Aphrodite!Percy au! It’s been too long

with the gf shadow travelling all over the place they don’t get to see each other as much as they like so rn they’re just enjoying the company :’) (based offa these)

I’m so down for an I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry AU tbh.

Imagine bisexual Will Solace, needing to change the pension. Imagine him ask his best friend Nico to fake a marriage just so his kids would be okay. Imagine closeted Nico freaking out because he’s liked his best friend for so long but he was married and now he’s asking him to marry him.

Imagine them being married and trying to make everyone believe them. Imagine the kids falling in love with Uncle Nico and Uncle Nico loving them like his own kids. Imagine Will noticing it and noticing the staggers or wide eyes Nico gives him when he catches him leaving the shower or in those mornings when they wake up.

Imagine them slowly actually falling in love with each other. And becoming a family.


I’m joining the Stucky Pacific Rim AU fest ! Because let’s be real, those two are so friggin’ drift compatible !

So Steve and Bucky are the two pilots of the jaeger First Avenger, nicknamed “Captain America” by the other pilots. Steve stops being a pilot after losing Bucky in a fight against the kaiju “Hydra”, but comes back a couple of years later to pilot Cap again with Sam. And of course Bucky is not really dead …