au glee 1x1

Mine || Dantana

How she’d managed to, Santana had no idea, but somehow she’d landed a position at a jewelry store in the middle of the city. She’d made what seemed like a million calls to different stores, to hear if they needed help and when she was about to give up, she’d gotten the phone call. To say that she was excited would be an understatement, and she could honestly not wait to get started. Sure, it would be a lot different from what she had been used to, but without a doubt better. It would feel weird to have coworkers, but Santana was excited to meet new people. Friends didn’t come easily when you worked on the streets, and though she was known among a large group of people – Santana knew that she couldn’t trust a single one of them. All she had was Dani, and even though her girlfriend meant the world to her, she needed someone else to talk to at times.

Dressed in a red dress that stopped right above her knee, a pair of heels, and a black blazer she’d snatched from Dani’s side of the closet, Santana twirled around in front of her girlfriend. “So, what do you think?” She gestured to the clothes and bit her lip in anticipation. “Is it too much? I mean the store seemed pretty fancy and shit and I want to fit in.“

Promposal || Dantana

Santana had never been one to adore mornings, unless she got up around noon and to a smoking hot cup of coffee. That was until a certain pink haired beauty had been turned into common inventory in her bed whenever she woke up and suddenly mornings weren’t so bad. As the sun hit her room, her eyes slowly fluttered open and she let out a small groan. Okay maybe she was still bad at mornings, but who could really blame her? When she couldn’t feel Dani’s skin, she turned her head to the side and saw that the girl was almost lying on the edge of the bed, her pink locks spread all over the pillow.

With a smile she rolled over and wrapped her arms around Dani’s waist and pulled her back flush against her front. They were both naked, pretty much like every other morning as Santana’s parents always happened to leave before they woke up and luckily respected their daughter’s privacy enough to not peak inside of her room as she slept. Snuggling her head into the crook of Dani’s neck, she placed soft kisses all over it as she let one of her hands run over the girl’s waist slowly, waiting for the girl to wake up.

The First Time || Seblaine

Blaine was fed up, he’d just walked out of what had to be the third fight in as many days and honestly, he’d had enough. He couldn’t understand how his relationship with Rachel had gone from something amazing to the complete opposite, where he dreaded going home every night. They just seemed to clash over everything, no matter how hard he tried nothing seemed to work. He knew it wasn’t just Rachel’s fault, he supposed that he hadn’t been the best to live with either, but Blaine had never really been good with stress, he couldn’t deal with it. So, whenever he was feeling threatened he tended to lash out, which of course led to another argument. He couldn’t even remember what had caused the argument this time, it was probably over something stupid anyway. One minute he was walking into the apartment, and the next minute they were yelling at each other. The next thing he knew he’d stormed out of the apartment and headed towards the first bar he could find, preferably somewhere where Rachel couldn’t find him. 

It was just so hard, relationships weren’t supposed to be this hard, were they? He loved Rachel, he was sure he did, and he thought that she loved him, but if that was the case, then why were they always fighting with each other these days? Surely this just wasn’t a slump in their relationship, he’d heard about them, heard how difficult they could be, but he’d never expected it to be this hard. Weren’t relationships supposed to be easy when they were in love? He could remember how easy things were when they’d first got together, how effortless everything was. Rachel was his best friend, and they’d just transitioned into a relationship with hardly any fuss, he’d never imagined that they’d end up like this. But now they were too busy fighting to even remember some of the good times that they’d shared together. But, he wasn’t going to think about tonight, tonight he didn’t want to think about any of that, which was why he’d turned to the only thing that usually helped him in times like this - alcohol and plenty of it. 

He’d slumped himself up in a corner of the bar, shutting himself off from anyone who might even consider talking to him, because he didn’t want conversation tonight, and he definitely wasn’t going to be very company, so he was better off just drinking on his own, then stumbling home, falling into bed, ready to apologise the next day. It was a routine that he’d fallen into over the last few months, and he was sad to say, that he didn’t see it changing any time soon. He just had to keep reminding himself that they’d get over this blip in their relationship and that everything would be okay again. He just had to learn to have some patience, and some more alcohol, the stronger the better in his opinion. 

Bring the Queso || Blyder

Ryder wasn’t sure what woke him, but the second he became slightly conscious he bolted upright in bed, excitement buzzing through him. It was puppy day. He threw back the covers and made his way over to where Blaine was studying and kissed his cheek happily before plopping down beside him on the floor. “How can you be doing work when we’re getting the puppy soon?” He asked, incredulous and impressed at the same time. Ryder nuzzled Blaine’s leg playfully before resting his head against it, looking up at Blaine almost pitifully. “You can always study tomorrowww,” he said, hoping to entice Blaine to leave the books for a little while. “C'mon, this day comes once in a lifetime. Well, not really, but still. We’re getting Queso!” He exclaimed. Ever since they’d made their deal that Blaine studied until noon on the weekends so he and Ryder could spend the rest of the day together, Ryder had tried his hardest to respect that. But this was totally different. It was puppy day.

Getaway || Dantana

A couple of weeks had rolled by, Dani’s tour had ended and just as promised had her girlfriend made sure that they got some time alone and away from reality. Santana would have been more than okay if it had meant that they’d stay locked away at Dani’s house, but when her girlfriend had shown her the tickets for Greece, she wasn’t able to say no. The fact that they would stay at a private luxury villa, with its own private beach on one of the smaller islands had seemed too good to be true, but to be honest that was how she felt about most things when it came to Dani.

Dressed in nothing but a thin robe, Santana made her way down to the water, smiling at the warmth of the burning sun. “Come on, baby!” She yelled, a bit impatient with her girlfriend as she wanted her to join her now. Throwing the robe aside in the sand, along with her sunglasses – Santana no longer felt like waiting, and took the remaining steps until her feet was covered with water. Smiling at the feeling, she took a couple more steps into the ocean and dived in. Reappearing at the surface, she smiled and turned around to spot Dani approaching the water as well. “Get out here!” She yelled, a huge grin spread across her face.

Free Me || Dantana

Ever since she’d found the smaller girl, with her back filled with deep cuts, Santana hadn’t let Dani leave her house. Sure, they both still went to school and they happened to go for walks every now and then, or hang out in Santana’s backyard, but never did she let the other girl walk around alone. The fear of what might happen if Dani bumped into her father, or her mother for that sake, was something Santana didn’t even want to think about, knowing how upset and angry it would only make her.

As Monday rolled around again, Santana was standing at her locker to grab a couple of books before her second period. Like always, she’d arrived so early that her and Dani were the first ones there. But rather be super early and not get seen, than risk the entire school staring you down. Not that it no longer mattered to her the same way as before. Her feelings for the smaller girl had begun to grow and Santana found herself not caring if she happened to walk up to Dani during the day and talk to her in public. If she wanted to see the girl, then she would and wouldn’t hold herself back because of someone’s opinion.

Her thoughts about Dani, which had brought a smile to her face, got interrupted as she heard screaming and yelling down the hall and she raised a curious eyebrow. Closing her locker, Santana began walking towards the noise, interested in finding out what the hell was going on.