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hey Cap, I know you are v busy and all, so don't hesitate to leave this until you have enough time to answer this, but there is one thing the sanvers hp AU has not: NB!Alex. And I've wanted this for a v v long time now, I just kept forgetting it. So, here it is! Thank you, you are amazeballs! <3

Maggie sometimes rants about how heteronormative Hogwarts traditions are.

Lena will join her, Winn will join her, James will join her, and Alex will watch with admiring eyes.

The boys – or at least, the ones who were assigned male at birth – can’t come up into the girls dorms without the steps turning into slides. 

An antiquated form of heteronormativity ingrained in the castle’s magic.

But the girls – or at least, the ones who were assigned female at birth – can come and go as they please, through any dorm they please.

So whenever Winn and Alex want to study together, create spells together, innovate unions between magic and Muggle technology together, in the Ravenclaw tower – ever since they were first years – Winn couldn’t come up to Alex’s dorm, but Alex could dash up to his.

Until Alex comes out, to themself and to their sister and to their girlfriend.

Because when they try to run up to his room on Quidditch morning – the first Quidditch morning that will see a nonbinary Beater take to the pitch for Ravenclaw – the stairs don’t quite turn into a slide. But they don’t quite stay stairs, either. 

Alex yelps as the staircase yields oddly under their feet. They yelp so loudly that Winn pokes his head out of his door, his bed hair wild and sticking up all around his ears.

“Alright there, Danvers?” he calls down, and they grin up at him.

“The castle knows,” they tell him, voice incredulous, voice appreciative, voice low and shocked and almost reverent.

“Whaddaya mean?”

“The spell. Whatever spell the founders put on the dorm staircases. Maggie’s right – they were heteronormative as all hell. Look.”

Alex jumps down off the staircase, backwards, and the stairs morph back into well-defined steps.

“The founders must have created a spell to separate the dorms by genders, not by sexualities, right? Because they assumed everyone would be straight. That’s why you can go to the boys’ dorm even though you like boys, and you can’t go to the girls’ dorm, because you are a boy. But me?”

Alex leaps back onto the staircase and they grin victoriously as the stairs get softer, get shinier, get both harder and easier to step on.

“It doesn’t stay stairs anymore, because I’m not a girl! But it doesn’t completely turn into a slide, because I’m not a boy, either!”

They dash to the other side of the tower, to the girls’ dorm staircase. The same thing happens – they hadn’t noticed trudging down this morning – and they let out a loud whoop.

“The castle’s using that stupid damn spell to validate my gender, Winn!” They leap down again and meet Winn’s grinning face in the middle of the common room. 

“The castle supports the queers!” Winn and Alex whisper together conspiratorially, grasping each other’s hands.

“Come on, Schott, we have to tell Maggie!”

“But my hair – “ he yelps, and Alex whips out their wand and Winn’s hair instantly settles into place. He puts his hands on his head gingerly and nods.

“Thanks, Danvers!”

“What are friends for?” they shrug, and they toss their arms around each other as they race out of the dorm in search of Alex’s girlfriend, in search of breakfast, and in search of a brilliant Saturday morning.
Tissue Of Silver
By Organization for Transformative Works

Author: fearlessdiva | Word Count: 76k | Rating: NC-17

Summary: A love story concerning possessed furniture, black silk pyjamas, courtroom drama, premonitions of doom, assassination attempts, Death Eater yoga, absinthe, bare feet and a sensible werewolf. Beware: coarse language, brief drug use, some sexual content, and consideration of issues of sexual consent.

Review: I… really don’t know how I can convince all of you to READ THIS NOW as much as I want you to. This was just… so much fun and wonderful, wonderful banter and character development and originality with the mystery and allure of dracos abilities and… ugh yes, it has all the things that kept me from it at first as well - a slightly fanon and spy! Draco, a very lovable Snape, etc… but… I just loved all of it, and just so regret putting this off for so long! 

This fic was written between the 4th and 5th books, so prepare for some AU, but trust me when I say there’s so much to enjoy because of it. Let me tell you, this is a fic that is difficult to put down once you start. It really is a ride - there’s the most rivetingly ascerbic and amusing characters, clever dialogue, humour despite all the -frankly- tragic circumstances, fascinating magical theory, a hell of a plot and ‘whodunit’ness, relationship and character development, all this pent up want and attraction between Harry and Draco … yup, a lot.

Harry and Draco are so intrigued by each other that you end up being swept along with these feelings of curiosity as to how each of them got to where they are, unravelling feelings for each other along with all this fear of the future, the past, the present.

It has so much of what drew me to fanfiction in the first place, seeing all the characters and their relationships with each other in different ways in ways that I envisioned and didn’t really see a reflection of in canon, while having a great time in the process of reading.

This was easily one of the best things I’ve read lately, this being a classic in the fandom.

Content/Warnings: AU (HBP, DH), Bodyguard/Protecting, Mystery, Coming Out

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if you're still doing them... headcanons for shy ravenclaw cutie kookie and slytherin jimin please? something with fluff pleaseeee

omg i’m always doing them lol. this one made me swoon in particular bc i’m a slytherin like jimiin girjnfdbfgfndkl. thank you for sending! <333

PS - i am aging them up to their real ages bc i have no idea how to write younger ppl……pretend it’s like a college. also i’m not a huge hp nerd so if i call things by the wrong thing pls be nice. 

+ jungkook didn’t leave the dorm much. he didn’t really have time. he was busy studying. good grades were important after all (his mom would probably beat him if he slacked off). but he didn’t really have friends to hang out with if he wanted to leave anyway. sure his roommates were nice but he didn’t talk much to them outside the room. 

+ one day jungkook decided to read outside for once since it was a nice day. well, it was winter, but he liked winter. while he was reading he felt something curl up next to his leg. 

+ he looked down and saw a fluffy grey cat looking up at him. he pet her for a while before he noticed her eyeing his crackers. he remembered his brother feeding his cat crackers and decided it couldn’t cause it any harm. 

+ while he watched the cat happily nibble on the cracker he heard someone call out, “princess!!” he saw a silver-haired man running over. he was really pretty looking but his eyes went wide when he saw the cracker in jungkook’s hand. 

+ “princess is allergic are you crazy?!” he yelled and jungkook immediately started panicking. he took all the crackers away from the cat and he’s sure he said sorry about a million times and oh my god twice that amount. 

+ he was extra confused when the guy started laughing. “i was just pulling your leg. thanks for feeding her. i hope she wasn’t too annoying,” he said picking up the cat. jungkook just stared at him, dumbfounded. 

+ the guy seemed to notice jungkook’s confusion. “ah sorry. i thought it would be funny. she’s really okay i promise,” he said. jungkook started to calm down. but he really didn’t know what to do so he sat down and continued reading his book. 

+ “what are you reading?” the guy asked. he sat next to jungkook and looked at him. jungkook could feel himself getting flustered. he just showed him the cover. “i’ve never seen you before, are you a first year?” he asked. jungkook nodded.

+ “i’m jimin,” he said, leaning in closer. jungkook scooted over. jimin followed. “tell me your name.”

+ “jungkook,” he mumbled. he looked away from jimin and tried to focus back on his book. he felt a finger touch his cold cheek. “you’re all red. you must be cold. have my scarf. i’m going in anyway,” jimin said. he took off his green and black scarf and wrapped it around jungkook’s neck and head. “see you around!” he felt butterflies in his stomach. 

+ the next day jungkook figured he should return the scarf (even if it smelled really good and he really didn’t want to return it). he thought his best bet would be to catch him in the dining hall during lunch. he looked around the slytherin table and he didn’t see him. he didn’t have to look much further when he heard his name being yelled from across the hall. he looked over to see jimin waving him down to the hufflepuff table. 

+ when he got there he noticed jimin was eating with an assortment of houses….it wasn’t like what his mother told him hogwarts would be like. there was another cranky looking slytherin, two gryffindors bickering, and two hufflepuffs playing some sort of game. he felt a little left out at the fact that there were no ravenclaws…

+ “i brought you your scarf. i figured you would want it back,” jungkook said quietly. “thanks kookie! you should sit with us!” before jungkook could even respond jimin was introducing him to the rest of the table. jungkook felt obligated to sit down now. 

+ jungkook felt awkward. for the most part he was just sitting there. why did jimin even ask him to stay? no one at the table was even a first year. he really didn’t fit in. while pondering his presence at this table he felt a head land on his shoulder. 

+ “kookie carry me to potions. i’m too tired to walk,” jimin whined. one of the gryffindors, seokjin, started chastising jimin, telling him to walk there himself. jimin continued to whine, asking for a piggyback. jungkook said no and he was expecting jimin to be pissed but he just offered him a kind smile before everyone got up and left for their afternoon classes. 

+ jimin had forced jungkook to sit with them every day after that. he mostly just sat there and didn’t say anything, only nodding when he was spoken to. but it felt good to have people to sit with. and none of them had complained about him once so it must have been okay. he just had to learn how to deal with jimin’s constant touching. 

+ his family had never been the type to hug and kiss and touch so jimin was something else. he was constantly draping himself over jungkook, asking for piggyback rides and trying to hold his hand. he felt bad for rejecting him but he really didn’t know what else to do when he felt like he was about to explode from the closeness. 

+ one day jimin had sat himself down on jungkook’s lap and asked, “jungkookie, don’t you like me? why don’t you like me?” jungkook looked at the pout on his face and couldn’t help but say, “i do like you.” the smile he got in return was worth it.

+ jungkook started being more accepting of jimin’s touches after that. he let him hold his hand and he didn’t push him away when he hugged him. eventually they started spending more time alone together. anything to see jimin smile that pretty way again. 

+ they were in jimin’s dorm room one day, laying on his bed while jimin talked about whatever was on his mind. jungkook liked listening to him. he could feel himself starting to sweat when he saw jimin turn on his side to face him out of the corner of his eye. “kookie have you ever kissed before?” 

+ jungkook started blushing. he shook his head. he barely had friends, of course he never kissed anyone. “have you ever thought about it?” jimin asked. jungkook nodded, still staring at the ceiling. 

+ jimin scooted closer for the next question. “have you ever thought about kissing me?” he asked. jungkook felt his face become more red than it ever had been before. but he nodded. “look at me then.”

+ when jungkook turned his head to face jimin he felt his tiny hands on his chest. jimin gripped his shirt and pulled himself closer, stopping right before his lips met jungkook’s. 

+ jungkook closed the distance between them. he rolled jimin over on to his back and kissed him deeply. he felt on fire. but the mood was ruined when jimin started laughing. 

+ “you suck at this,” jimin said. jungkook pouted. “shut up,” he said. jimin laughed more. “you’re so cute, i was just teasing you. you’re doing reeeal good,” he said with a wink. jungkook rolled off him.

+ “come baaack,” jimin whined. “nope. you lost your privilege. maybe you shouldn’t be so mean.” he looked over and laughed at jimin’s adorable pout. “i liked you better when you didn’t talk,” jimin said. jungkook laughed and pinched his cheek. “liar.” 

5th year?
More like The Year Leonardo Hamato Questions His Sexuality

@mesacat13 it’s been a while since I last draw them in the AU I didn’t realize how much I missed it :”D

slytherin girls tapping their matte black nails impatiently on the desks, waiting for charms to be over so they can fix their roots, fiddling with the laces of their worn out combat boots, applying perfect winged eyeliner without even trying, scrawling their name in sharpies on the bottoms of their desks, wearing shorts in the dead of winter because they could, sending each other bad selfies in the middle of the night, perfecting the messy bun, dorms filled with old polariods and louboutins and old sweaters strewn everywhere

hufflepuff girls having kitchen raids at two in the morning, wearing ridiculously oversize yellow sweaters, using dry shampoo much too often, wearing the most glittery highlighters, perfecting curled ombre hair, using up whole packs of polaroid film at once, leaving nice notes on everyone’s bed, wearing ripped tights because why not, always laughing in the hallways, playing muggle music on old record players and dorms filled with all kinds of plants and cacti 

gryffindor girls having the perfect dutch braids, all taking baths in the prefects bathroom at the same time, dancing in the rain, snapping their gum loudly, watching old films in the common room, perfecting the red lip, doing dares that seem stupid in the morning, playing muggle soccer on the quidditch pitch, group chats with every gryffindor girl, wearing red ponchos that are obnoxiously loud when you move, dorms draped in gold and covered in lights and always having enough snacks laying around

ravenclaw girls having study sessions and always writing the most beautiful notes, perfecting their sharp eyebrows, watching netflix when they’re supposed to be studying, making their own perfumes, running around in the hallways after curfew, having a flawless instagram feed, wearing tattered and ripped jeans, annotating books until they were covered in notes, brewing their own skin treatments, dorms filled with stacks of books and to do lists and covered in blue lights

OTP !!
  • Person A and B are in a car. B is driving, and the radio is playing softly. They're probably sitting in peaceful silence, or having small talk.Then, the song changes to A's favorite song!
  • Person A: *screams at the top of their lungs*
  • Person B: *swerves car a bit* WHAT THE FUCK! WHAT IS IT!
  • Person A: I love this song!! *turns up volume and starts singing*
  • Person B: ... WE COULD HAVE DIED!!!!

BTS x Hogwarts [1/]

「based on Namjoon’s sorting

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April OTP
  • Person A: I'm going to confess today!
  • Person C: OMG! Finally, do it before you loose that confidence!
  • ...
  • Person A: B? I have to tell you something...
  • Person B: yes? What is it?
  • Person A: I love you!
  • Person B: Yeah right, haha! April fools, I'm not falling for it. *walks Away*
  • Person c: oh, right, maybe you shouldn't do it today buddy.

   ❝ Look like the innocent flower
         But be the serpent under it❞

           - Macbeth Act I, Scene V

BTS x Hogwarts [4/]

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HP au stuffs im currently working on. Victor and Yuuri are both in their 7th year and managed to be Hogwarts’ most talked topic when they started going out a year ago (they’re the first slytherin-gryffindor couple in Hogwarts at that time). Otabek and Yurio have been friends since they shared their potion class together, they’re 5th years btw.