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This illustration I did last year seems to be going around the Internet without credit, thank you guys for keeping an eye out!😜 #jacquelindeleon #illustration #artistsoninstagram #atx #atxart #punk #instaart #artcollective


this is a PSA. no read more because this needs to geT ACROSS OMG

DO NOT JUST MOVE TO TEXAS JUST BECAUSE YOU WANT TO FEEL CLOSE TO RT. BECAUSE YOU WANT TO SNUGGLE THEM.  BECAUSE YOU WANT TO STAND IN FRONT OF THE RT OFFICE AND DO WHAT? nothing. stare? what are you gonna do. UNLESS YOU WANT TO GO TO COLLEGE HERE OR HAVE A JOB OFFERING OR ARE LEGITIMATELY OFFERED A JOB AT RT, DO. NOT. MOVE. TO. TEXAS. please me and the rest of texas can confirm it is a shithole. the only thing good about it is literally rooster teeth. it makes me mad when people are like oh im going to move to texas because rooster teeth is there AND dO WHAT what will you do with your life once youre here

get a job at burger king and hope one day gavin and geoff stroll in

theres other places in texas besides austin hey! theres dallas and lubbock but everywhere is a shithole. it is a shithole here. please, move here if you get a scholarship to UTA or UNT or ATM or TSU but omg do not move here just because you like rooster teeth. if youre friends with them, cool. move here to be close to them because you’ve met them or keep interaction with them on social media.

i wil lsay it again

do not move here to texas just because you like rooster teeth. if you want to, find out about jobs around the area and colleges or high schools. let me tell u it is p hard to get in to UT. thats the school im aiming for right now but if that doesnt work out then Texas state is my other option. You know why im going to a college down in *gasp* AUStin?? because i hate dallas. i hate DFW. i hateeheetetete it so much. i want as far away as possible from here without leaving the state (because thats what my tuition offers)

its a shithole here. ok thank you for listening and re evaluate your entire life.


Krum Bums - “La Plaga”


The Noise Showcase @ SXSW 2016

… at Des Moines Embassy 03.18.16 by Atmosvere