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Feel free to question my sanity. Also, AU where the crew has the ability to travel into digital gadgets and screw them up, like human viruses. Also, after Jon dies he can now posses the things. Ye


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but imagine in the au if the "whole crew" manages to keep meeting up (Lotte's repair service having a deal with Luna Nova for artifact handling, Hannah/Barbera being LN's twin astrology teachers because gemini symbolism, etc) and it makes everyone feel good besides Diana. She can't help but be down about the fact that Akko, the girl that brought magic back into people's hearts and minds, isn't with them. in the end it's Ophiuchus who she vents to about it, whom she feels a familiar warmth from.

OH MY GOD THIS IS SEQUEL MATERIAL im drawing this shit later on

GTA AU where Gavin and Ryan don’t know each other but accidently add each other on snapchat and end up in a competition of who can commit the most outrageous crime.

Gavin posts a snap on his story hijacking a truck full of raybans so Ryan one-ups him by posting a picture of himself wearing five Gucci belts next to a delivery truck.

Gavin snaps a picture posing next to a cop he’s handcuffed to his car, so Ryan posts of a picture of the entire LSPD chained to their desks.

Gavin steals a fire truck so Ryan posts a video of the fire station set on fire with his maniacal laughter in the background.

Gavin posts a selfie from the back of a cop car with the crying emoji over his face, and half an hour later Ryan adds a video to his story of him and Gavin driving down Chiliad as a police helicopter circles them.


((this took me, no joke, about…. 4 ½ hours. so i hope it was worth it and you guys approve!! feel free to use these designs to make sprites or just to draw, i’d love that so much, just link me please!! and if some of these designs are a little weird, it’s because it’s loosely based on the fake ah crew))

The Vagabond and the Golden Boy? Oh no, they’re more dangerous than you would think. See, they egg each other on; if there was even the slightest hint of restraint left in the Vagabond, it vanishes around the Golden Boy. And with an attack dog like the Vagabond at his heels, the Golden Boy becomes wilder, cockier, and crueler.
Those two together? You run.

Non ti dirò “ti amo”
Come tutti,
Te lo dimostrerò.
Perché fermarsi
Ai riassunti?
—  Enigma, Au Revoir

Everyone in the crew had a fallback plan in case shit went south. Michael would be an electrician, Jack always wanted to work in radio, and Gavin would be a cameraman on films. Jeremy mentioned something about how he went to school for animation and Ryan perked up and went “Hey, me too!”

When someone asks Trevor what his fallback plan was, he shrugs and goes “I got my degree in aerospace engineering” and everyone stops to look at him.

“Aerospace engineering?”


“Like… like rocket science?”


“You can make rockets and here you are, doing crime?”

“C'mon, when’s the last time NASA was funded? If anything, I made a completely reasonable career choice.”