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Dreams Never Change | i-shall-remain [RP]

The teenager actualy turned on himself, looking at the town behind him. Doing this, he didn’t noticed the other glancing around. As he lightly and quietly sighed, pretty content of the  main event, he reported his attention back on Drekku.

“The accessory shop ? Hm.” the brunette boy put his chin between his thumb and forefinger, thinking about how much munnies he actually had, wondering if his hunger was really that important. “Hm..- Hey !” 

He frowned lightly, crossing his arms on his torso as he turned around to look back at his friend, pouting.

"It’s not me getting into troubles. The troubles are getting me !” he grumped with a light, yet joking, huff. “Hm, you’re always so cool, I’m so jealous.” he sighed with a little laugh, before wrapping an arm around the silverhaired man’s shoulders.

“Let’s forget about food ! I wanna play ! Let’s go, come on, come on !” he childishly gasped, pulling his friend through the oneiric city of Twilight Town, looking for some entertainement.

"What should we do… Hm…”

"Heh, well I guess one of us needed to be, but still. There’s lots of things to do in the realm of sleep, it’s just a matter of finding it.” He spoke while walking, not really sure how to handle the other if they went to another word. Many of them were already awake thanks to them both, but some still remained untouched. Drekku had hoped all his efforts were helping his creator in the real world, but something told him he may not have needed too. “Sora, I know it’s not that much on your agenda, but food is important for your growth. If not you will not get better, you have to eat..”

After all, he needed to eat every now and again. Whether it be the small cakes or not. Yet the small sense of contact from the other only made his internal bar glow, allowing the small little hearts of affection to glitter. This was normal to him, since he was created by Riku, he relied on the touch of a owner. Drekku wasn’t sure that Sora had the same issues, but then again he was the dream eater, and not the key blade master in training. “Sora, if you are looking for fun, I suggest we look for Prankster Paradise.”