I swear nothing is more attractive than when Jimin wears his snapback backwards with is forehead showing…How can you not find that shit attractive.


This fucker knows what he’s doing (x)


Slay me right now.. This isn’t acceptable 

He looks like such a fuckboy.

THIS LOOK. This gif set is my life. (x)

His forehead moles..😍


OK. ok.. This one legit hurts.


😩 😩

ok im starting to sweat.

Just take my money..pls

Stop being so extra. (x)
Im gonna stop now before this post becomes 10 pages long..

but yeah… this is my favourite Jimin look.. WHO DOESNT LOVE THIS
(non of these gifs/pictures are mine!)


when isak is replaying the bathroom meeting in his head in 3x09 it’s visually warmer than how it actually happened in 3x01. this could very well just be the skam team color correcting but i’m going to believe that isak is remembering how warm & fuzzy it felt to finally meet even, versus…waiting for this attractive fucker to give him a dirty paper towel.

Energy Alignment Breakdown

So I wanted to make a more structured post based on this ask from a while back. In this post, I’ll be breaking down some of the vernacular used in these discussions as well as exploring origins, alignment expansion, practical applications and some of the more nitty-gritty information that can come forward through an understanding of alignment.

This post is going to be working with the understanding that you have basic energy sensing capabilities. I am not setting out (nor will I ever be) to explain to people how to sense energy as there are plenty of resources already out there on this subject. 

With that out of the way, let’s begin.

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yes but there’s also 

  • ‘I’m hella sick but not old enough to purchase cough medicine and that sounds really pitiful coming from a college student but would you please go buy me some NyQuil???’ au
  • 'We made a bet at the beginning of the laser tag game to see who was better and guess who won. It’s time to pay up.’ au
  • 'Who keeps using my wifi?’ 'Literally everyone, your password is hella easy to guess.’ au
  • Tried to unlock the wrong car in the parking garage au
  • 'I’m on the FBI’s most-wanted list for killing a fuck ton of people, but calm down I just wanna date you bc your face is v smoochable and you give me butterflies.’ au
  • See also; 'Dating a most-wanted serial killer and never getting a heads-up before they come home covered in blood so you’ve gotta be ready to draw the curtains and hide a body every time you hear a car pull into the driveway’ au
  • 'We really should not have played Monopoly’ au
  • Life-sized version of Clue in the old manor on the hill au
  • 'I originally followed you on Instagram bc you’re hot and I’m thirsty but now I’ve developed actual feelings for you bc you’re a genuinely good person’ au
  • 'Fuck me you’re cute why did we have to meet on the one day I decided to stay in my sweats??’ au
  • 'I went to the bar last night bc I just got dumped and wanted to drink away my pain but then one thing lead to another and somehow I broke into your house thinking it was mine and now I can’t find my left shoe but are those waffles I smell?’ au
  • 'I saw that you were reading Eleanor and Park have you gotten to the part where she leaves him and if so can we talk about it because not a lot of people have read this book and I need a shoulder to cry on.’ au
  • 'You passed out in Disneyland and I’ve been taking care of you for the past two hours oh my god are you okay??’ 'Yes I’m okay but who the hell are you supposed to be?’ 'I’m the face character for Peter Pan but that’s not important’ au
  • 'I don’t really know you but I noticed that this creep has been trying to chat you up even though you’ve already turned him down, so I’ll pretend to be your boyfriend/girlfriend  until they leave you alone.’ au
  • Bonnie and Clyde au???
  • Attend same-sex privet schools that are right across the street from each other au
  • Masquerade au
  • 'I don’t like you and you don’t like me but our best friends just died in a car crash and left their one-year-old daughter in our custody so now we’ve got to act civil and end up falling for each other’ au
  • [Basically a Life As We Know It au]
  • 'Found your number inside of a library book that looks like it hasn’t been checked out in ages and decided to text you to see if it worked au
  • 'The biggest rule of immortality is to not get involved with mortals but whoops I was in a coffee shop one day and fell in love with you and now I’m freaking out bc in the grand scope of things we don’t get a lot of time together but fuck no please don’t leave me not yet no.’ au
  • 'I just moved into the apartment next door and I am 100% sure that it’s haunted bc this building used to be a hospital and anyway I heard I noise coming from inside the walls can I please just crash here for the night?’ au
  • 'I know that you’re really into school and probably don’t want to risk your spot on the college football team, but would you mind if I smoked in our dorm room??’ au
  • Followed by 'Nah, I don’t care, as long as I can shotgun some smoke from that pretty little mouth of yours.’ au wow that got sexual and I am not sorry.
  • Went to the beach for the first time au
  • Ancient Rome au
  • Rival team captains who know nothing about personal space and constantly get into fights where they end up face-to-face every single game until one day one of the coaches yells at them to either kiss or get back to the game au
  • 'Hey, so I might have just robbed a bank right now and I kind of need a getaway car, would you pleeeeeaaase help me I can pay you back in sexual favors but also cash.’ au
  • 'I know that you don’t know me, but you were on the receiving end of my girlfriend/boyfriend’s heart donation and being around you kind of makes it feel like they’re still here I’m sorry if that’s kind of weird.’ au
  • 'Shit I wasn’t watching where I was walking and ended up spilling my Rockstar all over your white sweater I’m so sorry here have my jacket.’ au
  • Caught yelling at Go, Diego, Go in the hospital waiting room and after an awkwardly long period of silence the other person joins in bc they’ve got nothing better to do with their waiting time au
  • 'The person living in the apartment across the wall to mine is a nymphomaniac and yeah okay they’re p hot but it’s v hard to write an essay on feminism when all I can hear is sexual screaming.’ au
  • It’s three am, I just wanted some clam chowder, and some how I ended up on Hollywood Bl. can you please tell me where a good restaurant is I think I’m going to cry.’ au
  • 'Fuck my ex just walked into the restaurant with their new girlfriend/boyfriend could you pretend we’re dating so they don’t think I’m hung up on them I swear I’ll pay you later.’ au
  • 'I work at the daycare that you drop your daughter off at every week and she got me sick.’ au
  • 'So I know we just met but it’s raining and my tent has a hole in it, could I sleep in your camper with you?’ au
  • 'Okay okay okay I know we’re just friends and I don’t want anything to change that but I may have told my mom that we’re dating so she would stop trying to set me up with people would you be up to going to my sister’s wedding as my plus one so my mom won’t know I lied?’ au
  • 'Hit me, we’re on college campus and you’ll have to pay for my tuition’ au
  • 'Your headphones aren’t plugged in all the way so that hardcore porn fic you’ve been listening to for the past ten minutes has been broadcasting through the bus on full volume.’ au
  • The Breakfast Club au
  • Wimbledon [the movie] au
  • West Side Story au
  • 'Constantly getting confused as the girlfriend/boyfriend of the lead singer for a heavy metal band bc I’m always going to concerts and getting backstage passes but I’ve never even met the lead singer until the day he/she got drunk and we hooked up in his/her tour bus [whoops now we’re actually dating shh]’ au
  • 'It’s two am, we’re standing outside of our apartment building bc someone pulled the fire alarm, and you look cold and unprepared, do you want to share my blanket?’ au
  • Heartache On The Big Screen au
  • Breakfast At Tiffany's au omg pls
  • 'The zombie apocalypse started two years ago I can’t believe I still have to work at this fucking book store.’ au
  • Long Way Home au
  • We like each other but our dogs don’t so I’m going to have to ask you to stop taking this walking route you attractive fucker’ au
  • 'Sometimes, your soulmate and the love of your life don’t end up being the same person. And that’s something I had to learn the hard way.’ Au

anyway this is low-key inspired by @thetiredapprentice but heres some pointless gloria/julian stuff:

  • these two never stop snuggling i swear to christ
  • hair touches??? how do they keep it so soft
  • cape swap!! cloak and cape if you wanna be technical about it
  • s c a r k i s s e s
  • every time she calls him illya he just grins like a dork bc he loves it
  • random singing of duets. literally. she probably teaches him how to sing.
  • hugs at the waist
  • “julian i need to kiss you why are you so much taller than me- no dont squat down i can reach you and oh my god you attractive fucker”
  • this child is paranoid of like. everything. so she’s always latching onto julian. all the time.
  • one time she put his plauge doctor mask on and scared him it was fun
  • s p i n n y h u g s
  • “morning gloria” “julian it’s nine am what’re you doing” “making you food” “oh my god what did you do now” “how do you know” “you’re not cuddling me this is too weird not to be something else”
  • nose!! kisses!!
  • will he carry her places bc she’s literally a foot smaller than him and also kinda light? it’s more likely than you think.
  • “gloria your cat’s taking up more of you than i am” “i think she’s doing it to spite you jules”
  • and most importantly
  • reassurances that he wont leave despite everything bc her biggest fear is being left alone.

Pairing: Blaine (HTTM) x Reader

Warnings: lots of swearing, humor

A/N: this was so exciting bc 80s and I got to listen to 80s music again, and I just love blaine. I don’t really remember the movie, so here it is. God this is so funny lol

“So, how do i look?”

You asked the guys, stepping out of the cabin.

“You remind me of my wife.” Lou smirked.

“Fine as a motherfucker.” Nick smiled, giving you a thumbs up.

“You look spectacular, (Y/N).” Adam said.

“Wow.” was the only thing Jacob said, before all of you walked out.

You were dressed in some denim jeans and bright pink shoes, matched with a cropped grey and neon sweater that hung loosely just below your shoulders. Your hair was teased a little too much, but was tied back in a yellow pony tail.

“I thank myself for looking back at my mom’s old high school pictures.” You laughed before stepping outside of the cabin where the party was held. You stopped at the logged door, surrounding each other.

“Alright, remember. Blaine is a dick sucking asshole.” Lou explained. “He’s gonna beat me up again, just get ready for that.”  He explained to everyone what the plan was, but let you out.

“So, what do I do?” You asked.

Lou looked at you. “Hmm.I..” The door opened. “Act sexy. I don’t know!” he whisper shouted, going into the cabin as the others followed along. “Just don’t let him see you.“

“What..” you muttered under your breath. Act like a slut? How would you do that?

“The can is somewhere in here..” Adam said by your side. “We’ll find it while you and Jacob stay down here, alright kid?” You slowly nodded before he ran upstairs.

“Jacob what the fuck do we do?” You asked in worry. He shrugged. “Dammit.”

“Just stay calm, alright?” He said, holding your shoulders. “Don’t talk to anyone.” He said before going into the kitchen.

“Jacob? Jacob!” You whispered but he left you. You sighed and sat down on the couch, enjoying the sound of the PetShop Boys playing in the back.

You first met the guys back in 2009. You went to school with Jacob and that’s how you met his crazy dad friends. They thought Jacob was gay but you pretended to be his girlfriend, but finally told them that you guys weren’t together. Long story short, they invited you to the lodge to party with them, until here you were, suck in the 80s. You would’ve been born by now.

Suddenly, you heard running down the stairs, and saw the guys along with Kelly all in a group, facing someone on the other side of the room. The guy was surrounded by frat looking boys, cocky and upfront, they looked.

That was probably Blaine and his dick sucking friends.

“Can we have that back?” Nick asked, pointing to the can Blaine was holding. Holy shit, we need that to get home.

You stood behind them, worried. This is the part where Lou gets beat.

“Bad news for you, sport. I’m a patriot.” Blaine explained. What the fuck. “Americaa.”

“Blaine, give it to us, please.” Lou stepped.

“Come and get it then.” Blaine said, throwing the can to one of his friends, gesturing for Lou to come closer. Lou did as instructed, trying to throw a punch but failed. Blaine ended up giving Lou a good whack in the face.

The crowed ooed and laughed, as Lou got on the floor by Nick’s feet.

“Are you alright?” Jacob asked, propping him up.”

“You got this, Lou. Tear his little white boy as up!” Nick encouraged.

“You’re bleeding, Lou.” You said, coming out of the crowed, bending to Lou’s height. You wiped the blood from his nose and wiped it on the couch.

“Woah, woah woah.” Blaine said, taking off his jacket. “Who is this fine thing?” He smirked, looking down at you. Shit. Don’t be seen, don’t be seen.

“This is (Y/N)..” Lou said, wiping his nose. “Shit…” He muttered.

“(Y/N), huh?” He asked. You stood up, hands clutching your sweater as you made sweater paws. “Damn.” He bit his lip, eyeing you up and down as bait.

“Blaine.” You said, clearing your throat.

“You know my name, huh sweetie?” He asked, stepping closer. “You’re hot.” He whispered in your ear before backing away. You shivered at his voice, cursing to yourself because you found Blaine slightly attractive. Fucker.

“How bout we make a deal, Lou.” Blaine explained. By now, Lou was standing up. “You get your little spy kit, along with this bomb thing, and we get the girl.” Blaine smiled widely, biting his lip.

“No, you can’t take her!” Jacob yelled, defending you.

“What are you, her boyfriend?” One of Blaine’s friends asked. “Queer.” He smirked.

“You can’t take her, Blaine. Just give us the bag. We mean no harm.” Adam said.

Blaine was about to speak, about to spike up the fight a bit more but you cleared your throat and interrupted. “No. I-it’s fine. I’ll go with him, alright guys?” You softly smiled at the group, walking over to Blaine.

Nick grabbed your hand. “No, (Y/N). Don’t.” but you pulled away.

“Don’t leave without me.” You whispered before yanking your arm and walking to Blaine. The others overheard and played along.

“Have her.” Lou spoke.

Blaine wrapped his arm around your waist, hugging tightly enough to leave marks. He tossed the bags to the others as they ran out the door. Nick was the last to come out, and held the can in his hand.

“See this shit?” He yelled. “It is a bomb. If you don’t count to 5000 all of y’all will explode!” He said before slamming the door. Everyone looked confused as Blaine led you upstairs to his room, and locked the door.

“I’ll protect you!” He said, shutting his blinds. Is he kidding?”

“Blaine..They’re lying.” You sighed.

He turned his head to you. “What?!”

“It was just a bottle.” you lied. “Weed and shit.”

“Oh..How do you know?” he asked, sitting on his bed as you stood.

“I’m friends with them?”

“Why are you friends with those losers?” He smirked. “You made a wise choice to stay with me.” He said, gripping your waist to pull you into his body.

You had to get this guy off of you, but if you didn’t play along, he’d never let you go. You sighed. Fuck it.

“To-to get closer to you.” You explained, wrapping your arms around his neck, pulling him to your lips. His lips were warm. The taste of chapstick and beer were on his lips as they met yours. You tried to stop the smile that was on your face, but it wouldn’t disappear. He lifted you onto his waist as he sat down on his bed.

“Are we actually doing this?” Blaine panted in-between the kiss. You nodded. “Score.”

You ripped the buttons off of hit red plaid shirt, flinging it to the side as he took off your sweater.

“This is gonna be a long night.”

When you heard Blaine next to you snoring, that was your que to leave. Taking his arm off of you, you sighed, getting your clothes and put them on, accept your yellow pony tail. You sat that on the bedside table and started writing a note.

You probably might not remember, but when you get to 2010, look me up, will you? -  (Y/N).

you smiled, setting the note under the band and headed out the window to find the guys waiting.

“Shit, (Y/N). You’re alive!” Lou said, pulling you into a bone crushing hug. You smiled.

“How’d you get out? How’d you distract him?” Adam asked.

“Let’s just say it all ended with a good fuck.”