Cardiac distress symptoms in women

In the wake of Carrie Fisher’s death four days after she suffered a massive heart attack, one thing that was reported by some news outlets was that she had been in “significant distress” on the flight. We don’t know the exact details of this, but in my experience as an EMT, it often means “hysterical woman having a panic attack and thinking she’s dying…*woman dies* …oops, guess she really was dying.” 

It is SO IMPORTANT to remember that many women present in what medicine considers an ‘atypical’ manner for heart attack, but it actually IS typical…for women. Women are more than twice as likely to die from cardiac emergencies, not because our physiology is that much different than men and thus gives us a worse chance at survival (it’s actually better if treated promptly and adequately), but because our symptoms are more likely to go unrecognized or to be dismissed entirely.

Thus, please take a moment to review and pass on this list of cardiac distress symptoms as seen in women: 

Shortness of breath - This is the most common one. If a woman, especially one without prior history of respiratory issues or shortness of breath, seems to be having trouble catching her breath and/or complains of such, pay very close attention. If she continues to feel winded after sitting or laying down, it’s probably time to call for help.

Feeling of impending doom - This can range from a sense of general unease to a full-blown panic attack. This one is extremely important, and is the symptom most commonly disregarded by doctors and hospital staff. If a woman tells you that she feels ‘not quite right,’ or like something terrible is about to happen, or that she’s about to die, LISTEN TO HER FFS. 

Nausea and “indigestion” - Also common. Heart attacks frequently present as a feeling of vague nausea or indigestion, but unlike typical heartburn, antacids and other OTC treatments will not alleviate the symptoms.

Hiccups - Unexplained hiccups, especially if seen with any of the other symptoms listed above, can be indicative of heart muscle that is being acutely or chronically starved of oxygen.  The exact mechanism isn’t known, but it’s thought that the enzymes released by the dying muscle irritate the pericardium and adjacent diaphragm, causing spasms in the healthy muscle. 

Fatigue - This is another commonly seen symptom, and is often overlooked or ignored as just transient tiredness. Many women having a heart attack will complain of feeling “flu-like” symptoms of nausea, sweating, fatigue, and shortness of breath, and they’ll lie down for a nap and never wake up. 

Lightheadedness - A feeling of being lightheaded or about to faint isn’t terribly uncommon in many benign conditions, and many women experience it on a monthly basis. However - be aware when it appears unexpectedly or unexplainedly, and/or with one or more of the other symptoms on this list. 

Sweating (diaphoresis) - Heart attack does funny things to the sympathetic nervous system, which is behind reflexes such as sweating and hiccups. If a lady is experiencing unexplained or excessive sweating, pay attention to anything else that might be going on with her. 

Tingling or numb extremities - A feeling of numbness or “pins and needles” tingling in the extremities can be an important sign that cardiac function is being impaired and those body parts aren’t receiving enough oxygen. 

Peripheral and/or central cyanosis - Often accompanies tingling or numbness, and is considered a later-stage symptom of cardiac distress and heart failure. Finger and toe tips will turn pale or blue first, and lips and gums after that. Important to remember that darker-skinned women may present cyanosis as ashen, grey, or darker purple rather than pale or blue. 

Back pain - Pain between the shoulder blades, in the cervical spine, or even further down in the torso or lumbar region can be a symptom of heart attack. Alone, it isn’t that suspicious, but if it’s unrelenting and presents with any of the other symptoms above, keep a watchful eye on things. 

Classic “crushing” or “tight” chest pain or pressure - Women DO experience this classic pain, too, just not as frequently as men do. This may be due to our higher pain threshold, or differences in blood volume, or maybe we’re just not sure because nobody’s bothered to really study it. Whatever the reason, some women do still experience the crushing or tightening pain, and others may experience less painful pressure or tightness that doesn’t seem to be relieved by anything.

Arm and jaw pain - Another “classic” heart attack symptom, and a bit more common than central chest pain. Unexplained pain in the left arm or shoulder, and on the left side of the neck or jaw, should not be ignored by anyone.

A-typical April

I want to start a thing. 

I love my ML fandom. I do, more than any other fandom I have been a part of. 

But in the last 3 months I have seen a distressing amount of posts come across my dash of people feeling that Non- Lovesquare things get overlook or worse actively criticized and even harassed. This is a problem. Not because people shouldn’t like what they like ::aggressively cuddles my Marichat square::: but because there are SO MANY THINGS that are great about this show that aren’t JUST the love square. 

SO I am proposing a thing. A-typical April. a slew of prompts and challenges that have nothing to do with the lovesquare. Lets celebrate the friendships, the kwamis, the families, other ships- canon or noncanon!, heck the villains! I will personally put aside time to have a day of Gorilla appreciation! That man needs more love! 

As we get closer and closer to the premiere of season 2 let’s take some time to appreciate everything else wonderful in the ML fandom! 

Anyone else up for it? 

My mom recently asked me to explain what it’s like for me when neurotypicals try to give me advice about coping with my mental illness. This is what I came up with. 

Imagine that you have to live your life always carrying a massive boulder. Some days you manage better than others but for the most part you’re tired and your muscles hurt. Then a fit and jolly person comes along and they’re carrying a feather. “Oh no, no, no. You’re lifting all wrong. You do it like this.” They fail acknowledge the size difference between your objects and with each demonstration they get more and more pissed when you cannot balance that boulder on one hand.  

on “female autism” and why it is transmisogynist

(tl;dr at the end)

i have written posts about this on my personal account before, but now this subject has reached the autpunk blog so i am making a post with more explanations here. i am not a trans woman, however i have talked about this subject extensively with my dear friend (hi!! <3) who is an nb trans woman and they say i can good words. so here goes.

so there are a lot of articles and posts and lists of symptoms for this “female autism” thing. they say: autism presents differently in women and girls, and this is why it is often not recognized by professionals.

now there are several issues with this:

  • it’s not a different kind of autism. the actual symptoms as listed in the DSM 5 or ICD 10 are still the same. the only thing that is different is that “women and girls” (probably only cis women and girls?) do less often show the kind of behaviour that has become a stereotype for autistic behaviour.
  • so the professionals who recognize or diagnose autism based on those stereotypes or their absence are actually pretty bad professionals and that is the actual problem, not the fact that autism looks different in some people.
  • and of course, not all people who are “women and girls” according to those articles are, well, actually female, and not all women and girls actually display the “female autism” traits. this is what this post is about.

so some people recognize this: obviously, not every person who gets labelled a “girl” as a child by doctors is actually a girl. many of them will later find out that they are nonbinary or trans men or another gender.

so many people say: so, that means that this is actually not about “female autism”, it is about autism in AFAB people! this is nice for trans afab people who recognize themselves here.

but this is also where it gets transmisogynist because it erases the fact that trans girls will also often display the “female autism” traits. it uses the concept of gendered socialization to explain the differences in “boys” and “girls” and just pushes trans girls into the “socialized as male” box.

this connection might be hard to follow (took me a while too), so i will explain it in more detail now:

the difference between “female autism” and “standard autism” is explained by female socialization. that means: adults are teaching kids that they think are girls to be quieter, friendlier, more socializing, to fit in better, and other things like that. this is often named “female socialization”.

adults are not teaching kids that they think are boys those things. this is often named “male socialization”. 

however, this is sort of a very generalized statement and it does not consider trans kids at all. because trans kids often (not always!) observe already as kids that there are different roles, and recognize that they do not fit into the role they have been assigned. they (consciously or subconsciously) adopt behaviours from “the other” role, or mix them up, or choose to behave completely different.

and another thing is that, even if a trans kid completely learns the role that was assigned to them, it would be very hurtful to give this role a gendered name which does not fit the kid. that means, if i was assigned female at birth, it would be very hurtful for me to say that the socialization i received was “female”. because what i actually got was “closeted nonbinary socialization”.

and what trans girls actually get could be called “closeted trans girl socialization”.


this “socialization” is used to explain the difference between the way “girls” and “boys” present autism. 

and this is why you are being transmisogynist if you simply replace “female” by “AFAB” in this context.

now you might ask: “but if trans girls might also display those atypical traits, why are professionals not talking about “boys” who also display those traits?”

to this i could only reply with a question: do you think they are even looking?

they have found their binary-gendered, bio-essentialist perfect explanation. it fits their world view and so why would they question it? so as a result, many autistic trans girls are ignored even harder because they are labelled “boys” so even while now at least there IS some awareness of atypical autistic stereotypes, it is gendered. many autistic trans women never get diagnosed. 

so, in conclusion, this division of autistic stereotypes by gender is over-simplified and apart from being transmisogynist, it carries the danger of doing even more harm to gender noncomforming and trans kids. so please do not categorize autistic traits by gender and for goodness sake, do not categorize them by gender assigned at birth.

an alternative would be to talk about “atypical autism traits” instead, as for example done in this nice post.



  • atypical autism traits found in kids are often called “female autism traits”.
  • it’s not a different kind of autism, the symptoms are the same, just displayed differently because of the rules and pressure imposed on girls in particular.
  • so the difference between the way autism presents in “boys” and “girls” is explained by gendered socialization.
  • gendered socialization is real and happens, but assuming that AFAB kids receive “female socialization” and AMAB kids receive “male socialization” is very very much not cool, i mean it’s bio-essentialist and cissexist and please do not do that.
  • assuming that this kind of socialization happens only to AFAB kids, and therefore saying that this kind of autistic stereotype is not “female autism”, but rather “AFAB autism” is transmisogynist. Do Not Do That.
  • please do not caterogize autistic stereotypes by gender. you could call them atypical autism traits or anything else really, just don’t gender them, it harms trans people, especially trans girls and AMAB nonbinary people.

something that frustrates me about the whole “not my president”/“doesn’t share the values of this country” rhetoric is that he DOES

he DOES share the values of this country and to act like he does not and like this is atypical is to reject the past several hundred years of US and US colonial history.

our failure as white people has been collective, a collective refusal to fully look the past in the face and speak honestly about what we have done–we haven’t even done that, let alone made genuine steps to repairing the harm of generations done to generations.

we can see this everywhere we look, from the 3/5s clause to the oregon constitution, from slavery, the electoral college, the failure of the ERA to pass to the first anti-immigrant laws (which were also the first anti-sex worker laws), the gutting of the VRA, the gutting of the right to abortion–we are not the country that we pretend to be and we never have been.

whenever a new protection was proffered to a new group it was done unwillingly, half heartedly, a quarter-assedly, and only after great and massive protest.

we are not the country that we pretend to be and we never have been.

so yes, this is our president. millions of people don’t deserve him, but white people, we did create him. he shares most of the foundational values of this country: disrespect of women, distrust of people of colour; self interest and interest in capital above rights; and a willingness to say things to appease people with no intention of follow through or a direct intent to lie. ask any native american and they’ll tell you: this is a foundational bedrock trait of the united states of america.

he is OUR president as white people. whether we’re queer or women or both, this is still on us, who knew (or should have known) better. this is on every white person ever. we should have been undoing this for decades, we should have pressed the issue, we should have gone harder and we didn’t.

i don’t want him, i hope we can get rid of him, but he is most definitely OURS and a deus ex machina save to hillary WOULD NOT relieve us of culpability and responsibility.

we gotta change.

trump is our ugly white face in the mirror, and we have to change that.

Hi my name is Damien Dark'ness Dementia Raven Edgelord and I have short brown hair and icy blue eyes like limpid tears and a lot of people tell me I look like Charlie Ian (AN: if u don’t know who he is get da hell out of here!). I’m not related to him but I wish I was because he’s a major fucking hottie. I’m an atypical and I like making poeple do stuff. I have pale white skin. Today I was wearing a leather jacket, a metallica t-shirt, converse and black jeans. It was snowing and raining so there was no sun, which I was very happy about. I was walking to go kidnap my therapist’s brother when some preps started staring at me. I put up my middle finger at them.

Real talk

Guys, gals, and non-binary pals…I want to say something in regards to following medblrs and nurblrs alike. 

Yesterday a few of you pointed out my blog was atypical from what I normally post. It was full of posts that made me laugh, expressed my hate of 2016, and posts that I had (in my mind) funny comments to add to that made me laugh. I’m glad that those who decided to unfollow me yesterday did without bashing my blog in the process. But I wanted to tell you why my blog escaped the “norm” for a few hours after I got home from work. 

1520 yesterday the 31st, I get a call from the ER looking for our oncology doc oncall for the weekend. I inform the doctor about the phone call as she’s starting her rounds on the floor, she calls them back. After the talk she tells us there will most likely be a new admission for a newly diagnosed leukemia after she goes down to pathology to confirm the case. 

1731 the patient a 4 year old girl and her parents come on to the floor. Patient is scared, complains quietly of her legs hurting to her dad but says nothing to me or the nurse as we admit them and begin doing our initial work up for all oncology admissions. Parents have been informed that the oncologist is 98% sure it’s cancer….dad is pulling all his hope on the 2% chance we’re wrong and stays in good spirits. (denial) Patient’s temp on arrival 102.2

1800 me and the nurse finish our lab work, IV start, and questions for admission and give them some peace and quiet. That is until I return to recheck her temperature at this point she’s shaking, dad informs me she is afraid of being here. Temp 102.4, I call child life, and she gets tylenol from the nurse. 

1833 Our oncologist returns to the floor after confirming with St. Judes that this is in fact without a doubt cancer. She takes the parents aside into the room where so many hearts have been broken with an intern, a nurse and myself to go over the diagnosis, prognosis,  and treatment options. 

1912 The parents leave the “situation room” as I call it and I escort them to the chapel at their request.

1920 I’m still at work helping the nurse finish charting everything we did and the discussion we had with the parents. I’m tired…

1950 The parents return as we’re leaving and inform us they’d like to take the night to think things over and make a decision in the morning for a treatment plan which is either they stay with us for initial oncology work up or we transfer them to St. Jude’s in Memphis. 

2045 I pull into my driveway and contemplate life before going inside and taking a hot shower. 

There are some days like yesterday that I need to forget I work in medicine at all, days where I need to find something to make me laugh before I break down. I just want my followers and the followers of other medblrs and nurblrs to keep in mind…working in the medical field is taxing in so many ways. And as for me I use my blog as a means of escape when I’m feeling run down by the work I do. Just remember there are humans behind these blogs, behind the advice we give for school, and work, with the stories we tell, and the stories we never share with anyone because they’re too painful to recall. 

And to my fellow medical friends I just want to say that I hope this year is a blessing for you. I hope you maintain the drive and passion we all share to keep studying, to keep learning, to keep fighting and advocating for your patients that can’t. And to remember we’re a community built on support so if you need anything or someone to talk with we’re here for each other.  

when people understand me, we’re able to interact in a more pleasant, healthier manner, but I can’t exactly carry around pamphlets saying “so we might become friends: my trauma-based behaviors and why they’re Not About You™”, “so we might become friends: an explanation of my disorder-related behaviors“, and “so we might become friends: how to interpret my atypicalities”

A-Typical April

Originally posted by seekingakumas

Hey guys! It is almost time to celebrate A-typical April ^_^ A chance for all of us to give some love and appreciation to the less popular and celebrated things in the ML universe! There is so much about this show that is great other than just our adorable love square, and while we are still on Hiatus I thought it would be good to take some time and focus on that. ^_^  (This does not mean no Adrien or Marinette, just that the focus of all the works should be on something other than the Love Square.) 

For A-typical April I will be providing a series of both Weekly themes and Daily prompts that you can follow. (And will even have one of those fun visual calendars as well.

Now you CAN do art or fics or gifs or anything else following the weekly or daily prompts (and you certainly don’t have to do all of them!), OR you can show support by finding and kudos and reblogging other people’s works! Take a minute to look through the tags at some Tom and Sabine art, or share a link to a great Julerose or Ninoir fic. So many great non-lovesquare works get glossed over, and this is a wonderful chance to take the time and appreciate them! This show has so many amazing aspects to it that make it what it is. 

Anyways: For now Here is a list of the weekly themes! (Daily Calendar coming soon!)

Week 1: Friendship- There are so many amazing friendships on this show we could honestly spend a whole month just talking about that. 

Week 2: Love- As much as the Love square is great, let’s take some time to appreciate some of the other pairings in this fandom, there is no small list to chose from 

Week 3: Villains- This can include all the akumas, the troublesome adults lurking around (may or may not be plotting an Andre Bourgeois drabble for this week) or even some love for our resident butterfly enthusiast. After all without the villains, we wouldn’t have much of a plot now would we? 

Week 4: Daily Life- we all love the magic and the action scenes, but part of what is fun about this show is the regular day to day interactions between the characters. We get just as excited to see Marinette win a videogame contest as we do to see her face off against an actual giant robot!

That’s it for A-Typical April part 1! Part 2 Coming soon. (AKA probably tonight) 

If you want to participate please feel free to like and reblog this post- also use the following tag-        #MLAtypical  #Atypical April

That way people can track the event! 

NDRV3 Valentines Advice

Find yourself a Kaede, who will cheer on you for every little thing you do and hums with you all the songs you love at midnight.

Find yourself a Shuuichi, who will blush at compliments and will be there for you, on the loneliest nights, whenever you feel down.

Find yourself a Kaito, who will boast about how much you mean to them to everyone and will always tell you to follow your dreams.

Find yourself a Maki, who expresses their love in meaningful moments, and keeps doing it even if they go unnoticed.

Find yourself a Tenko, who will fight anyone who belittles you and will show you how to stand up for the things you love.

Find yourself an Ouma, who teases you a lot but actually cares so much of your well-being.

Find yourself an Angie, who will be the brightest light in your life and will teach you how to paint everyday in vivid colours.

Find yourself a Shirogane, whom you’ll watch shows together and will love your atypical quirkiness.

Find yourself a Gonta, who will treat you like royalty and will forever take care of you as a gentleman.

Find yourself an Iruma, who will put you as the most beautiful thing that has ever been created (after them, obviously :P)

Find yourself a Ryouma, who will always be watching over you, protecting you from any harm.

Find yourself a Toujou, who will serve you and will take on making you happy as their duty.

Find yourself a Himiko, who will sleep next to you and will teach you magic tricks when you are sad.

Find yourself a Shinguuji, who will tell you that you are living proof of humanity’s beauty and will recite you bedtime stories.

Find yourself a Kiibo, whom you will try to find the human part living inside you with, but will remain hopeful until the day both of you find it.

Find yourself. Find love. It can be romantic, it can be platonic. It will appear in the little things people do. 

It’s in the goodbye kiss your mother gives you before you leave.
It’s in the cake your friend bought you that one day.
It’s in the hug your brother asked for yesterday.

Realize that Valentines is supposed to be about every type of love out there, and that these little traits are everywhere.
Love yourself first, then go and find your match.

Good luck, and don’t despair. Remember: the truth will always hold some kind of hope.

Sameen Shaw - An Essay

Shaw’s a really unique character within the television landscape, I feel. She’s a bisexual (or pansexual, considering no one on this show outright states sexuality), non-neurotypical woman of colour doctor badass whose heritage is discussed and who is never demonized for the way her mind works. In a lot of ways, I think Shaw is, on paper, a character that would be a villain in most shows and films. The ex-government assassin with an atypical way of processing emotions that wants some revenge. I feel like I’ve seen that archetype used as a villain dozens of times, and I think the fact that Shaw fits that trope and yet is a hero really makes her stand out as a character.

While I felt like Emerson and Caviezel, to a lesser extent Henson and Chapman, needed a little bit of time to grow into their roles, Shaw crashed onto the scenes with Shahi feeling like she had done this role for years. I believe I read that she only had two weeks or so to prepare, but man does it not show on screen. I’m coming back to a point I made in my ones for Finch and Reese, but I think it’s perhaps done the best here, the restraint of the performance. Shaw’s not a showy character really, she’s very understated and the performance manages to handle that perfectly. I think people underrate sometimes just how hard it is to give a minimal performance like this, focusing on more showy ones, but Sarah Shahi really kills it. Her best performance though for me, bar none, is in 6,741. She manages, over the episode and the season, to seamlessly blend Shaw as we know her with the effects of what Samaritan has done to her. She’s acting different, but still very Shaw. Nothing about it betrays her character, yet allows for further insight into her as some of her feelings she’s been wallowing in for so long through the endless simulations are brought closer to the surface. It’s just all around a brilliantly done performance, and one I think deserves more attention than it often gets.

The Mayhem Twins dynamic really brings a lot to the series, injecting a lot of life into everything. Not that the series didn’t have it before, but Reese and Shaw have great chemistry and it’s fun to watch them bounce off each other. Like Shaw fills the role of Reese’s deceased sister, and Reese fills the void left by Nathan for Finch, Reese for Shaw fills the spot where Cole used to be. Her partner, and the one person she considered an exception to her disinterest in having friends, something Reese, as well as Fusco, Carter and Finch become to her as well. Their dynamic really comes back to a line he says to Shaw in Trojan Horse, “In our line of work, you walk in the dark. Doesn’t mean we have to walk in it alone.” And I think there’s no better way to sum it up than that line.

After she was revealed alive in M.I.A., and especially following Martine tormenting Root a little in Asylum by telling her about how Shaw pointed them towards her cochlear implant, I remember a lot of discussion about Shaw being turned. I am immensely glad they didn’t go down that route for her. I feel like it would have felt a bit too typical, a bit too easy, and would have gone against her character. What we got instead, with Shaw sacrificing herself over and over again, just like she did in If-Then-Else, that felt like Shaw. Instead of going down the somewhat lazy, in my opion, turning her to working for Samaritan route, they stayed true to her character as well as brought out a new dimension in Shaw. She experienced killing herself instead of Root-but-not some 7,000 times, and when she gets back, we can really see how the experience changed her particularly in terms of this relationship. Prior to everything Samaritan put her through, I don’t think Shaw would be the type to enjoy the softer things, moments like Root and her holding hands in TDTWWA. And when Root’s being her usual self in the face of a gunfight and flirting with Shaw, instead of the usual brushing it off, Shaw smiles. She missed this. Because the simulated Root was never really Root, and not just in the fact she wasn’t real. It was always just a bit off. Root wouldn’t be trying to get Shaw to sleep with her minutes after she returns, for example. None of them were quite right, and while Shaw’s not 100% when she gets back if this is real or if the simulations had just gotten really good, either way, she missed the real thing. Seeing how Shaw’s stripped down by the simulations is heartbreaking to watch, but brilliantly pulled off, allowing for a new lens on her as a character. 

The Root and Shaw relationship is without a doubt my favourite romantic pairing in anything. It’s a relationship where both participants are fully formed, fascinating characters in their own rights and doesn’t feel the need to play by any will they/won’t they, love triangles created to pad things out. I wish more TV shows would approach relationships with this level of maturity, instead of relying on tired tactics to drag it on. And what I really love is how it develops them both, how they challenge each other. With Shaw, I think we see a little bit of Root’s perception of The Machine having rubbed off on her in Death Benefit. When the team is confronted with the Trolley Problem, Finch falls in the camp of uncertainty but thinking murder is out of the question, Reese doesn’t trust The Machine as herself but trusts the rules Finch gave her, Shaw meanwhile is willing to trust in The Machine. Maybe it’s just me, but I think seeing how she and Root work and how everything that Root did with The Machine’s instructions had a larger purpose that she didn’t see at the time but they couldn’t complete the mission without grew that trust. I think it’s also what made Shaw the ideal pick for an analogue interface for The Machine down the line. And then there’s a smaller little development of teasing in their relationship, from Root flirting and teasing and Shaw looking irritated through season 3, to Honour Among Thieves when Shaw gets to be the one doing the teasing. One of the many things I love about their relationship is that it’s not everything their characters are, but at the same time, it’s big part and something that you can’t remove from the series without it falling apart. Seasons 4B and 5 can’t work without it, because this show understands that it needs to write for characters, not plot. The plot is informed by the characters, their wants, their desires, their fears, their hesitations, their impulses and decisions, those things are not dictated by the plot. Both these points are fine lines to walk, but this show pulls it off and makes it look easy.

“What is love if not being seen?” The Machine poses to Finch in Synecdoche, and I think this is a line that perhaps applies to Shaw most of all. The show, and Root within the show, never felt the need to change Shaw. It handled her non-specific aneurotypical personality respectfully, not acting like it was something that needed to be cured or gotten past. It wasn’t something wrong with her, it’s just who she is.  And as The Machine says in return 0, she’s special and loved by Root for who she is, not as some kind of project, not as someone with something wrong with them, for being Shaw, exactly the way she is.

Shout out to neuro-atypical Muslims

-Muslims with eating disorders that get triggered during Ramadan, who feel obligated to explain why they’re not fasting to nosey aunties

-Muslims on psych meds who can’t fast because without medication they can’t function, who feel uncomfortable explaining this to everyone who asks why they aren’t fasting

-Muslims with ADD who struggle to perform Salah, Taraweeh, read Qur'an, etc.

-Muslims with depression who sometimes find it hard to get out of bed and do the obligatory prayers or go to Masjid

-Muslims with Bipolar who find Islamic obligations easy on some days and impossible on others, who are seen as flaky or flip-floppy about faith

-Muslims with social anxiety who are afraid to pray in masjid because of fear of making mistakes or being looked at

-Muslims with dissociative issues who struggle with performing Salah and other obligations due to fear/threat of dissociating

-Muslims with PTSD, sensory issues or agoraphobia who are unable to go to masjid or other crowded areas & get seen as rude/snobby, or feel isolated

-Muslims with low self worth, suicidal ideations, etc that feel guilty because of that.

-Muslims with autism who are viewed/treated as a difficult test for their families

-Muslims with mental healtn issues who are told they need prayer or that their issues are caused by lack of imaan.

-All Muslims with any other mental health issue that I forgot to add that affects their practice of Islam & treatment in the Ummah

You are valid.
Your Islam is valid.
And you are Allah (SWT)’s beautiful creation.

Izuku has tons of All Might merch. He’s always thought highly of AM and it seems that, even personally knowing the man, he hasn’t stopped all of his fanboy habits. But I had a thought. What if, Toshinori thinks of Izuku often, too? 

There’s no hero Deku merch so he obviously can’t buy that, but sometimes he sees things that remind him of Izuku. He buys them. 

He sees a green-and-white tie one day and buys it, not even thinking about whether or not he’d wear it but thinking “this looks like a similar green to Midoriya’s hero outfit.” Maybe he actually does wear it to school one day (he bought it, so he may as well!), and people question the atypical color scheme but otherwise don’t pay much mind.

He has a green pen that he uses whenever grading papers. The ink is red but the casing is green.

Recovery Girl is exasperated sometimes, like the time when he volunteered to go on a supply run for her. “I appreciate that you went out to buy some supplies for me, All Might, but I can’t use these green cotton balls. Where did you even get them?”

He finds a green notebook with red and white star accents, and is reminded of Izuku’s note habits. He uses it as a planner.

Tbh he probably thinks of all his students to some degree. Space-related things make him think of Uraraka. He finds an old VHS tape of the Alien movie and thinks of Ashido. Sees one of those squeezable stress toys that has an angry-face and thinks of Bakugou. Anything frog-themed makes him think of Tsuyu. Punk/rock stuff makes him think of Jirou and he ends up buying a rock band T-shirt that he wears around his place. Anything grunge/goth makes him think of Tokoyami b/c he doesn’t really understand those fashions but maybe he’d like them…? When the weather is really hot or frigid cold he wonders how Todoroki is doing.

In general, he finds his life filled with light reflections of his students. It’s nothing noticeable at first, and it’s gradual, but his life gains more color because of it. He wakes up each day with a bit more excitement to see the world.

He never noticed that the world lost color in his eyes, always too busy in his efforts (not enough) to protect. He was so focused on trying to save the hearts of others that he neglected his own.

I’m old, he used to tell himself. It comes with age. He’d accepted (resigned himself) to such a thought. But his life still gains color.

His desk at Yuuei holds many things. A green notebook, a galaxy-print towel, an angry stress toy, a frog bobble-head, glittery streamers, a snowglobe, a spiked bracelet, a blue racecar replica, a cup with lightning bolts on its surface. A taiyaki-shaped eraser, writing utensils with birds and cowboy hats printed on them. He even has various merchandise (one for each, at the very least) themed after each of the heroes he works with, and more.

No one seems to notice the specifics of his habit. The teachers he works alongside watch with wide-eyes as his collection continues to grow, but otherwise don’t say much about it. Students dropping by the office stop and stare. When they ask, he laughs and replies: “I collect things sometimes.”

One day, Nedzu comes into the office. He stops right at Toshinori’s desk and tilts his head to the side, glancing between the unexpectedly festive workspace and the others’ with a knowing gaze.

“I’m glad you’ve adjusted well, All Might.”

Toshinori smiles.

He’s happy, too.