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Full Galra AU - Keith grows up in the Galra empire.  As a fighter pilot, he’s on the front lines battling the Voltron paladins.

Of course when Keith catches Lance on some remote planet, he doesn’t recognize him as the prick in the blue lion who keeps singling him out in every battle.  Whatever.  He captured a paladin of Voltron.  Everybody who ever said he’d never get anywhere with his “discipline issues" can suck it.


Your characters and artstyle are really awesome; I just had to draw them!!
((Sorry if fucky looks different everytime I draw him))

Reply//: ((-SCREAMS- OH LORD THESE ARE AWESOME. And no no it’s fiNE !! I really like the artstyle you have,it’s very pleasant to look at !! AAHHH THIS MADE MY DAY THANK YOU  ♥♥♥))

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Hey Baguette mom...? Could you possible do a design of Angelica in the fight!AU? (I'm sorry if it's too much to ask, i don't even know if Angelica is important to the story or not...)

I can’t believe this is the first time I’ve posted a drawing of Ange um??? fuckin tragic I love her

You…you’re here… aren’t you…
Your Name - Kallura

Jumping on the bandwagon here. If you haven’t seen Kimi no Na wa… just… sigh it’s amazing. It’s heartwrenching and perfect and man. I kept getting kallura feels the entire time (sorry my kidge followers! i really am multishipping trash) also freaking Allura with short hair *screams*

I saw an edit for Your Name on google somewhere and drew inspiration from there. I’ll probably keep drawing Your Name au’s and stuff. (i also may have outlined an actual Your Name AU for Kallura/Pidgance……….. im sorry. not)

edit: someone mentioned I colored Allura too lightly and whitewashed her so I fixed that. hopefully.


UF Papyrus requested by anon! They asked me if i could make him in a gorey way but im not sure if this is gorey enough?? Well i hope it is X’D I’ve also been listening to this song for quite awhile now hahaha. Anyway, had fun making this one! Thank you for requesting! ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_