“Stop excluding LGBTQIAP people from the LGBTQIAP community,” because I am 1200% done with this gatekeeping bs.

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Faerie Garden

Plants which can be planted in one’s garden to attract the fae:

  • Bluebells - will attract faeries to dance in the garden. On Beltane Eve, a bracelet of bluebells and jingle bells will attract helpful fae folk to you. 
  • Buttercup - brings fae compassion to humans.
  • Carnation - red carnations attract faeries that heal animals.
  • Cowslips - these flowers are loved and protected by faeries.
  • Daisy - a good flower for connecting with faeries, especially dryads.
  • Foxglove - planting foxglove is an invitation for faeries to enter your garden. Plant it near your front door to invite the fae in to your home. Wearing foxglove is a charm to attract faerie energy, put a dried sprig in a talisman to keep you surrounded by faerie light. 
  • Gardenia - these flower faeries are very protective of children, so plant Gardenias in places where children play, so the fae will watch over them.
  • Heliotrope - beloved of fire elementals. 
  • Lavender - where there is lavender there is great faerie activity. 
  • Liliac - the scent of Lilac attracts musical faeries.
  • Marigold - jam made of marigolds that is eaten in the morning will help you to see faeries very soon after ingesting it. The Druids believe that Marigold water, made from the blossoms, then rubbed on the eyelids, helps one to see faeries. 
  • Phlox – this flower attracts elves who oversee and guard the plants growth. 
  • Snapdragon - the faeries and spirits of this flower have connections to the energies of all dragons and, therefore, bring great protection for all from deceit and curses. 

I haven’t seen many posts like these so:

Here’s a shout out to all the bisexual/biromantic peeps who aren’t attracted to one ( or both) binary gender(s)!!!

You are attracted to nb folk and women but the thought of being in a relationship ( sexual or romantic) with a man is repulsing? That’s okay!! You are not any less bi.

You are attracted to nb folk and men but being in a relationship with a woman isn’t something you can imagine? That is perfectly fine! You are not abnormal!!

You aren’t attracted to either binary gender but still consider yourself bi? Amazing! Continue being who you are, you are great!

All of you are amazing and deserve all the love in this world

anonymous asked:

What has been your experience as being openly bi in the military? One of my characters wants to come out but is afraid--would she have to fear harassment or does that not happen, etc.? Thank you, love the blog.

Well, I guess it does depend heavily on the unit you’re in. Naturally the military is prone to attracting the more conservative folks. 

Before DADT and in my first unit, it was definitely a very assumed heterosexual environment, complete with the tasteless jokes and comments that follow. Of course it’s uncomfortable, but to criticize it would be to invite criticism upon yourself. I probably never would’ve come out in my first unit even if DADT hadn’t existed at the time. 

But after DADT was repealed, the army started taking steps to prevent discrimination. I wasn’t out until year four of my enlistment, and even then I only was out because I happened to be in a unit that had three other LGBT people in it. 

For me a lot of people were just like “yeah, that figures.” I guess I come off that way to people. 

Somehow people assumed I’d be friends with the other LGBT people. It’s true that I did happen to become friends with a gay dude, but he was my rank and in my squad and of the other two, one was an officer and one was an NCO, so fraternizing with them wasn’t a good thing. Especially because one of them was my platoon leader and she was 
she was
she was a character.
Yup. A character alright.

People mostly just ask you awkward questions about it because they’re like, well-intentioned but clueless. Microaggressions are common. The army is primarily men so a mlm in their presence sleeping in the same room as them being with them day in and day out is kinda a bizarre experience for some people. You know, some don’t want to be naked in the same room and we had communal bathrooms. But largely I think we were all just too preoccupied with what was going on in our lives. The army is full of drama and we dislike people because they’re assholes or because they’re lazy, so sexuality is pushed aside a bit in those times.

Sometimes things were said that weren’t very nice to say, but snitching on people is looked down upon, so the easiest way to combat it was to be not very nice in return. But this of course made for bad camaraderie between troops.

 I do know my friend said that a number of guys approached him asking to, you know, experiment. I was fortunate to have never been approached like that. Turns out there’s apparently a lot of curious guys in the military though. This was only at home though; when deployed we’re not allowed (re: supposed to) enter each other’s rooms for this very reason.

Some funny things worth noting is that the military often doesn’t account for LGBT people when they make their rules. In my first unit we had a rule where if someone was visiting your barracks room and they weren’t the same gender as you, your door had to be kept open. You can imagine there were some people this rule didn’t affect.

If you’re concerned about my treatment being different due to being a man, you should be, and you should get an account of a female soldier for your character if you can manage it. But I would personally testify that the two lesbians in our unit (the aforementioned NCO and officer) didn’t get talked about that much among us lower ranks. We despised the officer because she was, you know, a character, but we respected the NCO because she worked hard and pushed her soldiers hard but fair. Their sexuality never really came up for us because I guess there were just more relevant things we wanted to talk about. Bluntly, I didn’t even know one of them was a lesbian until we were chatting and she started talking about her wife. I never personally heard any inappropriate comments about them or sexual harassment/assault threads toward them. Slurs? occasionally. Again though, that’s the sort of the thing they were trying to stomp out last I was in.

It’s worth noting that if you have a shitty chain of command, reports of harassment might not go where they need to go. Again, I was lucky enough to be in a unit with an NCO who was very quick about addressing reports, so that may have deterred people from acting out. But also in my unit one of the major sexual harassments we had was not only with an NCO but with our own first sergeant, so YMMV.

I guess it depends a lot on where you want your story to go. If you want there to be some conflict over your character coming out, it’s usually better to do it amid lower enlisted. If not, your unit would have to be really awful for no NCOs to be willing to address the harassment. If you don’t want there to be any conflict, there doesn’t have to be. You could throw in some microaggressions if you want it to mimic reality a little, but it wouldn’t be unreasonable for your character to just have other things to deal with. 

Of course, her being nervous about coming out is always realistic and a valid response. She could always do what I did and not come out until she establishes that her unit is definitely cool about it.

A note: don’t have your character do a big “coming out” moment. Not only is that just kinda cheesy in general, but unless your character is in a leadership position, she’s probably not going to have the opportunity to call everyone’s attention and make an announcement, and if she IS in a leadership position her soldiers would probably be annoyed that she was even bothering them with this information.

-Spc. Kingsley

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It’s honestly astonishing to me how many of my friends I’ve smooched, especially consider how fucking demi-a I am

At least 9 at this point, probably more that I’ve just forgotten

Friends make up at least 50% of the people I’ve smooched in my life

Because at the end of the day it’s like??? If I trust they won’t proposition me for anything more than a kiss and just generally aren’t a creep, I’ll kiss anybody. I’ll kiss my friends, your friends, your dogs, you, whoever

I’m very easy when it comes to friend kissing

When the media erase bi men’s orientation and only count their relationships with other men so everyone thinks they’re gay

and then the media erase bi women’s orientation and only count their relationships with men so everyone thinks they’re straight

anonymous asked:

As a trans woman, is it okay for me to be enby-sexual, that is, only be attracted to nobinary folks?

I’m not entirely familiar with enbysexual so I don’t know if that is a label that is exclusive to nb folks or not, but yes it’s totally okay for you to only be attracted to nonbinary people.

There’s a lot of discourse going on about this here on tumblr at the moment, with lots of people saying that binary people’s attraction to nonbinary people is inherently fetishizing - and there was a time when I would have kind of agreed with that. I used to be extremely uncomfortable with the idea of binary people being exclusively attracted to nonbinary people, because it felt fetishizing.

But the more I’ve thought about it, the less I agree with that mindset. I understand that it is a bit of a complex topic, but I’ll try to briefly explain my feelings on it.

There’s no problem with nonbinary people being exclusively attracted to binary men or women, or for binary men to be exclusively attracted to women or vice versa.

So to treat nonbinary genders differently feels a bit… weird? It feels like it says that people with nonbinary genders can only ever be a tack-on to people’s orentations. It’s basically saying that binary people should only be able to be attracted to us if they are also first and foremost attracted to another binary gender. And I don’t like that.

A lot of attraction is gender based. And while “nonbinary” isn’t a singular gender in the same way that “man” and “woman” is, attraction to nonbinary genders is just as real and valid as attraction to men and women.

So saying that exclusive attraction to nonbinary people can only ever be fetishizing is frankly kind of exorsexist, in that sense.

My nonbinary-ness can be attractive in just the same way as a woman’s woman-ness or a man’s man-ness, because my gender is just as real as theirs.

The Creeping Terror (1964)

An alien spacecraft that has crash landed in fictional Angel County in California. A large, hairy, slug-like, omnivorous monster emerges from the side of an impacted spaceship. It seeks out to slowly hunt human pray and only a few brave, young attractive white folk figure out how to stop it.

This 1964 horror lacked any thing remotely scary but it does promote Darwinian behavior.

^ “Just ignore the slug like carpet alien creature for a few more seconds please so i can waddle over you and awkwardly eat you, Please”

^ “This shag carpet knows how to rock”

^”Argh, Let me gradually charge at you, just wait an hour and I will be there!”

^”Quick, Every one shuffle to the corner of the room”

^ “and this is how snails are made, Jimmy”

^ You got to realize that some one had presented this bubble gum fused with shit on carpet to people who are considering funding this movie. And when they see this glorious alien bastard they said “Take my money, we like being poor.”

i guess i take for granted that you’re more likely to come across this type of knowledge on tumblr. so here’s one of my bi visibility day facebook statuses:

Bi Visibility Day Fun Fact:

“bi” doesn’t mean “girls and boys.” bi means “same and different genders to yourself.” that means bi folks are plenty attracted to the whole marvelous spectrum of gender.

(then what’s the difference between bi- and pansexual?)

in a lot of cases, semantics! generally, the difference between bi and pan folks is *how* we experience attraction - bi people tend to find different things in different genders attractive, whereas pan folks tend to find the same stuff attractive in all genders. a lot of folks ID as bi simply because it’s the more well known term :)

~and now you know~

Like. Folks. “Attracted to everybody except other men” is actually a really fucking common expression of men’s bisexuality. Even cis men’s. And it has nothing to do with birth assignment, like? They’re not attracted to “women and dfab enbies,” it really is “anyone whose gender is not ‘man.’” And they’re still bi. They’ve been bi and in the community for decades

(I still see you, btw, trying to dance around “just attracted to dfab people” because you don’t see trans women as women)

Anyway it is so painfully obvious that y’all have just. Never. Sought out bisexual voices, on any subject, for any reason. You’ve never had the slightest interest in listening to us, even when we’re the subject of discussion. And I’d really appreciate it if y’all would stop saying “LGBT” like it meant fucking anything to you.

what she says: i’m fine

what she means: esmeralda and phoebus kiss for 33 UNINTERRUPTED SECONDS, and you know what, i don’t fucking blame them. they’re clearly head over heels for each other as people and not just because they’re easily the two most attractive folks in 1482 disneyland paris. and the CHARM. “you’re lucky, that arrow almost pierced your heart.” “i’m not so sure it didn’t.” i’m not sure either, phoebus, because i think i just had a heart attack from the sheer pants-dropping sexual tension in this scene plus that slick motherfucking line.

Zootopia’s Success.

Well the reviews and news is in. Zootopia is a bonafide hit and it doesn’t look to be dying down anytime soon. I have noticed a bit of a trend that is, alarming to me. Mainly this one 

Seems like many a person are already calling for Splash Mountain to be rethemed into a Zootopia attraction. Now folks above I totally get this reasoning, the current WDW/TDA management has taught us that things don’t get built anymore when it comes to rides (unless they are star wars) things get replaced/rethemed. It’s cheaper to kill a ride that isn’t necessarily dripping or infused with a property that is a current money maker. It’s easier to kill two birds with one stone and put a popular film (Frozen) into a space that isn’t selling toys and merch like crazy (Malestrom). And since it’s a retheme it usually comes quicker than a project that would be designed from the ground up!

So the question is does that make it worth it and justify it? The short answer? No. The long answer? I think the only time when it comes to replace/retheme a ride is 1. When a ride isn’t meeting a demand of guests in any sort of capacity and is flawed (Superstar Limo, Luigi’s flying Tires) 2. When a ride doesn’t fit thematically in it’s designated land or spot 3. When a great idea actually can make use of a previous ride system/space (Monsters inc @ DCA). What do we lose when we replace a ride that doesn’t meet this criteria above? A lot. For one you hurt the integrity of the land or even park when you put a property in a place it doesn’t belong. Right now Epcot is going to suffer that with the placement of Frozen opening in the world showcase a place that focused on real countries and their histories. 

The same type of thematic hit would occur if you were to place Zootopia into Splash Mountain on both coasts. At Disneyland it might work a little more given that critter country is it’s own area, but here at Disney World Splash is just neighbors with Big Thunder Mountain in Frontierland. Sticking Zootopia there would create a huge disconnect in that land that should be about the tales of the south. This is more than just about thematic intrusion when you do a retheme you are limiting a property to the reality of the current attraction. Mind you attractions that were built and designed to NEVER house the properties that you are shoving into them. With Frozen you are going to have INSANE capacity issues due to the lack of any sort of real queue even with the addition of the theater as a waiting space, and the small capacity that maelstrom had.

With Splash going the way for Zootopia you are going to have a property that is already popular be infused with a film that could triple that popularity and wait times. Splash unlike Maelstrom is still INSANELY popular among guests, it works even though the IP it’s based on is completely lost on guests. In the words of Cogsworth.

Beyond that the biggest loss that happens when you retheme a ride to a popular IP is you take away the chance to make something truly new and unique for said film. The Frozen retheme to maelstrom we are getting is going to be cute at best and meh at worst. We will never know what an eticket Frozen ride could look like at Walt Disney World. One that was built for the demand and one that could create ADDITIONAL capacity for a park instead of just keeping it the same. I mean look at what japan is getting for Frozen

A literal recreation of the film. And what are we getting in the states? A retheme of a ride. So when you say you want Zootopia to take over splash THIS ^ is the kind of potential you are robbing yourself of. I mean I have already laid out the potential a Zootopia land could have here in the states

And by saying we want it any other way we are denying ourselves of wanting something truly unique! 

Who The Signs Love
  • Aries: Adventurous folk
  • Taurus: People who feel like home
  • Gemini: Lighthearted people
  • Cancer: Listeners
  • Leo: Excitable people
  • Virgo: Intellectuals
  • Libra: Attractive folk
  • Scorpio: Honest people
  • Sagittarius: Humorous people
  • Capricorn: Loyal people
  • Aquarius: Clever people
  • Pisces: Good-hearted folk

honestly this blackout idea is so good for the reasons already mentioned but also because it acts as a filter for your blog, you attract more black folk and filter out any hateful whites that feel som typa way about black life or black beauty like yes fuck outa here.

valid ways to define ur bisexuality
  1. attraction to same and other genders (this one is my fav bc it’s the most general one that works almost across the board!)
  2. attraction to two or more genders
  3. attraction to men and women
  4. attraction to two genders (including nb folk; so men+nb folk or women+nb folk attraction can still be bisexuality)
  5. ?????
  6. literally if ur bi u get to define ur own bisexuality
  7. just don’t be shitty to others bc of how they define THEIR OWN bisexuality