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Karma for the Demons and Angels AU (lmao that was a month ago )


Akabane Karma

Age : 15

Type : Demon ( honestly that was predictable )

Height: 195 cm 

Ability: Literally anything that can burn your house down lmao

Special : His stupid grin and witty remarks


Gakuhou: Let’s create a squad that mainly focuses on embarrassing Gakushuu shall we?


Nagisa: No Karma no.

Isogai: ….Are you having mackerel juice?

anonymous asked:

OKAY SO TUMBLR SOULMATE AU DUDE HERE AGAIN. Do you know that one where they stop aging at like 18 until they find their soulmate. Can you do that for Seungcheol where he looks like an 18 year old for like 5 years and when he goes on tour in another country he doesn't realize it but he starts to age. Angst pls!

Word Count: 2540

Genre: Angst

Warnings: Discussion of fate, discussion of gods, discussion of punishment, probably very incorrect information


also rip bc like zero dialogue

Seungcheol waited and waited for the day to come, his eighteenth birthday. He was excited for the day, he was excited to know that he’d start to age when he’d meet his soulmate. Being the young romantic he was, all he could do was think of finally meeting his soulmate and loving them unconditionally.

Even at a young age Seungcheol knew that in extremely possible cases, his soulmate could be from another country. She or he could speak a totally different language, and she or he could already be in a relationship. There were a trillion possibilities and the only way he could think to slim them were to become an idol.

The year of 2015 was when he could finally start his search. He had endured harsh trainee life and was finally granted debut in 2015 along with twelve other boys, most past the age of 18 and some not quite there yet.

He was happy to debut and so were his members.

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OK here are those 80s-ish junker song ideas!! (playlist ver.)

just bolded ones i think fit the best

70s/90s but REALLY good

Shame on me for having this in the drafts for like 5 months and never posting it

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aye!!! could i request a seokmin scenario based off when i grow up?? thank you!! (also belated happy birthday admin angel :))

growing up with Seokmin… would be a blessing 

  • You guys would know each other because you live right next door to each other
  • Seokmin would be the sun that arrived in your boring and gloomy neighborhood one day
  • you’d see the moving truck stop at the house next door to yours
  • and you’d be so excited because you saw a kid your age in the backseat of the Honda trailing behind it
  • you’d watch from your window as the movers took things out of the truck and carried them into the house
  • and from your point of view, the boy seemed reluctant to get out of the car
  • but his mother would open the door and say a couple of words to him and make him get out
  • you’d watch the scene play out before your eyes
  • and when he finally gets out the car
  • he’s holding onto this teddy bear
  • and he’s so small and skinny and frail looking 
  • right then and there you’re like 
  • your first meeting, you would be running down the side walk a couple of days after they’ve moved in
  • and you’d run right into him 
  • he’s so small you didn’t really notice him there, and you’re just really shocked 
  • because you didn’t expect him to be that small but anyway you do what a normal kid would do 
  • you’d give him the purest and brightest smile you could produce and beamed at him 
  • “Hi! I’m (Y/n), and I live next door!” and ofc you wouldn’t want to scare him off so you stop your introduction at that and wait for his reply
  • “Hi, I’m Lee Seokmin, I live here.” He would reply as he points at his house, 
  • “so… Seokmin, do you want to play at the playground down the street?” you would invite him 
  • and that would be the start of a great friendship
  • the years have past and you are both older, still the best of friends and still neighbors 
  • that day years ago when you first met, Seokmin had stayed over for dinner and the day after his parents had came over to thank your parents in person 
  • that day was when Seokmin started going over a lot more
  • his smile began to compete with the sun 
  • and his humor grew to be more like your own
  • you were the best of friends and things seemed to never cool down
  • even in year six when you had been put into different classes
  • it had upset you both, however you still ate lunch with each other, had gym class together, and walked me together
  • the only problem in your great friendship was the occasional dispute you’d have over who’s house you would sleep at 
  • throughout your junior high years there was a slight issue with your relationship 
  • people had began to speculate that you two were dating 
  • and the fact that Seokmin, who had liked a someone at the time refused the rumor rudely upset you 
  • but the issue was quickly discussed when two weeks later you had called him and invited him over to make cookies
  • that night you had talked for hours about what had upset you
  • and Seokmin had talked about how he was stressed and didn’t mean to upset you
  • when it was time for high school 
  • Seokmin had gotten into Pledis
  • and your time together had shortened, however your relationship was still improving and getting better
  • you had visited the building once when he was a trainee to take him out to lunch for passing the monthly evaluations 
  •  that day Seokmin admitted that things were hard, but he wanted to share his smiles and humor with the world 
  • he would rarely go to school due to training 
  • and you would rarely have your weekend stay overs any longer
  • and every time you saw him, he was tired or ill
  • but nevertheless, he would be energetic and happy for you both 
  • occasionally he would meet you outside the school gates and walk home with you instead of taking the car
  • and when he had time off due to holidays he would spend almost every minute with you
  • even while training he’d remember you and it’s what would keep him going
  • he would try his hardest to go and see you at least thrice a month 
  • and after he debuts it just makes things harder so you switch to Skype 
  • at night after a long day of work, Seokmin would call you at the same time at least once a week and chat with you before falling asleep 
  • surprisingly, you both graduated high school at the same time despite him never being there and went your separate ways to college
  • although distanced and busy, he will always find time for his best friend. 

|| Admin Angel


The next Dream Team✨✨

Black- Allura, Red- Nyma, Blue- Klaizap, Green- what I’m hoping is a bamf female robot/cyborg assassin from the teaser, Yellow- Shay.

gimme VoltronStaff👀👏👏

also kinda goes with this



I’m sorry I’m not familiar with the Doll song you mentioned owo; Maybe I’ll look into it when I get the chance!

But anyway, I was actually inspired by a fan comic I read on pixiv by this artist, Gotaku (Sorry it’s in Japanese)

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i hate all those “harry potter aesthetics” posts that make harry out to be some badass hipster who’s smoking and has great hair like you do realise that this is the boy who told snape that his nickname was Roonil Wazlib, sent his abusive relatives chirstmas presents and gave all of his winnings money to the twins so they could start a joke shop like