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I threw my Sim May Tailor in a house together with @ninjaofthepurplethings Joe Salmon, now Joe Sailor.

Refer to this post here 

So to say that Joe is perhaps a few snaggers short of a barbie is no stretch of the imagination. I do love him dearly though, so he is staying, but I don’t push romance with my Sims ever. They have to do all the work themselves. So have a example of how their regular communications go on a daily basis.

May :  “flirts”

Joe : “discuss work”

May : “flirtatious joke”

Joe : “talk about cooking”

May : “compliment appearance”

Joe : “enthuse about fishing”

May : “compliment personality” 

Joe : “complain about dirty dishes”

May : “ask to watch the stars”

Joe : “ask to put out the trash”

I imagine in this pic that she’s thinking “I’m not getting any younger you dimwit”

Chapter 2: Tender Prey

Okay friends, after that fuckery we’re about to enter into chapter 2 of A Devil Between Us, which I’m calling Tender Prey. Again, fair warning this part is gonna be sad times and there will be warnings for violence and sexual assault. Given how the last post ended it’s bound to be bad but anyway. Make sure to block #tw sexual assault and #tw violence if you don’t wanna see it.

Also I made a new and much better title thingy, so keep your eyes peeled for it!

xoxo slanes


Sirena The Siren

Quote: “I was fishing on my boat and i could have sworn i saw a face look at me from in the water, then dive down into the murk, i think.. i think it was a mermaid” - anonymous.

Sirena was one of the few sirens that swam the lakes of Simiscura. She was lively, curious, and cheerful. She loved to float on the top of the water and bask in the sun, feeling it’s warmth on her scales.  There were times Sirena would stray a little too close to the human sims who were brave enough to swim deeper into the lake. Sirena was bold, and would swim right beneath their feet, hidden by the murky water. She did this often.

When night came, she would swim deeper into the lake, directly into the canal that led to a secluded pond far off into the forest. This pond had a large willow tree hanging over it, right along it’s edge.
Sirena loved this tree, and she would perch herself beneath it. The trees long branches hung down far enough around her to hide her completely. If Sirena was startled by a sound, she would just jump right back into the pond. On a lot of nights she would sit there, back against the large tree, singing softly.

Sirens often sing about their deepest desires, in Sirena’s case, she would sing about the sim women she pined for, while she braided seaweed into her hair and watched fireflies light up the forest around her. Sirena’s voice was aquatic, yet also faintly human. The mermaid’s melody was quiet and sad, it seemed to almost calm the other creatures around the pond. The water bugs stopped stirring when she sang, owls on branches nearby wouldn’t hoot until her depart, seemingly trying to tune in, even the frogs stopped croaking to hear her lullaby.

One of these nights Sirena was very tired. She had swam quite a bit that day, daring herself to swim even closer underneath the sims to catch a peek at their legs and other human assets. Sirena brushed her tail up against one of their legs, and the sim panicked and swam out of the water, claiming she felt a large fish touch her. Sirena was no fish, but she didn’t dare reveal herself to them. She played all day, and had gotten very little rest, deciding to retreat to her pond and sit beneath that same Willow tree.

Sirena sang for a while leaning against it, she had started to doze off when suddenly, she felt the air around her go cold, so cold that she could see her breath. A chill came over her the likes of which she had never felt before. Sirena was unsettled, and before she could jump back into the pond to swim away she heard a calm, yet sinister voice whisper to her. “Such a lovely song, yet filled with so much sadness, so much longing..”
Sirena looked up startled and faced the treeline, cloaked in darkness was a figure with black hair, pale skin, and bright red eyes that seemed to burn.

It looked like a human sim.. but different. The sim focused her eyes on Sirena, with a devilish smirk on her face.
The sweet siren was usually so fast that the sims who thought they saw her, were left to question if they truly had seen what they thought, as she would dive back into the murky lake. Sirena was caught off guard this time, so much so that she didn’t react when the sim stepped out of the treeline, and into her line of sight.

This strange sim was attractive, but something was wrong. The sim had fiery red eyes, and tall black horns. Sirena had never seen a sim that looked like this in all her years swimming Simiscura.

Slowly the sim took a step towards Sirena, maintaining eye contact, never averting her gaze. This made Sirena uncomfortable, yet she stayed sitting still, almost frozen. Sirena wasn’t sure why she hadn’t jumped back into the pond.
The sim spoke again to her,“Sweet mermaid, i heard your siren song.” The horned sim sounded concerned, but Sirena was unsure of why she felt such fear with every word she spoke.

The horned sim continued talking as she walked towards the siren, “You wish to walk among human sims, to befriend them, maybe have them satisfy other urges?" Sirena blushed a deep blue and for a moment looked away. When she looked back the horned sim was even closer, which seemed impossible in such a short amount of time.

"I’m not going to hurt you little mermaid,” the sim said with that same smirk still on her face, “I only wish to help.”
Sirena, unsure of what to do remained quiet, but on guard, ready to flee into the water at a moments notice.
Why was this sim so deep in the forest, so late at night? Sirena had never seen humans enter the forest at this time, let alone come this far, near her pond.

Sirena was so perplexed she didn’t even notice that the horned sim was right beside her. The sim confidently sat down beside Sirena, letting her legs dangle into the pond. The sim was covered from neck to toe in black markings that Sirena had never seen before. The horned sim splashed her feet around playfully, kicking the water in the pond. Sirena watched her quietly, still afraid. Why hadn’t she swam away yet? Out of the presence of this peculiar sim. Sirena was so ready to dive into the safety of the murky waters of Willow Creek, but something would not let her.

The horned sim continued to kick her feet in the pond, before looking directly into the Sirens eyes that looked like deep blue pits, and had no pupils. She smiled a twisted smile, and teasingly said to the mermaid “How would you like a pair of these Sirena?” The siren sat there wide eyed, finally mustering up the courage to ask her, “How do you know my name?” The sim chuckled eerily, “Siren? Sirena? I suppose you could call it a lucky guess.” Sirena paused for a moment, and then asked the horned sim, “What’s your name?”

The question seemed to freeze the horned sim in place for a fraction of a second, then she shrugged her shoulders and said “I am called many things Sirena, but that isn’t of importance.” Sirena felt as though she shouldn’t ask again, she was truly intimidated by this horned sim, and that question seemed off limits somehow.

The horned sim spoke again, “Would you like to walk among the human women that you’re so infatuated with? Or am i misunderstanding your siren song?” Sirena nodded her head slowly, and whispered under her breath “But how?” more quietly then she had meant too.

The horned sims face seemed to light up at Sirena’s interest, her devilish smirk turning into a creepy smile before she released that same disturbing little chuckle.  

“As a mermaid, i am sure you’re familiar with the concept of wishes?” the horned sim asked, “I happen to specialize in granting wishes for all types of creatures.”

Sirena paused, she knew that all Sirens were capable of granting wishes for human sims, but she’d never done it before, and mermaid magic didn’t work on other Sirens. Wishing to walk among sims wasn’t something Sirena had ever asked another Siren for, she knew it was out of the bounds of what their magic was capable of. How could this strange horned sim promise to do what Sirena herself was incapable of doing with her own magic?

"I want to help you Sirena,” the horned sim continued, “I understand what it’s like to want something that’s.. impossible to attain,” she said, her voice trailing off. The horned sim seemed to linger on a thought for a moment, before snapping back to reality and asking Sirena again directly. “Do you want what you cannot have Sirena?” she asked, “Do you wish to trade the lake for the land?”

Sirena stared at the sim, almost forgetting to breathe. The mermaid loved the lake of Willow Creek, it was so vast and deep, and the creatures within it were varied and exciting. Sirena had lived there her entire life, but greater then her love for the lake, was her yearning to frolic with the sims who left her waters when they became too cold.

“Do you wish it Sirena”? the horned sim asked again more firmly this time, eyes wide, her piercing gaze burrowing right through the siren. The horned sim had stopped kicking the water, and the entire forest seemed to fall silent, as if the sound had been turned off in the world for a moment, and the earth had stopped spinning.The water, wind, and creatures around them made no noise. Sirena felt like the sim had zoomed in on her, and paused the entire world, just to wait for her answer.

The mermaid swallowed, closed her eyes, and breathed in deep before she answered.
“Yes,” Sirena said, “I wish it.”

The last thing Sirena saw before her vision went black was the horned sim, leaning in close to her face, her fiery eyes burning even hotter now as she pressed her lips against Sirena’s. 
Her kiss was hot, and Sirena’s lips were met with the unfamiliar taste of soot, and the smell of burning wood before she blacked out entirely.

Sirena woke and she was still laying by the pond, it was still night, and the moon was high. The sound had returned to the forest, and the horned sim was nowhere in sight. Sirena sat herself up, and when she looked down she was elated to find that her blue and green fin had been replaced by a pair of legs.
Sirena was overjoyed and burst into tears. She wobbled as she rose to stand on her new human legs.

Sirena stayed by the pond, practicing walking throughout the night, she couldn’t wait to introduce herself to the human sims she had watched for so long. Sirena had wished to walk with humans, and now she could. The wish had worked out perfectly. Sirena wanted to thank the horned sim for granting this to her, but it seemed as if she had vanished into thin air.

Night slowly turned to day, the sun rose and began to shine upon Sirena, and she felt a painful burning sensation all over her skin. It did not take her long to realize that the sun itself was the cause. It became unbearable, and she was forced to run, stumbling through the forest, desperately trying to shield herself from the rays beneath the trees. Sirena finally threw herself under a small formation of rocks that had formed a cave, large enough to squeeze herself into. Sirena was cramped in the dark, looking out into the day, confused and afraid. 

The sun she had once loved to bask in had now become dangerous to her. Sirena tried to piece her thoughts together, and as she sat there in the small dark cave, she found herself growing thirsty… so so thirsty.


“Oh! My grandson you are just the cutest! Don’t be surprised if I take him home with me! Look! He’s smiling!”

“Please don’t, I kinda would like him to live here” Mariel bluntly said.

“Oh you know I’m joking, I’m too old to care for a newborn for more than a few hours”