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Just a silly sketch of Enj and Grantaire for my Corinthe School for Boys fic. Okay okay, so admittedly Enjolras isn’t a blonde stereotype but I couldn’t resist the Loathing lyrics from Wicked, forgive me.

Camp NaNo Stats - Day 15

Target Word Count : 20,000
Suggested Daily Goal: 667
Personal Daily Goal: 0
Words Written Today: 882
Total Words Written:  14,561 
Words Remaining: 5,439 
Words Per Day To Finish On Time: 340
Your Average Per Day: 970
At This Rate You Will Finish On: April 21, 2017 

Well I’m halfway of my writing adventure and I gotta say that it’s been super satisfying.  By the date, I’m at 73% of my goal, so this is a sure win!! Woohoo!! That’s only considering the word goal I set for this month, right, and not if I finish writing the whole fic, ‘cause there’s no way I’m wrapping it up in the next 5k. Hell will freeze over and pig will fly if I manage to do that. I’m at chapter 4 of 9-10, so this story will be between 35 to 40k. If by the end of the month I get to chapter 7 or 8, it’ll be ideal. 

But my good writing performance hasn’t been the only thing that has made these 2 weeks amazing. I’m glad that I reached out to my Tumblr dearies and assembled such a great group. My cabin is the BEST!!!! Seriously, I’ve been participating in Camp NaNo since 2013 and this is the first time that the cabin I’m in is so productive! And encouraging! If anyone has a bad day, everyone else is there to cheer up. Everyone is working so hard to create such amazing stories (which I’m dying to read!) I love you dearies!! @bitchwhwifi, @laurabelle2930, @wherethereissmoak, @tdgal1, @marytagus, @smoakingarrow19, @arrow-through-my-writers-block

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Favorite Lines Written Today:

It’s the same bit I posted a few days back, but rewritten in a different POV. Now, it’s much better ;)

When the elevator door opened a few seconds later, Thea ran into his brother.
“Oh! Hi, Speedy.”
Thea didn’t return the bright smile that her brother gave her. She wasn’t fond of the nickname he had for her since they were kids, and much less when he used it in the work place. To retaliate, she was going to make him sweat a bit. “Hey, Ollie. Everything okay? Your ears aren’t burning by any chance, are they?” Thea asked him, with an enigmatic smirk in her face.
The question made him lose the grin and wrinkled his forehead. “Why?” he asked, shifting his eyes from side to side. “What happened?”
“Nothing relevant,” she shrugged. “Just that I was talking with Felicity and Susan Williams came up in the conversation. I banned her from tomorrow’s press conference and the boss wanted to know why.”
Oliver groaned, pinching the bridge of his nose. “You told Felicity what happened.”
“Yeah, I did. I was supposed not to? I didn’t think it was a secret.”
“It’s not a secret. It’s just…”
“Nothing. Forget it.”