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“We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.”

Life, excitement and a little bit of magic can be felt in the air of Buena Vista, home of Walt Disney University, a bright and lively campus full of students from every walk of life.

Come experience your next chapter of life at our lively university! With a multitude of majors and classes to study, we have all of the tools to make your dreams come true. Expand your social life with plenty of fraternities and sororities to join along with the lively town of Buena Vista Heights full of adventure.

Experience, romance, and magic await you at Walt Disney University. Explore and learn the mysteries of Buena Vista Heights and discover the majesty of the surrounding mountains and the beautiful Lake Fantasia. Make new friends and even along the way find yourself.

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”

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Welcome to Disney University! Come and join us! Only a few characters are taken at the moment and so many are available!

Disney AU ideas

The Lion King- Muse a and muse b are best friends when they are little but when muse a father dies unexpectedly they runaway. As they were gone everything changed for the worse and years later muse b is traveling and runs into them. As muse b leaves muse a is brought to the hard decision of going back from where they are from to try to fix everything.

Aladdin- Muse a is a princess/prince but is unhappy because they are force to go in marriage so they go out leaving their castle one day only to get in trouble and muse b saves them. Muse b is a peasant and wants to see muse a again so they make up a ruse pretending to be a prince.

The little mermaid- Muse a is a mermaid who always wants to he a human. Muse b is a human prince who gets in a boating accident and muse a saves them. In order to see muse b again muse a makes a deal with a witch and for her legs she gives up her voice. 

Beauty and the beast- Muse a use to be a selfish prince but after shutting out a old witch she turned him into a beast. muse a shut everyone out from that point on but in order to turn back human they must find love. muse b father was taken by muse a and in order to get their father free they decide to sacrifice themselves and stay with muse a. Muse a and b end up falling in love as they spend more and more time together but when muse b father gets sick muse a sets them free and allows them to leave the castle

The hunchback of Notre Damn- Muse a is a cast out. They are not excepted by the people around them and at a young age muse a is sent to the bell towers. muse b is also a cast out who dances to live and one day they run into muse a and protects them at any cost muse a is a character from stories and when muse b is with their family they tell the stories about how muse a is brave and fights pirates. Muse b does not know that muse a watches and listens to their stories but one day muse a comes through muse b window and takes them where they are from. Neverland

Tarzan- when Muse a was very young their parents were on a trip and they ended up dying so muse a was raised by gorillas. Years later muse b and their father goes to the jungle to study the gorillas. muse b gets in trouble and muse a saves them and from that point on muse b teaches muse a how to act and be human.

Mulan- Muse a is a girl who is told she is a disgrace to her entire family and her father is told to go to war in he old age. muse b is a captain of the war that her father is being put in. In order to save her father she goes uncover as a man and gets up in muse b group.

Lady and the tramp- Muse a is a homeless and lives on the streets stealing and doing whatever to survive. Muse b lives in a higher up part society but feeling unwanted they go off and get in trouble meeting muse a. Muse b friends thinks muse a is bad for them and tells them that they should not be together because they are completely opposite.

Tangled- Muse a is a stolen princess/prince that is kept in their tower all their life. muse b is a person living on the streets stealing from everyone they meet and as they were trying to run away from the law they stumble upon muse a tower. They clime the tower to held captive by muse a until muse b decides to take muse a out and show them the town for the first time

the little mermaid inspired au ideas.

by originalstrumpet

the mermaid & the sailor.
                  after years of watching him sail her father’s seas,
                  she decides to approach his ship on a dark, calm
                  night and reveals herself to him.

the hero.
                 a stormy night arrives, and while it is all calm in the
                 depths of her home, the surface is full of danger and
                 destruction. as she swims home, she sees someone
                 fall into the water, someone half like her, and by instinct
                 she saves him and waits by him until the storm calms
                 and he wakes. 

                 her lifetime wish was to be human, and a witch gave
                 it to her. she could now live freely in the human world,
                 with the condition that she wouldn’t be able to speak
                 ever again, unless she fell in love and was fallen in love
                 with, or she could return to sea but belong to the witch. 

holding fate around the neck.
                 long ago, a sea witch sought revenge against the
                 mermaid and the humans because a mermaid won
                 the heart of the human she loved before she could.
                 after much practice, she managed to place a curse
                 on every human and mermaid. every mermaid’s soulmate
                 was human, and every human’s soulmate was a
                 mermaid, and they all had traditional amulets that
                 were given to them at birth. the only way to know
                 which was your soulmate was being close to them,
                 and hoping that the amulet around their necks would
                 both glow and that’s when they could choose how
                 to be together, in sea or on land. but because of the
                 fears and barriers between them, she figured they
                 could never be together. but she forgot one thing,
                 every curse can be broken.

                 after years of saying no, her father finally agrees to make
                 her human. but making sure she always had the choice
                 to turn back into a mermaid, now every time she touched
                 water, her tail would grow back in minutes. 

where the mermaids are.
                 because of the father’s denial of turning her into a human,
                 the human decides to be turned into a merman to be with her.

                 after long days of curiosity, the mermaid reveals
                 herself to the human and they become friends.
                 they meet by the beach often and exchange things
                 from their worlds, along with laughs, stories, and
                 friendship and/or romance.

siren’s curse.
                 some mermaids are born fine, but others are born
                 with the siren’s curse. humans believed that all
                 mermaids were dangerous, but that wasn’t true.
                 only those with the siren’s curse were inevitably
                 drawn to the surface, where they’d lure men into
                 the sea with their beauty and voice and dragged
                 them down to the deep. and they weren’t dangerous
                 to all the men aboard, only one who they would
                 watch daily and slowly grow to love them. except
                 the one man notices her, and with time falls for her
                 too. so they have to either figure out a way to break
                 the curse, or forever live in different worlds, only
                 communicating from afar.  

peace marriage.
                 the king on land and the king in the sea have lived
                 against each other for too long, and have decided
                 they needed peace. and they would achieve this
                 peace by marrying their only children together.
                 but one must make a life changing decision. either
                 one becomes human to live on land, or the other
                 becomes a mermaid to live under the sea. the
                 problem is, they don’t even want to be friends.

these were just a few plots that came to mind.
some are very vague so the players can choose
the fate. feel free to put your own twist on them,
change up the genders, add people to the plots,
etc. reblog and/or like if you want! just please don’t
repost, steal them and/or claim them as your own.