I have so many thoughts about this. 

Given that it’s not in the SH tag, they see it too. (And the damage has been done, so putting it in the tag now just to prove me wrong wouldn’t prove shit, just FYI)

This kiss is awkward, as all hell, maybe it’s less awkward in the actual scene, but in this trailer, it’s cringe-worthy.

Now, there are a few different possibilities: 

1. This is purposeful and foreshadows falling out of instalove (you can’t legitimately fall in the span of 3 weeks). Jughead’s lips are pursed and, at least from his perspective, he’s just trying to figure out what he feels, this theory could easily lead to an ace Jug outcome. 

2. This is Cole, not Jughead, and he’s starting to slightly slip out of character not just with KJ but with LR too. His non-interest in kissing Lili, even on screen, has bled into his acting. 

Either option has me extremely excited.  

I just realized why it’s so cringey. It reminds me so much how Luke and Noah from ATWT used to kiss. And they were legitimately the worst kissers of all time, just look for yourself. 

Classic SOD Cover Date: May 29, 2007

Drake Hogestyn (John, DAYS OF OUR LIVES)
(left top inset) Judith Chapman (Gloria, THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS)
(left bottom inset) Charles Divins (Chad, PASSIONS)
(top inset) Cady McClain (Dixie, ALL MY CHILDREN)
(bottom inset) Maura West, Michael Park, & Terri Columbino (Carly, Jack, & Katie, AS THE WORLD TURNS)

Classic SOD Cover Date: April 17, 2007

(left top) Joshua Morrow (Nick, THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS)
(left bottom) Roger Howarth (Paul, AS THE WORLD TURNS)
(right top) Deidre Hall & Drake Hogestyn (Marlena & John, DAYS OF OUR LIVES)
(right bottom) Thaao Penghlis, Peter Reckell, & Kristian Alfonso (Tony, Bo, & Hope, DAYS OF OUR LIVES)


Five years ago, 4.22.10, Luke and Reid kissed for the first time

“Um, Doctor Oliver? You do realize that you kissed me, right? And, I mean, that’s - it’s okay. It’s nothing to be embarrassed by. I mean, you’re excited. You just got some really good news. But I think it would be kind of..weird…if we pretended that it didn’t happen.”

“I know what I did. It had nothing to do with the phone call. I wanted to kiss you. I’ve been wanting to kiss you for a long time…Luke.”


‘No, of course not, I’m not planning on falling in– no, it’s not something you plan on, it just happens. You’re powerless to stop it. …oh god, listen to me. I’ve never been powerless. I’ve always been in complete control of everything in my life.’

'Awww. Are you okay?’


Classic SOD Cover Date: November 28, 2006

(top row) Elizabeth Hendrickson (ex-Maggie, ALL MY CHILDREN); Tom Pelphrey (Jonathan, GUIDING LIGHT); Maura West (Carly, AS THE WORLD TURNS)
(middle row) Grayson McCouch (Dusty, AS THE WORLD TURNS); Trevor St. John & John-Paul Lavoisier (Todd & Rex, ONE LIFE TO LIVE); James Scott (EJ; DAYS OF OUR LIVES)
(bottom) Bryton, Unidentified Actor, & Victoria Rowell (Devon, Police Officer, & Drucilla, THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS)