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just some headcanons I had!

♢ Marinette’s house (her terrace) is full of ledybas! (Well, and guess who wants to catch some because he probably has nil at his place? (; )
♢ BNW AU: can i nominate Adrien as N? haha their outfits match hahaha

AUs that I need in my life:

>runaway bride
>sent nudes to the wrong number
>Fire alarm went off at 3am and now a cute guy from the floor below is standing next to me in his underwear.
>You saw me enthusiastically singing my 90s music and Disney songs through my window and now you can’t look at me without laughing.
>I purposely get your coffee order wrong just so you’ll talk to me again.
>met you at a bar but turns out you’re a soldier getting shipped out tomorrow.
>Spilling hot coffee on you was not intentional i swear, but you’re taking off your shirt so let me help.
>step siblings
>This is the tenth time this week we’ve had a fire alarm go of but uh… this time it was my fault.
>I’m the nurse in charge of you and whenever you take your pain meds you end up talking in your sleep and I end up hearing you go on and on about how hot I am. or even when you’re awake because pain meds, am i right?
>“i’m a prince/ss and you’re my bodyguard and we’re so not supposed to bang but we kind of did anyways” au (bonus: limo sex is great sex)



{ AU post BNW in where Sylar bids his time plays goody-goody and eventually catches Claire. }

 ❝  After the debacle at the carnival, everything changed.

Old alliances are eroded and their foundations crash like a house of cards. The future, once through to be fluid and malleable clay — never stone-compact — now is hell-bent on being rancorously retaliating. Fear moves on the streets. Curls around the throat of many civilians. Cups their chins and caresses their ears, pacifying their escalating alarm into a bland, hypnotic state of numbness before it sinks its teeth on their necks. Injects them with its terror and plays with their corruptible, impressionable minds.  The veil of safety had been lifted. What was once safe sanctuary, now it isn’t. And she is left adrift; alone, for the first time in her life.

He is a fly on the wall. An ever present feature, filtering in their saving worlds’ conversations, to not change futures. Lending a hand when necessary. Rejoicing in the victory immediately thereafter. She is taut like a guitar string. Observing and analyzing every little shift on his face, waiting for the plunge of what she came to know to be an erratic temper. But he betrays her good sense time and time again by being polite, indifferent, and oddly supportive.

She feels an unpleasant murmur like bouncing flies flitting around her the day she realizes that everyone — systematically and inexorably – came to abandon her. Everyone but him. Her throat goes dry when he proposes for a second time. Her ears are buzzing. And yet, she remains motionless pinned down by his stare. He is closing in on her. Closer and close he gets and to Claire it seems as though he has been doing this dance for the longest of times.

Something inside her twists unpleasantly and plunges to the pit of her stomach. Her brain stops functioning. Her pluck to exhale fire freezes. She watches it unfold detachedly, as if peeking through a miasmic wall. Maybe it is that ravenous look. Maybe it is his mouth, vowing to things she so desperately needs. Maybe it is the fact that she feels a void left behind after those who left her and the damned flies won’t stop from dropping.

Maybe it is nothing. Maybe it is everything. But when he closes the gap, Claire does nothing and he catches her in his arms.

Sylar smirks over the top of Claire’s dark locks, squeezing her petite form against his larger one with an iron grip. Parkman was right. What he wasn’t able to scan was ultimately the key. For his heart held the secret.

Sylar wins.

He gets what he truly desires. An everlasting companion to bear the burden of eternity, leeway to do as he pleases a group of goody-two-shoes to manipulate and a banquet of delightful abilities. Now he has it all. He has power, he has youthful verve and he finally has the prized cheerleader in his grasp.

Oh she won’t change him. He’ll change her. And then everything will be okay.  


AUs that I need in my life:

>I put salt in your coffee when you were in the bathroom and you drank it all and that was hardcore want to go out sometime
>I was too cruel during class critique today and accidentally made you cry and now I feel awful so I’m going to try and comfort you
>everyone’s dorm room has a whiteboard wall outside of it and you keep drawing exceptionally rendered dicks on mine
>I stole your wallet and in it I found pictures of your kids and your wife isn’t in it and I’m really sorry lemme know if you ever need help I’m actually good with kids.
>quick, i need you to be my nude model because it’s an emergency
>please teach me how the fuck to do pottery because all my shit explodes or flops over
>You found out I live outta my car and now you always are buying me lunch and shit.
>My brothers harassed you for talking to me and omfg I’m sorry.
>Let’s sneak away to make out because it’ll never happen if my brothers are always around.
>My brothers stole all my clothes and now I’m forced to walk down the hall to my room from the community showers in just a towel pls help.