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au in which senior class president lee jinki meets his high school crush ten years down the road; choi minho hasn't changed a bit, still the same bright-eyed young man he'd always been. jinki couldn't be any more different.

[OnHo; NC-17] “Fire Starter”
au, romance » 400 words

a/n: wow what a great idea!
also, this is the last one i’m doing~

Jinki doesn’t really believe in things like coincidences and fate, but when ten years later he finds himself on his knees with his high school crush’s crotch only centimeters away from his face―almost kind of sort of maybe similar to the countless number of wet dreams Jinki has had for this man throughout his high school career―in the bathroom of one of the most expensive clubs in all of Seoul, he thinks he just might be a believer.

In the past twenty eight years since his birth, Jinki has experienced a lot of crazy things in his life. He went from being the second in his class senior year with a scholarship that shipped him off to New York in order to achieve his initial goal in becoming a doctor that would make his parents proud, to returning home four years later with a nose ring, blonde hair, kohl-lined eyes, enough money to make an actual doctor jealous, and no degree in medicine but plenty of experience in making a man orgasm in under a minute.

Somewhere between the studying, intriguing friends, and the tempting murmurs of the night, Jinki found his true calling as one of the most sought-after stripper cum hookers in the city; with lips as plump and sinful as his, mesmerizing eyes dark and hooded, and a warm voice that seeped into your bones, he didn’t have to try very hard to be wanted.

No one in their right mind would have thought that the straight-laced, forever-a-virgin, high school class president Lee Jinki would change so drastically, especially not Choi Minho—the aforementioned high school crush—who has his long fingers threaded in Jinki’s messy blonde hair, eyes clenched shut when the hooker’s fat lips wrap around the head of his flaccid cock.

Jinki does not particularly mind that Minho hasn’t recognized him; after all, Jinki wasn’t very memorable in high school, with his ridiculously large glasses, ugly sweater vests, and his penchant for ignoring everyone. This time though, Jinki isn’t too keen on letting Minho forget him. He tugs on Minho’s shirtsleeve to catch his attention, making the younger man open his eyes to look down at Jinki, their eyes making contact. Jinki smirks around a mouthful of cock, just before leaning forward and deep-throating it like the expert he is; Minho lets out a strangled moan.

Yeah, he definitely won’t forget him this time.


a/n: this has the potential to be a lot longer. sorry if it isn’t what you were expecting, hehe~