I feel the need to share the distinction between my Dark and the actual Darkiplier. I made my Darkiplier before A Date with Markiplier came out so I had a lot more freeform interpretation from the few silly appearances we had of Dark. But now we have a LOT more information on Dark and it’s clear he’s different from my own ideas of the character.

I love them both. They are quite an interesting breed of character that I’ll never stop exploring. As any of you who follow me know, I’m a huge fan of alternate universes. And in their own ways, they are alternate universes of eachother. So I’m going to keep to my Dark while maybe even drawing and speculating on Marks version of Dark. ;> just let me know if you had a specific one in mind from now on.

Smol Filianore with smol Midir, whose design is heavily inspired by magnificent scaly sausage skink by @cursedandcarried (along with dem portado chips they are eating), also tagging @speedgnat since happy Midir.

Some more Inktober, yep
Deep Waters - Chapter 12/?: On the Line
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Title: Deep Waters
Author: vividstitch (Nagaem_C)
Status: WIP
Word count: 3893 (of 44488 so far)
Rating: Mature
Characters: Greg Lestrade, Sherlock Holmes, John Watson, Molly Hooper, Mary Morstan, Mycroft Holmes, Sally Donovan, Original Characters
Relationships: Greg Lestrade & Sherlock Holmes, Greg Lestrade/Molly Hooper
Additional Tags: POV Lestrade, Alternate Universe - Magical Realism, Magical Realism, Lifelong Guardian, Dark Ripples AU, Formerly Canon Compliant, Full Canon Divergence for S4
Warnings: Various parts of the story will include canon-typical violence, discussion of drug use, secrecy, drinking, minor character death, and at least the implication of various other unhappy things.

Series: Part 4 of Dark Ripples

Greg Lestrade has kept his supernatural gift hidden for decades, from friends and family as well as from the unpredictable genius he guards. But with that secret’s integrity steadily crumbling, and grim threats on the horizon, can he trust a growing circle of confidants to help keep Sherlock safe?


This chapter - 12. On the Line
It’s almost twenty minutes before Greg gets over the shock of it all enough to move.


From Chapter 1

Thanks to my betas, @klaineharmony and @totallysilvergirl - love you guys. :)

The Dark One’s Plight- Part One

Jackie-Boy the Brave’s sword clangs against the arm of the stone golem. It’s obvious his attempts are futile, but he keeps at it anyway. Marvin Magyk slings spells-a-plenty at the golem, practically dancing as he casts. Sean the Sly swoops in on dragon wings, cutting at the head and clawing at the face. Schneep stays toward the back, keeping a close eye on his companions and making sure they are staying healthy. He casts a spell to make Sean temporarily more agile here, a swiftness spell on Jackie-Boy there.

His time really comes, however, when the Stone Golem is close to death and getting desperate. It swings, and although Sean and Jackie-Boy are well out of the way, it catches Marvin with its giant, solid fist and knocks him into a tree.

“Marvin!” Sean shouts, but Schneep is already running to the aid of the Elven Wizard, and Sean is having to turn his attention back to the battle at hand.

Schneep crouches next to his pointy-eared friend, who is looking worse for wear. There is blood dripping from the corner of Marvin’s mouth, and his arm is bent in a funny direction.

Marvin smiles up at Schneep, “I guess… I got caught… between a rock and hard place, huh?”

Schneep starts chanting under his breath, and pauses to look at him and say, “You’re going to be fine. You’ll be better by the time Sean and Jackie-Boy finish off that pesky stone golem.”

Sure enough, as Schneep is pulling Marvin from the ground, the stone golem begins to fall. When the others can focus their attention on something other than the monster, they rush the two near the tree.

“Marvin!” Sean exclaims.

Marvin smiles, “I’m fine. Our great cleric here fixed me right up. So what now?”

Sean addresses the group, being their leader, “We have to come up with a way to combat the Dark One’s evil charms. He cannot continue this torture. Any ideas?” They all think for a moment, before Jackie-Boy pipes up.

“We should face him head on,” Jackie-Boy says, “Nothing like facing your demons head on.”

Marvin shakes his head, “No, no. That won’t work. He’s already going to see us coming from a mile away. We have to be smart.”

Jackie-Boy shoots him a glare, “Well what genius plan do you have Marvin the- erm- I don’t have an M word to insult you with, but just know I’m insulting you!”

“Will you two stop,” Sean begins to interject-

“Ahem,” a voice says behind them, “You must not have noticed, oh wise ones, but while you were arguing, a member of your party went missing. You might want to find them,” and then there is a lingering laugh.

Marvin looks around, “Um guys?”

“Yes?” They answer him.

“Where’s Henrik?”


Bonus (’cause I was lazy again):

Li©king Someone Pt. 2

In which Lance is jealous - no matter how much he tries to convince himself otherwise, and Kuro effectively shuts him up. By licking him. (and claiming him as his by the way ♥)

So… this one came out a bit different than I had originally planned. xD But I still like it though. The story is kind of a sequel to “He Wears Death Like Prada” written by the wonderful @bymidnightflame . Originally, that fic was supposed to be the story for my new Kuro comic. But somehow I ended up with this instead…? I don’t really know what happened.

Anyway, here are some headcanons for Kuro’s newest adventure :)

  • Back on earth Lance as well as his siblings established the “licking-rule”, which means that if you lick something like a chocolate bar, it’s yours.
  • Kuro used that rule on Keith right after he woke up from his last run-in with the Red Paladin in his private quarters. He did it to tease Shiro and well… because he wanted to lick Keith. (based on @bymidnightflame ‘s fic)
  • Lance gets pretty upset and jealous about this - he tries to tell himself it’s because everybody wants Keith, but in reality it’s only because one special person acts like he wants to get into Keith’s pants.
  • Hunk had his suspicions concerning Kuro’s behaviour towards Keith. There was something off in his opinion and bearing witness to whatever brain short circuit caused Kuro to lick Lance’s lips, only fueled those suspicions.
  • Shortly after the licking-incident Hunk joined the secret Luro-fanclub (which at that point consisted of Shiro, Keith and Coran)… He may have shedded one or two tears of joy over the fact that they had already given Kuro and Lance a ship name.

Made to be thrown away.

(Sketch 280. For those who want a few things cleared up about the Others AU: Other Mark/ Dark is the only true inhabitant of the Other Realm. Every Other character in the Other Realm was made by him to make Amy think she’ll never be alone and never be bored with these ‘better versions’ of her friends, when in reality they’re just made of nothing more than cloth, cranks, and stone. 

Okay, Hear Me Out

We’ve all seen this shit ‘ere where Lotor like smooth talks Lance “We’ll be powerful, your friends dont need you, come to the dark side, etc”

And so, they’re on a mission, and Lotor talks to Sweet BoyTM and Lance pulls an Anakin Skywalker on his pals. And so he and Lotor bond, and he becomes a trusted right hand man to the prince.

Meanwhile the others feel totes betrayed, and they blame themselves, but they also get angry at Lance because he turned on them.

And they meet him on the battlefield, and they ask him to come back, ask him why he would do this to them. He doesn’t answer, just steps behind Lotor slightly, head bowed. There’s a bruise on his face, they think, and he looks thinner than normal, but he wont look at them, so they don’t know what to say.

Time passes, and they learn to function without him. Their missions don’t go as smoothly, and they get injured far more frequently, and they realize how much they needed Lance. But they carry on.

And they prepare for their final battle, battlefield littered with different species, everyone that the Galra had victimized rising up. Allura, who took the place as the blue pilot, feels Lance’s loss more than ever.

The battle begins. They fight hard. Lives are lost, so many lives. Lotor is has grown so much stronger, so much more ruthless, more prepared than Zarkon ever was. The galra army is bearing down on them, closing in for the kill.

Shiro and Pidge are unconscious. Allura went missing among the soldiers. Keith is injured, Hunk is trying to protect them. The castle, Coran, has gone silent. The end is near, they are going to die. The Galra are going to win.

They see the ion cannons charging, hear the hum that signals their firing squad. They see the lights as they prepare to fire.

And then it all shuts down.

The purple lights that represented their fear go out. The Galra ships crash to the surface of the moon that they were fighting on. The mother ship that had ordered their massacre settled to the ground, slowly opening.

Two figures stepped out. Clearly visible, was Lotor, a knife to his throat. The second, who held the knife, was shorter, and shielded from view.

Hunk and Keith watched the slow, long march Lotor and his captor took towards them. Hunk raised his weapon, but Keith weakly put a hand on his arm. “Wait.” His voice was the only sound in the otherwise deafening silence.

As the two neared, Keith recognized the messy brown hair, the cocky grin that never seemed to leave.

“Lance,” he breathed.

“What?!” Hunk asked.

“Look. It’s Lance.”

Hunk thought Keith was delirious with pain, but as the two approached, he too recognized hthe blue lion’s true pilot.

Lotor was forced to his knees several feet away from them, Keith’s knife still at his throat. Lance smiled tiredly at them. “Sorry I took so long. I cant read Galra,” he said sheepishly.

BRO-THINGS #3: Comforting eachother

I dunno what happened. I felt like drawing some hurt/comfort Luro and ended up drawing two sad boys.

I kinda headcanon, that especially Lance is an emotional mess more often than not (guess he’s my long lost soulmate…) and needs someone to comfort him. Since Kuro tends to stay with Lance for sleepovers and stuff, he’s the one to take care of him.

But sometimes they both hurt. Sometimes they both feel like they’re not good enough. So they cuddle up in Lance’s room in a nest of soft pillows and blankets and cry together until they feel well enough to talk about what’s eating them up.

I especially like the idea that this was in fact a bro-thing between the two of them. They tried to comfort and be there for eachother, right from the very start, before they realized there was more than a simple bromance happening. I think that the genuine affection they held for eachother was like the base for everything that evolved later on. :3