Like. Folks. “Attracted to everybody except other men” is actually a really fucking common expression of men’s bisexuality. Even cis men’s. And it has nothing to do with birth assignment, like? They’re not attracted to “women and dfab enbies,” it really is “anyone whose gender is not ‘man.’” And they’re still bi. They’ve been bi and in the community for decades

(I still see you, btw, trying to dance around “just attracted to dfab people” because you don’t see trans women as women)

Anyway it is so painfully obvious that y’all have just. Never. Sought out bisexual voices, on any subject, for any reason. You’ve never had the slightest interest in listening to us, even when we’re the subject of discussion. And I’d really appreciate it if y’all would stop saying “LGBT” like it meant fucking anything to you.

starter sentences from a novel I haven't finished
  • ( feel free to change pronouns, etc )
  • "He's an asshat"
  • "Oh, real mature."
  • "Being stuck between two highly attractive folks is far from the worst place I could be."
  • "I like boys. And girls. And people who don't identify as either."
  • "___ is a fabulous species of asshole."
  • "He's the kind of straight douchebag who wears fedoras and calls himself a brony."
  • "Jesus seems pretty chill."
  • "___, look at me. Look! You matter, okay? Your happiness matters."
  • "You're the strongest person I know."
  • "He is human trash."
  • "Nothing is simple, not in this world. You think you've found your place, and then someone tears the rug out from under you."
  • "Ever walked through a minefield?"
  • "I mean they're gone. Dead."
  • "I thought that there was still hope. Now I can see that there was never any hope at all."
  • "Found a new boy-toy, I see."
  • "I think I like you. Like, like you, like you."
  • "That's fucking right, I am God."
  • "He's not my type. He's the exact opposite of my type."
  • "The day I turn down a bowl of gummy bears is the day I die."
  • "I think you're childish, I think you're unstable, and I think you're unable to make commitments."
  • "I'm pathetically naive, always believing that maybe somebody will stay."
  • "I know why you left. I'm not good enough, not for you or anybody. I break everything I touch."
  • "And we'll sleep there side by side, with no sound but our breathing and the beating of our hearts."
  • "My biggest fault isn't that I don't care. It's that I care too much."
  • "I actually thought he'd stay."
  • "I'm so tired of losing people."
  • "Loss is a part of life, but it's how you deal with loss that defines who you are. You can sit and wish for things to be different, or you can mourn and move on."
  • "You will always have me. When bad things happen, when you're bruised and broken and bleeding, I'll be here for you."
  • "Ah, yes. Nothing like spending your entire Sunday morning in church."
  • "I like to sit in the back, so I can write on my phone while pretending to praise God."
  • "I'm not straight enough to be here."
  • "Um, I don't think Jesus would like you using His name in vain."
  • "Apparently, Jesus doesn't like me at all."
  • "You have had one more boyfriends than me and therefore I am not qualified to give you advice."
  • "Boy, do you wanna go? I'll bash your fucking head in, I swear on me mum."
  • "What even is your music taste?"
  • "You love him."
  • "But that doesn't change the way I feel about you."
  • "You are the dorkiest prince charming in the world."
  • "Maybe I should get a white tux."
  • "You are not getting a white tux. That's tacky."
  • "When I first saw you in a suit, I thought I might die. You were too handsome. I actually couldn't breathe."
  • "You, friendo, can shut the fuck up."
  • "You know, for a douchecanoe, you sure clean up well."
  • "I shouldn't be letting this happen. I won't be able to let you go."

As neither a man nor a person largely attracted to men I’m always hesitant to post stuff about Vorlen and Nox to be quite honest since I’m silly and get hung up on “accuracy,” even though every relationship is different and there’s no “right” way to be gay

thecuatroespada  asked:

💚 💤 💘 👀 💢 (can be for Bleach, Naruto, One Piece)

  • Ship that you secretly like:💚

It’s AU as heck, but Senju Tobirama and Terumi Mei, in my opinion sounds like a good idea. Tobirama is a grumpy cat that cares a lot about his village and would likely consent to such a pairing to bring two villages closer together, and Mei is determined to drag the Hidden Mist out of the darkness. What better way than to affiliate itself with the happy-go-lucky Hidden Leaf? And they’re both attractive, eligible folk in their prime.

  • Ship that is canon but you don’t ship:💤

Chouji and Karui from Naruto. Sai and Ino from Naruto. You get two answers for this one because Kishimoto came so far out of left wing with his ending and baby making madness that I can’t pick just one.

  • Ship that is unpopular but you still like:💘

I’m not entirely sure what’s popular and what’s not, but I liked Coyote Starrk and Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck. She’s super lively, and would keep Starrk from falling into a sluggish melancholy, but she’s also very refined when she needs to be. More than enough of an ass-kicker to keep him in line too, Primera or not. I’m thinking this is unpopular because NnoiNel seems to be dominant from what I’ve seen, but Nel can do so much better than that mantis punk.

  • Ship you’re curious about:👀

Anything involving any of the Stern Ritter. I want to explore their relationships and see other people explore them, too. (if there are any Stern Ritters hiding out there please help me find you!)

  • Ship that is most misunderstood:💢

Shunsui and Nanao, but that might be a bit of a throw away answer (I don’t do a lot of ship stuff go easy on me!). I like how Kubo fleshed out that relationship in the end. I can’t offer much commentary on it though, but go check it out in the manga!

@queerghostt im making a new post cause i don’t feel like editing the old one… i think there would be a difference between say describing yourself as pan (or something else) vs. diamoric… if you’re choosing to describe yourself as diamoric you are specifically highlighting your own gender and the gender of those you’re interested in, which is really the same as people calling themselves sapphic and achillean. that doesn’t mean you aren’t attracted to other folks but in a way you are prioritising that attraction. i’m not saying that those are the conditions under which others should use those terms but rather the conditions under which they do. what i mean is, i’m not trying to dictate how people are using these words but the reasons why i think someone would choose them.

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(2/2) adding the part in where y'all were sexually active before but aren't now that you are on T makes me thing it might be leaving towards a breakup but you might not be. Just something to think about, after all, those who have no sexual attraction do date folks who do have sexual attractions. It might be tough and this is a different situation but maybe looking at sources from those configurations are something to look at if you two still want to be involved with each other at some capacity.


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Agender bisexual here. Idk if fetishizing is the right word for ppl who are attracted to multiple genders but not their own. But I don't think bi is the right word either. "Your own and other genders" is the definition of bi. And straight ppl can be attracted to nonbinary folks as well. The definitions are squishy and imperfect but I'd say you're straining the definition of bi, if you're not into your own gender.

Thanks Lid!!