Feverish & Moonlight MASTERLIST


- Vampire!Bucky/Priest!Steve first post

- Feverish part 1 : Thirst (Steve/Bucky)

- Feverish part 2 : Polycythemia Vera (Steve/Bucky & Brock)

- Feverish part 3 : Turning (Bucky & Brock)

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- Vampire!Bucky Outfits

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- Feverish part 5 : Purity ring (Steve/Bucky)

- Feverish part 6 : Arm  (Bucky)

- Feverish part 7 : First time (Steve/Bucky)

- Bloody Vampire! Bucky

- Feverish part 8 : Nothing else (Steve/Bucky)

- Vampire!Brock ballroom

- Feverish part 9 : Gentle stranger (Jack/Brock)

- Vampire!Bucky/ Priest!Steve: Virgins

- Feverish  part 10 : Keep it in (Jack/Brock) 

- Feverish part 11 : Fever (Steve)

- Bloody Priest!Steve/ Vampire Bucky

- Delirious (Steve/Bucky)

- Feverish part 12 : Bad dream (Steve/Bucky)

- Feverish part 13 : Sweaty business (Steve/Bucky)

- Can’t stop looking at you (Steve/Bucky)

- Short haired Vampire!Bucky

- Feverish part 14 : Silently (Jack/Brock)

- Priest!Steve shadow/light practice

- Long haired Vampire!Bucky

- Feverish part 15 : Mesmerized (Jack/Brock & Bucky)

- Long haired Vampire!Bucky part 2

- Fluff all the way (Steve/Bucky)

- Heaven and Hell (Jack/Brock)

- Vampire!Bucky design 2

- Feverish/Moonlight crossover

+ Fics which were inspired by Feverish


- Werewolf!Steve/Vampire!Bucky first post

- Moonlight part 1 : Late night call (Bucky/Steve)

- Moonlight part 2 : Panic (Bucky/Steve)

- Moonlight part 3 : Talk (Natasha & Bucky)

- Moonlight part 4 : Alone (Steve)

- Moonlight part 5 : Unwanted visitor (Bucky &Tony)

To All The Girls I’ve Loved Before | Peter Parker

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C O M I N G   S O O N

Peter Parker has a small music box tucked under his bed. It is hidden between the two walls, mostly covered up in clothes and sheets that had fallen there and Peter has forgotten to pick up again, he is sure no one but him knows about it. He hopes no one does, because if someone ever saw the five letters that are hidden inside the small box, then he probably would die of embarrassment. But he doesn’t think much about that, though, most of the letters have been there for years, each letter written to five different girls he had crushs over the course of his life. The first one was for Gwen Stacy, a girl he had meet while in summer camp four years ago. The second one was for Tillie Smith, a girl he was sure was now somewhere in a boarding school in the other side of the world. The third one was for Michelle Jones, the girl who ignored him that one time he had asked for a dance in sixth grade’s graduation party. The fourth was for Y/N Y/L/N, a girl he had kissed in a game of spin the bottle in seventh grade. The fifth was for Liz Allan, the girl he had had a crush in since he had started high-school.

Last thing he expects to see in a Monday morning during gym class is a very confused Y/N Y/L/N reaching out to him, much less reaching out to him about a certain love letter he had never expected her to read, and everything worsens when he realizes Liz Allan is also holding one in her hands. Suddenly, his five love letters are roaming free around and his junior years gets a lot more interested that he thought possible.

Who’s in Control?

Sans: your sick Tori, let me help you

Tori: oh͝ Sans̕ you ̸surȩ ͜kno͜w ̸ho͜w to g̶et̸ ̷a g̀ir̀l ̡t͘o͠ f͟a͝ll ̸for̸ ̴you̶,͏ ͞b̨ut͟ I͟'̶m̸ ̢n̷ot̕ ̸si͠c͟ḱ,͘ I’m j͠u̷st͢ ͝free, an̡d͏ ̀i͠ wa͞n̴t̴ ̨you͝ t͠oo̧ be̕ fr̶e̸e ̷too҉

DDLC-TK!Toriel & Infinity-TK!Sans belong to @perfectshadow06 / @quantumtale

its also soriel week for Day 6: Au so… @sorielweek @sorieldiscord

all art belongs to me @drewiswaytoozoned

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About Sans' depiction as a mega badass in fanworks: I did the math once and assuming he can fight for 10 minutes before falling asleep (a no-hit fight is a bit less but I'll round up) and KR mysteriously works on non-murderers somehow, so he always deals 1 damage per frame and 30 damage per second... he could tie Undyne the Undying to a chair, continually blast her in the face with magic, and he'd STILL lose by passing out from exhaustion while she has like 3000 HP to spare. (1)

(2) Of course the real issue is that his normal personality is NOTHING like the badass portrayal, but more importantly, imagine a version of dust!tale where he’s some hilariously ineffectual wannabe serial killer. THANK YOU FOR COMING TO MY TED TALK.

Dance For Me


Mentions: Swearing, fluff, minor smut

It’s Harry’s birthday. His girlfriend happens to be a dancer, and she also happens to have a very special birthday surprise for him.

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“Baby, where are we going?” Harry laughs, stumbling after a very eager Y/N as she tugs him along behind her. Right when they gotten in the car back at their shared house around 15 minutes ago, she had him tie her green bandana around his eyes, waving her hand in front of his face to make sure her couldn’t see.

Y/N knew Harry wasn’t one to do things like this, but it’s his birthday! Her man is 25, and if she let this day pass without something special, she would’ve been disappointed with herself.

Harry swore up and down that a day at home with her and some ‘Love Actually’ would’ve sufficed, and she liked the sound of that, but just wanted to pop this one extra thing into the day. So, here Harry was, stumbling behind his girl, blinded, and trying his hardest not to awe as she lets out little sounds of excitement.

Y/N glanced back every couple of seconds to make sure he was okay and wasn’t gonna trip over anything, and her smile only grew as she saw her friends waiting for her at the entrance to the dance studio. Her teammates were grinning almost as much as her, holding the doors open for Y/N and Harry.

Harry can tell they’ve walked inside somewhere, and hears door shut behind him. “Babe…” He slowly trails off, recognizing the feel of his Vans tapping against the hardwood floors. “Is this your dance studio?”

Y/N giggles, shushing him, “Just be quiet and sit down, Haz.” She helps him slowly sit down, him leaning back to grip the edge of the seat before lowering himself. Looking back to her teammeates, Y/N and then share knowing looks.

“Alright, Harry,” Y/N smiles, “Take y’blindfold off.”

Harry raises his eyebrows, reaching up to slide the bandana from his eyes. He runs a hand thigh his hair, eyes opening to see Y/N stood maybe 10 feet from him, two girls on each side of her. He also notices the people crowded around the studio, a place he’d become familiar with after picking Y/N up from her practice.

He’d never really seen her live before.

The people around the studio are close to the walls, leaving a large gap in the middle where the five dancers are stood, and he recognizes everyone. It’s his friends and family; All of his band, Jeff, his mum, Gemma, and even James Corden, all just leaning against the walls ready to watch.

Harry smirks, “Am I gettin’ a show, babe?”

Y/N just smirks right back at him, “Hm, you tell me.”

Then, the music starts, and it’s really very easy to recognize his own song.

Kiwi plays through the room, and his eyes widen as he watches Y/N moves in sync with the woman behind her. Her body moves mesmerizingly, adorned in high waisted black shorts and a black crop top, showing off her beautiful body.

As it reaches the chorus, Harry can definitely feel his pants tighten a bit as Y/N moves to the floor, rolling her body against it and moving with such a rhythm, Harry’s mind is spinning.

His hand cups his mouth as his jaw is slack, moving so his elbows rest on his knees. Y/N comes up to him

Bought, the bridge starting.

“She sits beside me like a silhouette,” His own voice plays through the room as Y/N straddles his hips, “Hard candy drippin’ ok me ‘til my feet are wet.”

Everyone cheers and hollers as they see Y/N tease Harry some, her hand drawing lightly down his face and their eyes locked as the song sings.

“It’s like I paid for it, It’s like I paid for it, I’m gonna pay for this.”

Y/N is out of his lap in seconds, smirking as she dances through the last chorus with the girls. As the song comes to an end, when the final chords hit, Y/N slides gracefully onto her knees in front of Harry.

Harry can’t find the words, everyone else in the room bursting into applause while he sits their speechless. His mind is still replaying how absolutely stunning she looked and how skillfully her body moved with the beat.

She climbs to her feet, smiling down at Harry, “Happy birthday, H.”

And Harry really can’t say anything, instead deciding to shoot from his chair and tackle her into a hug. Everyone cheers once more, and he happens to hear extra applause from his band, making him roll his eyes when he thinks back on it a couple hours later.

“You liked it?” She giggles, him lifting her from the ground to hug her tighter.

“Fuckin’ killed it, didn’t yeh?” He breathes, setting her down once more, “Looked about as breathtaking as yeh always do, yeah?”

Y/N rolls her eyes, shoving him softly, “It is your birthday.”

Harry grins, leaning down to discreetly whisper in her ear, “It is, isn’t it? So that means the issue I got in m’trousers from yeh first gift will be fixed with a second one right?”

Then he settled a soft pinch to her hips, making her yelp quietly.

“Maybe another gift that involves yeh pretty body.”

stressed out // s.m

requested// imagine where you are a senior trying to get into the college you want and you are studying for finals and such and you get super stressed and shawn helps you calm down

author’s note// this is literally a thing that happened to me. the physics thing not the loving boyfriend. only ever had abusive ones! ahahah FUCK!


You hated your AP Physics class. It was horrible, absolutely terrible. Your teacher sucked, the people in the class sucked, everything fucking sucked. And you were going into the final exam with a sixty eight overall, and just to pass the course and graduate high school. You needed an eighty six or higher just to graduate high school. If you don’t pass, you’ll have to take it online, and you’ll have to literally beg your advisers to let you walk at graduation, and even then it’s incredibly unlikely. 

You watched every god forsaken flippin physics and crash course video your teacher posted on his blog, you did every worksheet known to man, you made flash card after flash card and you had even gotten to a point where you thought you actually knew what was going on, and you may just pass that class, after three days of non-stop studying. 

Though, your boyfriend Shawn had come into town for a two week break on his tour last night, and you explicitly told him that he could not come over, since he’d keep you up all night, but you were up all night anyways re-watching crash course videos on projectile motion. The next morning, at exactly eleven a.m, while you were still asleep, since you didn’t go to bed until about to in the morning, reading and re reading every freaking chapter of the text book. Your final was only two days away, and you had fallen asleep reading on a Friday night, which would’ve been a perfect night to stay up studying, but it seemed you had burned yourself out. You fell asleep to the background noise of your spotify playlist of all of your favorite songs your boyfriend sings. 

And you woke up to the sound of his voice the next morning and the feeling of his hand on your back as you slumped over your desk, your head thankfully not on the laptop keyboard. 

“Honey, you okay?” His soft voice hummed as you grumbled and groaned yourself awake, stretching your arms above your head. 

“No, I fell asleep and now I only have today and tomorrow to study.” You dramatically sighed, throwing your head back down onto the keyboard. “You need to leave, so I can get back to work.” You reluctantly declared, wishing more than anything he would take you in his arms and make yoi feel better. 

“Honey, you’ve been at this all week, staying up this late on school nights, doing this constantly, it’s genuinely not healthy love.” He leaned down and pressed a kiss on the back of your neck, rubbing a few more circles on your back. 

“I know, I know but once I pass this final I’ll be able to relax, and not worry about this damn physics class or high school ever again.” You sat back up, running your fingers through your hair, pulling your hair up into a ponytail on top of your head, shrugging his hand off of her back. You could feel him wince at you shrugging his hand off of your back. 

“Okay, how about this,” he started, moving himself over to lean on your desk so that you were looking at him. He looked great, to say the least. Those black jeans, that big sweatshirt he wore on the plane, his hair all messed up and curly. “How about we take an hour. Just an hour, it’s only eight o clock, you probably wouldn’t have even woken up for another hour unless I came in, and we’ll cuddle, and after that hour is up, I’ll go pick up some food and then I’ll help you study, and tonight we can order chinese take out and watch movies.  Alright?” He knew exactly what to say. He knew exactly what to say to make you melt, to make you fall in love with him all over again, make you wanna just about cry thinking about how goddamn lucky you were to have him. 

“That sounds…. That sounds perfect.” You admitted, standing up and wrapping your arms around him tight, your huge sweater slipping down your shoulders. He hummed in response, wrapping his long arms around your body, pressing soft kisses to the side of your neck. 

“I love you.” He whispered, pulling away and taking your hand, lacing his fingers with yours, taking you to your bed, and laying you down before instantly getting in with you, puling the covers over the both of you, and wrapping your entire body in his arms. You felt so tiny and happy, it was the happiest you had been in a while. 

“Thank you.” You mumbled, pressing your head to his cheat, hearing his heart beat. 

“Anything for you, honey.” He whispered back pressing his lips to your cheeks. “I missed you yanno.” He added, tucking your head under his chin. 

“I probably would’ve been calmed down a long time ago if you were here.” You told him giving him a big squeeze before you closed your eyes, and started to drift off. 

“Yeah, well calm down now. Go to sleep, honey.” He told you, and so you did. 

author’s note// sorry it took me so long to post this!!!! i started school and im in two shows and i also may have to go to court so like yeah life is NUTs 

jimin attending some camp for his first year of uni but he’s a little shy and home sick and friends didn’t come so easily, so when he’s trying to sleep he can’t so he goes to older student jungkook who’s in the organization of the camp cause he’s super sweet and also super hot so when jungkook says he can sleep next him he definitely won’t say no because waking up to someone that gorgeous is absolutely fine with jimin

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Thanks For The Memories

Steve Rogers x Reader, Marvel characters, OFC James Samuel

Words: 3650

Warnings: Angst, mentions of OFC character death

A/N: I know I said I was on posting hiatus, but this has been sitting in my docs for a while. I finally decided to make this about 3 parts. Part 2 is almost done, and I’m thinking part 3 will wrap it all up. Let me know what you think, and as always-thanks for reading.

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