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AU: RGB suddenly gets his old life back, but Hero still needs to save the world of make believe. She can’t do it herself, so she does what RGB did(somehow) and recruits him. She’s trying to take him to a place to restore his memories, and along the way, events happen to RGB that are similar to what has happened to Hero.


Fake Social Media Imagine {75} - Jughead x reader (pt 2 to imagine 53)

Heyy! This is for the request “Can you please please please do a part two to the jelous Archie and Jughead x reader social media thing? Like where the reader and Archie text about the tweet and so do him and Jughead? (Or whatever you think) cause he first part was soooo good 💕😍😃❤️”. Hope you like it! Masterlist in bio!! Won’t be posting tmrw but hope y’all have a good thanksgiving!

pt 2 to this imagine

Wow Haven, you’re making another AU?

Well I love AUs even though I’m still working on Normal Spaghetti and the Hero/Villain AU. Besides, this is more like a crossover like the Homestuck one I did. Say Hello to: CREEPYRONPA

It’s a Donganronpa/ Creepypasta crossover where Tim is the main lead in this murder mystery! Follow the Ultimate Photographer as he figures out the secrets of the school killing game as his friends are picked off one by one!

Sounds interesting right? Well I actually still need help. I already have a lot of the important details down like the characters, their ultimate talents, as well as who will be the victims and who will be the killers, and I even have an idea on who will be the mastermind. However I still need someone to help bounce ideas off of. To see what works and what doesn’t. If anyone here is a fan of Danganronpa and want to help, feel free to message me!

Endless Summer: Spectre Chapter 01

Alright. The new author for ES fanfic in AU settings is get the show ready! Prepare for some popcorn.

Trigger warning: language and experimental AU scene



It was shiny day after the slight rain taking over the city. When I opened my eyes, the plane started landing slowly across the line. It seems we’re safely arrived in America. Thank god. I rubbed my eyes as I kept my phone and passport back into my mini bag before I adjusted my seat as usual. You know having a flight for 7 hours from Frankfurt to New York is kinda tiring. But it makes me really excited since I missed my allies. A week trip to Germany to visit my twin brother, who worked for Bundeswehr and he gave me some souvenirs to hand it to them personally. I checked over the satin blue box with 11 keychains inside. They’re so beautiful because they’re made by crystals in varied colors. And one more thing: each of them carved with Hadean Zodiac symbols which what makes it so exclusive. We never have any keychains with these kind of symbols before… and now the passengers started walking out from their seat in long lines makes me quickly shut the box and kept it back inside my bag. I get off my seat quickly as I had been pushed forward to the guy with wearing black hoodie.

I almost collapsed on the floor when I grabbed his cold hands before I apologized “I’m sorry sir. I didn’t mean to-”

That guy with the hoodie covered over his head and he also covered his nose and mouth with black cloth glared to me with his dark blue eyes. I was scared a bit when he looked to me. He looked so cold….


That’s what I heard when I looked at him. His voice is audibly heard for everyone, it was like the voice from my head. After a few minutes, I snapped back to reality when I noticed some passengers needed to walk out from the plane makes me quickly grabbed my bag and heading out from the plane to America soil. It was kinda chilly a bit since the rain had just stopped but it will be warmer after next hours. I just need to get into the immigration check and claim my luggage so I can get back home and meet my allies. Yay~

Normal POV

That guy silenced as he stood inside the empty plane, only the sound of the engine in low volume taking over his hearing. He turned his head around a few times before he kneed down after he confirmed nobody there. His dark blue eyes spotted something dropped under the plane chair makes he reached his hand to pick it up. The clinking sound attracted him as well as the green shiny crystal caught his attention. It’s in triangle shaped crystal with the craving of wolf shape inside makes him smirked evilly. He quickly walked off the plane as he looked around to see anyone suspected either the girl he bumped inside the plane or…. any random person that crossed his mind to hand over that keychain to? He didn’t want to hold it much longer. He must hand over it to someone else. But… with a price.

Jake’s POV

“ June 16 201X. 11:30 AM. New York to Monaco. Five pax” that’s what I wrote down in my leather journal when I had just get the new job offer for today. Taking flights across the blue sky, fetching some VIP clients or emergency flights to the destination. I only have two hours left before the flight as schedule taken place so I need to get ready. Once I’m done with these Damn tasks, I’ll get my downright payment then spend some of them for luxury night in five star hotel right there. I imagined myself holding a glass of iced whiskey while looking to the sunset of Mediterranean Sea. It was speechless to say but it’s better to imagine the perfect summer breaks from the tiring flights in varied destination. I carried my bag on my shoulder as I headed out from the airport to the hangar to check on my mini plane. Hope nothing happening when I get some checkup in last two hours with some fuel refill and the engine maintenance stuffs.

“Hey mate”

I stopped walking when I heard the silent whisper makes me looked around. Only a few people walking in and out from the airport with their damned business. But I felt like someone’s watching me until I looked ahead.

Shit! His appearance startled me when he stood in front of me in sudden. With the black hoodie covered his head and black scarfs over his nose and mouth so I only can see his sharp blue eyes. I still remember when I was in Oslo, there’s a concert happened in the stadium featuring Alan Walker. And that guy I encountered reminded me much of that figure. Looks like I got the nickname to give him but it’s up to him either it pissed him off or else.
His hands kept inside the pocket makes me still in cautious condition on his intention. But silence taking over both of us makes me started thinking something. Maybe he wants me to get some word out first.

“You better get off my way, Walker” I warned him as I tried to move away from way I stand but that guy quickly blocked me from getting away from there.

“Calm down, young man. I have something to offer you. But we have no much time for this” that guy said with the synthesised voice which it makes him sounded more robotic instead of his figure as real human. Or does he? Until he took out something from his pocket and it was like the crystal keychain. Like in Kingdom Hearts. But it’s like a rare collection.

“I have to go somewhere but I can’t keep this keychain anymore. I need you to hold it until we both meet again” he informed me again before he quickly shoved it inside my jacket pocket makes me get annoyed by his sudden move as I stepped backward from there. But…. holy shit. He’s too fast. I’m not really comfortable on touchy things with the stranger like him. I still can feel the texture of the crystal inside the pocket of mine.

“You damnit little-” I almost shouted when I realised nobody is front of me anymore. I looked around once again before I realised he’s gone. Damn… where’s he gone to?

Normal POV

Meanwhile in one five star restaurant, somewhere in New York city…
There’s a live recording for cooking show taking place at rooftop swimming pool. Luckily the bright day makes the day for this prison. The celebrity chef Raj Bhandarkar walked toward the table with cooking equipments before the applause clap from the audience heard from his side makes he turned to the camera.

“Hello everyone! It’s me again, Chef Raj in the house. I think you are so excited to figure out of what are you going to prepare for the perfect dinner with your family or buddies at home so today I’m demonstrating today’s recipe -”

At the same time at their pent house in the same city, Quinn was at the kitchen with stirring some mix of flour, eggs and butter when she heard the familiar voice from the living room makes she held the bowl as she kept mixing the ingredients.
At the living room, Zahra with her laptop on her lap as she covered her ear with headphone, sat at the isolated couch around the corner of the living room. Diego sat on the floor with the laptop of his on the coffee table since he still with his work to program the video game with the gameplay control and stuffs.

At another location, at football stadium of city, the football team named Deztiny Warriors ran out from the tunnel to the middle of field after the break ended for the second half time. Two of the players, Sean Gayle as the quarterback while his teammate, Craig Hsiao as the defender ready at their position before the whistle echoed around the sky. The audience cheered happily as the favorite team started getting their action to score the goal. As the other player tried to block him, Sean looked around before he threw the football to Craig which he’s not far from him. And then, that strong jock quickly get over the other opponent players as he threw the ball up to the sky as he stopped at the edge of the goal side. The audience looked up as the ball went up to the sky nowhere….. even Sean and other players looked up as well.

Back to the hotel rooftop, Raj stirred some curry inside the pot as he looked to the camera while he added up some coconut milk in “To make this curry tasted fatty but not too much, we can put a spoonful ofvegetable oil or sunflower-”


That’s when the football from the stadium suddenly get inside the pot of curry makes some hot curry splashed over the table and the white apron he was wearing.
“Oh my lord! The fish head curry had just turned up into the football curry!”
That situation makes the audience at the recording area laughed maniacally even the crews had to cover their mouth to not laugh at him.

Meanwhile at pent house, Zahra looked up to the television after she finished installing virus to the targeted website for some phishing stuff. Noticing something funny on Raj makes she pulled her headphone off as she chuckled with evil grin “That was embarrassing for making the live humor like that”

Diego looked back to the television as he looked surprised on what happened “I can imagine this scene was better than the amateur chefs in MasterChef contest”

Quinn walked back to the living room with placing the tray of cupcakes on the dining treble when she saw the incident in television “Oh my… I couldn’t believe what happened to him just now” she giggled.

Meanwhile at the hospital at the city, Michelle walked out from her office with stethoscope around her neck when The nurse handed her the note “Doctor Nguyen, this is the information of the patient. Based on this, he get eternal bleeding at-”

“Is he injured terribly?” Michelle asked as the nurse pulled the curtain to reveal the male patient laid on the bed with some blood oozing from his forehead. She quickly get forceps With cotton and dunked it with some antiseptic fluid as she spotted it carefully to the wound “What happened recently, sir?” She asked

“I just got hit by football when I was waiting for cab. I couldn’t believe this thing happened to me” the patient sighed in pain as he cringed on the antiseptic effect on his skin “Last week I heard Craig Hsiao hit another people around with football and now it’s mine”

Michelle covered her mouth when she heard the familiar name from the patient’s lips. She whispered silently of her friend’s name which it makes her mentally face palmed.

At another scene, Aleister had just finished training with fencing match as he removed his helmet and fencing suits at the fitting room provided. He walked out from there with correcting his clear white collar then headed along the corridor to….

“Grace?” He snapped in sudden when she stood before him with her cheerful face.

“Hey. I had just got the ordered telescope recently and it’s time for us to unbox it” Grace curved a pleading smile as she witnessed her crush crossed his arms while he looked to her sharply.

“The advanced telescope to check over the star constellation within 5000 kilometre away. Yes, we actually ordered it” he sighed as he walked along with her to outside of the house. As the door opened….

Grace’s face looked glum when she noticed the cardboard box has a large hole at the top makes she tore the cardboard texture to check the content inside since she really worried of what happened to the telescope inside. And….

“It’s broken…” Grace said sadly “But it was in good condition when I received it” she picked up the telescope accessories which they’re broken in half and the lens has some huge crack. Aleister picked up the football which he spotted it inside the opened cardboard box, beneath the broken telescope. His face looked mad as he gripped the football tightly.


Around late evening….

Aleister and Grace walked out from the elevator as they both walked side by side along the corridor to their penthouse when they both spotted Raj unlocked the door.

“Hey guys! Looks like it’s kinda tiring day doesn’t it?” Raj asked them as he opened the door then stepped inside after he removed his shoes.

“Don’t bother. There are a lot of misery happened for today” Aleister arranged his formal shoes inside the shoe rack while Grace carefully placed her umbrella hanged up inside the case after she removed her shoes.

Those three walked to the living room when they noticed Zahra, still with her laptop at her isolated couch, Diego and Quinn sat side side for some movie marathon with popcorn at their side. Sean walked out from the kitchen with a glass of fruit juice at his hand while Craig slept on the floor with his large arms covered over his closed eyes.

“And here we go for the day” Raj rested on his large beanie couch and took the small pillow from underneath Craig’s head. That makes the strong jock dropped his head on the floor and his eyes opened looking to Raj at the beanie couch. “Dude!!” He sighed.

Quinn paused the movie for a while when Diego walked to his coffee table to keep his laptop shut and keep inside the bag. “How’s going, Grace? Why are you looking so glum?” She asked worryingly.

“It’s the telescope that we ordered online since last week. We already received it but…” Grace looked down as she sat on the couch next to Aleister.

“But what?” Quinn asked.

“And you know what happened next. It’s obviously happened for every single week” Aleister crossed his legs as he threw his head against the couch, looking to the ceiling.

“Dude, it already happened. We can’t turn it up” Craig sighed as he rolled on his chest while he rested another pillow underneath him.

“Come on guys. We have some important dinner tonight. It’s not just only me who get so much trouble today” Raj get off the seat as he headed to the kitchen, ignoring the tiring day he got. Quinn walked out from the house as she get her shoes on.

“Come on, bud. We have a special dinner to celebrate. We need to set up some decoration though” Sean smiled as he placed the empty glass on the dining table before he bend down to take away the pillow from underneath Craig’s.

“Oh man!” Craig sighed.


Meanwhile, there’s a racing motorbike stopped at the parking lot before the woman who riding it get off the seat and removed her helmet. It was Estella, she had just came back from her daily extreme training away at the forest for that day. Coincidentally, Quinn walked down from the penthouse area as there’s another car parked not far from there before Michelle walked out from the driving seat area and slammed the door carefully.

“You’re late” Quinn sighed as she pouted lightly, her hands hidden at her back.

“It was a terrible jam and I had to take a risk to get into dangerous shortcut path for today” Estella brushed her hair after she put her helmet on the motorbike then she removed her leather gloves off her hand.

Michelle with the compact mirror on her hand as she checked over her flawless face as Quinn added “You’re beautiful already. And we need to get ready for the group dinner”

“So how was your day?” Michelle asked

“Everything was fine until we saw Raj get ‘pranked’ live at television when the football fell inside the cooking pot when his cooking show was airing” Quinn sighed.

Michelle slammed the compact mirror as she added “And you know what? That football had just make people get injured!”

Quinn was speechless as she heard it then she added “This month, around 25 people had been found injured by that football hit? And today is the 26th?”

“There’s not so much time” Estella walked inside the elevator as she carried her bag on her shoulder. Quinn quickly followed after her while Michelle was looking for her lipstick from her handbag when the cinnamon roll grabbed her hand as well.

As they arrived at their penthouse, Quinn realised she forgot to bring the spare key and the door is locked inside. Michelle quickly pressed the doorbell.

Inside the house, the doorbell sound distracted Raj makes he headed along the way to living room. But what makes he didn’t released, he almost stepped on Diego’s laptop bag when he quickly placed it on the working table.

“I still remember there’s one movie where the chubby guy stepped on his sleeping friend at the belly” Diego sighed. “And he said [Luckily I didn’t get blown over here. If don’t, I’m dead]”

“And that would be hurt” Zahra added emotionlessly as she shut her laptop and get back inside her bedroom.

As Raj opened the door, he looked around as he spotted Michelle stood before him before she get inside the house after he moved aside to the wall. Quinn and Estella followed after but they went back to the kitchen and her room respectively.

“Why are you guys taking so long? Today’s the important dinner event and most of you hadn’t done it?” Michelle sighed trying to resist her anger while Raj and Quinn served some main course and dessert for 11 people on the large dining table.

“We almost done it, Michelle. And today is F!MC returned from Germany and she has something to show to us” Sean came out from the kitchen with the pitcher of organic juice then kissed her. Hearing that word, most of them had different response.

“F!MC returned from Germany? How can we forgot that?” Grace almost surprised when she looked up to the ceiling worryingly.

“Yeah dude… We kept working for every single day until we almost forgot that she will come back here today” Craig get his seat as he reached over the fried chicken before Michelle slapped his hand quickly.

“When she will come back home?” Quinn asked.

“In next 45 minutes” Zahra added as she walked out from her bedroom then get her empty seat but not too close with Craig. She looked over her phone where she hacked F!MC’s Uber app to figure out the exact time she get back home from airport.


When all of them gathered around the dining table, they heard the doorbell rang. Quinn pointed her finger to the door makes all of them raced to the main door as one of them opened it and……

“Überraschung!” F!MC waved her hands to the air as she hugged each of them, started with Diego, following with Quinn and others.

“F!MC, a week had just passed. We are really missed you” Grace cheered as she hugged her firmly.

“Ja, it’s a long time. And I have something to show you” F!MC smirked then she locked the door behind as she get her seat on the couch. She took out the satin box of the keychains to show them to everyone “For all of you. One keychain per each”

And then each of them get their part by claiming their keychain. Started with Diego with picking up the keychain with dog pattern craving at the crystal stone as well as the rest of them.

“I noticed most of them are based on Hadean Zodiac. Are these keychains are handmade?” Quinn asked.

“Yup. My brother made it” F!MC replied “And he had just bought a flight ticket for all of us to Munich so we can visit him this summer break. And… he has something to show you”

“I hope he didn’t shown up with the bloody volcano excitement or water rocket that only fly up to ten kilometre away” Aleister sighed.

“It’s more than that” F!MC smirked “And he asked us to depart from America by 09:00 am. I think most of us already got your annual leave, doesn’t it?”

“We both have nothing to do this month since it’s summer break for football. So you can count us in” Sean patted her arm lightly while Craig cheered “Ch-yeah dude! We got our annual break!”

“But what about those who got important work to do? Example for me.. I have to complete the video game by the end of this week” Diego asked as he looked little glum.

“We can finish it while we’re in Germany. Furthermore, my brother can help most of you for your annual break stuff. He really wants to bring all of you back to Bavaria” F!MC smiled to cheer him up as she brushed his shoulder “And I really hope we will get the best summer trip in Germany together. Because he really wants us to have some fun”

“That would be so great” Quinn chuckled.


09.00 am

All of them had just get into flight from New York to head up to Munich as planned in schedule. Luckily F!MC prepared with the flight tickets, thanks to her brother. They had some fun in their way while they’re in plane until…..

There’s a heavy thunderstorm happened in Western Europe makes the plane had to change their route to Heathrow Airport, London. The happy face from each of them turned into little glum when they arrived at the airport and get their seat at the waiting lounge. Some of them fell asleep while they listened to the boring announcement of the flight delays due to bad weather.

F!MC had no choice but to call her brother as she looked to the clear glass window “The plane had been delayed. It was heavy thunderstorm makes we are stranded in Heathrow airport” she said on the phone.

Meanwhile at the other side of the airport, Specifically at the premium airport lounge, Jake was at the corner table of the bar as he slammed the glass on the wooden surface. His head dropped while he gripped his brown long hair “Damn. That hurt…” he groaned.
Actually, the flight delay had just affected his schedule to get his job done in case he need to bring some clients for flight but affected by the bad weather or technical issues. It was not a good thing since he possibly lose some cash by those inconvenience caused. Sometimes this thing can extended for hours makes him had to do nothing but taking a sip of whisky or getting some walk around the airport while waiting for the announcement.

Until the moment he decided to get off the airport lounge as he get his bag on his shoulder when he get bumped into someone. He hissed angrily as he brushed his shoulder from getting hit until he realised something. He checked over his jean pocket and his wallet was missing. That makes him getting mad back again as he started chasing after the pickpocket he bumped which it’s not far away.

Back to the waiting lounge, F!MC grabbed the can of Milo from the vending machine when she spotted the running pickpocket makes she was ready to get some shot. She threw the can toward the pickpocket head caused him fainted on the spot while the can rolled back to her feet. She noticed the dropped black leather wallet makes she picked it up if she can return it to the owner.

The contents she found was some cash around hundreds dollar and Euro, the picture of the wallet owner with his sister, and another picture with his best friend in military. Not forget, she spotted the ID card, the US Navy identity card. She tried to recognise the owner of the wallet: 30 year old man, brown long hair, blue eyes and covered by bristles over his jawline. She has a thing on guys with that masculine appearance.

“[Jacob Lucas McKenzie]” she read the name at his identity card before snapped by the masculine voice.

“Sorry for interrupt, Princess. Have you ever seen-”

F!MC turned around as she looked up to the man’s face to take a short recognising and she compared to the picture with the identity card. Alright, both of them are identical. She handed the wallet to him.

“Here’s your wallet, Herr McKenzie” she said when she turned around as Quinn called over her.

“F!MC, Sean wants to meet all of us at the waiting lounge” Quinn grabbed her hand when Jake get back his wallet and kept it back inside jean side pocket.

“Sorry but I have to go. See you around” F!MC winked as she waved to him while walking away with Quinn. As she slowly fine to the other direction of the airport, Jake only curved a silly grin while brushing his brown locks.

Meanwhile at the waiting lounge, Quinn and F!MC recently arrived and get their seat next to sleeping Diego while Sean said “The flight to Munich had been cancelled. We have to wait up to 16 hours to get another route or we need to get there by train”

“Flights been cancelled? Is it called [hospitality] in Germany?” Michelle groaned as she tapped over her handbag and rested against her seat.

Raj with buying a cup of Korean hot noodle as he took some slurp of it. Estella, Grace and Aleister didn’t do anything as they were in seat in second row.

Craig sighed as he leaned behind the front seat with peeking over Zahra with her gaming console “Dude~ I’m bored”

Quinn checked over her phone then she poked F!MC’s shoulder “You know what… you will get your luck for your relationship”

F!MC turned to her as she asked “What are you talking about?”

Then Quinn elaborated “Based on this horoscope prediction of the day, you will meet someone special in unexpected way which that person is possibly-”

“Soulmates?” F!MC chuckled “I believe in it to be honest but… I don’t think love is in my side”

Diego slowly awaked as he corrected himself at his seat then he added “What do you mean by that? This is our summer break overboard. You can’t think like that”

“I know, guys. But there are something we have to think besides finding soulmates. For example: getting the train to head up to Munich-” F!MC suggested to them before someone’s voice interrupted her conversation.

“Do you need any help, Princess?”

That voice makes F!MC looked up and there was the guy she encountered recently. They both met again. The surprise expression stamped on her face.

What would happened next? Whatcha think of this story? Give me some feedback so I can continue for chapter 2

WINTERNIGHT - Chapter 10 - Fighting The Change

Originally posted by keepbuckybaby

Warnings: Fighting, arguing, vampires, Lycans, ETC

Pairings: Bucky Barnes X Vampire Reader ; Selene X Michael 



Chapter 10 -

I watch as Selene paces back and forth in front of the window. I lean back against the bed post my mind wondering. If Selene was tried, she would be found guilty; even though she technically didn’t do anything wrong. I look around at the room and suddenly feel a wave of worry wash over me. The sun was down and it wasn’t long until the moon would rise, full, in all her glory. I rub my arms unconsciously as I hope and pray that Bucky would be okay. Suddenly the lights go out and the two of us glance at each other in worry.

We walk over to the window to see the guards running off toward something. The door opening from behind us catches our attention and we turn to see Erika, her eyes filled with jealousy, stomp inside and toss us each a pair of guns. I stare at them in confusion for a moment before Selene voices our confusion. “Why are you helping us?”

“I’m not, I’m helping me.” She replies and I nod slightly finally understanding her actions. She tosses me the car keys and I glance at Selene before both of us grab our coats and taking the opening Erika had provided jump out Selene’s bedroom window. We quickly head to the Audi and I pause before I get into the driver’s side. “Um, I don’t know where to go.” I say causing Selene to roll her eyes before she walks around to the driver’s side and pushing me out of the way says, “Get in.”

I run around to the other side and climbing inside let her take me to where Bucky was. We arrive at the building and as she pulls up I practically jump out of the car and rush into the building. I needed to see with my own eyes that he was okay. As I start to reach the top of the stairs Selene says, “They followed us.”

“Dammit.” I growl as I quickly run into the room to see Bucky standing next to the window and Michael sitting in an interrogation chair chained to it. “Bucky,” I say my heart lifting at the sight of him. Without thinking I rush over to him and wrap my arms around his waist breathing in his sweet smell. His arms wrap tightly around me as he buries his face in my hair. “You’re okay.”

“Night, we don’t have time.” Selene says bringing me back to the present.

“Oh right,” I say to her before pulling from him and saying, “We have to go.” I turn back to see Selene unchain Michael only for the sight of people right outside the door to pull my attention. “Selene, what now?” I ask placing myself protectively in front of Bucky. She suddenly opens fire on the walls and I look around for an exit only seeing one possibility. “Bucky, window!” I cry out causing him to pull his metal arm back and then send it forward smashing the glass like it was nothing at all.

“Go. Go!” Selene yells at Michael who rushes over to the window only to pause at the height. “Jump!” she orders making him turn back with anger in his eyes.

“Are you fucking kidding me?!” He retorts anger and fear in his voice.

Suddenly the door swings open and I grab my gun as I start to help Selene with fighting. “Go Bucky!” I cry out causing him to reluctantly jump up into the window and grabbing Michael use his body weight swings them both out the window and out into the night. They both fall head first until their Lycan reflexes show themselves righting them enough for them to land gracefully on their feet. I let out a sigh as they land and turn back to fire off some rounds at the Lycan intruders. When they are all lying dead on the ground, I turn from her only to hear a car speeding off. I look out the window to see Bucky running like a mad man after the car and I grimace.

“Selene, they got Michael. Bucky’s chasing them now.” I say pulling the slide back to check my ammo. “I’m gonna follow them.”

“It’s suicide going into a Lycan den on your own.” Selene argues as she walks over to a Lycan lying on the ground still conscious.

“I know, but I can’t let them have Bucky, or Michael for that matter. Selene his blood is special.”

“I know you told me your Lycan is special.”

“Not him Selene, Michael.”

“Why don’t we ask this dog here?” Selene asks as she reaches down to pull the bleeding Lycan up by his shoulder.

“Selene, I have to follow Bucky.”

“If you go after him now, you both are as good as dead. We need to take this back to Victor.”

“I can’t explain it, but I need to follow him.”

“Oh, so you’re the niece.” The Lycan says roughly making my eyes glare at him. “You are a special creature, aren’t you?”

“What do you know of me?”  I ask anger lacing my words. He smirks and I feel my anger rise. I glance back to the window wanting to follow Bucky but my head fights against me.

“What do you mean niece?” Selene asks and I furrow my brow.

“Before I met you, when my mother was banished, we lived with Lucian. He’s my uncle. Not blodd related anyway, but still.” I answer here making her eyes widen with anger.

“Why have you never told me this?” She asks anger and betrayal lacing her words.

“Viktor wanted that part of my life to be over. He ordered me never to tell everyone. He wanted me to act like it never happened.”

“Why would he do that?”

“Who knows why Viktor does the things he does.” I answer moving back to the window only to feel my heart clench at the thought of not following Bucky. “I put all that behind me the moment I stepped foot in that mansion. I have no allegiance to Lucian or any of his wolves now.”

“It’s a good thing he didn’t hear that.” The Lycan states causing me to glare at him.

“I’m a vampire, I belong with my kind.” I reply walking over to open the door for her to drag him out.

“Then what about your wolf? You choose vampire, you have to kill him.”

“Like I said, I belong with my kind.”


Steve watched as Bucky jumped from the window along with another man. He had arrived only seconds after the truck full of Lycans. He was about to go inside when Bucky and the other guys fell from the window and landed on their feet. Steve was about to run over to get his friend when a cop car pulled up out of nowhere and they tried to load Bucky and Michael into the car. However, they were only able to grab Michael after slamming Bucky’s head into a brick wall.

When they started to drive off Steve watched as Bucky stood up his eyes filled with rage and he started chasing the car. “Shit!” Steve says as he quickly runs off after his friend. It didn’t take him long to catch up once Bucky started to turn. Steve found his friend in the middle of the street crying out in pain as his bones broke and reset themselves signaling the change. “Buck!” Steve yells out causing his friend to turn toward him. Steve pauses momentarily as Bucky’s eyes start to change into a solid cobalt blue color.

“Steve,” Bucky groans as he reaches for something to grab onto. Steve instantly reaches into his jacket pocket and says, “Okay buddy, this’ll help.”

“NO! I gotta protect Michael, I promised Selene.” Bucky retorts swinging a now clawed hand in Steve’s direction.

“Buck, we can trace the car; but I need you to take this first. I can’t help you if you wolf out on me.” Steve says and Bucky groans his face filling with pain.

“Fine, do it!” Bucky cries out as Steve stabs him with the needle injecting the liquid. Bucky lets out a sigh of relief before a slight smile covers his lips. “Heya Stevie, I take a nap.” Was all he could say before he passed out in Steve’s arms.

“Yeah, buddy; enjoy your nap.” Steve says before he heaves Bucky up over his shoulder to carry him like a sack of potatoes. Taking a deep breath, he reaches into his pocket and pulling out his cell calls Natasha. She picks up before the first ring.

“Did you get him?” She asks worry in her voice.

“Yeah, but we got another problem.”


“Bucky was protecting a human, someone called Michael; he’s really insistent on going after him. If I bring him back and we didn’t go after Michael, he’ll kill us both.” Steve says as he tries to remember the license number of the cop car.

“Steve, he’s not in his right mind.” Natasha says making Steve nod.

“I know, but the way he looked at me; he was pleading with me Nat. I have to help him do this.”

“Okay, what do you need from me?” She says after a heavy sigh.

“I need you to track a car, liscense number 6P0 – 597.”

“Got it, tracking now.” She replies and Steve smirks as he hears her tapping away at the keys. “A cop car, really?”

“I’m willing to bed they weren’t cops.” Steve replies as he stars to follow the direction it had gone.

“You’d probably be right, okay we got a location. I’ll text it to you. You want some backup?”

“I would say no but I know you’re gonna come anyway.” Steve retorts as he carries his friend.

“You’d be right, see ya there Rogers.”


I stare out the window my brow furrowed angrily. How could Viktor have kept so much from us all. I hadn’t learned anything new about myself but I hadn’t expected much to begin with. As we pull into the mansion driveway I turn to her and say, “I’m sorry I never told you.”

“I understand why you didn’t.” She replies but I can tell she’s still angry. Reaching the mansion, she parks the car and we walk back to the trunk and opening pull the wounded Lycan out and head into the mansion. We drag him down to the awakening chamber and as we near it I hear Viktor and Kraven talking. “Your incompetence is becoming most taxing.” Viktor says and I smirk.

“It’s not my fault. She’s become obsessed… Thinks that I’m at the core of some ridiculous conspiracy.”

“And here’s my proof.” Selene announces as we walk into the chamber. I shove the Lycan forward toward Viktor making him glare at him. Chains with cuffs are brought into the chamber and placed on the Lycans wrists chaining him into place while Viktor sits on his throne like chair. “Now, I want you to tell them exactly what you told me.” Selene orders and he glares at her causing her to dig her fingers into his open wound.

As they start to talk I move backwards so that they are all in my line of sight. I had a feeling once the truth came out, Kraven would run to Lucian, and I would follow. I sit back and listen patiently as Singe begins to talk.

“For years, we’ve been trying to combine the bloodlines. And for years, we’ve failed. It was useless. Even at the cellular level, our species seemed destined to destroy each other. Yet the key, we knew… was to locate the rarest of bloodlines… a direct descendant of Alexander Corvinus… Hungarian, a warlord… who came to power in the early seasons of the fifth century. Just in time to watch a plague ravage his village. He alone survived. Somehow, his body was able to change the disease… mold it to his benefit. He became the first true immortal. And years later, he fathered at least two children… who inherited the same trait.”

“The sons of the Corvinus clan. One bitten by bat, one by wolf… one to walk the lonely road of mortality as a human. It’s a ridiculous legend, nothing more.” Viktor adds starting to get annoyed.

“That may be… but our species do have a common ancestor.”

“There is a descendant of Corvinus lying there.” Viktor says as he points to Marcus’ grave. “Not three feet from you.”

“Yes. But he’s already a Vampire. We needed a pure source… untainted. An exact duplicate of the original virus. The Corvinus strain itself, which we learned… was hidden away in the genetic code of his human descendants… and passed along in its dormant form… down through the ages to Michael Corvin. His blood allows for a perfect union between our species.

“There can be no such union. And to speak of it is heresy.” Viktor announces and I watch as Kraven starts to slink away. I smirk as I realize this is my chance and I follow him. Thankfully I still had the car keys from before so hunting him wouldn’t be a problem. I watch closely as he climbs into a limo and speeds off. Climbing into the Audi I quickly follow after him.


“Are you sure this is a good idea Buck?” Steve asks once his friend is awake.

“Yeah, probably not; but I made a promise.” Bucky replies standing to stretch his muscles out. “I’m a Lycan so I can walk in there just fine. You however, are human; you stay here.”

“Buck, I’m not letting you go in there by yourself.”

“You don’t have a choice Steve, if the catch your scent, you’re dead.” Bucky pauses for a moment to let his words sink in before he adds, “Lucian bit me himself, he knows I’m coming. I’ll be fine.” Then without another word Bucky stands up and walks toward the entrance. He starts to walk through it when a tall black man steps in front of him and says, “Who are you?”

“I’m Bucky, I was bitten a few days ago.”

“You’re her human.” He adds looking Bucky up and down.

“Her? you mean Night?” Bucky asks curiosity in his words.

“That’s not her name,” He replies anger filling his face before he motions for Bucky to follow him. “I watched her grow up. She’s special to us. Lucian will explain everything soon. Just follow the tunnels until you reach the lab. He’s waiting for you.”

“What’s your name?” Bucky asks as the giant of a man starts to walk away.

“Raze.” He replies without looking back making Bucky nod slightly.

“I guess I’ll go see Lucian then I guess.” Bucky replies as he turns and walks through the tunnels until he hears voices.

“They forced you to watch her die.” Michael says and Bucky furrows his brow as a memory not his own fills his head. “Sonja, that’s what started the war.” Bucky stop in his tracks and listens in. “I saw it happen as if I was there.”

“You might want to come in and hear this also,” A man, Lucian he figured, says and Bucky is pulled from his thoughts and walks in. Michael’s eyes find his and Bucky offers him a knowing nod. “So, I take it you somehow managed to hold off your transformation?”

“I had a friend drug me.” Bucky replies and Lucian nods. “What did you want me to hear?”

“We were slaves once,” Lucian starts making Bucky fold his arms over his chest as he listens in. “The daylight guardians of the Vampires. I was born in servitude.” He says offering a sad smile. “Yet I harbored them no ill will. I even took a Vampire for my bride. It was forbidden our union. Viktor feared a blending of the species. Feared it so much, he killed her. His own daughter… burnt alive…” He pauses his eyes focusing on Bucky like he was trying to aim the rest of his words at him. “For loving me.” He looks back to Michael as he adds, “This is his war… Viktor’s… And he’s spent the last six hundred years exterminating my species.”

“What are they gonna do to Selene?” Michael asks bringing Bucky out of his forced memories and into the present.

“And Night, she was involved as well.”

“Viktor’s never liked (Name),” Lucian says making Bucky’s heart clench. “And if Viktor believes Selene has any emotions towards you, she’ll meet the same fate.” Lucian adds as he turns away from them to acknowledge the men behind him.

“We’ve got company.” The man tells Lucian and he nods.

“Excuse me.” Lucian says as he starts to walk away only to pause and turning to Bucky says, “Stay with Michael. Your blood is different than his, but also the same.” Before Bucky has a chance to asks what he meant Lucian was gone.

Will Continue in - A New Kind Of Hybrid


Taz Swap. Au where the good guys are bad and the bad guys are good. Beacuse the taz villians are too amazing like damn.

I still imagine them having a lot of their old personality traits (like magic brian is still goofy despite taking th directors place and Barry is still smart despite being a rough gang leader and so on and so forth.) 

This was a blast to draw and I really want to build on this idea so if you have any question send ‘em to me and I’ll draw a response!



The Adventures Of Kuro - Part IV: Adoption

A bit shorter than usual, but I had this on my mind for quite some time now.

Because Ryou (Shiro’s twin) would definitely be the type of guy who adopts everything and everyone as his siblings. He’s a real family-enthusiast (and that includes friends as part of the “chosen family”) and always wants to be surrounded by people he loves and cares for. The two years without his twin and Keith around only made it worse.

So he adopts ALL. THE. CLONES.

The voltron crew on a reality tv show where they’re all stuck in a house together

  •  First off all, the confessionals would be gold
  •  Allura constantly shit talks everyone in the house. Nobody is safe. 
  • She and Hunk will often be caught gossiping on camera, which leads to some very interesting stories. 
  • By now, they all know everything about everyone. 
  • Pidge is constantly caught up at 3am eating dry cereal, usually straight out of the box.
    • Matt: what the fuck are you doing up at 3am? 
    • Pidge: what the fuck are you doing up at 3am? 
    • Matt: Touché
  • Keith and Lance maintain a secret relationship for a while before everyone finds out.
    • Lance, in the confessional: Oh yeah, Keith? I hate that guy. cuts to them flirting He annoys the shit out of me. cuts to them holding hands and gazing lovingly at each other I don’t think we’ll ever get along. cuts to them kissing
  • Of course, everyone else already at least knew they had a thing for each other, but they officially found out after Matt walked in on them kissing in the laundry room. 
  • He, of course, yelled as loud as he could and soon enough everyone came by to see a very flustered Keith and a “I’m trying to keep my cool but I’m definitely not cool” Lance. 
  • Shiro is seen handing Pidge ten dollars in the background. 
  • Coran is definitely the camera man/host. 
  • Shiro does almost everything. He can’t help it, exactly. Something in him just forces him to do all the laundry and clean the entire house. 
  • But, he does force everyone else to do the dishes and eventually they have to make a chore chart so Shiro doesn’t overwork himself with household tasks. 
  • Lance is a master at avoiding the chores. He knows exactly when to slip out and hide and is exceptional at faking sickness. 
  • Lance absolutely loves the cameras and the show.
  • Though, the show does come with consequences for everyone. It’s hard to be serious and discuss things that are meant to be kept in private. Sometimes, they have to ask for the cameras to be turned off. 
  • On nights they aren’t filming or doing other work, everyone squishes onto the big couch, microwaves a ton of popcorn, and has a movie marathon. They all fall asleep together by the end of it (Lance on Keith’s shoulder, obviously). 
  • Sometimes Allura and Hunk’s girlfriend, Shay comes to visit and the entire house radiates sunshine. 
  • Slav does technical management for the show, but he’s often a part of it since he causes Shiro to blow up all the time. 
  • A normal conversation is happening and a sudden crash is heard from the other room. Cut to Shiro in a confessional, “It definitely wasn’t my fault, Slav was there." 
  • The "Who Broke It?” scene from Parks and Rec actually happens 
  • It was Shiro. Shiro broke it. 
  • Hunk’s confessionals are the pettiest. 
    • Hunk: I’m just saying, I don’t think we can trust this Rolo guy 
    • Hunk, minutes later: I WAS RIGHT HE’S SHADY AND TWISTED
  • Pidge is too short to reach most shelves and cabinets and is caught falling off of counters multiple times. 
  • There’s a really long sequence of footage with Keith just biting normal household objects. Why? Nobody knows. 
  • Housewide debate: Was Keith Kogane hatched from an egg? 
    • Hatched Side: Lance, Pidge, Matt, Allura 
    • Not Hatched Side: Shiro, Hunk
    • Keith is just…confused.
    • Keith: What in the world makes you think I was hatched from a damn egg?
    • Lance, shrugging: I dunno, eggboy.
  • Matt joins the house later than everyone else so they decide to prank him with a very cult-like fake initiation, led by Allura.
  • It succeeds in freaking him out and he doesn’t talk to anyone besides Pidge and Shiro for about two days afterwards.
  • April fools day is dangerous
    • Everyone avoids Pidge and Matt at all costs. The dynamic duo is a force to be reckoned with. 
  • Lance and Allura occasionally hold spa nights where they give everyone face masks and paint their nails. 
  • Hunk is a huge fan favorite, all the viewers love him.