attractive people making out is my favorite thing

naomi and ely’s no kiss list sentence meme

feel free to change the pronouns and things to fit your muse!

  • “18 years of apartment living and you still believe pressing the down button speeds up the elevator’s arrival.”
  • “i lie all the time.”
  • “i think we should get married here!”
  • “______ may be new but he’s hotter than everyone else.”
  • “you know why i love you? when i feel like sticking my head in an oven, you pull it out and you put cookies in there instead.”
  • “let’s eat cookie dough!”
  • “you’re giving me that same look you gave me when i told you whole foods stopped carrying chocolate chip bagels.”
  • “snuggle me?”
  • “since when do you actually go around kissing boys?”
  • “i’ve always been totally gay.”
  • “i know! i shouldn’t love a girl who toys so carelessly with other people’s emotions, especially mine.”
  • “is that your girlfriend? she must be really pretty.”
  • “god, you’re beautiful.”
  • “this is fun, you and me doing girl talk. i’ve never done it.”
  • “you’re a virgin? no way!”
  • “your beauty, do you use it for good or for evil?”
  • “people make the mistake of letting beauty guide attraction.”
  • “wait a sec. you make out with my boyfriend and i’m not being fair?”
  • “you’re my top priority.”
  • “let me buy you breakfast!”
  • “i’m twice your size. leave. now.”
  • “what was your favorite song on the mixtape? did you like it?”
  • “you’re not a bad face to see first thing.”
  • “you’re exactly like my dad.”
  • “you hate it! you’re washing it down!”
  • “that sight of your smile and that laugh gave me the smallest glimmer of hope. and that’s all i needed.”
  • “______ was just being who he is. and i love him for who he is.”

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RFA +V and Unknown comforting a bi MC who came out to her friends but was shunned. This just happened to me and I am currently...... well I guess not in my right mind. These boys (and girl) have gotten me through a lot and I kinda hope they can help with this. Sorry if this isn't a good request or is too heavy a subject. Thanks if you do it, and I understand if you don't.

I don’t normally do headcannons, but for this one, I will. I want to give you as much support as I can!

Please know that even though some people are asshats about who you are genically programmed to find attractive, not everyone is. Most people are extremely accepting of the diversity that makes the human race amazing.

Also, fuck tumblrs formatting!


  • Girl literally doesn’t care
  • She is bi, so…
  • In fact, she’s happy. Because the two of you can appreciate each other and Zen together
  • Plus, it’s fun to people watch with her because you can point out all the attractive people! 
  • She’s going to beat up anyone who makes you feel bad about yourself. And she’ll be in mama bear mode for a few weeks. Enjoy it :P


  • He’s curious, but it doesn’t really phase him.
  • Like. he’ll ask you if a girl is attractive. Because his attractive radar is broken because of all is issues.
  • If you tell him a female is attractive, he’ll make dad jokes about using protection
  • What does that even mean, Jumin??
  • You can admire males to him, also. He doesn’t share your appreciation, but he listens. 
  • Jumin will pay Seven to ruin who ever makes you feel bad. Their entire digital life will be done. 


  • Precious Zen is a little bi, himself
  • He is just a sexual beast, really
  • He thinks it’s cute that gender doesn’t matter to you. It means you picked him out of all the males and females to choose from
  • Plus is broadens the porn you two can watch Zen, Please!
  • Zen is going to pamper you. Like baths with bath bombs and rose petals, home cooked meals, nights on the town, anything to make you feel like the special princess you are. He’s also going to hunt down everyone who made you feel bad and tell them exactly what he thinks of them.


  • Dude. Seven is happy. Like super happy.
  • Seven is cannonically bisexual.
  • Will totally scope out chicks and dudes and ask them for a threesome.
  • He’s not serious.
  • Seven is sooooo happy he can tell you when he thinks a guy is attractive because he knows you won’t judge. And he totally wants to to let him know if you think a lady is sexy. Because he might steal her style!
  • Seven will learn everything about anyone who makes you feel bad, and become the perfect love interest to them. And when he’s got them under his thumb, he’s going to reveal himself and break their hearts for breaking yours.


  • Poor boy. He’s bisexual. He just doesn’t know it yet.
  • You telling him, makes him so happy that you trust him enough
  • And by listening to you, he realizes that he feels the same way!
  • You are his godsend!
  • Just by being you, you help him discover himself! 
  • Yoosung is going to set you up on LOLOL and make you kill things until you feel better. And strangely enough, it works.


  • V! My love! My most favorite of all teal haired boys!
  • He’s going to let you know that everything is going to be alright. You are perfectly normal. And special to him
  • He obviously can’t scope out hotties with you, but he’s going to make you describe people that you find attractive.
  • He wants you to be happy with who you are and who you are attracted to.
  • V will also hire Seven to take them out.


  • He could care less about your sexual orientation.
  • For reals, as long as you are with him, and support him, he’s cool with it.
  • He will try and kill anyone who makes you feel bad about yourself. You’re going to have to watch him like a hawk. 
The Bookshelf.

Hello internet angels! Yes, it is that time of the week again, and I have finally decided to finish something that I think would be really fun. But, before I start I want to give one HUGE shout out to @but-deans-back-tho because every week I read her hump day smut post and I feel like seeing her do that gave me the idea to do this! So please go follow Allie, she’s such a great person (and also her cat is adorable.) she just gives me life….

So let’s go!

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*Some links are the last chapters of fics, so that you may have the previous links in the stories. 


The professor Novak series!

Okay so I’ve been reading this series since the start and let me tell you, 55 chapters of Au!Castiel goodness has changed me forever!

So anyone who isn’t already team Cas beware, and anyone who’s already there? Well, have fun.

P.s. Thank you again, Jess! Thank you for writing this series and just being so nice to me I just…..okay I need a moment.   

( Author : @abaddonwithyall )

The faking it series!

Another series? Oh yeah. And this one might just be the icing on the Dean Winchester cake I’ve been dying to- anyway! Have fun with 32 chapters (so far) of smutty goodness. (Literally all the kinks)

(Author: @ilostmyshoe-79)

Stake out!

I’ve got a thing for long, beautifully written, detailed fics. And this one just…..Jeeze. Dean Winchester is such a gem to me, but give me sexually frustrated Dean trapped in a car with you during a stake out while watching another couple just……. Well now I gotta re-read it!

(Author: @sp-oops )

Stolen dance!

I’m not even done with this series and I feel like I’m obligated to throw it at you all while yelling “READ! READ THESE BEAUTIFUL WORDS!!” Ahem…..sorry. Anyway, I am slowly starting to become a Sam!girl, and with fics like these just poking me off my Dean cliff, I don’t think I’m gonna hold out much longer.

(Link starts at the last uplaoded chapter)

(Author: @kaz2y5-imagines )

Better than!

I love Gabriel so much. He’s such a sweet loving and- okay maybe a little a LOT dominant. I didn’t know how kinky I could be but once again I was proved wrong! Plus, I’m not even attracted to Balthazar? But the things he and Gabriel do in this fic make me want to….. Gah! Just behold!

(Author: @scruffandyarn )  

Magic Masterlist!

I’ve never been to a strip club. If they’re like this though? You can bet  your bottom dollar (Do people still say that?) that I would be there every night throwing racks! I’m pretty sure my favorite so far is ‘Magic John.’ (No trying to influence you guys to check out that one first……but yeah totally do it.)

(Author: @kittenofdoomage )

Al Dente!

You guys remember @abadonwithyall ? Y'all remember how she tore our hearts out with professor!Cas? Well she’s doing it again, but this time Castiels a chef, and Sam’s heart is breaking, and people are yelling, and tears are falling and the reading keeps cumming. So yeah…….Now I’m hungry.

(Link starts at the last uplaoded chapter)

In the back of the bookshelf:

Look what I dug up this week!

My rose!

A (relatively) old series that has become my go-to. I’m a Benny!girl, I’ll admit it. And this….this beautiful, sexy, saddening fic just….I want the world for Benjamin Lafitte, and in this he gives the reader just that.

(Author: @thenightyouknow

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Again, I’m so happy to finally be doing this because now I get to really credit some of my favorite writers. Thank you to all of these people for just being the best at what they do. I hope to be as good a writer as they are one day, and I won’t stop writing and doing my best until I think I’m were I am. 

You have a fic you want on the bookshelf? Don’t hesitate to tag me in it! 

See you next week!


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¥ end him

Put ¥ in my ask and my muse will rate yours.

Looks: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10
Personality: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10
Attraction: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10
Would they date them: yes | no
Favorite thing about them:

               “ Well, you are a, uh  .  .  .  you are a person and that is  .  .  .  that is great for you.”  He could always point out that the mathematics inclination makes him a little less unbearable than most people, but it simply isn’t true. No matter what him or Ikkyu try to throw at him, it’s all too easy – in the end, Suumi is just a… very… agitating man. It’s almost hilarious how he doesn’t see how easily he regularly wrongs people or rubs them the wrong way. Entertainment value. Does that count?

Least favorite thing about them:

          Gestures vaguely.

Top Five Hottest Youtubers

Here are my top five most attractive youtubers:

1. Pewdiepie.

He’s very funny, and in my opinion, very geeky. He always puts a smile on my face. I love his accent, and when he speaks different languages. The funny things he says are always make me laugh.

2. Markiplier.

Mark is also very funny, and I love watching him play Amnesia: The Dark Decent. I love watching him freak out at everything. The random videos that he posts are always my favorite. I could watch Markiplier all day if I wanted. He is just an amazing person. I love everything about him.

3. Cryaotic

Even though no one knows what he looks like, Cry is one of the most attractive people on youtube, (even though he’s ranked third). His voice makes my toes curl. I mean, c'mon ladies. Admit it, you’ve fantasized about Cry. I know I have. I imagine him reading me stories before I go to bed. His laugh is the most adorable thing I have ever heard. I just love him so much.

4. Tobuscus.

Toby is a funny, cute, kind, geeky guy that everyone should love. I love how he creates new words instead of swearing. The short songs that he posts are funny, and always get stuck in my head. Toby is the type of guy I just want to cuddle with all day and play video games while eating junk food.

And last, but certainly not least:

5. Kuledud3

Though he may not be as popular as the four youtubers above, Kuledud3 is one of the funniest people you will ever discover on youtube. Yes, he’s a brony, but that’s not the point. Kuledud3 is cute, funny, and very loud. But he will always find a way to make you smile.

Well, there you have it, guys!! My top five hottest youtubers. :)


No but really I need to catch up on Covert Affairs so badly, because hnnnnngh.

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top 3 makeouts in television or movies

Oh god.

1.) The kiss from the end of Clueless. You can’t see it in this gif, but that kiss had visible tongue. VISIBLE TONGUE, and let me tell you, that kiss changed me. It CHANGED ME.

2.) The ‘In Your Eyes’ make out from ‘Say Anything,’ also with visible tongue, and also boob touching, and also, oh my god, just that stupid sweaty dopey look boys get when they’ve been well-kissed. Leave me here to die.

3.) The Doctor Who Confidential version of the Journey’s End kiss. Because it is not an exaggeration to say that it broke me. I did not used to be in this fandom, and then, because of this, I was.

Special quick shout-outs to the: 

Alias ‘God Put a Smile On Your Face’ make out:

and the Chuck ‘Creature Fear’ make out: