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Remy Holmes and his first cousin Salvador Oliveros. They’re not good-looking at all because I honestly don’t know how to make attractive male Sims, lol. But I really like Sal’s face. I gave him sad eyes because in real life I find that to be a nice feature in a man.

jaydesims  asked:

So kind of piggy-backing off the last question - Who is your favorite sim in each family (Goths, Slaters, and Gardeners)? ^__^

Ooh, thank you!!

In the Goths I’d have to say Samuel because he’s a literal walking meme no matter what he does, in the Slaters it would have to be my precious little Ruby, and in the Gardners it’s definitely my little mushroom Nathan! (aka one of the most attractive sims I’ve ever had)

Thank you for asking this! ❤️

dstarscurse  asked:

For asking me about that forbidden topic, you get a 3 part question *cough* Who do you think is the most attractive sim - on your blog? on my blog? & on simblr period?

fuck. Ok on my blog, my most attractive sim has to go to either Rory or prooooobably Carl. Like. Hotness wise. Mav and Maddox are just cute. On YOUR blog fUCK. Toby. I’d say Toby. Because coME ON. On Simblr in general..? Hm…. probably @freckled-pixels ’s Biggs or Jackie. Or Toby. Y'all got hot sims what the fuck.


Proposal Park-Old Willow, Pleasant County.

I’ve always really liked the career objects but I also really hate having them just in the sims home so I’ve been making career themed lots to put them in. 

So this lot is supposed to be like a place for politicians and activists to try and spread their message. It has several stands, a voting station, and a stage for announcements and rallys. Don’t actually know, but I’m hopping that the podium doesn’t actually attract sims to watch, otherwise I’m pretty sure they’ll just crowd the stage instead of in front of the stage.


So…who gets more girls?

Fun Fact 1: Sumiko is NwolcMnad’s stylist. 

Fun Fact 2: Chase and Sumiko are good friends that go drinking together a lot.

Fun Fact 3: Sumiko is actually a lot older than Chase…and a horrible wingman for obvious reasons lol.

(Random question here…well not really since it does relate to stories lol. Do you guys prefer me tagging One Part Stories just “sim shorts”, or “sim shorts” & “sim story” or just tag everything “sim story”? Trying to make things more organized so bear with me @.@ *sniff*)

I never let my sims age above young adult cause I can’t handle them getting less attractive. My sims don’t age or die unless I want them to! Disable ageing!

I find the Sims 4 controls in CAS something that I need to get used to. I am not used to dragging face parts around lol. But it seems a lot easier in Sims 4 to make fairly pretty/attractive sims.

This is Regan and I am thinking of doing some sort of challenge or story with her….

I was thinking of a Rags to Riches or Homeless type of challenge but after reading the rules of both I decided that maybe I would just make a homeless sim and see where it goes without limitations.

I do not think I am ready to start another Legacy just yet, as I am so very found of the Rains :)…. But I am enjoying Sims 4 more than I expected and I think with the addition of Outdoor Retreat, Sims 4 offers a pretty good starting point for playing a homeless sim.

After all, it makes a good start to a story….right?