Hey, guys, gals, folk of all sorts! This is studio DOULZIA coming to you live with our first official post of our current project: Skeletonblood

Skeletonblood is a rhythm and turn-based JRPG with an emphasis on being more than a game, but a story and a message.

Here are some things y’all can definitely expect from Skeletonblood:

  • Alternate universes and urban legends and possible black magic
  • A non-imaginary imaginary friend
  • Multiple weapon choices and attributes including the sword… recorder… resworder ?? Who knows? It’s sharp and plays music!
  • Wicked Puns (the most important part)
  • Really beautiful, experimental baroque music recorded by the French ensemble L'Atelier du Sensible!
  • Original, interesting enemy designs that are more than they seem (check some designs out in our tagged/monsters !)
  • Attacks real issues that may be overlooked such as conformity and loss because, dang it, children experience things too
  • Most importantly - a dedicated, passionate team who wants to make a change and to tell a story

We’ve been working on this game for several months now and are all excited to make Skeletonblood the best it can be! If you could check out these links and/or reblog this post, that would be incredible!


Artwork above created for Skeletonblood by our Art Director すずか (Suzuka)! Check out more of her work right ——> HERE

the ‪#‎dontjudgeme‬ challenge isn’t cute, funny, or even relatively amusing. parodying and making fun of unibrows, acne, orthodontia, bad eyesight, and other physical attributes that many people might be self-conscious of is absolutely disgusting.

if you’re finding yourself laughing at these videos, then “sorry I’m not sorry”, I’m ashamed of you, please rethink this new trend.

anonymous asked:

i don't get how us//uk would have any chemistry.... like i see the positive attributes in both characters but idk what america would see in england as a potential partner and vice versa. i kind of think people only ship them because people interpret their interactions in canon as potentially romantic. correct me if i'm wrong, i dont hate the ship or anything i just dont get it


“Courtney Vision”

I have zero excuses

I just kept laughing while drawing the first panel im sorry

What People Like About You
  • Aries:Your honesty and sarcasm
  • Taurus:Your sense of humour
  • Gemini:How easy going you are
  • Cancer:Your passion in things you care about
  • Leo:Your sincerity makes people feel appreciated
  • Virgo:Your reflective thoughts and discussions
  • Libra:Your gentle and caring ways
  • Scorpio:Your general acceptance of things outside the norm
  • Sagittarius:Your protective nature
  • Capricorn:Your ability to lead by giving advice
  • Aquarius:Your rationality and level-headedness.
  • Pisces:Your ability to understand how people are feeling
Comma added to input type="number"

In certain versions of Webkit a comma is automatically added to input fields with the HTML5 attribute type="number". In most situations a thousands separator is a nice visual device, but it’s not really applicable to numbers like ZIP codes. In the meantime, there is a workaround until the webkit team addresses the bigger issue.

Personally, this one might be worth waiting out. I’m not sure which option I like least, unintended formatting or using the type="text" attribute for a number field.