Rusty Sledge

He wants to be an only child (so you can spoil him rotten).

He refuses to listen to anything you have to say (because he’s deaf).

He will stare you down (ready and waiting for your next hand signal).

He might trip you (because he walks perfectly by your side).

He won’t give you any breathing room (because he wants to snuggle).

Rusty Sledge has been back at APA! for over two years. His original owners trained him well and loved him to bits, but life happened and they regretfully had to return him.

He knows hand cues for sit, down, come, good boy!, watch me, stay, and free. He could probably learn more without difficulty seeing as he’s so darn smart.

My favorite thing Rusty does at the shelter is he’ll sleep with the tip of his nose sticking out under his kennel door so he can sniff for familiar people (in his sleep). If he catches a whiff, he perks right up.

Someone take this hunk home!


The Handbuilt Motorcycle Show: 2015 

We just got these pretty 1” eyelet in at Shaman Northwest location! Amber and CZ gems with hammered brass insert! Thank you so much @anatometalinc !

Pineapplr is piercing at Shaman Northwest today & tomorrow. Danae & @jadewinston will be piercing @shamanmods downtown today and tomorrow.

#atx #legitbodyjewelry #bling #gauges #keepaustinmodified


This is how I spent my morning.

I had the day off work, so I hung out with some of my ADOPTABLE APA! pups. Tyler and I hadn’t spent some quality time together in a while, so he was FULL of joy and zoomies. Darcy had fun with our resident Clifford plushie. On my way out, I caught Vickie in this suggestive pose; look familiar?

Hope the end of your week brings you as many smiles as these pups brought me!

*A note on Tyler’s listed breed: Until recently, Tyler was listed as a pit bull terrier/mix. We received a complaint about how many dogs APA! has listed as pit mixes, so staff worked with the clinic to re-label them on paper. However, “what’s in a name” turned out to be the case in a least one dog’s case. A cute girl who was “re-labeled” was adopted, but the next day returned because the apartment complex said she looked too much like a pit bull even though her papers said otherwise. So, yes, Tyler is listed as a pointer/mix; and no, he doesn’t look 100% like your typical pit bull terrier, but they’re all mutts anyway. What’s on paper may have changed, but he certainly hasn’t. (Besides, have you seen pointers? Of all the breeds they re-labeled him as…)