful. It’s what makes us human and what keeps us alive, and yet, it’s being taken from us completely. Why?”

It’s starting to feel as though I’m the one being interrogated. “Emotion is forbidden and you know it. Emotion is dangerous. These doses are what’s keeping this race existing, if you have some kind of problem with that, you should take it up with the government, although I highly doubt you’re going to make it as far as the double doors of this building. Now, answer my question; why aren’t you taking your doses?”

As though something snaps - a vein or a muscle - behind the surface of her skin, the tears finally spill over, gliding down her eyelashes before splashing against the woman’s cheeks. I notice her try to blink them away.

“I can’t live like that anymore; not feeling anything, it’s driving me insane. I refuse,” she gulps.

“Very well, but you know what happens to anyone who’s been found to be feeling and/or not taking their dose-“

“Do it. I don’t care.”

She’s shaking vigorously now and she looks as though she’s shivering. Her cheeks are a faded pink, and the victim of multiple sets of tears; all hot and salty and leaving a subtle shine to her skin. I watch her blankly. Neither of us speaks for a moment.

There’s a fan doing circles above us and it’s creating a humming sound all around the room, meaning we’re never in complete silence. I inspect her face and see hurt and pain, my head tilts to the right ever so slightly.

“Do you not ever wonder what you’re here for, what’s outside your life within these walls?” Her voice is calm, which I find unusual. I notice she’s slumped back in her seat now, her fingers locked around her stomach.

“I have a family; a wife and a kid. That’s my life.”

“How? How can you possibly take a woman’s hand in marriage when you don’t love her? How can you be intimate with her, and conceive a child when you know you’re not going to love the heart and soul of that child? You feel nothing for those people who you share a life with, do you really know them at all?”

I frown.

“Have you never wanted to be able to touch someone’s hand and feel their warmth? What about music and art and poetry- oh wait, I forgot, you’re the one who makes the effort to go around and burn those kinda things, aren’t you?” she spits, and an angry expression takes over her face. “Emotion is everything. Emotion keeps me going, keeps us going. Love is pure, but so is hate. Fuck you.”

Her face is round and glows under the blazing light; I’m sure if I could feel a single thing I would feel something for the woman sat before me.

I wait until I’ve risen from my seat to speak again. Her gaze follows me tiredly. I straighten out my suit before clasping my hands behind my back.

“You’ll stay here until someone comes and collects you. I imagine they won’t take you for incineration today, and if not, I’m sure I’ll be seeing you sometime in the near future.”

Even as I’m walking towards the door - the fan still humming above me - I can feel the woman’s gaze on the back of head and I’m more than aware it’s full of hate and despise for me, maybe even a hint of disgust.


Hayes Grier AU: He asks you out

Imagine: You’ve been living next to the Griers all your life, and you and Hayes grew up together. It’s been a few years since you two saw each other, but one day, when he’s back from LA with a friend, they both spot you. He can’t believe how attractive you’ve gotten and - with a little help of Tez - he finally asks you out.  

This is for the lovely anon who requested :) And for all the Hayes girls. As always, I hope you enjoy! <3



Nine years after the Woman was last seen in Baker Street, Sherlock Holmes and John Watson receive anonymous tickets to fly to New York at the service of a mysterious singer who wants to hire them for a case. They discover that the client is Irene Adler, now going by an alias, having resided in America since Sherlock rescued her from execution in Karachi. She explains that the events of The Final Problem had exposed her survival to Mycroft, so now many of her enemies are able to hunt her down. Sherlock finds it strange that after years of being capable of protecting herself, Irene would reach out to him. There is more to the story than meets the eye…


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Shawn Mendes One Shot: The Ellen Show

A.N: This one is a little long like always. I really enjoyed writing it though. I’m debating a continuation, but I’m not sure? If you guys liked it or want more, please let me know! I’d appreciated it. ANYWAYS ENJOY!!

Also I got the inspiration for this one from @everythingshawnmendes ‘s work of “Spill Your Guts.”. Check that one out too!

The Ellen Show Master List

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“You’ll be on in ten.” A guy with a headset said quickly before poking his head back out the door.

My manager looked at me and smiled getting up from his seat. “You ready?” He asked.

I looked in the dressing mirror and look over myself sitting in the chair. My hair was in fluffy curls, makeup simple for daytime television. I had a nice blue tartan top on with a matte black skirt. I felt really good and was excited.

“Yeah. I’m good. Excited actually.” I smiled back grabbing my phone from my lap.

My manager went through tips for the interview. We had not given any specific limitations on questions as we didn’t have scandals or secrets the public was aware of. But regardless he went over them.

“It will probably be similar to last time. Maybe a little more different. You’ve gained a lot more popularity since the last time on the show. You know how she likes to blindside you with questions you’d have to be careful answering.”

I nodded but felt prepared. I scrolled through my phone waiting for them to call me to stage.

The guy with the headset turned up a few minutes later. “Alright, they are ready for you. If you’ll follow me.”

We got up from our seats and exited my dressing room. The guy in the headset began prepping me. “So you’ll wait at the steps and head down after Ellen introduces you. You’ll have the first part of the interview for about 5 minutes. She will cut to break. The second part of the interview will be a game, I believe you agreed to ‘Who’d You Rather?’ correct?”

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Masterlist ♡

Fake Text Imagines:

You get mad at Justin for not coming home

Persuading eachother

“Don’t worry I’m all yours”

Date night

You persuade Justin to come home whilst he’s recording 



Jealousy leads to an argument 

You lowkey get jealous of the Hasley performance 

You find out Justin was with Selena | Part 1 | Part 2 

Teasing Justin with fetus pics

You want the squad to leave

You’ve moved on but Justin hasn’t 

Justin see’s your recent Insta pic 

Teasing Justin whilst he’s at the studio


Justin accidentally texts you saying he loves you thinking you’re his ex | Part 1 | Part 2 

Drunk texting after a breakup

“It’s relaxing without you”

Justin isn’t famous and y’all are texting in class


Wisdom teeth

Texting Za after a mini argument with Justin


You leave your party after finding out Justin invited his ex

Dinner Date

You’re Latina and you’re nervous about Justin meeting your crazy family 

Justin is horny

Finding Justin’s dorky selfies in your camera roll

Fractured Penis (Squad)


You freak out because he doesn’t answer your messages (Jason Mccann)


You take Jazzy on a trip

“Your ass looks good”




What a hottie

Better qualities 


Argument | Part 1 | Part 2 

Stressed & can’t sleep

Bad Boy

Awoken by your baby

Jealous | Part 1 | Part 2 

Embarrassed | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 |

Restriction - (MATURE



Divorcement | Part 1 | Part 2 |

One Day

Possessive (Jason Mccann)



Silent Treatment



Interrupted (MATURE)



Revenge (MATURE)


College Acceptance 


Stressed Out

You Should Be Here

Facetime/Instagram/Snapchat/GIF Imagines:

Justin’s in Europe and you’re missing eachother (Snapchat)

“I can’t sleep properly without you” (Facetime)

Early Morning (Facetime)

“I’m currently really sad because you’re not here” (Facetime)

“I’ll have to reconsider” (Facetime)

Drunk (Facetime GIF)

“I’m exhausted and I miss you” (GIF au)

Justin asking you out on a date (GIF au)

“She won’t let me sleep” (Insta)

“Date night with this princess” (Insta)

Being on set with Justin (GIF au)

“New crib what’s good” (Insta)

Interview (GIF au)

With Justin

“So blessed” (Insta)

Travelling (GIF au)


Travelling with Justin

Marrying Justin

Award Show with Justin

Lazy Day with Justin

Working Out with Justin

Clubbing with Justin

Roadtrip with Justin

Glam Life


Valentines Day


Drunk Justin


Dating 2013 Justin 

Having Children With Justin

Waking Up With Justin


Swole!Calum intentionally works out everyday and when you scowl him for it, he goes, “I’m doing this for you. What a punk smacks your butt and he’s like RIPPED? He’d snap me like a twig.” and he’d go on and on about how protecting you is number one and he’s totally cool with being arm candy for you. He has that masculine personality until it’s late at night and it’s thundering really loudly and he scoots behind you and BEGS to cuddle. You’d scoot closer to him and wait for him to wrap his arms around you but he just turns around and leaves you to struggle to spoon him with those musCLES. 

I just can’t find the right caption for this one xD I don’t even know why I made it. Enjoy it or not ;D


BBC Sherlock Instagram AU. AU in that any of them are any good at Instagram.


Summary: You have a deep crush on Peter Parker, little did you know he would be your next project when your uncle, Tony Stark, asks you to help with Peter’s new Spider-Man suit.

Characters: Peter Parker (Tom Holland) x Reader

Warnings: Light cursing

Word Count: 1,064

A/N: This is two requests in one since both were requested around the same time and were similar to each other! I hope you guys like it! Sorry for being so slow with writing. I’ve been resting, but also running around town doing things! P.S. Sorry for the lame title of the imagine.

@thecoffeestudyblr @misshollander1

You were in your Physics class when you received a text from your uncle, Tony Stark. Yes, you were related to the one and only, but no one at Midtown High knew that.

“(Y/N), are you paying attention?” The teacher announced in front of the class. You felt the blood rush to your face and everyone staring at you, even your longtime crush, Peter Parker. You rarely talked to Peter, only when the class had to work in groups. You both were always drawn to each other because you were both were fighting to be top of class. It was a healthy competition you both didn’t mind to have going on.

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