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Happy EARLY SHUSH Halloween Guys!! So recently I had the opportunity to do an art collab with the amazing @cindersart!!

We decided on a Solangelo Halloween theme, and LOOK AT THIS GORGEOUS LINEART. I had such an incredible time coloring this piece. The atmosphere I got from the original lineart was so cute and playful with the lanterns so I did my best to bring that out with the colors.

Thank you so much for the collab, Cinder!! This was so much fun :D

LINEART IS DRAWN by @cindersart
>> you guys should check her out, her art is phenomenal!!

Coloring by saber // me
Cinder has uploaded the other half of the collab!!
>>Which can be found here <<

And as always, please do not repost.

okay i know i haven’t been doing photosets over the past 2 days, but i’ve been putting in 8-10 hour workdays, and i just barely got lucky in getting off earlier tonight to be able to see an olympic event that i wanted to see.

i’ll do some more over the next 2-3 days, even though the last day of the olympics is tomorrow, i’m sorry for not being able to get them done sooner! i guess that’s the hard life of being an adult with a full-time job haha.