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Oooo idk if it's too early to ask, but what Mayan sign would you associate with each of the western zodiac signs :o?

I’m not sure since there are so many more Mayan Signs than Western Zodiac Signs. I know B'atz the Monkey kind of reminds me of Libra, E The Road/Path reminds me a bit of Aquarius, Kej the Deer reminds me of Libra, Taurus, and Virgo,  Imox the Crocodile sort of sounds like a Scorpio/Sagittarius cusps, and  I'x the Jaguar reminds me of Scorpio. Toj reminds me of all the Fire signs and is actually Fire. 


I know this wont apply to most of my viewers, but I’d like to post this anyways as it is very important to me.

Moorpark/TO/Simi people!
 Keep your eyes in the sky and please be on the look out for Diego the red tailed hawk!  He flew off from America’s Teaching Zoo on Tuesday, and was last seen flying by the trailer park across the freeway from the zoo.
He may be wearing all or some of his equipment, so if you spot a hawk flying with something dangling or trailing behind it please take a closer look, it might not be a snake, but his equipment.  Look at the flyer attached to see an example of what those tools look like on a bird. This is an amazing bird for the zoo who teaches his trainers a lot about flighted birds of prey, and they miss him very much!  Please help us find him and bring him back home!  Call the number on the flyer if you think you’ve spotted him.