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89th Academy Awards: 'Moonlight' is first LGBTQ film to win Best Picture
Moonlight picked up three awards tonight, including Best Picture and Best Adapted Screenplay.

Probably don’t need to tell you, but it can’t be said enough: Moonlight has won the Best Picture Oscar, making it the first LGBTQ film to take home the industry’s highest honor.

The film is based on the play, “In Moonlight Black Boys Look Blue,” and scriptwriter Tarell Alvin McCraney says:

Moonlight isn’t just a ‘gay film’ or a ‘black film,’” attributing an inauthenticity in limiting the film to just one category. 

It is a queer story, it is a gay story, it is a poverty story — you know what I mean? It is a story about drug addiction.”

Through its win, many are celebrating the universality of stories told from marginalized perspectives – that anyone can relate to & learn from these less visible perspectives even if the experiences between the viewer and the film’s subjects are dissimilar.

We hope that the Best Picture win will ignite an intellectual curiosity for many more people to seek out the film than would otherwise – but what’s assured: Moonlight is a landmark film that will enjoy a place in the studied canon for the rest of film history.

Worldbuilding can be hard, especially when it comes to aliens. All too often, fictional aliens feel like they’re really just humans in costumes, and even when they are weird enough to feel truly nonhuman, they’re usually still suffering from a serious case of monoculture-itis. 

Species Shock is a series that aims to supply you with samples of truly alien extraterrestrials, covering everything from their planet to biology, culture, and interactions with humans. It will be published with a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license, so that you can share, remix, transform, and build upon its contents however you’d like, even commercially, with very few restrictions. 

However, because I’m essentially releasing this for free, I can’t count on making enough money from Species Shock to offset the costs. This poses a problem for a financially-strapped college student such as myself: I can take care of almost everything on my own, but the one thing that I can’t do is draw art for the book. The funds from this campaign will be used to commission illustrations. 

I’m hoping to get at least a couple of full-color paintings, plus some field sketch-type drawings of native fauna. In the second image, heads #3 and #4 belong to close relatives of the “agloanikoi,” the species that are being described in Volume 1. 

I don’t want to make this post too long, so check out the main project page, where you’ll find a great big list of interesting things that’ll be talked about in Volume 1, along with a pair of updates that give you sneak peaks with even more information.

If the project makes it to $2,500 then we’ll have enough to fund the first two volumes without having to skimp on the quality of either. 

Here’s some more concept art, by the way. 

External image

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Send me a word, if it’s in my wip document I’ll answer your ask with the sentence that it appears in


a) sexy

Then he stopped in front of Credence and made a small noise as he read over his attributes. “Dangerous if Unbound,” Graves commented. “That’s new.”

Graves cupped a hand under Credence’s jaw and tilted his head to the side to expose the two leather collars wrapped around his throat.

b) drama

Percival bore the brunt of Newt’s anger without a shift in expression, and Newt was left with fuming silence. The creatures nearest to them had gone quiet; the whole suitcase, very still. Newt laid his hand very gently over his breast pocket, where Pickett shivered.

c) first meeting

Graves squatted down to make eye contact, hands held before him politely, but Credence knew better than to trust him now just because he didn’t have a wand in his hand. The wand was still tucked in his waist. It was far too available for Credence to take faith that Graves wouldn’t use it against him.

Magickal properties of baby shark teeth

I have been searching and searching for information on baby shark teeth and their magickal powers and attributes. A few days ago I felt compelled to buy a shark tooth. As I was bringing it home. I started thinking I have beach sand and freshly chiseled tips of raw Citrine. I was making it for a bday present for someone. Any way you could help me make more sense of a what feels very powerful protection and positivy charm? When I created it I had not researched in depth meaning behind all the items used. Now I am struck as into what message am I subconsciously trying to get accross to that loved one. I am sorry if it sounds idiotic. I suppose just more elaborate information on the shark tooth will suffice. I enjoyvdoing my own research and my work. People just answering for me is never full satisfying. I read regarding your busy schedule. May your health be well and may you be finding relaxation in your day. Love and light!



I high recommend talking to Allec over on @nicstoirm because sharks are their thing. So they probably have some interesting ideas worth thinking about.

I tend to think of citrine as a highly energizing and energy drawing stone. I use it to boost moods, energy, and intellectual pursuits. Beach sand is a great alternative to salt and has the added bonus of also being kind of like glass and earth all at once. It’s a fantastic option to get all those things in one go. Shark teeth are both aggressive and protective in nature so keep that in mind. 

I think this sounds like an extremely powerful and protective piece of jewelry. It’s one to give them the brilliancy and power of the ocean and the sky and the earth in one go. It’s an interesting combination of elements. Power here comes across clearly not just as a protective but also as a confidence booster.

Does that help some? 

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Hello Dark! You answered my last question saying that you are bisexual. How do you feel about transgender and non binary people? Also, what's your opinion on they/them pronouns? The next question is a little more personal... I'm sorry if it upsets you. If you had the chance to be in a human form, would you take the offer?

Dark clicked the sharper edge of his canines together, but even in the midst of the action he provided a subtly sweetened smile in their direction, clouded by mysterious undertones of meaning that were almost impossible to read properly.

“None of them affect me personally or emotionally. It is not my say on who gets to live what way they desire, in what form they desire, in what path they desire. If a man finds himself feeling more comfortable and more connected to the attributes and emotions of a woman, than let him be a woman. If a woman finds herself not connecting with her own gender or a man, than let her be her own self and not be labeled by the justifications society has demanded of the world…”

He spoke casually.

“There is a reason I refuse to address anyone as he or she in my responses. You may notice I address the questioners as “them” or “figures”, never he or she. This is purely out of respect for their identification, even if they state their identification in their question.”

He coughed under his breath.

“I would certainly take the opportunity to be a human, if I was certain I would still have a distinct purpose. If I became a human and lost my gifts and my knowledge, I would rather remain here in the void marveling in my duties than wandering worthlessly and able to feel grass on my skin.”

have you always wanted that awesome girl group who kicks ass and takes no shit, made up of a bunch of different types of wonderful ladies?  okay, now imagine that, but even better because they’re also superheroes.  if you roleplay a greek goddess / heroine / monster / powerful woman, then drop me ( reignofolympus / inoblivicn ) or haley ( wxrgod/wildhuntrcss ) a message!  all we need is a quick description of how your character fits into the setting ( listed below ).

a group of women, all with unique powers and attributes that grant them the title of super.  they share a home, work together, etc etc. honestly this is still a work in progress and we wanna plot with as many people as possible before we get too into it.  basically just tell me what your character’s power is and give me your skype!  more details revealed as plots and headcanons progress!

aphrodite: @foamxborn – shapeshifter / seductress.
artemis: @wildhuntrcss – ‘creepy animal shit’
athena: @inoblivicn – mind control / telepathy
persephone: @whiskyd – plant manipulation


internet discourse peaked back in 2013 when user taknbacon, angry over a supposed “stealing” of his work that was in fact modification and attributed redistribution of a work published on a website of which the entire point is to publish works under the creative commons license and allow users to redistribute this way, tried to dox a college student, and then mistook somebody’s forum signature as an actual part of their post

Avoiding Heteronormativity In Slash Writing

A couple of non-LGBT fans have asked me - as a gay Lister / Rimmer shipper and fic writer - to write down my thoughts on how to try to avoid unintentionally writing them - or other RD slash pairings - in a heteronormative way.

Disclaimer: this is obviously not me telling people what to write or how to interpret these characters.  We can all write what we choose (as long as we tag it if necessary) and everyone is entitled to their own head canons.  But since I was asked and it’s an interesting and relevant topic, here are my thoughts.

Firstly - and I really can’t emphasise this enough - try not to assume that in a same-sex couple, one must automatically take on the role of “the man” and the other the role of “the woman”.  Think about how the characters actually behave, not who’s smaller or prettier.  Avoid attributing stereotypically “feminine” characteristics to one e.g. assuming that they do the majority of emotional labour in the relationship, are more likely to cry etc.

Secondly, bear in mind the era Lister and Rimmer come from - the future.  Given that they’re both “officially” straight, the idea that they would have any attachment to early 21st century models of queerness e.g. fashion, music etc is highly unlikely.

Thirdly, try to avoid describing them with loaded adjectives such as “pretty” and “rugged” respectively.

And finally, think about the situation you’re putting them in, especially if it’s an explicitly sexual fic.  If you want to write Lister getting spanked, for example, that’s absolutely fine.  As long as he feels in character.  Maybe you might also want to think about flipping that situation and having him spank Rimmer?  Or Todhunter or another character who canonically has authority over him?  Variety is the spice of life, after all.

Since I have no first-hand authority on BDSM practices, I welcome the thoughts of those who do on how Lister and Rimmer might negotiate that type of relationship.

Hopefully this has been helpful or at least thought-provoking.  Discussion welcome. :)

Too often we move along ignoring the fact of our own advantages in every criticism we make concerning others. We do this because we are ignorant of the subtleties of life. Be sure that the vileness which you attribute to some object is a mirage. It is a sky illumination of your own lack of understanding - the confusion of your own soul.
—  Theodore Dreiser, “Sister Carrie”

When I was in high school, a girl gave me a ring for my birthday, it was silver and was etched with the Celtic knot of friendship, having always been fond of rings, I happily wore the piece for many years, until, one day, it broke. 

Now, I discovered quite soon after I’d worn it for some time, that the ring was really copper that was covered in a thin layer of silver like paint, the tell tale green hue it stained my ring finger was a sure sign of that, but, I still wore it. Real silver or not, it was a lovely ring, and I loved the design and the sentiment behind it.

However, as time went on, the ring became duller and duller to me, and wearing it became something I merely did out of habit rather than the meaning originally attributed to it. It was also around this time, that my friendship with this girl became nearing nonexistent. She hurt people I cared about, and treated others she deemed beneath her like ants on the ground. I began to hate her, but, I still wore the ring.

Maybe I was just waiting for a sign that things were over between us, or it was just happenstance, but, the day I decided to remove her from my life, it finally broke.

Looking back on our friendship, it had always been somewhat stagnant, we didn’t actively pursue a deeper connection by speaking outside of school, or hanging out, we just remained friends, because it was convenient to do so. In other words, it seemed good from the outside, but, it was really soft and brittle, like copper painted silver.

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It's cause a lot of people here have this idealized version of mental illness but when they see what's REALLY like they're instantly turned off.

Yeah, there’s also the problem where headcanoning is really performative for a lot of people on here. They basically just pretend to actually care about these kind of people by attributing these shallow characteristics to fictional characters

365 Days of Cophine Headcanons: #308 - #310

Day 308: Shame (Puppy AU)
They know when Polo’s done something bad that they’ve yet to discover when he comes slinking to Cosima and tries to cuddle up to both of them. Delphine isn’t fooled into being anything less than stern, but Cosima’s prone to going easy on him when he looks at her with those big puppy-dog eyes.

Day 309: Survival (Canon)
After everything has settled down, Delphine’s the first one to get a grey hair, which Cosima soothes her by attributing to their incredibly stressful life.

Day 310: Impulsive (Canon)
Delphine has learned to live with an impulsiveness in Cosima that she and her sisters do really seem to share. Sometimes it’s a little reckless, but mostly it ends up in random flowers for her, surprise dates, or dropping by the office with coffee.

Injustice in our medical system

I want to keep the person and entity they work for anonymous at the moment to avoid any legal/personal problems to them, but this story is horribly frustrating, specially if you’re dealing with chronic pain and how some doctors treat us.

The person we are talking about is REAL and got injured at work while lifting something heavy, which the person has done before, and here is what the “physician”( which the person in charge is a Physician Assistant (PA)  and not an MD) where the patient is being treated at and people in that facility have done: 

-The PA noticed the patient having SEVERE shoulder and chest pain, which she attributed to the patient having Pneumonia. The issue with this was that the patient was taken to the ER right after her injury by her company, her test weren’t consistent with pneumonia, and the PA disregard that and still left it in that paper work and did not provide with treatment or further blood test. 

-The PA then said what the patient had was a shoulder injury that was acute, she did not provide more information and still left Pneumonia as a diagnosis. She did not want to provide with pain medication and sent patient to the ER. 

-The PA sent a replacement doctor to work on the patient and the new doctor told her that her diagnosis of Pneumonia and acute injury in the shoulder was wrong, that the problem was a cervical injury, which once again she still left things as they were and ordered an MRI of the shoulder blade, and did not want to explore the possibility of a cervical injury. 

-The patient went to her regular primary physician and asked for his opinion, he also agreed it was a cervical injury, which could happen after repetitive movement, he advice an MRI of the cervical area, which was not going to be approved and would be expensive. 

-The patient got a shot, and was NOT informed of the purposed of it, the possible side effects, or what else to expect. The patient got a reaction to the shot, in which I got involved and went to talk on their behalf. I was upset at the fact that they were she COULD get a flare up due to the shot and they did not mention it, they sent the patient back to work. She retracted and said she did not ordered it and later gave her a window of a week of no work to recover from the flare up, this physician was nice compare to her usual one. 

-The PA would get so mad at what happened and blamed the patient, then sent the patient to work and told her if the injury was not in the shoulder, like she wants it to be, she would not continue to see her. 

-The PA told the patient not to return to her until MRI of her shoulder was done to get results. 

-The PA noted that the patient asked for Tramadol, after being given some by another physician, and that the patient was rude and angry because they would not be given Tramadol, which was a lie. I was with the patient when the patient reported that Tramadol got her sick and not to be given anymore. So the PA lied.. 

-The receptionist laughed at patient. 

-The PA canceled patient’s appointment without calling before hand. 

-The PA mentioned how she was over-reacting about her pain and not to go see her face for nothing else. 

-The PA called the person’s work manager to let them know that they could go back to work, without telling the patient, and telling the patient to not go to work until MRI results. 

-Patient has MRI was was told they did the wrong one, luckily it was a cervical one that they did for mistake, the patient did show a cervical injury, but they twisted the story and said that the cervical injury was not related to the work injury and was not that much pain. A cervical injury could be caused by the movement she made at work, therefore what the doctor said was wrong, and patient went to a specialist to ask. 

This is just the short version, for one I do not get how they label patients as liars, how they want them to “deal” with pain in useless physical therapies or tell patients to “forget” their pain. 

I for one want to help this person and I am looking for all the options, but to me this is a legal matter now, but wanted to really help in letting them know that their pain matters, it isn’t fake, not just because you can’t see it from the outside. 

NO ONE deserves this.