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Jack can shift from Dragon to human, does that mean the babies can too?! That would be so adorable!! And we could see if any of them look like Rhys <3 *cough* Cyrus *cough*

yeah! once they develop cognitively they attain a human form using their inherent dragon magic. so far there is one that looks like jaxen and one that looks like cyrus. because the human form is less a result of genetics and more a result of their mental energy and magic powers, they can end up looking more like rhys !

Big Hero 6 x Hunger Games AU!

Fanart for inkstainsonmyhands’s absolutely amazing Hidashi ficSafe & Sound.  (Psst, go and read it~~!)  Featuring dark!Tadashi and older!Hiro.

Princess!Kara & Dragon!Oso double crossover AU - Whee!~

Not BLMatsu, Oso’s just an asshole.
The fearsome dragon has kidnapped the fair Princess and is holding him to ransom. Will the kingdom negotiate for his safe return, or are they glad to be rid of their painful heir to the throne?

Will I ever stop juggling 500 things at once and finish one project at a time? Probably not!
I’m considering turning this concept into a fic because I can write faster than I can draw, these days. Let me know if that’s someone you guys would want to check out!
A bit of random colour therapy, I literaly vomited onto SAI lmao Experimentation is good!