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Alright guys, positivity time

Look, there are times when the Undertale fandom is a literal garbage cesspool. Glorifying abusive relationships, disgusting inter-ship hate, a lot of negativity centered around how certain characters are perceived (I could go on for pages about the Great Frisk Gender Debate). There are plenty of times when I wonder why I’m even here.

But today isn’t one of those days

Guys, I’ve been in the fandom game for a long time now. I’ve seen the good ones come and go. I was there for the rise and fall of Superwholock. I’ve been there for the Potterheads. I’ve grief-counseled for the Merling fandom. I’ve been here long enough that the Marvel fanbase still seems like a baby to me.

And I have never seen a fandom become so creative, so fast.


So you’ve got your basic Swap one, where characters change personalities around. It’s a fleshed out au, but nothing I haven’t seen a version of before.

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Then you’ve got your “everything is darker, and kind of evil” au. Again, it’s really interesting in it’s own right, but I have seen versions of this in other fandoms

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Then…they combine? And yet are still somehow distinct? Okay…

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Undertale in space? Wow, that’s actually pretty interesting!

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Wait? Sans combines with Gaster, and searches for holes in the universe with an older Frisk, in an attempt to understand Determination and resets more fully? Okay…

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Sans locked in a Save screen after a genocide run?

Frisk decides to stay in the Ruins with Toriel

Undertale as something out of the mind of Tim Burton or Neil Gaiman…with a fully fleshed out backstory?


Don’t even get me started on the random (but genius) little acts with this guy

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We have so many aus we’ve started building crossdimensional characters.

We’ve made a destroyer

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and a guardian

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the Star Sanses, who help protect, and Cross Sans, who wants to create a world of his own

And this is barely scratching the surface.

The point is, this fandom, while often full of drama and hard to live with, is also excessively creative, and filled with a million interesting ideas. It hasn’t even been two years since the original game came out, and yet we’ve fleshed out a rich and complex world. All made largely by independent creators, likely working with no financial impetus and no chance of becoming famous outside of a select group on the internet. They did it for love of a game, and for the ideas that it sparked in them

So despite all the times this fandom has let me down

I am still so damn proud to count myself a part of this beautifully creative team


Percival Graves and Credence Barebone in “In the Flesh!AU”

Hey it’s alright, we all have our scars.

description on russian:
Криденс Бэрбоун страдает Синдромом Частично Живого Человека. Он убежден, что виновен во всех убийствах, которые совершил в неконтролируемом состоянии, хотя каждый день на приеме у врача, как мантру, он повторяет обратное. Криденс покончил с собой в восемнадцать, не выдержав издевательств приемной матери, презиравшей его за ориентацию. После прохождения реабилитации в Норфолке, где она (к его облегчению) ни разу даже его не навестила, он остается предоставленным сам себе, и находит пристанище в коммуне последователей Немертвого Пророка, где знакомится с Персивалем Грейвзом, который одержим поиском Первого Восставшего.
Персиваль помогает Криденсу принять себя и начать дарованную новую жизнь действительно заново. Вскоре Грейвз получает задание от Пророка — убить Первого Восставшего, которым считают Криденса. Но чувства к Криденсу оказываются куда сильнее убежденности в идеологии, и Персиваль все рассказывает ему. Вместе они покидают коммуну, а впоследствии и страну, обретя мирную жизнь и толерантное окружение.

at my concert today luke was all “ew I’m so sweaty and gross” and michael screams “WHO THINKS LUKE LOOKS LIKE AN ANGEL” and the crowd went wild and luke smiled like a huge dork my heart

greek gods au?

ok so i saw @alluraw‘s space aeneid (what is spelling) shallura sketches and i got inspired? and my good friend @materassassino helped me w the characterizations too! T. Hanks!

Pidge - Artemis. Shiro - Hades. Lance - Aphrodite. Hunk - Hephaestus. Coran - Asclepius. Keith - Ares? Allura - Athena/Persephone combo (badass x2, sry i dont make the rules).

The minor legaue?:

Haggar - Eris. Shay - Demeter. Rolo - Hermes. Zarkon - Cronus. Nyma - Tyche?

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Hey look, a sketch dump! Courtesy of a humble chicken nugget ~

Yay for improvements! Thanks to the community I’ve been inspired to do a heck ton of posing practice, and it’s led to a lot of new styles and improvements for me! Can’t wait to see what else I can pull off :3

The last one is a little sneak peek for Tyrant Pongo in the Tyrant AU, once I flesh out a little more for him I’ll post a separate thing !

Doodles feature @astroliaskies ’s Skylar, @sylvalurn ’s Orion, @killerdraco ’s Draco, Discord friend’s Cross Mira, @xenobians ’s Lex (with perhaps the most amazing shirt in existence), @shymindmeta ’s Sy'Chell, @shadowoa ’s Cain, @phoenixfireartists ’s Athena, Discord friend’s Cross Mr. Stake, and @shunkuroichii ’s Shun! Also features a Chibi L and the bestest Elmom :3

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Cody's kid's outburst in court smacks Phoenix because THAT'S A KID. He can see it maybe wasn't Will Powers. The Steel Samurai is important to Miles. Most importantly, he hears Miles comfort Cody about the death of his idol and listens to his speech about the Steel Samurai. He isn't fan, like in canon verse - but he thinks of that little blue key chain he has hidden. How when he was a kid, another boy, like a hero, stood up to defend him. So Phoenix throws his victory by supporting Miles.


tbh you can talk to me about class trial parallels all fucking day………especially since edgeworth still doesn’t really remember it but BOY, PHOENIX DOES, even if he acts like he doesn’t care at all and knowing miles when they were both nine means Nothing to him. 

there’s also the fact that by the end, it’s….pretty obvious that dee vasquez did it. she all but admits it lmao……same reasons miles was like -fuck- and stepped in during canon turnabout samurai. 


Hanzo is trying his best to help McCree through this, forcing him to rest when he’s overworking himself, making sure he’s properly caring for himself, helping him learn how to navigate. 

When he learns that McCree overworked himself and that was the cause, he was. kinda mad, but he doesnt wanna add stress onto the cowboy so he doesnt. bring it up, but he’s upset knowing this was avoidable.

he’s trying to be supportive but sometimes mccree makes him wanna pull his hair out


[⌘]– Don’t screw it up, this time.

     Madotsuki knew Maze had refused the box when Bleu tried giving it to him as an alternative to their deal, but she figured it was too early to cast it aside yet. “D… Doctor Maze… We… we need to talk…”

     The box was heavier than it looked, at least for someone of her small stature, but she wouldn’t let it show for now. She bit her lower lip a bit.

     “Look, um… I know we had a deal… and I’m really one to strife to try keeping my promises, but… I… I can’t do this. It’s not right. Not right for me to do.” The child lowered, setting the box down with a bit of a soft huff. “And even if I were to do it, people would stop me. They wouldn’t let this happen.” She shifts nervously, but also in relief from the weight of the box that now rested next to her feet. “As much as I’m not fond of Butter, and as much as what they can or might do terrifies me, they are still a person. I… I can’t trade a person… I can’t trade a person like an object, no matter how horrible they can be.”

     Madotsuki lowers again to pick up that box once more, moving closer to the scientist. “Honestly, I… never wanted harm… or death, upon Butter… I just wished they couldn’t reset or hurt anyone like they almost did. But the way I found wasn’t right… They have a Toriel who sees them as her child. How would she feel if her child disappeared…? I know Dad would feel shattered if I disappeared…”

     “… I’m sorry, Doctor Maze…”


SA WAKAS (at last!) I finally came up with a design for Apolaki and his civilian form :3 (hopefully you guys remember Urduja) Plus some super rough and quick scenario doodles for character studies I guess.

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flesh and bones (m)

pairing: taehyung + reader
genre: nothing for now
plot: it’s been years since the start of the outbreak and you’ve managed to make it this far on your own but how long could you last by yourself?
word count: 8.8k
warning(s): mentions of blood and death, swearing, very slight sexual content

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