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klarolineauweek day one (crossovers and fusions)

Caroline’s only fault was killing the white wolf to be able to feed her mother and her adoptive sisters Katherine and Bonnie for another winter, but that action was one in a domino of events which lead to her death at the hands of an evil Fae queen. Now, reborn as one of the High Fae herself, Caroline must adjust to this new world she has found herself in and her newly-discovered mate: the High Lord of the Night Court, Niklaus.


A Klaroline soulmate AU! with a twist. Inspired by that tumblr post. 

Caroline gets her soulmate mark when she’s five. She traces over the letters as they etch across her skin, a tickle of gold that has her giggling as the lifelong ink fades to black.

Then she sees the final word of the first sentence that her one true love, her Prince Charming will say to her and she gasps in horror.

“Mommy! Mommy!” Liz Forbes looks up from the kitchen table where she’s leaving through case notes and when she notes the sudden scrawl across her daughter’s left wrist she laughs to herself. It’s an old game of Caroline’s by now, to imagine the first words her soulmate will ever say to her. It’s getting longer and more outlandish the older she grows but it’s still pretty cute.

However rather than the typical delight her little actress feigns ever time, Caroline looks horrified instead. Oh shit. Liz immediately checks her daughter over for injuries and can’t see anything so she practically dives out of the chair so that she can embrace Caroline the second she gets close enough.

“What honey? What happened?”

“My mark came and it’s scary!”

“What? Now Caroline,” Liz starts, getting annoyed that Caroline’s taken the game to dramatic lengths now.

“Mommy look!” Caroline says with the haughty impatience that makes her the lead when she, Bonnie and Elena play Princesses. The little girl grabs her mother’s hand before Liz can read what Caroline’s written on her skin and drags the woman’s hand across her skin. It doesn’t smudge at all, and that script is far more elegant than something a five year old could write.

A true smile blossoms on Liz’s face, Caroline’s cries forgotten “Sweetie, that’s wonderf-“

“Mommy!” Caroline reprimands getting annoyed now. She stomps her little foot “Look”

So Liz twists round so she can see Caroline’s soulmate mark properly and the pit drops out of her stomach, thinking of the hidden history of Mystic Falls and how she’d hoped to keep Caroline as far away from it as possible. Death, blood, fear. It seems they will be a part of Caroline’s future anyway. Maybe a trip to Sheila Bennett is in order after all.

I can’t believe Dumbledore died!

Whoever Dumbledore was, it was understandable as to why Caroline had reacted with horror. After smoothing Caroline’s curls, mind racing as Liz tried to think of the name Dumbledore, any connection to Mystic Falls and coming up short, she packs Caroline into the car and heads to Bonnie’s grandmother.

Sheila sees a lightning struck tower and a billowing cloak, a flash of green light but no more. It does nothing to assuage Caroline or Liz’s fears.

They spend years trying to find out about a Dumbledore but any reference comes from old manuscripts, years ago. Unless it has something to do with a mystery Caroline will become tangled in during her later years, the Forbes come up empty.

Then the first Harry Potter book is published.

Mother and Daughter stare open mouthed at each other across the duvet where Liz had been reading Caroline the story as her new bedtime story.

All those years, all that concern over a book character. Caroline throws the book against the wall, declaring that Harry Potter has been spoilt forever. After that, Liz does some subtle flicking and finds out that Dumbledore does not die in the first book. Meaning he will die in whatever comes after.

Caroline also starts wearing a cuff around her wrist hiding the mark after someone who is halfway through the book on a bus shouts at her about spoilers. It’s rather isolating being the only child not to read Harry Potter, to know the plot before its even published.

But she manages. She remembers never to mention it when Harry Potter crops up in conversation and does eventually read the books, wondering when she’ll read the fatal words, hear that shout of disbelief.

It never comes.

Then Harry Potter and the Halfblood Prince is announced. Everyone’s talking about something shocking in the book. She had thought it would happen in the last one, but that had surprisingly turned out to be Sirius Black. Enzo is the one to text her, a snapshot of the page telling her she can finally take the fucking cuff off. So she tweets it to J.K. Rowling herself who graciously thanks her for keeping the secret all these years and sends her a bunch of goodies to make up for having the books spoiled for her.

Then she, Bonnie, Elena and Enzo watch The Half Blood Prince in theatres. Of course they all know what’s going to happen and all of the others know that Caroline’s soulmate mark contains the spoiler. Clearly whoever she’d destined to be with is a complete pain in the ass. Not only had he spoiled one of the world’s most famous franchises before it had even been published he hadn’t read the books. She’d somewhat dramatically ripped off the concealing cuff when the other three hadn’t believed that she’d known.

They’re wiping at their eyes as they file out of the cinema, discussing the difference between book and screen when a British man’s voice rings out across the lobby in surprise. The lightening tower, the green light, it’s all as Sheila had foreseen.  

“I can’t believe that Dumbledore died!”

The four friends freeze in surprise. Caroline whirls round, eyes scanning the room for the source of the exclamation. A downright gorgeous blond man, talking animatedly to two blonde women who going off the resemblance have to be his sisters, while three other men walk behind them nodding.

Caroline doesn’t even think about using her indoor voice when she screeches in incandescent rage “YOU! IT WAS YOU!” jabbing her finger into the air at him to direct her accusation.

He might be one good-looking son of a bitch but he had destroyed the magic of Harry Potter for her. He’s going the fuck down. Just as Caroline and the others had, the blond asshole, who she has referred to as Dursley for years and his entourage freeze.

Evidently, they are all well aware of what words are tattooed on Dursley –bastard’s wrist.  A tall, dark haired mischievious looking guy in the back dissolves into laughter and Caroline’s soulmate kind of drifts across the sticky carpet towards her. He looks like a runway model but he’s watching her with a kind of dreamstruck awe on his face.

He stops in front of her. Looks at his wrist and then back at her. A wicked, crooked smile grows on his lips, eyes dancing.

Oh fuck me. Caroline thinks. The colour of her thoughts takes a deeper, crimson hue. And he’s English. Fuck me. Caroline licked at her lips, nibbling unconsciously on the bottom one.

The blonde, chiselled Greek God in front of her stopped and his eyes stained a deeper shade of navy.

“That’s really not how I imagined those words being said” His voice was painfully husky, though at his words Caroline came out of her lust filled haze with a clunk.

The (apparent) love of her life had not only ruined Harry Potter but also reduced her to a puddle of goo after causing her to make a small scene. Not for the first time, Caroline considered what her life would have been like if she’d just become a nun as she’d seriously been considering at the height of Harry Potter when she couldn’t say anything.

So she slaps him.

If what-his-face hadn’t looked in love before he certainly did now.

“My name is Klaus” he says, pointed and edging closer.




“That’s what it means” His smart mouth was as bad as hers. Oh boy.

Case in point the next thing that comes out of Caroline’s mouth is “You ruined Harry Potter for me” its whispered in a sort of bewildered betrayal. Klaus looks as if he’s about to object before he evidently remembers that soulmates get their marks at the same time.

His mouth does a little ‘oh’ of understanding.

And that’s how Klaus ended up taking Caroline to Harry Potter World by way of apology for their first date.


a series of unlikely crossovers


Klaroline Infinity Week: Day 1

→  Event Planners AU

Caroline’s birthday plans go up in smoke so Klaus, her one and only true rival in the business, bets that he can plan the best birthday bash she’s ever had. But what’s in it for him? Other than the fact that he can throw a party for the woman he fancies, if he wins, he gets a date.


sterek week ‘15 ≡ day five : Scene Stealer (29th October)

Derek finally finds his way with words and decides it’s time he declares his requited feelings for Stiles. (listen)
(inspired by Klaus and Caroline in the The Vampire Diaries’ season 4 finale).


happy birthday @accidental-rambler

Caroline Forbes. Master thief. Assassin. Spy. But before she was wanted by nearly every government in the world, Caroline was part of an elite FBI team, the Originals. Hunting rogue criminals around the world, the Originals were led by Special Agent Klaus Mikaelson, her lover, and consisted of his siblings and her best friend Stefan Salvatore. But, tragedy struck the team, a betrayal orchestrated from inside the FBI, and, beliefs destroyed, Caroline turned to the wrong side of the law. But, did everyone perish in the blast that killed her team? Or, is Klaus still alive, biding his time for revenge? 

She was wrong

Liz Forbes never really liked to admit when she was wrong. 

After all, being a female Sheriff in charge of a mostly male department wasn’t easy and she’d had to cop a lot of flak from not only her colleagues but from the town people who didn’t like being ordered or arrested by a woman. 

So being wrong about something could mean losing what respect and footing she’d gained. 

But this time, she would gladly admit she had been wrong all those years ago. 

It had been an overcast summer day, raining heavily and she had been watching an afternoon movie in her living room, deliberately pretending to be engrossed in the tv while she was definitely aware that her daughter was in a car parked just a few houses down the street, making out with Niklaus Mikaelson. 

Although, that wasn’t what she had been wrong about, after all, anyone could have seen that her daughter and that boy would end up dating, it had been very clear since they were about six years old and Caroline had come home with a Valentine’s Day card that had been an origami heart. 

Liz was pretty sure they still had that somewhere around the house.

They’d been inseparable for years- until now. 

Klaus had been granted a scholarship and early admissions to Sorbonne University in Paris to study art. 

He would be leaving at the end of the summer, which was only another two weeks away. 

And Liz had figured that their relationship would survive that. 

Being in two different time zones and two different continents? 

No matter how much Caroline plotted and planned, Liz had watched the two of them with a sinking heart and guessed that they would drift apart until they stopped making a place for each other in their lives. 

And she was sorry for that, because the two of them were so in love that it felt good to see them together. 

And when Caroline came home after seeing Klaus off at the airport, three hours late because she hadn’t been able to drive she was crying so hard, Liz felt her own heart break too. 

Then had come the postcards, one sent from the airport and arriving almost every day until the mailman was almost as invested in the relationship as she was. 

Then one day, not only had the daily postcard arrived, but it had come on top of a thick package from the United Kingdom. 

And when Liz had seen the stamp and address, she’d committed a federal crime and opened it.

Inside was a letter congratulating Caroline on having been accepted to study Urban Design at University College London, followed by a long list of the scholarships she had won. 

Underneath that, had been the loyalty card that Caroline had already signed up for on a train called the Eurostar, which ran from London straight to Paris in just over two hours. 

It’s at this point that she starts to suspect that she had been wrong. 

And her heart breaks again at her daughter going so far away to study but when it’s one of the top twenty universities in the world, she can’t stop her, so she and Bill coordinate meeting at a hotel near Richmond airport, taking Caroline out for dinner before seeing her through the gates and then finding an airport lounge to drink and cry with pride over how their baby girl has grown up. 

The postcards from Paris don’t stop arriving but the number dies down, Klaus still keeping in touch and postcards from London soon follow, along with skype calls and long emails. From what Liz can gather, every Thursday night (because God forbid humanities students have classes on Fridays) Caroline either catches the train to Paris or Klaus comes to see her in London, and Liz felt sorry for their roommates until she found out that they had their own rooms. 

Klaus graduates before Caroline and from what she can gather from her daughter’s email, something about his visa meant he had to go back to America without her because she was finishing exams. 

Liz somewhat suspects that is bull and when Klaus turns up on her doorstep looking a little nervous, she finally admits to herself that she had been wrong. 

“I think you two should work for a year before getting engaged,” she tells him before he even steps inside, “Have you spoken to Bill?”

He exhales, “I’m seeing him next, I really did have to get my visa sorted out in New York.” 

He reaches into his pocket and draws out a blue velvet box, 

“I sold a few paintings and bought this for Caroline, do you think she’ll like it?”

Liz notes the Tiffany and Co stamp, opens the lid and swallows her shriek at the square cut diamond in the platinum band.

Damn, her daughter knew how to pick ‘em. 

She manages to hold herself together long enough to hug the poor boy and until she gets a call from Bill where he mutters that he wish Steven had bought him a ring like that. 

She feels as though she wants to cry but can’t stop smiling. 

She manages both when a year later, on Christmas Eve, Caroline surprises her with a visit back home and practically bounces through the door with the engagement ring on her finger. 

And Liz Forbes had honestly never been so glad to be wrong about something. 


Klaroline AU Week: Fall 2017

Day 1: Crossovers and Fusions

Modern Pride and Prejudice

Mystic Falls is a small, boring and predictable town.

Or it used to be such, before Stefan Salvatore and his contemptuous titled best friend Klaus Mikaelson, arrive to the town.

Of course Elena and Stefan fell in love immediately, while Caroline can’t stand this pompous englishmen, who looks down on other people. On all but Caroline, which she prefer not to notice.

Klaus is prideful and Caroline is full of prejudices, how should this all end?