Focal Point - Chapter 3

She doesn’t understand what happened between them, why it all went south. And at the touch of a hand it all comes rushing back to her, a wave of heavy emotion hitting her directly in the chest. Her eyes fall shut and she knows she’s showing her hand, her heart, but god, she could have sworn they were headed somewhere five months ago. Probable Cause (5x05) AU
Future Looks Good, a castle fanfic | FanFiction
"So there's… a chance. That's what you're telling me." Something like hope blooms in his chest, fluttering against his ribs, but he won't give into it, not yet. - A Season 2 AU, Caskett.

Future Looks Good

“So there's… a chance. That’s what you’re telling me.” Something like hope blooms in his chest, fluttering against his ribs, but he won’t give into it, not yet. - A Season 2 AU, Caskett.

Castle Fanfic: And to Us a Good Night 1/1 (Sequel to Waking Up in Vegas)

And to Us a Good Night

A Caskett AU

Rated T

This is for everyone who asked for a Christmas fic in the Waking Up in Vegas-verse. Thank you all for being amazing, wonderful, and so very supportive. I hope you like this.

“So that went well.”

She can’t help the heavy breath she releases, but she manages to cover most of it with the palm of her glove. Rick must hear it anyway, because he pauses his scarf adjustment to turn his attention to her.

“You don’t think so?” he asks, his cobalt eyes widening under the rolled hem of the sock hat she had shoved his way on the way out of the restaurant. After seeing the tips of his ears turn bright red on the walk over, she knew he’d needed it more than she did. “I mean I didn’t think it went badly. Your dad didn’t fly across the table and strangle me or anything.”

Kate winces. All in all, it hadn’t gone badly. Both of her parents had been stunned by the news – the confession – that the man she had brought to dinner wasn’t just her boyfriend, but her husband, and that they had been married to for six months already, but she had expected that. She had even expected her mother’s transition from astonished to excited the more Johanna talked to Rick, though the book had probably helped more than a little bit. Her father’s reaction – or lack of – had been a bit more surprising, but she hopes maybe having a night or two to process the news will help.

Especially since Rick and his mother are coming for Christmas in just over a week.

“No, it didn’t go badly,” she agrees, stepping closer and toying with the ends of his scarf.

“But,” he supplies, dusting a kiss along the curve of her cheek.

Kate shakes her head, slipping her arms around his neck, keeping him close. Her father will come around eventually; there’s no reason to tell Rick that Jim’s silence tonight had been more brooding than thoughtful, or that even at his most furious, her father would never come flying across a table to do him physical harm.

“No but,” she promises. “Given the situation, it didn’t go badly at all.”

Her husband grins, taking the opportunity to press his mouth to hers, to sneak a kiss that is absolutely not suitable for the polite company they’ve just left, or even the general public. She’s breathless and a little bit wobbly when he releases her, her fingers tight in his hair, her hips flush with his.

“I’m glad,” he breathes against her mouth. “Ready to go home?”

“Uh huh.”

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So here’s msmorg’s birthday fic, which I couldn’t get finished in time on the day itself or the days after because of work. :( So apologies for it being late, Morgen!

“Okay, let’s get one thing clear before we set off, Castle,” Kate starts, preventing her partner from pulling open his car door with a single hand covering the opening. “We are working, not going on a road trip.”

“Got it,” Castle replies, making light of her caution with a sarcastic salute and click of his tongue. He tugs on the door handle, only opening it slightly before Beckett pushes it closed again.

“I mean it, Castle. We’re not going to Pennsylvania to have fun.”

“All work; no fun. I hear you, Beckett. Loud and clear.”

Her eyebrows arch, rising on her forehead as she waits for him to be serious for once. He just grins back, enjoying the morning more and more as the vein going into Beckett’s hairline starts to tick. Frustrating Kate never could quite lose its appeal.

She lets loose a heavy sigh, dropping her hand. “We should go.”

Resigned to a journey that will most likely be spent slapping Castle’s hand away from the radio controls, Kate rounds the bonnet of her car and pulls open her own door, sliding into the driver’s seat as Castle clips his seatbelt into place.

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Castle Ficlet: summa cum laude 1/1, Rated M

summa cum laude

A Caskett College AU in the Reference Material and TGIF universe

Rated: M

Based on the prompt from @i-prefer-west-side and @allylobster:

TextsFromLastNight ‏@TFLN (614): We broke my graduation cords last night when we used them to tie each other up during sex last night

“Richard Castle, I am going to kill you.”

Uh oh.

His Post-Graduation Breakfast Dance comes to an end as quickly as it began – if not faster. Still, he takes a moment to tap the wooden spoon against the edge of his favorite mixing bowl, lest he drip pancake batter everywhere as he runs away from the woman storming across his kitchen.

“I, ah, what? What’d I do?” Good Rick, go for innocent. Innocent until proven guilty, after all.

“You broke my honor cords.”

Ah, that. Though in his defense – “Technically, honey, you broke them. When you–”

“Not the point, Rick,” she cuts him off, one eyebrow practically meeting her hairline. Oh, she’s so sexy when she does that. So very, very sexy.

“Well if it saves my life, I think getting the story straight is very much the point.”

He’s confident the woman he loves won’t actually murder him, though it’s possible she might seriously consider wringing his neck if he’s not careful. They’re still a few minutes away from that, he thinks, so in the interest of telling his side of the story - and in the interest of watching the flush spread across the exposed skin of her chest and neck - he’ll keep going.

“We’re going to my mom and dad’s later. They’re going to ask what happened, and I can’t exactly tell my parents that we broke my honor cords because I let you tie me up during sex!”

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Pet Store AU

I’m braving the winter storm in New York. From my bedroom. With poptarts. Enjoy!!

Kate sighs as she switches the sign on the front door from “Open” to “Closed” and begins sweeping up the main floor of the pet store, despite the fact that they still have two customers, who’ve been here for hours. A small redheaded girl—no older than eight—drags her father around the store by the hand, making a full circuit every few minutes, indecisive.

Usually, she hates it when customers stay past closing time, because it means that she has to catch a later train with all the creeps and pervs. This time, however, she doesn’t mind as much.

The little girl—whose name, she learned, is Alexis—keeps changing her mind about which dog she wants. There’s not that many in the store, Kate knows, and besides a couple of litters, they’re all of different breeds and ages. Usually, families want the first puppy that approaches them, but this kid keeps running from cage to cage, petting and playing with all of them, and they all seem to love her. Not that she can blame them; Alexis is adorable.

Her father is, too. In a different way. He just smiles at his little girl and allows her to drag him around, shooting apologetic grins at Kate every now and then. She just smiles back and watches the redhead flutter around the floor, smiles at the puppies as they yap at her and the older dogs as they lick her hand and wag their tails, timidly. They’re not used to all the attention from one person.

“Pumpkin,” the man says when he notices the sign has changed. “I think it’s time to make a decision; it’s getting pretty late and you have school in the morning.”

“But I can’t decide!” Alexis groans. “They’re all so cute! Can’t we take all of them, Daddy?”

The man’s eyes widen and he looks to Kate, as if for help. She just shrugs. He looks back at Alexis.

“Sweetheart, I don’t think we have enough room for all these dogs.”

“But our apartment is really big!” she argues. “And they can take my bed.”

“That’s sweet, Alexis,” he says, “but I don’t think that’s going to help much. There has to be…” he looks around, mentally counting all the pooches, before he turns to Kate with a question in his eyes.

“Forty-seven,” she supplies.

“Forty-seven!” he echoes. “Forty-seven dogs, Alexis. We definitely don’t have the room; not even if I give up my bed. I’m sorry, Sweetheart.” Alexis’s chin quivers, tears swimming in her eyes. Her father sighs. “But maybe,” he says, “I could make a few calls. Do you think Paige would like a puppy?”

Alexis beams up at him. “She’d love one!” she exclaims, hugging him around the waist. “Thanks, Daddy! You’re the best!”

Kate has to agree as he pulls out his phone and begins to make phone call after phone call, chatting up prospective buyers and using his charm to find each and every dog a new owner. Before long, there’s a line of people outside the door, all ready to make a late night adoptions. She’s amazed, truly, by the power of this man’s influence. They’ve never had this many prospective buyers at a time; it bodes well for business, but even better for a lot of the older dogs they’ve struggled to get adopted.

The puppies, of course, go first. A lot of the children want younger dogs and pluck from the litter of pit bull/beagle mixes and the larger litter of golden retriever mixes. There are no purebreds at the store (they usually take from local shelters after they become too full, completely uninterested in funding puppy mills) but a lot of their younger dogs are gorgeous and adorable and usually have no problem finding homes. The aged dogs, however, are rarely adopted, and they’re usually the ones that Kate suggests to their customers. It almost never works.

Except tonight.

Tonight, after closing, they have a room full of older men and women, without children, plucking older lapdogs out of cages and petting bigger dogs, making their tails wag at the unusual attention. By the time she gets to the last customer, nearly every cage in the entire place is empty and only Alexis and her father are left, the latter holding two tiny yorkies in his arms.

“You ready to sign the papers?” she asks them.

“Yes,” he replies. “We compromised. Two puppies in place of 47.”

“That’s a pretty good deal,” Kate comments, grinning as she looks down at the little blue-eyed girl, currently making faces at one of her new puppies. “Do you have names for them yet?”

“I do,” he says, holding up one of the pups. “This is Chewbacca.”

“Because he looks like a wookie?” Kate asks.

The man chuckles. “Because he won’t stop biting my finger.”

Kate laughs at that, then looks down at Alexis. “And what’s your little guy’s name?” she asks.

“Minerva,” she says, nodding in decision. “After the teacher from Harry Potter; Minerva—“

“McGonagall,” Kate finishes for her. “Nice,” she says. “I think she’ll like that name.” She runs a finger over the puppy’s soft fur. She presses up into her hand.

“Thanks,” Alexis says.

“You’re very welcome,” Kate says, pushing the papers towards her father. “Please sign here and they will be all yours.”

“How much is the adoption fee?” the man asks.

“Don’t worry about it,” she tells him. “You helped every single one of my dogs get adopted tonight; the least I can do is waive the fees.”

He smiles softly at her. “Thank you so much,” he says, signing the papers, then pushing them back towards her.

“It’s no trouble,” Kate insists. “And in addition to your adoption, you also get a basic care package. A bag of food, a collar, leash, toy, and two plastic food bowls; one package for each pup. We also have a training pamphlet and some plastic doggy bags. Totally free.”

“That’s great,” the man says. “Thank you so much for all of this. I’m so sorry you had to stay so late, though.”

“It’s no problem,” Kate says. “We did a lot of good today. Now we have a lot more room for more of the city’s strays. If that means I have to take a midnight train, so be it.”

“You don’t,” he tells her. “I’d be happy to let you use my town car service.”

“Oh, that won’t be necessary,” Kate says, shaking her head. “Really, I’m—“

“The woman who helped forty-seven dogs find a home,” he interrupts. “The least I can do is give you a lift. Please.”

Kate takes a deep breath, looking into this man’s big blue eyes. Subtly, he pulls up his Yorkie’s face to be level with his and she snorts, shaking her head. “Fine,” she says after a moment. “You can give me a ride home.”

“Yay!” Alexis squeals and Kate laughs, shaking her head as she grabs her keys and jacket from under the counter and follows them to the door.

“Wonderful,” the man says, smiling down at her. “My name is Rick, by the way. Rick Castle.”

“As in the writer?” Kate asks, feeling her face heat up. How had she not even recognized him?

“The one and only,” he replies. “And your name?”

“Kate,” she says. “Kate Beckett.”

He reaches out to shake her hand; it feels warm encased in his. Their eyes lock, blue one green. He smiles and her heart skips a beat. “Pleasure to meet you, Kate,” he says, his voice a deep rumble.

She gives him a shy smile. “Pleasure’s all mine, Mr. Castle,” she assures him.