when isak is replaying the bathroom meeting in his head in 3x09 it’s visually warmer than how it actually happened in 3x01. this could very well just be the skam team color correcting but i’m going to believe that isak is remembering how warm & fuzzy it felt to finally meet even, versus…waiting for this attractive fucker to give him a dirty paper towel.

I swear nothing is more attractive than when Jimin wears his snapback backwards with is forehead showing…How can you not find that shit attractive.


This fucker knows what he’s doing (x)


Slay me right now.. This isn’t acceptable 

He looks like such a fuckboy.

THIS LOOK. This gif set is my life. (x)

His forehead moles..😍


OK. ok.. This one legit hurts.


😩 😩

ok im starting to sweat.

Just take my money..pls

Stop being so extra. (x)
Im gonna stop now before this post becomes 10 pages long..

but yeah… this is my favourite Jimin look.. WHO DOESNT LOVE THIS
(non of these gifs/pictures are mine!)

WoT OT3 - Three Threads Woven

In honor of femslash february, I’m starting up this fic again. My goal is to post 10 new chapters before the end of the month- the first new one just went up. 

The premise- Rand’s dead, he died in a war, where he fought alongside Aviendha and Min. Elayne has since given birth to twins, and been elected governor; Aviendha is a cop stuck in vice; and Min just does whatever Min wants. This will be 90% fluff, with 10% drug cartel/murder/kidnapping/intense stuff. I mean, there has to be some sort of conflict, right?

Anyhow, here’s the link.

  • Me: Killia, I like you, but you're a real fucker.
  • Steve: I'm a genius.
  • Me: That doesn't preclude you from being a fucker.
  • Steve: I'm a beautiful fucker.
  • Me: Oh yeah? What's your Con and Charisma?
  • Steve: I have a 20 Charisma.
  • Me: And your Con?
  • Steve: It's 16.
  • Me: ... Okay, you are a fairly attractive fucker, but you're still a fucker.
  • Steve: I am a work of art on this island.
  • Me: And yet everyone still hates you.

redlipstickandplaid  asked:

Jensen Ackles

Not my type | Eh | He’s Alright | He’s cute| Totally Adorable | I’d Kiss Him | He is gorgeous | I can’t stop staring | FUCK ME - anytime/anywhere

Every time a post about this insanely attractive fucker pops up on my dash, I let out a little whimper.  God, he is so bloody hot.

I mean I’ve fancied him for years, from when he was in Smallville. But now, seeing how he’s aged…..well fuck me six ways from Sunday, he is just perfection personified.

And that voice, don’t get me started on that voice - all the videos that are appearing of him singing at the latest con **fans myself furiously in a vain attempt to calm down**

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