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I also made these things

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Angel AU

But imagine an Angel AU where your wings are a reflection of your soul. Corruption leading feathers to fall out. Part of Joker’s torture was ripping out chunks of feathers from Jason. When he comes back to life Jason can’t fly anymore so he takes a human host and continues his crusade. 

When his family sees him they take the sight of wingless Jason as a sign that he has fallen, that he has become too corrupted. It takes an incident where Jason has to save a member of his family that they realize that he is just keeping his wings hidden because they’re hurt and vulnerable. Wings heal with the soul so it’s a much longer process and Jason has not even begun to get over what happened to him with the Joker.

It’s startling to realize that even with the bad choices Jason makes his soul is still beautifully good and his wings are magnificent, injured or not.

DEH Guardian Angel AU: School

“Please just wait out here.”

“What part of, I have to follow you everywhere do you not get?” School had started today with Evan now standing outside of the boy’s room trying to convince Connor to not follow him into the bathroom.

“The everywhere part.” As he said this the one minute bell rang causing Evan to panic before picking up his bag and running to class. He’d have to figure out the bathroom problem later. He made it just on time with the last bell ringing as he sat down in his desk. The period went pretty normal with the teacher giving them the last five minutes to work on their homework.

Scribbling down his answers Connor laughed making Evan turn to face him. “What’s so funny?”

“The hypotenuse is A not B.”

“Sure it is.” Evan rolled his eyes annoying Connor.

“Hey I’m pretty good at this stuff.”

“What would an angel know about Pre-Calc?”

“Just listen to me and I’ll show you.” Before he could the bell rang allowing Evan to start putting his stuff in his bag before hurrying to second period.

“Yo, Hansen!” The two turned to see a nerdy bespectacled face heading straight for Evan. “Didn’t see you yesterday, what happened?”

“H-hey Jared! Well I uh-er…” Jared saw the cast and laughed.

“Ho-lee shit, you broke your arm? How? You’ve never broken anything before.”

“I…I fell out of a tree…”

“What are you? An acorn? How did you fall out of a tree?”

“You didn’t.” Evan ignored Connor trying not to look Jared in the eye.

“Hey, do you like need a ride or something since you know the arm?”

“N-no, it’s alright…I’ll take the bus…”

“Are you sure?”


“Okay, hey see you at lunch!” With that Jared walked away as Connor smirked a little.


“That is a swagger only the truly insecure can pull off.”

“Jared, insecure? Are you sure we’re looking at the same person?”

“Trust me, he’s not nearly as confident as he’s trying to project.”


And here is Page Six! I’m so very sorry for the wait. I was very unmotivated and couldn’t really think of anything for this page, despite it being unscripted.

But here it is!!

Joey got emotional knowing that the trio are gonna grow and move on with their lives, however there’s a lot of tests they would need to uptake before going out to the other side and experience the world.

Page Seven is where shit gets real. Like seriously.




“No, you’re wrong, father.”

Demon/Angel AU 

(Read from left to right)

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Otayuri week / Day 2 - Social Media

This is like a day late now, but in the mafia AU Yuri is just as IG famous. But instead it’s for being a rich little troublemaker, and whenever there’s a glimpse of Otabek in a photo things get wild in the comments

Modern angels

Angels smoking cigarettes off of balconies. They write proverbs on bathroom walls and sing hymns in the aisles of grocery stores.

Angels still filled with fury from before. They hold a grudge. They carry a knife. Their words are sharp and hurt worse than any blade ever could.

Angels with soft voices and hard eyes. Angels trying to fit in. They’re trying to erase the pain

Angels with wrists covered in runes, angels trying to speak in the tongues that used to come so naturally but this mouth just can’t form the words.

Angels you meet on the street. They touch your shoulder and you’re struck with lightning.

Angels filled with ideas. Their mind is buzzing. Covered in paint and chalk, you know they’re miles ahead of you.

Angels on their front porches, drinking sweet tea with a goddess. It’s nothing like ambrosia, but it’s close enough.

Angels with bloody noses and a smile. Angels who’re confused by this life. It’s not so black and white anymore.

Angels who speak with their fists and are close to none. Their Father has left them in the dust. No one can help them.

Angels holding their partners close while dancing. This life won’t last forever, so they wanna hold her tight while they can.

Shame on me for having this in the drafts for like 5 months and never posting it


wow a sudden update and it’s also a prequel of the previous update! way to twist things

anyway!! I thought that noah hadn’t enough screen time and this popped up without even noticing… (it’s a bit rushed though, you can see it)

this is set before this and this comic, nhk trophy was before cup of china where mamoru won his 8th gold

we talked about an hockey team that is noah’s biggest fan club and i couldn’t wait to put them in the story as I sketched their profiles some time ago already!

they are a college hockey team from muenchen, germany, that shares its ice rink with a few figure skaters, included noah. like most of us, they were totally smitten by his lovely way of… existing. they are very supportive and if they have time and money they go to see noah’s competitions (as noah goes to watch their matches if he has time).

but back to the main story!  the schedule of the grand prix of figure skating is the following:

the skaters compete in three cups instead of only two because of plot reasons. (it was my mistake during the early stages of the story)

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Yuri on Ice Lovechildren AU