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The Zodiac Signs When Noticing a Particularly Attractive Person in Public

Dodges the person by ducking into a building: Aries, Virgo, Capricorn, Aquarius

Stares for a few seconds, and maybe fixes their appearance to make sure they look fine before moving on: Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius

Goes out of their way to strike up a conversation, bump into them, or even just cross the person’s path: Leo, Pisces


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Weasley Family (Ron/Ginny)

Today’s a good day to remind my followers that it’s impossible to be unintentionally manipulative. It’s possible to be unintentionally hurtful, or to not be aware that your actions effect others and of course listening to others when they say they’re uncomfortable is important. But I think that the fear ‘what if I’m actually a monstrous manipulator and I don’t know it’ is a manufactured one– real abusive people behave as if they had no idea their actions were harmful, but that doesn’t mean they actually are ignorant to what they’re doing. They derive a position of power from manipulation or abuse and even if it’s something they take for granted it’s not an accident.

In any social situation it’s normal to have goals and to try and obtain a result that’s beneficial to you. That’s not an act of manipulation, but an act of ordinary interaction. But, especially among women (and this anxiety seems to skew predominantly to those who are assigned female at birth or are trans women and thus feel judgement people make of women) there is this toxic ideal that only bad women and girls have needs, and that voicing your needs or wants, otherwise working towards them and curating your situation like an ordinary person is manipulative and wicked. And it’s not exclusive to women either– there are many people who are expected to be selfless as a default. The idea of a selfless caregiver or provider blurs the lines between people who derive control from abusing this ordinary social contract, and people who just are engaging in it normally.

There’s also the strange sense that one is a ‘fraud’ when engaging in many kinds of social interactions, or that one’s ‘just saying what others expect to hear.’ Too much of this probably could make someone feel like they’re manipulating others by shamming their identity or personality. Inauthenticity is something that young people, and especially women and girls struggle with but it doesn’t make a conniving mastermind who’s tricking others into thinking they’re a great friend. At times we all will engage in this kind of obligatory social interaction where we’re just doing maintenance on our relationships or preserving order. Finding a level of authenticity or social intimacy where one’s able to feel safe and honest can be difficult and at certain times of your life might even be rare.

If somebody really and truly is not aware that they’re trying to control others in their lives, that points to that they probably need some form of mental health care and are trying to stay on top of what might for them be an out-of-control life or scenario. They’re not likely to be successful and they’re probably not able to plan or achieve much more than maybe lying to someone else out of fear or trying to change their short-term. And they’re likely to self-sabotage.

Manipulative people definitely exist and not all of them are highly premeditated schemers. But a lack of intention is almost never in the picture. Most of the time that we can fear if we’re ‘unintentionally manipulative’ what we’re really afraid of is if we’re not honest, humble, selfless enough or have too many needs– we’re trained to see ‘good people’ as egoless, going through life like miracle plants who need no water or sunshine to flourish. It’s not manipulative to engage in normal interactions where you want others to like and understand you, and change your approach to achieve that social goal.

Today’s Pedophile Hating Character is… Duchess from the Aristocats!


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i really hate those posts that go “its so creepy seeing 18-20 year old girls dating men in their 40s like why cant they get a girl their own age.” because these are adult women who are able to make their own decisions, if they want to date someone 20 years older, let them? have you ever thought that maybe these 20 year olds are attracted to people older than them? it just really makes me angry when people see a younger girl (thats at least 18) with someone much older than her and they automatically assume that the guy is some evil manipulative pedophile that’s only attracted to her because she’s young. its shocking, but some girls are actually interested in people older than them!! its almost like… maybe they…. are the ones that go after older men sometimes?? wow… crazy…. anyways let legal adults do what they want with each other as long as they both consent

So, I’m really excited that Jodie Whittaker has been chosen as the Doctor for a lot of reasons, and one of them is that, not only is she a woman, she’s a young woman. I was so convinced that if the BBC was going to do a female doctor, they were going to choose an older actor because ‘a young, conventionally attractive woman wouldn’t bring the kind of gravitas you need to play the doctor. blah. blah. blah.’ But, like, forget that! I’ve seen a lot of people (mostly men) using that excuse to express their displeasure saying things like ‘it’s fine if she’s female but we needed someone older and more eccentric to play the doctor’ No. We didn’t. You just can’t handle an young, attractive woman in a powerful role because you can’t see a woman as attractive and powerful. 

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This is just kind of a general vent: it's really frustrating when congenitally thin/attractive people post "any body is a bikini body," etc type posts. I understand embracing your body can be hard at any size (especially if you have an ed) but at the end of the day you're still considered thin and society is going to accept your thin body more than they will ever accept my fat one. Idk it's just really frustrating and a lot of it feels so false when you know people won't treat you that way

Absolutely. I think this runs in the same vein of thin people trying to be a part of the body positivity movement. It’s one thing to BE body positive, because yes everyone has insecurities, but thin people will NEVER experience the systemic pitfalls and social stigma that surrounds fatness—especially fat women.

Fat is an identity, and compounded with other oppressed identities, becomes something society makes you apologize for in a variety of ways. Not to mention the lifelong internalized hatred that can accompany people from a young age.

The majority of thin people arrive at their teens or twenties and realize “Hey, beauty standards aren’t cool.” Good job. They’re not cool. But trying to step into a movement that does not belong to you does more harm than good! Fat bodies are further erased! Imagine how much more fat bodies would be loved if thin people had not stolen “thick” and “curvy” ~aesthetics~ in order to establish brand spankin’ new beauty standards that are even MORE impossible to achieve: not just thin, but thin in the waist with an ample bosom and a huge butt and even big thighs.

Thin people: absolutely post pictures in bikinis posed however you want. You do you. Just don’t claim to be FAT just because you gained five pounds in a year. As if your conventionally attractive body is a huge slap in the face to a society that already. accepts. you.

(P.S. gaining weight and then saying you’re “still” healthy and fit devalues fat bodies because you’re essentially saying that 1) to be fatter ISN’T to be fit and healthy and 2) a body that happens to not be fit/healthy is not valuable.)

I like my men like I like my coffee - I don’t like coffee, but I made myself drink it and pretended to like it because I liked the idea of coffee. Society taught me from a very young age that people like me were supposed to like and want coffee, that liking coffee was good and necessary, but coffee is actually gross and bad for my health

forced heterosexuality is something many lesbians have to face and try to overcome. it is extremely unfair to invalidate lesbians who experience this by saying that they are “not real lesbians” because they experience forced attraction to men. it makes many of us feel incredibly guilty and like we don’t belong in our own community. plenty of us can experience attraction to men and understand that it is completely forced on our parts and know that we wouldn’t act on those attractions. just please don’t invalidate us when society is working against us.