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Klaroline Infinity Week: Day 1

→  Event Planners AU

Caroline’s birthday plans go up in smoke so Klaus, her one and only true rival in the business, bets that he can plan the best birthday bash she’s ever had. But what’s in it for him? Other than the fact that he can throw a party for the woman he fancies, if he wins, he gets a date.

She was wrong

Liz Forbes never really liked to admit when she was wrong. 

After all, being a female Sheriff in charge of a mostly male department wasn’t easy and she’d had to cop a lot of flak from not only her colleagues but from the town people who didn’t like being ordered or arrested by a woman. 

So being wrong about something could mean losing what respect and footing she’d gained. 

But this time, she would gladly admit she had been wrong all those years ago. 

It had been an overcast summer day, raining heavily and she had been watching an afternoon movie in her living room, deliberately pretending to be engrossed in the tv while she was definitely aware that her daughter was in a car parked just a few houses down the street, making out with Niklaus Mikaelson. 

Although, that wasn’t what she had been wrong about, after all, anyone could have seen that her daughter and that boy would end up dating, it had been very clear since they were about six years old and Caroline had come home with a Valentine’s Day card that had been an origami heart. 

Liz was pretty sure they still had that somewhere around the house.

They’d been inseparable for years- until now. 

Klaus had been granted a scholarship and early admissions to Sorbonne University in Paris to study art. 

He would be leaving at the end of the summer, which was only another two weeks away. 

And Liz had figured that their relationship would survive that. 

Being in two different time zones and two different continents? 

No matter how much Caroline plotted and planned, Liz had watched the two of them with a sinking heart and guessed that they would drift apart until they stopped making a place for each other in their lives. 

And she was sorry for that, because the two of them were so in love that it felt good to see them together. 

And when Caroline came home after seeing Klaus off at the airport, three hours late because she hadn’t been able to drive she was crying so hard, Liz felt her own heart break too. 

Then had come the postcards, one sent from the airport and arriving almost every day until the mailman was almost as invested in the relationship as she was. 

Then one day, not only had the daily postcard arrived, but it had come on top of a thick package from the United Kingdom. 

And when Liz had seen the stamp and address, she’d committed a federal crime and opened it.

Inside was a letter congratulating Caroline on having been accepted to study Urban Design at University College London, followed by a long list of the scholarships she had won. 

Underneath that, had been the loyalty card that Caroline had already signed up for on a train called the Eurostar, which ran from London straight to Paris in just over two hours. 

It’s at this point that she starts to suspect that she had been wrong. 

And her heart breaks again at her daughter going so far away to study but when it’s one of the top twenty universities in the world, she can’t stop her, so she and Bill coordinate meeting at a hotel near Richmond airport, taking Caroline out for dinner before seeing her through the gates and then finding an airport lounge to drink and cry with pride over how their baby girl has grown up. 

The postcards from Paris don’t stop arriving but the number dies down, Klaus still keeping in touch and postcards from London soon follow, along with skype calls and long emails. From what Liz can gather, every Thursday night (because God forbid humanities students have classes on Fridays) Caroline either catches the train to Paris or Klaus comes to see her in London, and Liz felt sorry for their roommates until she found out that they had their own rooms. 

Klaus graduates before Caroline and from what she can gather from her daughter’s email, something about his visa meant he had to go back to America without her because she was finishing exams. 

Liz somewhat suspects that is bull and when Klaus turns up on her doorstep looking a little nervous, she finally admits to herself that she had been wrong. 

“I think you two should work for a year before getting engaged,” she tells him before he even steps inside, “Have you spoken to Bill?”

He exhales, “I’m seeing him next, I really did have to get my visa sorted out in New York.” 

He reaches into his pocket and draws out a blue velvet box, 

“I sold a few paintings and bought this for Caroline, do you think she’ll like it?”

Liz notes the Tiffany and Co stamp, opens the lid and swallows her shriek at the square cut diamond in the platinum band.

Damn, her daughter knew how to pick ‘em. 

She manages to hold herself together long enough to hug the poor boy and until she gets a call from Bill where he mutters that he wish Steven had bought him a ring like that. 

She feels as though she wants to cry but can’t stop smiling. 

She manages both when a year later, on Christmas Eve, Caroline surprises her with a visit back home and practically bounces through the door with the engagement ring on her finger. 

And Liz Forbes had honestly never been so glad to be wrong about something. 


New Orleans,LA - That’s right, ladies! He’s off the market (cue the tears)! If you missed our last article about these two, then first, reevaluate your life, and second, TOLD YOU SO! Check out that sweet SMOOCH!

Senator Niklaus Mikaelson, 31, is absolutely smitten with his new love, Caroline Forbes, 25. The two showed up looking absolutely drop dead gorgeous at this year’s Met Gala. When asked who the best looking person at the event was, Forbes smiled and nudged Mikaelson, “Him”. Excuse us, we need a moment.

While Forbes is relatively unknown, we did manage to find some fun images of the beautiful blonde, she certainly knows how to cut loose in between protesting for equality. We think she’s just what the Senator needs, sometimes he’s boring too serious and could use a woman’s perspective. All that remains to be known is how his family feels about his new girlfriend, has Caroline met dear old Dad?

This girl isn’t just a beauty, she’s got the brains too! As a top graduate from Cornell University, Caroline Forbes is quite a catch. Either she’s the perfect woman on Mikaelson’s arm if he makes the run for President, or he’s the perfect man on her arm when she does.

Stay tuned, we have no doubt these two will keep us on our toes and squealing because of how sickeningly adorable they are. After all, those that slay together, stay together!


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BarbieBlonde owns a small bakery, and OriginalHybrid is bringing the big, bad coffee chain to her neighborhood. After a year of chatting via screen name, however, Caroline and Klaus don’t realize their secret pen pal is actually their bitter rival. (You’ve Got Mail AU)

Try and Stop Me

AH AU Klaroline fic. Chapter 1/3. Also on A03 (x)

Inspired by the Tumblr story: ‘I’ve seen this guy every day for two weeks and he always beats me to the lights. This morning I was in front of him and he literally jogged to get in front of me, turned and said “I’ve been winning for two weeks, can’t stop now. Have a good day, I’ll see you tomorrow’ - TOMORROW I’M WEARING RUNNING SHOES”

This may be Caroline’s competitive side speaking but there’s no way she’s going to lose on her morning fucking commute.

Elena and Bonnie just don’t understand. This isn’t just some random member of the general public making a nuisance of himself. This is war.

Every day on her way to work, Caroline sees the same faces that she always has for the past two years, since she started working for The New York Times. People who get on or off at the same subway stops she does, or buy coffee at the same vendor on Eighth Avenue just before she enters the lobby. There’s Louboutin Lady, who has an array of the to-die-for-shoes, the beautiful Ballet Dancer who gets off three stops before Caroline does and the Coffee Traitor, who works at Starbucks but always has a Dunkin Donuts cup.

Then there’s him.

Up until today he’s just been another New York commuter in the great city’s rich landscape. She’s never been able to come up with a name for him because there’s no stable characteristic. Sometimes he’s on the phone or has a folder under one arm. Once she saw him with a load of Fifth Avenue bags telling his friend that he loved his sister but he’d cut up all her credit cards if it got her to leave town. So at least he’s a family man. He’s damn good looking too; toned muscles, tight blonde curls and blue eyes. He’s just a little taller than her, with long legs which are always encased in dark wash designer jeans. She’s often got tickets to New York’s Fashion Week, she knows these things.

Carrie Bradshaw eat your heart out.

But anyway. It’s the long legs that Caroline blames. It’s why he’s been in front of her every morning for the past two years and its always why Caroline’s determined to win. He joins the sea of people headed to Eighth Avenue a little ahead of her, but Caroline due to her shorter stature and trying to push past tourists walking at a glacial pace in high heels is always three steps behind him. Meaning she gets stopped by the lights and he doesn’t.

But this morning something must have disrupted him because as she’s walking along having already counted off Louboutin Lady, Ballet Dancer and Coffee Traitor, the blonde speed walker is nowhere in sight. She’d looked left and right and hadn’t been able to see him. It was only when she’d felt someone whiz past her that she’d noticed the familiar blonde curls and leather jacket beside her left elbow.

The bastard had actually ran to get in front of her. Once he was a few paces in front he’d turned and stopped. She can still remember him clear as day winking at her and saying “I’ve been winning for two years, can’t stop now Sweetheart. Have a good day, see you same time tomorrow” before jogging off again.

So. War.

As she recounts this to the girls, who are lying around the living room in various states of exhaustion, she waits for their strategic advice. Elena, who is entirely horizontal on one of the sofas, her feet resting in her elder sister’s lap is the first to speak.

“Care, I think you might be overreacting”

Caroline glares at her in response. Honestly she doesn’t know what she was expecting. Elena was always the peacemaker ever since they were babies. She always feels bad but Kat’s nickname of ‘Saint Elena’ does make her giggle, even if she always does leap to Elena’s defence. And, in fairness, Elena has just finished her rotation for the day in the ER, so Caroline can’t expect her to be at full fighting fitness. Instead she turns to Kat, who miraculously has stopped texting for once. In the city that never sleeps, Elena’s big sister makes full use of every avenue. She sleeps with her phone, although from all the A list parties she gets invited to, and the parade of guys she’s brought home at 5am, none of them are actually sure Katherine ever does sleep.

“Is he good looking?”

Elena snorts at Katherine’s priorities and gets her toes pinched in reaction. Before the Petrova sisters can completely ruin the evening by descending into their trademark bickering, Bonnie intercedes thank God.

“I think what we’re all interested to know is, why are you reacting so strongly to what was obviously just some jackass being cocky on his way to work? If you see him tomorrow just ignore him”

Caroline looks around at the three girls who have known her for her entire life. Have gotten her through every grade at school, every break-up, her parents messy divorce, even that whole thing with Tyler last fall. She should have called Enzo, she thinks petulantly.

“Because Bonnie, the guy has never spoken to me in two years but he’s noticed me. He initiated a challenge. No strike that, the guy has been beating me at a challenge I didn’t even know I was part of. I didn’t win Travel Journalist of the Year for the last three years straight by being some push over”

Caroline sits down once more, feeling her point adequately made. Taking a hearty sip of her vodka and lemonade she mentally reviews her wardrobe, mapping out an outfit she can wear that will work with her trainers and a pair of actual work shoes she can change into in the ladies restrooms at work.


Enzo [8.40 am]: Slow and Steady Gorgeous J xx

Caroline knows Enzo’s being sarcastic but she can’t help but appreciate the text all the same. She’d called him last night to ask his opinion. Given that it was all harmless really and she wasn’t about to take up her best friend’s offer of getting her laid to relieve the evident tension she must be feeling (the asshole was lucky he was in Chicago with his band so she couldn’t physically punch him) he’d been more supportive than the girls.

Gorgeous [8.41am]: Already on the starting blocks coach xx

Gorgeous [8.42am]: Now stop distracting me. I can see Luscious in Leather now xx

Enzo [8.43am]: Luscious in Leather?! Are you sure you don’t want to shag this guy?! Xx


Gorgeous [8.44am]: XX

Tucking her phone back into her bag, Caroline picks up the pace, jogging along the two blocks it normally takes her after the subway to spot Blonde and British. Sure enough, she sees him swanning along at his regular pace. He’s just about to hit the street lights so Caroline puts a spurt of speed on and dashes past him. For a minute she thinks it’s a wasted effort beyond her own satisfaction (which is important but it isn’t enough. She needs this guy to know he’s been beaten) and that he hasn’t seen her.

That is until Caroline hears a roar of laughter down the street and the sound of rapid footfalls coming closer.

“Wait! Wait love!” Caroline turns – the runner’s cardinal sin – and spots her intended victim dashing after her. There are several commuters staring at them in mild interest over the outburst from the typical quiet shuffling of a morning. As much as she’s enjoying proving him wrong, she does hope she hasn’t started something she’ll have to continue doing for the foreseeable future. Hell please say she doesn’t have to jog to work every morning from now on. Elena must never know or there’ll be no living with her after this.

The guy practically blurs past her she stops so abruptly. Ducking his head with an embarrassed smile, he wheels round and trots back over until they’re standing face to face.


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Soulmates klaroline :)

Thank you @megansarah11 for believing I could write today and sending me this. I actually have another soulmate au idea I’ve been meaning to send you. Maybe someday.

Sorry if it’s horrible, I just threw it together in like an hour and there’s no beta. But I think I was feeling the writing thing again and hopefully the plot is easy to follow.




Caroline rubbed at the number on the side of her ribcage as she sat on the poolside chair trying to get a steady tan unsure of why it was itching. It hadn’t burned so much as the first night she had received it nine years ago in her eighteenth birthday, her soulmate’s age tattooed to her side. She reached for the bottle of sun lotion only to have it slip out of her hands rolling under a chair a few feet over.

She adjusts her top before she moves to her knees getting ready to stand when a figure out of the corner of her eyes stops covering her with his shadow. Caroline realizes it’s a man standing by her bottle of lotion as he sets down his towel. She tries not to stare at the dirty blonde curls and wicked curve of his mouth as he reaches down picking it up as his eyes look her over appreciatively.

“Is this yours, Love?” he asks striding over to her, his towel long forgotten as their eyes meet, their faces more than a few inches apart as she is still on her knees and he stands at full height.

Her tongue darts out to lick the middle of her upper lip before she speaks, “Yeah, sorry, slippery fingers,” Caroline replies wiggling her fingers at him.


Klaus knows he’s staring; he can’t seem to bring himself to stop knowing he’s not usually this helpful but his heart in his chest keeps pounding. The number on his chest itching like it only had once before in his life, the last night he spent in his step-father’s coven before escaping through the woods. He blinks away the memory turning his attentions back to the beautiful blonde before him with the emerald eyes.

He uncaps the lotion as he pushes himself one step closer to her, his eyes smoldering, “Burning?” he inquires with feign casual tone that he’s certain she sees through.

Her head tilts in interest, “Come again?” the goddess before him answers with a question that’s as littered with innuendo as his earlier one.

Klaus smirks down at her, his fingers itching to trace her lips, “Did you need to apply some more?” he queries squeezing the bottle so the liquid forms a quarter size circle on his other palm.

She looks hesitant as she watches, her answer is tentative as well but her eyes seem to sizzle and spark, “I –yes,” she replies coyly.


His lips purse attractively, Caroline thinks as she struggles not to drool down on the pavement, “Fantastic,” he says coming around her chair his hands coming down on her shoulders.

He massages the lotion into her skin making her bite her lip to keep from moaning, “Just here?” he asks quietly next to her ear making her breath hitch as his hands slide lower down her shoulder blades.

Her breaths grew ragged as his deftly fingers ran over her mark soothing it, “Yeah, that’s perfect,” she sighs, finally enjoying her vacation, “My sides too,” she says needlessly.


Klaus laughs quietly as she falls into a sitting position on top of her luscious legs so he follows her down nudging her arms forward to touch her stomach. He hated to admit Rebekah was right, he needed to have fun on this trip too and this was certainly enjoyable. By the sounds she was making it was mutual, then he felt the slight bump on her skin just over her ribcage, his eyes darting to the spot.

“Hmm, that’s funny,” he murmured, his words rumbling deep in his chest as his finger brushed over it once more realizing exactly what it was.

“How’s that?” the blonde mumbled out sounding half-gone still as Klaus took his hands off of her body sitting at the edge of her seat waiting for her head to turn.

“I’m 31,” he offers hoping she’ll get his drift and fess up to the mark she has in such a precarious place on her body as he clenches his fists wanting to touch it again.


Caroline feels his hands glide away from her body making goosebumps appear as she registers what he has just admitted. Thirty-one, he said he was thirty-one, her eyes blink and she realizes he’s seen her mark. A blush rushes her cheeks, she forgot all about it as he was touching her, would he think it was a funny coincidence?

“Oh, my tattoo,” she asserts covering it with her hand as she reaches for her towel wrapping it around her front, hopefully inconspicuously.

He makes a non-comital noise, “What’s it stand for?” he asks as if he’s humoring her, Caroline huffs feeling defensive all of a sudden.

She wriggles her nose as if it’s a bad memory, “Uh, just something I got stamped on me a few years ago.” Caroline tells him and it’s not really a lie.


Klaus blows air out of his nose, his eyes intent on her face looking to catch her in a lie, any lie but he hasn’t found one yet. Well, except the one about her mark being a tattoo, she was a little witch, she was made from magic just like him. But how would he go about proving it without scaring her off? She smiles, he was going to have today after all.

“Huh,” he pauses, his fingers brushing up her arm in a non-threatening way feeling her shiver under his touch, “And how old are you?”

Her answer is typical, “That’s not a very nice question to ask a woman,” she replies, and honestly Klaus hadn’t expected more from her than that. She was feisty and he was impressed.

“I’m not very nice,” he retorts swiftly as she turns in her seat looking at him dead on, her towel only riding higher and higher up, he notes.

She squints, and by gods he finds her fascinating, “You know, I’m getting that,” his possible soulmate rejoinders lifting her leg getting ready to step away from him.

Evidently he sees he’s angered her because his arm reaches out and his hand grazes hers as she pushes against his chest unknowingly almost grazing his tattoo.

“I’m a stranger,” he appeals to her, his eyes huge as he blinks innocently back at her, “You’ll never have to see again if you answer wrong.”


Caroline’s lips are a thin line as she considers him, he was obviously bonkers. That or he had already hit the free bar at the end of the pool but she didn’t smell any alcohol on him. There was one other possibility but Caroline didn’t even want to think about that notion.

“How can my age be wrong?” she asks him curiously, somewhere in her mind knowing she has sealed her fate as he smiles widely and somehow knowingly as well.

He seems to weigh his words before answers her directly, “Because you and I both know that’s a witch’s soulmate mark, not a random number,” he murmurs.

Caroline chokes, “You’re a warlock?” she cries looking around the pool in shock, why did it have to be the third possibility. It was her freaking vacation. Not another witch’s convention.


Klaus laughs seeing the war in her eyes as she struggles with the idea that she’s just met another under-realm being like herself. He finds himself thinking that even if she isn’t his soulmate he’d enjoy her by his side, fight for her even to be there. The odd thought grounds him reminding him there’s still a conversation to be had.

“Louder, Sweetheart,” he stammers between chuckles, “I don’t think the lifeguard heard you,” noticing the hostile look that she sends his way straight after.

He tries to stop snickering, he truly does but he finds he can’t until she crosses her arms and says to him; “Fine, I’m twenty-six,” then his amusement is at a new low.

With his curiosity piqued, he leans in until his breath tickles her cheeks and asks her, “And did your mark stop burning when I touched it?”


Caroline frowns, the mood shifting once again unsure of where this conversation is going and if she’s okay with where it might end. If she’s prepared for where it might lead for that matter. She lifts her chin up taking a deep breath her hands falling down and her towel falling away exposing her neatly written thirty-one.

“Well, yeah but that was the sun lotions fault,” she answers him utterly thunderstruck by his question, her anger dissolving.

He shakes his head once, “Really? Because my 26 still burns,” he explains unbuttoning his shirt to show her here the printed number is over his chest.

“You’re joking?” she claims her head dipping lower their noses brushing as she takes in the number over his chest, the number being that age of his soulmate, her age.

“Have a look for yourself,” he whispers without need knowing she’s seen it, that she believes him.

“That’s my handwriting,” she tells him breathlessly as the tips of her nails graze the mark, the bite of her nail making him shudder.

“And this is mine,” he sighs as his fingers brush over her ribs.

“I’m Caroline,” she introduces herself as she sits back up realizing how strange it must be for people watching them in such a public place.

“Klaus,” he murmurs amusement alight in his eyes as he catches her blush, “Did you want to get out of here?