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i love me some desperate brendon imagine the first time he meets dallon and he's instantly attracted and throughout the day he can't stop thinking about him and the things he wants to do to him and by the time he gets back to his room he's so horny that he just humps the corner of the bed and comes in his pants

fuCK i love love brendon having the hots for dallon bonus points if dallon doesnt pay any attention to brendon and brendon hates that bc hes used to everyone being attracted to him so the ONE TIME a fucker isnt attracted to him its the most gorgeous man brendon has ever seen so brendon does increasingly more ridiculous things during the day to get dallons attention 

hey,,.so…dont joke around and ask if you can be part of the lgbt+ community if you know and everyone around you knows that you are cisgender, heterosexual, and heteromantic??? please??? and when you ask why not, its literally bc the lgbt community is meant to be a safe space for people “out of the norm” bc all y'all so goddamn hateful. u don’t need a safe space. the world is your safe space. i don’t fucking care if there are hundreds of fucking genders and orientations and romantic attractions. u fuckers won’t even attempt to be open to this shit??? even joking about it may make someone around you, closeted or not, extremely uncomfortable???or worse??? stop