Masculinity is both difficult to achieve and impossible to maintain, a fact that Real notes is evident in the phrase “fragile male ego.” Because men’s self-esteem often rests on so shaky a construct, the effort to preserve it can be all-consuming. Avoiding the shame that’s left when it is peeled away can drive some men to dangerous ends. This is not to absolve people of responsibility for their actions, but it does drive home the forces that underlie and inform behaviors we often attribute solely to individual issues, ignoring their root causes.

James Gilligan, former director of the Center for the Study of Violence at Harvard Medical School, has written numerous books on the subject of male violence and its source. In a 2013 interview with MenAlive, a men’s health blog, Gilligan spoke of his study findings, stating, “I have yet to see a serious act of violence that was not provoked by the experience of feeling shamed and humiliated, disrespected and ridiculed, and that did not represent the attempt to prevent or undo that ‘loss of face’—no matter how severe the punishment, even if it includes death.”

Too often, men who are suffering do so alone, believing that revealing their personal pain is tantamount to failing at their masculinity. “As a society, we have more respect for the walking wounded,” Terry Real writes, “those who deny their difficulties, than we have for those who ‘let’ their conditions ‘get to them.‘” And yet, the cost, both human and in real dollars, of not recognizing men’s trauma is far greater than attending to those wounds, or avoiding creating them in the first place. It’s critical that we begin taking more seriously what we do to little boys, how we do it, and the high emotional cost exacted by masculinity, which turns emotionally whole little boys into emotionally debilitated adult men.

When masculinity is defined by absence, when it sits, as it does, on the absurd and fallacious idea that the only way to be a man is to not acknowledge a key part of yourself, the consequences are both vicious and soul crushing. The resulting displacement and dissociation leaves men yet more vulnerable, susceptible, and in need of crutches to help allay the pain created by our demands of manliness. As Terry Real writes, “A depressed woman’s internalization of pain weakens her and hampers her capacity for direct communication. A depressed man’s tendency to extrude pain…may render him psychologically dangerous.”

We have set an unfair and unachievable standard, and in trying to live up to it, many men are slowly killing themselves. We have to move far beyond our outdated ideas of masculinity, and get past our very ideas about what being a man is. We have to start seeing men as innately so, with no need to prove who they are, to themselves or anyone else.

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So, do SJW acknowledge the existence of tomboys (they are cis) or now they are automatically demi-gender, gender-fluid, trans, etc?

I still see a majority of them call tomboys demi-gendered. We’ve actually had a couple people send in questions about it in the past because they’ve been told on tumblr that they’re “demi-boys” since they enjoy stereotypical masculine things. 

The most sigh-worthy part of it is that often the same SJWs pushing such labels are against gender roles. Newsflash: You can be totally cis and still enjoy activities stereotypically attributed to other genders!

-The Native One


Museum Collection: Antikensammlungen, Munich, Germany
Ware: Attic Red Figure
Shape: Kylix
Painter: Attributed to Douris
Date: ca 490 - 470 BC
Period: Late Archaic

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I see you getting HP asks and it makes me thing that all the tests I take always come out as me being a Ravenclaw OR Slytherin and I spend way too much time thinking about which house I truly belong to, and it mentally disturbs me that I'll nEVER KNOW.

the most interesting thing about this is, I do think you know. Every person possesses traits that pertains to each Hogwarts House. The main conflict people have is that they know what characteristics they display more or less of, sometimes it’s equal - that is why it’s so difficult. Think not of what attributes you have the most of, but which House can improve your skills and who you are now. It is the House that will enhance the value for yourself that you belong in. 

At school, I’m viewed to be smart and display (moments lol) of intelligence, I was interested in things a Ravenclaw would also be fascinated with. However, I knew I belonged in Slytherin because I truly believe that it is ambition, determination, and resourcefulness that would further develop my strengths and fulfill my endeavours. Also because I want to destroy Gryffindor House. 

Remember that the Sorting Hat can’t always choose for you. You must make choices for yourself in the most difficult of times. The Hat takes your decision into account. 


Museum Collection: Antikensammlung,
Berlin, Germany
Ware: Attic Red Figure
Shape: Kylix
Painter: Attributed to the Codrus Painter
Date: ca 440 BC
Period: Classical

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I just saw a chris evans appreciation tumblr call him a "boston creme pie" and that gave me happy but also extremely dirty thoughts that I'm going to attribute to your exquisite porn farming. Thought you'd like to know. <3

oh my.

oh my.


Museum Collection: Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Ware: Attic Red Figure
Shape: Lekythos
Painter: Attributed to the Nikon Painter
Date: ca 470 BC
Period: Classical

Grading my prison class’s midterms. One of the questions asks them to identify the four major attributes of an effective claim, as discussed in class, and provide an ineffective example of each. 

One of the attributes is “avoids bias and loaded language”.

For one of the students’ “ineffective” examples, he quoted Donald Trump’s recent comments on Mexicans and very neatly and properly attributed it. 

I want to give him a gold star just for that answer alone. 


George Harrison, 1988, photographed by David Plastik (x)

Photos © David Plastik

The following are typed up/transcribed from books and interviews:

“Just remember, [George] has enormous intellectual curiosity; he wants to know everything. I won’t go into detail except to say that he has critiqued some of my writing attributed to him. That’s always a risk, but it’s worth it when you can have a candid talk and understand exactly what that person means. George may be the youngest Beatle and all that, but he is beyond his years in his values, and his pursuit of the truth, and I might add quite candidly, his ability to [be] direct and sometimes painfully honest.” - Derek Taylor to Larry Kane, When They Were Boys [x]

“Harrison was gregarious and a good listener. He loved talking about books, recent films, British and Indian history, and the annals of the recording industry - whether it was about early English vaudeville, Cab Calloway and Hoagy Carmichael, the translation from big bands to bebop, country and Western music at its most rustic or instrumentally skilled, or the evolution of recording techniques.

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Fear Allaah Ta'Aala inside and outside of Ramadhan in regards to abuse.

Seek to avoid quarrelsome demeanor.

The Prophet (sal-Allaahu ‘alayhe wa sallam) said: The best of you is the one who is best to his wives, and I am the best of you toward my wives.» [at-Tahaawee: Saheeh].

The Prophet (sal-Allaahu ‘alayhe wa sallam) said in the farewell Hajj: “…Listen, and take my counsel with regard to women. Be good to them for they are captives with you.”

[Tuhfatul Ahwadhee Sharh-Tirmidhee: 4/326 and Sharh Ibn Maajah: 1/567]

Let no male believer ever hate a female believer. Though he may dislike one attribute of hers, he will be (surely) pleased with another. [Muslim].

Kinda funny how all of Lord Shen’s actions taken to prevent the Soothsayer’s prophecy coming true do nothing but ensure that it does.

Slaughtering the Panda Village resulted in Po’s mother’s sacrifice, which obviously leads to Po’s survival, and also attributes to Po’s eventual self-discovery

His defeat of Master Thundering Rhino brings him to Shifu’s attention, who sends out Po and the Five to stop him

Blasting Po away with the cannon leads to Po’s discovery of inner peace, with the guidance of Soothsayer his rescuer, who would not be there to rescue him in the first place had Shen not sent her away when he did

Then during the climax, Po’s Shen-initiated inner peace enables him to deflect the cannonballs and turn them back on the ships, eventually destroying them all

And of course, (whether it was intentional or not), cutting the ropes when in the final battle with Po leads to his ultimate death

After all; One often meets his destiny on the road he takes to avoid it.

Dental health and diet in early medieval Ireland

  • by Mario Novak


“With the aim to get a better picture of dental health, diet and nutrition in early medieval Ireland a population-based study focusing on several attributes of oral health in adult individuals was conducted. The study focused on possible differences between sexes and age groups in terms of frequency and distribution of studied pathologies in order to determine whether these differences result from different diets, cultural practices or are age-related.


Permanent dentitions belonging to adult individuals from five Irish early medieval sites were examined for the evidence of caries, ante-mortem tooth loss, abscesses, calculus, alveolar bone resorption and tooth wear. All pathologies were analysed and presented by teeth and alveoli.


A total of 3233 teeth and 3649 alveoli belonging to 167 individuals (85 males and 82 females) were included into the analysis. Males exhibited significantly higher prevalence of abscesses, heavy wear and alveolar bone resorption, while females exhibited significantly higher prevalence of calculus. All studied dento-alveolar pathologies showed a strong correlation with advanced age, except calculus in females. Additionally, dental wear associated with habitual activities was observed in two females.


The results of the present study confirm the data gained by written sources and stable isotopes analyses suggesting the diet of the early Irish was rich in carbohydrates with only occasional use of meat. Furthermore, significant differences between the sexes in terms of recorded pathologies strongly suggest different nutritional patterns with females consuming foods mostly based on carbohydrates in comparison to males. The observed sex-differences might also occur due to differences between male and female sex such as reproductive biology and pregnancy, a somewhat different age distributions, but also as a result of different cultural practices between the sexes” (read more/open access).

(Open access source: Archives of Oral Biology 60:1299-1309, 2015 via

I think some folks tip their hands that they’re looking through shipping goggles that when they see Sasuke shocked that his weapon has gone through Naruto, they attribute this to worry and not surprise, and when they try to critique his expressions compared to how he reacts to his daughter or wife. When you’re going so far as to either attribute will to a fictional character or imply Kishimoto is subconsciously pandering to your ship, you may have gone too far.

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