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Pilot AU: "Beauty and the Beast"

Status: ???

Thank @galaxirys-bowtie for even coming up with this idea!

AU was based off of the recent Beauty and the Beast Live-Action Remake :y

Yesman - Belle

Hocus - “The Beast”

Cutlass - Cogsworth

Norman - Mrs. Pots

INDEV - “Wardrobe”

Countdown - “Piano”

Artman - Lumiére

Jester - Gaston

Trickster - LeFou

Taco - Chip

Daisy - Mr. Pots

Pilot - “Dog-cushion-thingy”

Scooter - “Feather-duster”

Cullan - “Oven”

Greeze - “Clothes hanger”

Exa - Enchantress

Mary - Maurice

Honestly, im not spending my time looking up names lolol
Im writing fanfiction soon so
B l ah