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Dancing with the Linebacker - Chapter 6

Rated: M (nsfw-ish, swearing)
Even I don’t know what to say about this…

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She was nervous.  So very nervous.  She paced the room, waiting for him to get there, wondering how this was going to work given her feelings and their shit performance of the Quickstep last night. 

She let out deep breaths, and she walked all over the floor, wondering why he was so late.  Probably had enough of the way you’ve been treating him.  Anna shook her hands and sighed, trying to rid herself of the nerves that were building up within her.

When he finally decided to grace her with his presence she wasted no time in telling him as soon as he walked in the door.  “We have the Rumba this week.” 

“Oh?”  He said, stopping at her gaze.  Then realization danced across his face.  “Ohhh!”

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^^there you go anon! Read from left to right! It’s wednesday and since there’s no new episode have this comic instead as an offering 
Ever since we learned yuuri can pole dance hella good and he wants to be the one who seduces the playboy i was like what if this was a thing… tho irl playboys i don’t think pole dance or are guys but hey this is an au! for a reason haha
also since they apparently serve alcohol all characters in this are +18 years old!

edit: @couldbesweeter pointed out it would make more sense if it was 18+ rather than 21+ like in the US so thank you for correcting me!

Clockwork Heart AU

OTP AU where a person’s heart is kept inside of a pocket watch, so giving somebody your heart is metaphorical as well as literal. Character A has always had the worst luck with keeping up with their heart, and one day, Character A realizes that they’ve misplaced their pocket watch/heart somewhere in the city.

Character B was walking home one day when they find a pocket watch/heart on the street. Not wanting to just leave it there, Character B has been carrying around the watch with them for several days, becoming fond of the heart’s comforting ticking and feeling connected to its unknown owner.

nyanberri  asked:

What if lil' Tsubaki says his first word and it's Mahi-Mahi??

I am so sorry this is a late reply @nyanberri​ forgive me.

But that’s adorable I think. ^^ But you know what else? What if baby Tsubaki had trouble saying “Mahi” or “Mahiru”? So he just says “Ma” or even “mama??” :D


“He’ll get bored of saying it eventually….”

I couldn’t get this idea out of my head, once I think of it, I can’t be stopped lol. I hope you enjoyed this!!! :D Also baby Tsu Tsu has said “bye! bye!” in other comics haha~


also bonus haah I made a gif because I can:

Now I can feel slightly less guilty about the lack of update on this au, I have another comic in progress so it should be done soon?? ^^; Thanks for the ask!

Edit: How can I be so forgetful!!!?? wonderfulchaos69 made a fan fic awhile ago about the kids calling Mahiru “mom” You guys should read it if you enjoyed this, the fic is wayyyyy cuter than the crack I made above. Haha~ Please and thank you! :D 


He’s come a long way. :D (The last time Sakuya tried watching the kiddos….lol)

welp took me awhile…. been working on this one whenever I could cause it’s one of the age au comics that’s necessary for the “plot” to continue. One more comic closer to the Kuro and Mahiru confession. EHEHEHEHEEH I can’t wait too. 

Tiny Lily and Sakuya’s friendship comes in handy later I promise. (it’s a part of what helps Kuro and Sakuya get along a little better. Cause trust me they don’t really from what we have seen so far.) Meeting the kiddos a second time he’s figured out how to calm down each one of them, plus they are now used to “Mamahiru’s” weird green friend. ^^ hahaha “Sakkun”….childhood friends like to tease each other. But to be fair Sakuya said “Mahi Mahi” first. 

Stayed tuned for the next one~ ♪~ ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ Also some hints for certain characters we’ll see more of in future comics. wink wonk. 

Colors AU

Character A can see people’s emotions in the form of auras – sometimes they manifest like a colorful cloud around the person’s body, other times it’s a brightly colored halo around the person’s head. One day Character A notices that their friend, Character B, develops a light pink tint in their aura whenever they’re around Character A…a sure sign that Character B is developing a crush on Character A.