au bon marche

healthy snack at the market

It is very important to have “ healthy snack” when travel, especially as vegetarian. 

Since it was very hard to be healthy vegetarian in Vanuatu, I have to be careful not to be starved and go crazy with junk food or non vegetarian food.

Wherever I go overseas, I love checking supermarket! It is my hobby. So I found a supermarket on day 1 

Bon Marche, yep, Vanuatu used to be a colony of France

I was exited to see lots of French products there but…

This supermarket is filled with Australian products!  Rice, pasta, sauces are all very familiar…

Soy milk from Sanitarium 

Baking sheet with a picture of Australia’s master chef Julie Coodwin


more expensive than Australia, of course, they are all imported.  People in Vanuatu get paid much less than Australian…. doesn’t make sense! Later I found out lots of Australian and New zealander come to vanuatu to do business, so I guess this supermarket is for foreigners… 

Shocking price of veggies and fruits…

Look at veggies price! I was expected to see cheap veggies and fruits here but no! 

I even thought different currency rate but no! ( I did check ) These lemon and tomatoes come from Australia!  very expensive

lemon $45 /kg 

tomato $12 / kg

Well, we bought water, nuts …500g for like $12 and more but not so exited. 

Then luckily we discovered the market where actual local go, oh dear, I can’t believe that organic tomatoes are available in the market but still import “ good looking ” tomatoes from Australia…


 Almost no protein rich food like beans or tofu are available in restaurants in Vanuatu, we really must eat lots of nuts so we bought a raw peanuts or roasted peanuts that are so fresh for $1  in the market 

Also found interesting nuts 

$1 for 1 skewer 

Brown one is like young almonds. can’t eat skin but inside is very soft but still nutty flavour. I quite like them so bought many times. 

but white one….nnnnn…not so tasty…

I like the way they wrap the food with banana leaf :) no plastic bags! 

This is an example of snack we brought to little excursion 

Banana chips, taro chips, raw peanuts, unknown nuts and apple mango. 

Apple mango? Yes, this is apple mango, 

taste like apple and mango! I had them for the first time in my life :) quite tasty! 

This is banana chips, well actually plantain, the cooking banana, so it was more like potato chips. 

Taro ships.  Taro is  staple food in Vanuatu 

Well, chips are deep fried but hey, still fresh and no preservative or chemical at least…

Snacks in the market is much cheaper and healthier!