au cheval


We crossed one of our ‘38 Restaurants in Chicago to Eat At’ off the list - Au Cheval.

Was it good? Yes. Are we waddling out of here? Yes. Would I come back? No, probably not.

I dunno. It’s too uppity and you wait too long and their food selections aren’t anything that I haven’t had elsewhere better and cheaper.

  • Spoon
  • CAN
  • Ege Bamyasi

One on the headier snippets from the early evening mixtape at Diner Au Cheval:

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Song: Spoon  Artist: CAN  Album: Ege Bamyasi  Label: Mute Records  Release Date: 1972

Oddball, avant garde envelope-pushers were CAN, a product of the late 1960s experimental music scene that thrived in Cologne, Germany.  Ege Bamyasi, the most approachable album they released, is a Krautrock essential and required reading for anyone who’s interested in delving deeper into the musical movement that blossomed from said scene.  Spoon is the final (and grooviest) track of the album, with drummer Jaki Leibezeit cleverly accentuating the necessary breaks, creating an eerily beautiful, mantric drone that hypnotizes in not more than a single cycle.

Moving Pictures
  • Moving Pictures
  • The Stepkids
  • Troubadour

Considering we beat the living hell out of their 2011 s/t album over the last 1.5 years at Au Cheval, it comes quite refreshing that The Stepkids have shifted fixations on their new full-length Troubadour. The same Connecticut retro-ists, the once devoted psychedelic ’60s soul revivers who held mirrors to Charles Stepney and Sly Stone, are now apes for the late ’70s synth struts of Chaz Jankel and Prince, bearing in mind textbook Tom Browne Jamaica Funk in between humorous verbatim touchdowns in squeaky clean Steely Dan territory. Once one overcomes the unpredicted departure, the overwhelming cheese and shameless appropriation (these latter two being nothing new for fans of their work), the tunes on Troubadour prove themselves easily infective and well-suited to potential poundings on the AC reels.