Soul Mate AU

Soul mate AU where each person is born with the same fingerprints as their soul mate.

Seriously though, imagine:

• People born with no fingerprint
• Aromantic people finding friend soulmates.
•Asexual people finding their romantic soul mates.
• An agent that works for agency that finds people their soulmate. One day, that agent finds someone who matches their own.
• Criminals that burn off their fingerprints so they can’t be traced.

Anyone care to add on?

If anyone writes anything off of this please tag me. I’d love to see what people do with it

“Your Future Is Whatever You Make It, So Make It A Good One”

Someone had mentioned that Lance and Corans relationship is basically like Doc and Marty, so naturally I thought, Back to the Future!AU?????? lololol

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Prompt: red string of fate au where only 20%-30% of the popilation can see the strings tied on people fingers. Victor and Yuuri are soulmates, but neither of them know because they can't see the strings. Yurio can...

- Yuri knew immediately that neither of the two could see their string as soon as he saw the two together
- Yuuri was so respectful of Viktor and Viktor just let it happen
- But it was obvious they were destined to be, even without their string
- Yuri knew he was going to lose to Yuuri at onsen on ice from the begging but it still hurt to know the work he put in to skating was outmatched by destiny
- I could also see Yuri being constantly pissed off by the red string just following him around everywhere
- Like, he can’t physically touch it but he nearly tripped a few times even before they went to Japan cause Viktor is always around him and the damn string flies everywhere
- Yuri knew that whoever was on the other end of Viktor’s string was going to be just as annoying as the man himself, he was right

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If you read any fanfic, you reckon you know any good credence and graves fics ?

i laughed aloud when reading the line “if you read any fanfic” because when i’m old and gray and recall what has happened during my life i’ll probably realize i spent at least ¼ of it reading fanfic of all kinds my point is YES I CAN HELP YOU 

Shooting Stars & Silver Moons by writingramblr. A coffee shop AU, Credence is the barista, Graves happens to want coffee, it’s cute af, it’s a coffee shop AU if you need some fluff at the end of the day. WORK IN PROGRESS. 

such as is common to man by  imochan. Credence goes to London with Newt, and finds the real Graves here. He is nothing like Grindelwald. I really loved the way Graves was portrayed there. Angsty fic, perfect fic. Also Graves teaches Credence magic, and it’s incredible and very well written. SMUTTY. COMPLETE. 

What Shines Through by l_cloudy. a fUCIKING SUGAR DADDY AU TAKING PLACE DURING CANON IM !!! i read the first chapter yesterday and words cannot express how much i fucking love it im just. siGN ME THE FUCK UP. WORK IN PROGRESS. 

Where Does the Good Go?  by Midnight_Musings. Graves cares for Credence fter the incident between Tina and Mary Lou Barebone. Then Grindelwald enters and fucks it all up. 10/10 would recommend. WORK IN PROGRESS. 

I still remember your soul of beauty,  by JuliaBaggins. Grindelwald taunts the real Graves by talking to him about Credence. Sad and powerful. COMPLETE. 

Angel On His Shoulder  by writingramblr. *bangs fists on table* A !!! FUCKING !!! PRIEST !!! AU !!!! WITH CREDENCE AS THE PRIEST !!!! NEED I SAY MORE??? I DONT THINK SO !!!!! this is hitting all of my sweet spots, i’m a sucker for this kind of shit, pls do yourself a favor and read it. WORK IN PROGRESS. 

Eternity In A Heartbeat  by writingramblr. Werewolf! Credence and Vampire!Graves. The later mistakes Credence for a human and his dinner but gets more out of this encounter than he thought. Honestly. Just. Vampire Graves. VAMPIRE GRAVES. SMUT. COMPLETE.

his hands so cold they shake by plinys. Soulmate AU in which each time your partner is hurt, you feel the pain yourself. Graves is not okay, and neither is Credence. Strongly recommend it. COMPLETE. 

The Lord’s Work by betts. Modern AU. Credence is a Jehovah Witness, Graves is a cop, and I very much enjoy Sinning. It is Very Good™. SMUTTY AND COMPLETE. 

Okay, I’ll stop for now, and i hope you’ll find some of these to your liking !! I’ve been stalking the Fantastic Beasts tag on A03 since I saw the movie, and i’ve read a lot more than that, so if you need any other recommendations, maybe for other ships, let me know. Enjoy, love !!  ❤️ ❤️

Out of the Park

Part Thirteen
Pairing: Jensen Ackles x Reader
Word Count: 1975
Warnings: None.


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Carry On Countdown - Crack

Crack fic where Penelope finds Snowbaz fanfiction written by Baz.

(Keep in mind that this isn’t connected to Fangirl. The fanfiction Penelope fics is all written by REAL mages, not by Cath. And yes, the author at the end is Simon. )

Penelope Bunce technically carried a mobile at school because her parents forced her to. But she obviously didn’t use it strictly for calling; she also enjoyed numerous websites. Another hobby of hers was Googling people at random, and seeing what she could dig up.

When she Googled Simon, she hadn’t expected to find anything. She knew he had no social media. And she knew that whatever he did that was newsworthy was also a secret from the Normal world. Whatever she had been expecting, it certainly wasn’t this.

The fuck?

Indeed, the first search result was to a website called, where there appeared to be a community of people who wrote stories about Simon.

There was no end to the anarchy. There were numerous different pairings, each one more disturbing than the last. (The worst one being Simon Snow/The Mage, followed closely by Simon Snow/The Humdrum.)

She put down her phone in shock and looked around the hallway she was in. People in this very school, probably even people she knew, were in on this. After all, only mages could know about Simon’s fame!

She picked her phone back up, curiosity getting the best of her. It didn’t take long before she was deep into the world of Simon Snow fanfiction.

“This is horrible,” he groaned. Simon was face down on his bed, this caused by reading a particularly weird Penelope/Simon fic. “Who would take the time to write this stuff?!”

Penelope shrugged. “Some of these stories are beautifully written, you have to admit.”

“Not the point.”

She selected the profile of a random author. “My personal favourite is the Snowbaz pairing.”

Simon shot up like the bed was on fire. “Please tell me that isn’t-”

“It’s totally you and Baz,” said Penny.

He groaned. “Shit. I’ll never live this down if he finds it! We have to stop these people.”

“I don’t know who they are,” she said. “This one is named ‘DEVastating Snowbaz Trash’ and he seems to co-write with ‘Ur_In_DeNIALL’ a lot.”

“I feel like the capital letters are a clue,” said Simon, squinting at the phone screen.

“I’m pretty sure they’re not,” she replied.

She still couldn’t believe this. It had gotten to the point where it was hilarious, mostly because Simon was so appalled by it. He’d never be able to make her stop bringing this up. (Or look The Mage in the eyes again, after reading a certain smutty story.)

“This is the most popular author who writes fanfiction about you,” she declared finally. This person had over 25 stories, each one Snowbaz, and over 300 followers.

“Who the hell is ‘KingHerb’?!” Simon asked, exasperated.

“I don’t know, Simon.”

They spend the next half hour in silence, scrolling through, looking for clues on who these people could be. Neither of them had any luck, although Penelope took the liberty of saving some of the stories to her favourites. They were too good not to reread (or let Simon live down).

Simon was the first to find a clue.

“Wait a minute,” he said. “In this story by that KingHerb guy, it mentions that I talk about scones in my sleep.”

“You do talk about scones in your sleep,” she said.

He gestured at the phone in confusion. “Yeah, obviously, they’re delicious. But how would any of these authors know that? The only people that have that information are you and Baz.”

As soon as the sentence left his mouth, his eyes got wide. “Penelope, there’s only one explanation.”

Her brain was going crazy with this new information. Baz must have written all that Snowbaz fanfiction. What was that supposed to mean?

Part of her was impressed. His stories were rich in plot and vocabulary. Plus, they were hot.

“… it means you’re writing fanfiction about me in your sleep!”

“Or…” She said. “It’s Baz who wrote it!”

He gave her a look that suggested she belonged in the loony bin. “That makes literally no sense.”

“Simon, his name is KingHerb! You know who’s from an aristocratic family of wizard royalty? Baz. You know what’s a commonly used cooking herb? Basil. King Herb!” Excitedly, she grabbed the phone out of Simon’s hands. “I can’t believe I didn’t see it before! Baz is obsessed with you because he likes you!”

Simon was wide eyed. “Penny, that’s ridiculous,” he said. “Baz couldn’t… like me. He likes Agatha.”

“Not according to KingHerb, he doesn’t,” she said.

She grinned as Simon dazedly lay back down on the bed and put the pillow over his face.

She didn’t make a hobby of checking after that disturbing/hilariousday. She even unsubscribed from most of the authors, because someone had drawn a popular piece of fanart of Simon and The Mage naked, which she didn’t need to see being reposted.

However, she did notice a new story show up in her recommended list. It was Snowbaz. And it was written by an author new to, by the name of ‘how_about-(s)no(w).’”

Summary: He’s murmuring words into Dan’s ear, you’re incredible, you did amazing, I’m so proud of you but all Dan hears is I love you.

or Dan and Phil are Yuri and Viktor but with some twists

Warnings: un-betaed, slight smut

Genre: fluff overload with a healthy dose of smut and angst

Word count: 5k

Extra tags: yuri!!! on ice au, figure skating

A/N: IF YURI ON ICE HAS RUINED YOUR LIFE RAISE YOUR HAND!! okay so, quick disclaimer, this is a fic about figure skaters and not about figure skating per se, so please don’t expect me to be an expert on the sport or anything, just saying!! also holy shit, the fluff in this is way too much, i’m kinda disgusted at how fluffy it is omg

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prince au but yuri is a prince too and he gets invited to yurio's big birthday ball and while he's talking with pichit, viktor starts eyeing him bc christophe is touching up on yuri

- Viktor was just tryna have a nice evening getting drunk off his ass he did not ask for this
- When he laid eyes upon a beautiful Japanese prince, Yuuri, he knew he was gone
- He wanted to speak with him but Yuri kept on insisting he participate in other conversations with him
- Viktor joins in only partially, constantly glancing back at the boy who seemed to be talking with the Prince of Thailand, Phichit
- maybe if I drink enough I can build up the courage to talk to him, Viktor thought
- he had only just started when he saw the Prince from Switzerland come up behind Yuuri and firmly planted a hand on his ass
- maybe if Viktor wasn’t as drunk and knew that Yuuri wasn’t really his to control, he would’ve stopped himself from going up to Chris and wrenching his arm away
- Yuuri didn’t seem to mad about it and politely thanked Viktor
- again it might have just ended there if Viktor wasn’t drunk enough to think that spontaneous flirting would be a good next step
- but maybe Yuuri had too much to drink as well and totally went along with it
- all I can say is that Phichit was enjoying watching it all happen
- the two stayed by each other’s side most of the night
- they danced together, ate together, and talked together
- in the morning they woke up hung over in Viktor’s bed
- He made Yuuri promise to come to Russia as much as he can after that

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