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“Am I walking to my doom?”

Finally made those alien recolours with Ephemera’s realistic waterlines/eyelid masks. Easy to do, all I had to do was click the action and save lol. 

I edited Ephemera’s original thumbnail to without the text for the new thumbnails and have the base I used for them included in the file, so if you want to do your own recolours (I used eyelid mask 02) feel more than free to use that and add to the collection!

Before and after included, but you can’t really see it that well unless you check it out in your own game so… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Credits go to Ephemera, Nyren, and Trapping.



Morgan begrudgingly invited Kaia to sit at her table, plastering a big fake smile, while Kaia forced herself to smile, she could tell Morgan hadn’t changed much since University which irked her because for the sake of Teddy’s job she was now going to have to make nice with her. 

“ So Kaia tell me what you do now?” Morgan said eyeing her up and down with her fake smile still plastered on her face. 

Kaia didn’t know what to say… she thought on this for a moment, should she say she is unemployed, stay at home mum, PR consultant? She didn’t know. 

“ I was a PR consultant but now I'm a stay at home mum” she replied cooly.

Morgan snorted… which annoyed Kaia but she kept smiling. Morgan continued asking her questions about her life and making snide comments, eventually when she’d had enough of fake smiling Kaia stood up and excused herself, she needed to give herself a time out.  

Voltron character headcanons based off things I've done

-Thinks about life for more than a minute and cries
-Put a frozen pretzel in a microwave for 14 minutes
-Looked at a minion and lost all will to live

-Acts cool and nonchalant but is constantly plagued with the thought of what kind of government fairytopia has
-Got a everyone on a bus to chant dick but no one suspected he started it
-Went through so many Wikipedia articles that he has extensive knowledge about the Kennedy family

-Saw a small dog and cried
-Set up a mini restaurant for family and insisted that they had to order
-Binge watched barbie’s youtube channel

-Uses Mc- as a prefix to everything (ex: McParanoid, McMeme, McGay)
-Thought freckles were dirt and tried to scrape them off causing a small cut
-Accidently came out as bi because of a stupid username on kahoot

-Spent a whole week trying to grasp the concept of sexual attraction
-Got bored playing sims and covered a sim’s yard in garlic
-Forgot what a tornado was and got confused by the concept of twirling wind

-Wondered if aliens are real but realized if they are then she would be the alien to them so therefore she is alien and they’re real
-Looks at girl and wonders if she’s wants to be her or marry her
-Spends a whole week looking nice and fancy then wears pajamas for 72 hours straight

-Can’t take a good selfie so makes every selfie goofy so no one knows
-Taught a group of small kids how to dab with proper technique
-Spent fourteen years thinking people said “blush you” instead of “bless you” after a sneeze