au kurloz

tfw you almost kill your girlfriend so you chew out your tongue to make it up to her.

((in reference to this))

Desperately needing the money in order to support his younger hatch mate and having no other options, Kankri works as a host/hostess, chatting to wealthy high bloods and serving them drinks, acting like he cares about their privileged lives, while also giving them the luxury of enjoying him NOT going off about their horribly triggering attitudes. Cronus and Kurloz have become his near permanent customers, using him as an opportunity to one up each other in their perspective businesses/have a petty wriggling rivalry of along the lines of “HE LIKES ME BETTER!!!1 *stomps foot*.” Shenanigans ensue.

Dark Like Molasses, Sweet Like Laughter (dirk/gamzee shadowbound au 7)

Gamzee experiments with socializing.

Dirk is over-caffeinated.

Hal pulls the tiger’s tail.


  • Relationships: Gamzee/Dirk, Kurloz/Hal,  Gamzee & Kurloz,  Dirk & Hal, Gamzee & Karkat
  • ~5k, urban fantasy AU, shadows as daemons/familiars
  • cn for undernegotiated kink, metaphysical bondage, and kurloz being kurloz
  • series tag

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coauthored with the lovely and talented @rollerskatinglizard


3 years of progress!!!! ive changed a lot both as an artist and as a person but catch me still drawing shitty kurcro tho

things i learned in the course of 3 years:

-tablets have pen pressure !!(!)

-color palettes are a thing

-so is lighting

-so are references

-people dont usually stand around with their limbs limp at their side or holding objects in ways that dont make sense

-”scenestuck” was a terrible idea,