I’m super happy to introduce my new project 🌟
I don’t know how i’ll call this story but tonight i had the big inspiration so
Let’s start this ✨
It will be Billdip, but i’ll talk about Will and maybe Mabel and Pacifica too ~
And Dipper will have 19 yo so don’t start to fill your mind with rage for seeing his as a child here in this draw

For now let’s start with this: have you ever think about Bill and Will’s past?
Just saying :^)

Day 2, Roleswapping

An AU where they lived the same as in canon until the face off at the Swiss base. Jack became the one who was reconstructed, and consequently went to go work for Talon. Gabe took on the role 76 had in the canon. More under the cut.

So I have Gabe as Soldier 67 cause ohoho I’m oh so clever, and Jack has become a creature called Revenant (which is vengeful undead being, kind of in the same thread as a grim reaper but more revenge oriented). In this AU Gabe still has his shotguns and something equivalent to Death Blossom but not with the same name. He’s probably not quite as emo as he is in the canon game, but still sports his hoodie. Jack diverges a bit more from Reaper’s role. He’s still got his blaster rifle, but his primary power is turning straight up invisible. (this is a holdover from my original concept of this where he was just called Ghost) Yeah not all the details are worked out yet but. Oh! Also some of his limbs were so severely damaged that he’s got cybernetic replacements, hence the robot arm. 


So that’s what I have of that, and I’m gonna also include the version of this with their masks on, and another that’s just lines in case someone wants to do it better justice as far as coloring goes than I did.

ok but

AU where the Miraculous holders become Kwami of their item should they ever be fatally wounded while transformed or misuse their power:

  • Tikki reacts with mild interest when she meets Plagg, “So you’re the Kwami of the Cat Miraculous…”
  • Marinette asks what’s up, “Aren’t Kwami’s thousands of years old?”
  • Tikki clarifies, “I’m thousands of years old, but past Cat Noirs tend to be… recklessly loyal to their Ladybugs”
  • Kwamis retain certain characteristics of their past human lives–see Plagg’s cheese obsession
  • Tikki won’t tell Marinette how she became a Kwami, but she swears to never let Marinette put herself in mortal danger
  • Tikki once heard of a rumor that the Cat Kwami may have a chance to reincarnate every 9th holder
  • Kwamis are semi-immortal–they only cease to exist if their holder replaces them
  • One can never be sure whether their Kwami is serving punishment for their past misdeeds or gifted the chance of immortality for their sacrifice
  • I don’t know where all these grimdark ideas came from
  • I’m sorry
  • This was all a convoluted headcanon so I can draw a smol bitter hawkmoth as a Kwami
Soulmate AUs

1- Necklaces are given to you at birth. Your soulmate has the other half to it. the closer you get the warmer your necklace becomes. When you are very close your necklaces will connect.

2- You have a tattoo on your forearm that somehow represents your soulmate. Your soulmate has the same, but it represents you. When you meet their initials appear under it.

3- On your body is the first words your soulmate will say to you in their handwriting.

4- Somewhere on your body is your soulmates full name.

5- The last words your soulmate will ever say to you are somewhere on your body.

6- When you are born you can not see color. When you see your soulmate for the first time you can see color. When they die you can not see color again.

7- When your soulmate gets hurt the injury shows up on you to but you don’t feel it.

8- The color of your soulmates hair is a strip on your forearm. If they dye it the strip changes too.

9- Your left eye has your eye color. Your right eye is your soulmates color. When you look into their eyes for the first time the colors change to the color they would’ve been.

10- When you turn 18 you stop ageing. When you meet your soulmate you start ageing again.

11- when you write on yourself it shows up on your soulmates skin.

12- You have a clock on your wrist counting down until you meet your soulmate. When you meet it falls off.

13- When you first touch your soulmate it causes a great pain and it leaves a scar.

14- When you meet your soulmate it causes a great pain and leaves behind a matching tattoo on you forearm.

15- When you sing your soulmate has to sing the same song at the same time and at the same volume.

16- You can speak telipathicly to your soulmate.

17- You have a stem of a flower on your arm. The closer you get to meeting your soulmate the more petals add on to it. When you meet all petals are on the flower. The flower is your soulmate favorite flower.

18- Every new year ( after you turn 16) on midnight your change bodies with your soulmate for a hour.

19- A part of you skin is pitch black. That is the place you will first touch your soulmate. after you do that spot turns rainbow colored.

20- All the things your soulmates loves are on your skin. When they fall in love with you a picture of you appears on your arm because that is when of the things they love.

21- When you sing the song gets stuck in your soulmates head until you stop singing.

22- All you life you are deaf. When you meet you soulmate you can hear.

23- Your left hand is controlled by your soulmate. Your right it controlled by you. That means when you move you right hand thats controlling your soulmate left hand.

24- You have a tattoo of something special to your soulmate. it can move.

25- You have a square of color on your arm. The color changes with your soulmates mood. It also glows. The closer you are to each other the brighter it glows, the farther away the duller it gets.

26- When you write on your arm it shows up on your soulmate.


I have seen some of these soulmates on tumblr, pinterest, and many other places. I do not own them.

These are some aus I would like to do. So if you want please ask what one you want me to do. I’ll mostly do PJO but I might do some more if I know what it is. Thank you! This would mean a lot to me if you would comment.

I also want to thank @i-write-shakespeare-not-disney @it-has-the-gay-fanfiction and @solangelo-stuffs for inspiring me. I love your blogs!!! There sooooo amazing.


parent!phan (8) Masterlist

part one, part two, part three, part four, part five, part six, part seven

A Blessing in Child Form - thosewriterdreams

Summary: Basically, Dan’s daughter makes him buy a flower and give it to a stranger at the park.

All Because Of Him (ao3) - Howellsprincess

Summary: Someone leaves a baby at Dan and Phil’s flat. Dan doesn’t know what to do with a baby, he can barely take care of himself.

And I Might Be Okay (But I’m Not Fine At All) (ao3) - Band_obsessed

Summary: Dan and Phil are divorced and have been for six months when Dan asks to see their daughter.

A Thread To Hold - arcticphan

Summary: Phil wanted a sensible life, a fireplace and a picket fence, and Dan was a wrecking ball he could simply no longer afford to keep around. But once you care for someone, it never really goes away, a constant thread between the two of them. Divorced!Phan with custody over a child. Angst and Fluff.

Baby Bear (ao3) - Phil_Precious_Lester

Summary: Dan and Phil Howell-Lester have been married for two years and decide that they want to start a family. They get a surrogate parent and everything is going smoothly until things stop going at all. Things take a turn for the worst and Dan and Phil are left with pieces they have to pick up.

Dad, I’m Scared - notdeletingmyinternethistory

Summary: In which Delilah Lester is scared, and she handles this fear by lashing out at her parents in ways they certainly don’t deserve. But sometimes your parents can’t be there like you need them. Because sometimes you’re parents are just as scared as you.

Don’t Call Me That - notdeletingmyinternethistory

Summary: In which Dan has a habit of calling his daughter ‘sis’ and, well, he doesn’t appreciate it.

Family of Three - darling-phil

Summary: When Phil moves in with Dan and his son Eddie, they expect him to warm up to the tattooed man pretty quickly. However, when months pass with the boy only retreating further into his shell, Phil has to deal with the challenges of looking after a kid who’d rather ignore his presence. Single Parent!Dan AU

Ice To Sun - cryingontothekitchencounter

Summary: Parent!Phan, (Could be seen as AU if you prefer it)- Focuses on Dan and Phil’s teenage daughter who has a drug addiction, please read with caution.

Just Like The Morning Sun (You Keep On Rising Til The Sky Knows Your Name) (ao3) - fobhowell

Summary: parent!phan in which babies are discussed with a four year old child.

Lavender Lambs And Pacifiers - howellesterfics

Summary: Dan has a secret, and it’s more of a someone, rather than a something. Maybe he should learn to be more careful with the evidence when his mother babysits Noah.

Never Stopped Loving You - philhcwell

Summary: Fic based on parent trap where they have twins and have divorced, taking one each and the twins reunite somehow years later.

Not With a Fizzle, But With a Bang - cryingontothekitchencounter

Summary: Parent!Phan with a daughter who has an eating disorder.

Parenting Days (ao3) - Catfeyrac

Summary: Dan and Phil learn of the joys of raising a child.

Teens Are Tough - why-am-i-even-writing-this

Summary: Dan and his daughter get into an argument and she says some really mean things to him. As he cries in bed, Phil tries to figure out what happened. In the end, they make-up.

The Stars In Your Eyes - winkingnagisa

Summary: Dan, Phil and their daughter, Rosie, go to see the new Star Wars movie but Dan can’t help staring at Phil the whole time.

What We Want - itislacey

Summary: Dan and Phil have a date night, which eventually leads to them realizing what they both want for their future together.

When They Point to the Pictures (Please Tell Them My Name) - outerspacehowlters

Summary: In which Dan flips through a photo album of his and Phil’s best moments with their two children and tries his best not to cry.

can’t stop thinking of an au where they survive Scarif, and everyone’s just so busy and Cassian’s always been kind of a workaholic and an insomniac (comes with the stress and depression) and especially now.

So I’m picturing Bodhi coming back to the room they share, exhausted and kind of sweaty after a long day working on repairing the ships and not really wanting to be alone so he curls up next to Cassian who’s sitting on the couch going through some briefings on his datapad. Bodhi settles in right under his shoulder, Cassian instinctively starts soothingly stroking Bodhi’s side and telling him in a soft quiet murmur about some of the decisions he’s trying to make and poor exhausted Bodhi nods off right there, head nestled on Cassian’s collar bone.

And Cassian is glowing with affection, gives a soft kiss to the top of his head and keeps working. Bodhi blearily opens his eyes once it’s long past a reasonable time to rest, notices the red veins and bags under Cassian’s eyes illuminated by the glowing blue datapad and he pushes it out of a weakly protesting Cassian’s hands and climbs onto his lap so he can’t pick it up again, wraps his arms around Cassian’s shoulders, whispers into his neck that there will be time to go over dossiers in the morning but its time to sleep now. And after a tired token denial, Cassian settles his hands around Bodhi’s waist, let’s himself relax into and be present in the moment, aware of the soft warmth of Bodhis knees pressed to either side of his lap, the slight weight grounding him, the fragrance of a flowery shampoo under the scent of engine oil from his hair, just the safe healthy and alive presence of him, and Cassian slowly matches his breathing to Bodhi’s, drifts off shakily.

They don’t wake up til the afternoon the next day, wrapped up in each other with a crick in their backs but so content, so calm, so warm with love

like a boomerang by youwilll

Length: 48k

“Right, so. Could I ask you an incredibly hypothetical question?” Louis whispers, this time, if only to take the piss out of Zayn.

“You came all the way here to ask me an ‘incredibly hypothetical question?’”

“Yes, of course,” Louis nods.

Zayn manages a quiet laugh. “Okay, I’ll bite. Go ahead, Tommo, ask away.”

“What would you do if you kept living the same day over and over again?”

AU in which Harry gets trapped in a lift, Louis gets stuck in a Wednesday, and it’s always February 2nd. Until it isn’t.

Ao3, Chaptered, Completed