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werewolf!au idea

  • you have known your bias ever since you were little kids
  • you’ve grown up together and are close to each other as well with your friends (his pack). he is the alpha male of his pack while you’re a human that knows about their secret
  • everyone always mentioned how you were meant to be his mate mostly bc of how close you are, how you act with one another and how you tease each other. the term ‘mate’ never really held anything for him even though he knew it was part of the wolf life 
  • however he couldn’t deny his attraction to you as you two grew up to become young adults so he didn’t hesitate to court you
  • you two are the picture of the perfect couple (but ofc you know you do get into fights every now and then bc part of being perfect is being imperfect as well) and everyone just believes that you are not only mates but soul mates as well
  • until one day … he actually meets his real mate – an alpha female wolf (or actually… idk much about werewolves thing so maybe like another female wolf with a high status)
  • she’s everything you imagined he would end up with – they’re so alike yet so different but yet still seemed to fit well together …. more than you and him
  • even tho you grew up with him and his pack, you didn’t really know much about the wolf life nor did you really asked bc it was their life and story but you knew enough that if she was his mate you couldn’t be with him
  • yes he was attracted to her bc hello mate thing but he was still in love with you but he knew you couldn’t be together bc of the pull he had with his mate
  • so you two break up
  • you’re still friends with his pack and even tho is hurt to see you bias and his mate you couldn’t stray away bc of your best friend (your bias wrecker lol idk)
  • you try your best to stay strong but your best friend can see that you’re still hurting 
  • you end up asking him about the lifestyle of werewolves and asked about mates and all that
  • you ask him more about mates and if werewolves are only mated to other werewolves and he gets a little quiet and tells you it’s not always the case
  • you can tell his acting a bit strange and you were wondering if it was all about your questions bc you never seemed to be curious about the whole werewolf thing
  • one thing leads to another and he ends up confessing that you might be his mate
  • you get all flustered and confused and ask him why didn’t he say anything when you were with your bias
  • and he just tells you that you seemed so happy and that he couldn’t take that away from you happiness and that if you were truly his mate that you will come to him in time
  • asfdjhlkwekd sry okay
  • so then you’re not with your bff and you two do realize you are mates and you start to begin to feel happy again
  • but when you bias finds out that you’re mates he’s not all too happy
  • like he knows he’s with his mate now and should be happy himself but he can’t help but feel jealous now that you’re with your bff and his bff as well
  • but he can’t do anything but watch

and i have no idea how this would end bc this popped into my head before i went to bed two nights ago and i really don’t think i have time to write this asdjfklwfw if ANYONE wants to write this go for it but PLS do tag me bc I WANNA READ

rip all these story ideas i never end up writing bc i don’t have time and then end up losing motivation to do so

showergoddess  asked:

(1) DUDE OK IDK IF YOU'VE BEEN KEEPING UP WITH TVXQ SHIT BC U HAVE A LIFE UNLIKE ME BUT yunho released a solo album, changmin 1) got a ridiculous fake moustache in his drama, 2) broken (yunho's) rice wreath record for dramas, 3) sang bolero with kyu and chen @smtown japan, 4) passed the military police exam and is enlisting by the end of the year AND BOTH OF THEM WON'T STOP TALKING ABOUT EACH OTHER WHILE DOING SEPARATE ACTIVITIES "I'm lonely without changmin" "I feel empty without hyung"

What kills me is… Changmin’s just so fucking committed to Yunho?? I mean. To TVXW. He’s willingly sacrificing two years of his life for Yunho. …for TQQX. He deliberately took a super difficult exam with an acceptance rate of 5% so he could TIME HIS SERVICE WITH YUNHO’S. …with TXBCX’S.

Listen, I just wanna know how premeditated this was. Did Yunho lumber out of bed one morning and circle a potential date on the calendar, thinking he was alone in his apartment, and Changmin just skulked by once the sun dipped behind a cloud, and under the cloak of darkness, pressed his thumb to the number and vowed, “Your kind will never defeat me.”

Or did he legitimately think he could do four years without hyung, whatever, time is relative and men are born and die alone, and then his first solo thing happened and he was like no, nope, the EXO children are touching me, I now have no buffer it seems, I can’t do this, time out, time out.

Or did he shuffle into their old Tokyo bathroom one night, sleepy and annoyed, and see a whole mess of improperly-squeezed toothpaste and a gross wet floor and go, wow, yeah, can’t wait to not have to deal with this shit, and was then instantly gripped with unrelenting panic, standing in soggy socks and staring at Yunho’s stupid toothbrush and thinking, well fuck.

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13/? of homin alternate universes: someone like you

I hate to turn up out of the blue uninvited
but I couldn’t stay away, I couldn’t fight it.
I had hoped you’d see my face and that you’d be reminded
that for me it isn’t over.

Never mind, I’ll find someone like you
I wish nothing but the best for you too
Don’t forget me, I beg
I remember you said,
sometimes it lasts in love but sometimes it hurts instead.

Dance Prodigy

“Taeminnie, Daddy and Changmin have to practice now, so you get to sit right over here and play, okay?” Yunho smiles at the toddler as he places him on the couch in the practice room. Taemin looks particularly unimpressed when Yunho hands him a teddy bear, but he sits quietly and holds the bear close to him as he watches his father and his friend dance in front of the mirror.

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3/? of homin alternate universes: hospital

Yunho knows he needs to stop. Because Changmin is a patient. His patient. And he will die, his doctorate and experiences tell him that much, within matter of months. But every morning Yunho comes to check up on him, Changmin would be sitting by the windowsill, swallowed up in the sun, head slightly tilted like a marble statue; or sometimes Yunho would find him on the rooftop, sitting at the very edge, quiet and calm, gazing over the crowded, noisy, ruthless Seoul down there. And every time, when Changmin notices him watching, he would turn to look Yunho in the eye. And then he would smile, eyes all mis-matched and teeth showing, and just like that, Yunho gives in every time.

16/? of homin alternate universes: a poet’s lost love (song by bastille)

Changmin sits by Yunho’s deathbed with his most precious poem clutched in his hand. Tears are blurring his vision and rendering Yunho’s face a serene, familiar shape. He whispers, his last words to him, “I have written you down, love, you will live forever.”

(based on emmas idea)