listen, i don’t ship pewey

just like i don’t ship pearl/rose

but like, the hating on pewey is 98% childish, and from what i’ve seen, at least 2% hating/erasing possible mga people

like, if you don’t headcanon pearl as mga, that’s a-ok, but there doesn’t need to be fighting over what gender/s she’s attracted to

someone who headcanons pearl as lesbian, and someone who headcanons her as mga can coexist

and like, why does it need to be a fight


Thank you to all the (many!!! Holy crap!) lovely people who came out last night! What a lovely lovely crowd! It’s an amazing feeling to know that my tiny weird paintings attract such wonderful folk and wonderful friends, I am so grateful for your love and support!💛🌻💛

Top 10 Most Attractive

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The rules: list the top 5 men and top 5 women who you find most attractive TODAY. not this year, not of all time, just who you’re feeling in this moment. if you prefer make it top 10 guys or top 10 ladies or mix it up. whatever. then tag people, if you feel like it.

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In the order they occurred to me, then:

1. Gene Kelly

This actually isn’t a normal crush for me; on the big list of People The Silver Marmoset Deems Worthy of Affection, Gene Kelly usually ranks relatively low. But I was shifting through Pinterest today and his face came up, and I had a relatively rare moment of “dayum.”

2. Peter O’Toole

Here’s a much more ordinary crush. The blue eyes. The casual smoothness. The ability to quote Shakespeare at will. This man isn’t handsome; he’s pretty.

3. Jenna Coleman

While Billie Piper or Karen Gillan’s charm comes from their extroverted nature, Jenna shines from the sense that this is an introverted person a little out of her depth who is still being absolutely adorable nonetheless.

4. Adrian Brody

I really wish he wasn’t so attractive. I don’t even know anything about him, he might be a horrible person, why why why do I like bent and awkward noses.

5. Judy Garland

Apparently Judy Garland was thought of as one of the weirdest-looking girls on the MGM lot in the 30s/40s/50s. I really don’t understand the reasoning behind that on any level. She glows.

6. Paul McCartney

That watch he wears all the time. The attempts to not be working class. The big ol’ eyes. Ugh. Excuse me a moment.

7. Freema Agyeman

Her cheekbones ALONE, man.

8. Tatiana Maslany

Being a great actor really ups ones attraction factor, as this list is making blindingly obvious to me. (pssst. watch orphan black)

9. Ingrid Bergman


10. David Tennant

EVEN MORE PRETTY.  His spidery hands. His skinny face. His weird lopsided goblin eyes. His hair that won’t do anything but be absurd. The smile that lights up the moon. The kindness and geekery. 

This was fun! (though it was a little exhausting looking at so many pictures of pretty people.) So many beautiful people in this universe, it was getting really hard to choose at the end there. :)

ashadowofwings asked:

What has drawn you to decide to work with the Fae?

Oh wow. Now this is a question that made me rather excited.

Why do I work with fairies?

Fairies and witchcraft go hand in hand. Witchcraft in the British Isles (the land of my ancestors) grew up along side the Fairy Faith. On many parts they connect and merge together. 

Witches and fairies are very similar beings. In some folklore, witches got their powers from fairies. Some also suggest witches have the fairy blood in them. In fact! There are a few spells and charms that call upon fairies to be granted the witch’s power.  (read more about that: The Devil is a Fairy King and Fairies and Witches: the relationship between the two)

I am a Fairy doctor, and it is important to have a relationship with the local fairies and spirits. Without that, I couldn’t do what I do. 

I have always been naturally attracted to the fairy folk, and they to me. It made sense when I started witchcraft and fairy doctoring as to why. I benefit a lot from these relationships, and working with fairies gives me a lot of joy. 

so like i know the “attracted to two or more genders” definition of bisexuality is popular on bi tumblr, but um

on the one hand, including nonbinary people in bisexuality is good A+. on the other hand, it also groups men who are attracted only to women + nb folks and women who are only attracted to men + nb folks under the “bi” category and i am not super cool with that?

like, someone who experiences attraction toward their own gender occupies a verrry different position in society than someone who doesn’t, and i feel like being marginalized on that particular basis is (and should be) implied by the “bi” label

i don’t think it’s a bad thing that we’re trying to make pre-existing labels more inclusive of nonbinary folks, but i also think this requires more nuance than “everyone attracted to nonbinary people is bi”

anonymous asked:

That post you reblogged about bi/pan people is fucking stupid. If you're not attracted to trans folk you are bi. That's cool and all but you can't just say oh being bi is easier to say than pan, i do like everyone thoo!!! is transphobic as shit.

You do not have to be pansexual to be attracted to trans folk, also, yes, saying your bisexal IS A LOT easier than telling most people you are pansexual.

You know why? Because there are bigots out there who make it harder explaining what pansexuality is then just saying you are bi.

anonymous asked:

im a lil confused because bi means two like how tri means three, and i have always known it to be attraction to both m/f BUT panerasexual is attraction to more than gender, etc... then what is your defination of the difference between bi and panerasexual?

“bi = attraction to two or more genders or to same and different genders (defined differently by different bi folks). pan = attraction to all genders. poly = attraction to more than two genders.  all of these fall into the category of multisexual and definitely have some overlap; most people pick the one they feel best suits them or applies to them! considering many genders instead of binary genders helps distinguish them also”

not my words but it explains everything so well.

anonymous asked:

I'm ace, but I find myself very aesthetically attracted to people that look androgynous. Is there a term for that?

Not sure. I think there may be a recognized orientation for aesthetic attraction, but maybe not. I think it may have been refuted because aesthetic attraction is not based in respect for the individual you are attracted to, but rather how they look. That’s really all I’ve heard, though.

Also, be careful with that sort of thing! There is a Western ideal of androgyny which is racist and completely ignores other cultures. Make sure you’re not pandering to that if you’re claiming to be attracted to androgynous folk.

- Mod Badger

anonymous asked:

I'm aromantic/asexual, I'm not attracted to anyone at all. I got called transphobic for not being attracted to trans people. lmao

That’s what I don’t understand, tumblr is all for supporting everyone who isn’t straight. But god forbid you’re not attracted to trans folk.