I got back to catching up with old friends and making new friends at Austin Pets Alive! today after a couple weeks away.

ELLE - I will keep posting this girl until she finds the forever home she is so overdue for. She’s adorable, affectionate, and highly skilled. While she does need to be the only pet, she’s house trained, possibly crate trained, and would likely do great with kids. So why hasn’t someone snatched her up yet? It’s beyond us.

ANGUS - This is one cool dude. He kind of thinks he’s a cat, as he will greet you by rubbing his whole body against your legs. He is part of APA!’s Canine Good Citizen program. He adores people. He could potentially go home with the right doggy friend, not so much because he’s picky as he’s still a bit underdeveloped socially and doesn’t always pick up in the cues he should pick up on. But he’d probably be just as happy if he was surrounded by only humans he could snuggle up with.


Right so it’s about time for me to roll out a new issue of my newsletter! Anybody interested in receiving it can now sign up using the form in the sidebar on my blog

My newsletter helps me keep in touch with all of my friends and fans in a more personal way and keeps all of the lovely people in my life up to date with where my art career/life is heading. It’ll include personal stories about what’s happening in my life, links to my newest artwork, information about upcoming shows, events and travel and who knows what other ephemera. Hopefully this’ll be entertaining for everyone (I’ll have fun at least) and we can start more conversations with each other! 

What Would Linda Belcher Read?

Linda Belcher is a pretty awesome cartoon mom. A lot of us are fans here at APL, which led our adult librarians to wonder: What would Linda Belcher read?

Ready? Then let’s take a look at Linda Belcher’s bookshelf!

She knows how to have a good time:

She passes along hard-learned lessons to her kids:

She has that intuition that only mothers have:

She loves to put on a show:

She’s even tried her hand at synchronized swimming:

Check out more recommendations for Linda Belcher at our catalog!

LOST! Sandy - Austin, TX

Sandy is an APA! foster dog who is SCARED of people. She does, however, take to dogs. So if you have a gentle, social pup you can walk around the area with, that may help get eyes on her. DO NOT CHASE HER. CALL OR TEXT THE NUMBER ABOVE IMMEDIATELY IF YOU SEE HER.

We want to get her back into her foster home before the fireworks start this weekend! Please help!