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It really says a lot of our priorities as a society that everyone’s shocked Macron’s wife is 20 years older than he is but nobody’s mentioning how she began sleeping with him when he was 16 and her student.

I’m pretty sure I’m too old now to be attracted to Peter Parker but being attracted to Tom isn’t weird cause he’s like two years older than me. Ya win some ya lose some I guess??

@hazel-the-witchHey Hazel! Thanks for giving me carte-blanche on this, and I hope you liked where I took it! I just couldn’t resist including awkward Derek and insecure Stiles :D Happy Holidays to you!

Stiles is not attracted to Derek. Not at all. And no amount of half-naked werewolf showing up bleeding on his bed is going to change that.

by @yoshifics

Stiles had known it from the first time he’d seen Derek.

I’m never spending any length of time with that guy, he’d thought.

It hadn’t only been Derek’s murder face that had convinced him to promptly give up the idea of attempting something with the man. Sure, he’d seemed like a grumpy murderer at first glance, but Stiles knew better than anyone how hard bad first impressions could be to shake off (Mrs. Carlson two houses over still eyed him warily whenever he got within 20 feet of her front door).

No, the true problem was not in Derek’s face. Or rather it was, but not in his expression as Stiles had briefly entertained. The root of the problem laid in Derek’s everything!

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At your 20th birthday, suddenly your grandfather got you a map of treasure. He said that is the MAP of the LOST HEART MARIA that consist a HUGE RED diamond with a heart shape that worth a HUGE FORTUNES. But now you’re in trouble, a pack of criminals called “THE PHANTOM OF SENGOKU” send you a letter that said they would like to steal that map and take that treasure, alone!. Felling hopeless, you tried to ask for help at the police but you didn’t expect that THE POLICE SQUAD are bunch of HANDSOME MEN!

Shingen Takeda as The “Passionate” Detective

Wow, just wow. That bulk and carefree guy is your detective that would like to ask you a lot of questions even it’s personal question like, “Do you find an older man attractive?” WTH! Of course you will, if it’s HIM! You always feel so easy around him eventhough sometimes he will act demanding but it’s okay because he always ready to protect you. He likes to call you “Kitten” and your first encounter will be like—

“Oh, you’re so tiny and cute like a kitten!”

“Excuse me?”

“Don’t worry Kitten, Daddy-Tiger is ready to protect you at anycost!”

Kenshin Uesugi as The “Charming” Police Chief

Are you sure that charming and beauty man standing in front of yourself is a POLICE CHIEF? You shook you head for a while because you still haven’t believe it. Isn’t he is a model from Calvin Klein or Hugo Boss? But your insecurity washed away when you heard him talk like a professional with his coworkers. With the calm smile he reassure you that everything will be ok. Oh, he always has a smile that could calm your nerves.

“Don’t afraid, Flower. Everything will be okay.”

“But I’m so afraid that they will hurt me. I will not give this map to them. This is my last connection with him(your grandfather)”

“It’s okay. I will protect you and your treasure. . no matter what. I swear it!”


p.s traced the pose from famous haikyuu fanart any grammatical or tense error are due my mistake please ignore it. Thank you

You Should Know Better Pt.4

(Part One) (Part Two) (Part Three) (Part Four) (Part Five) (Part Six) (Part Seven) (Part Eight) (Part Nine) (Part Ten) (Part Eleven)

Summary: After dismissing class early, Natalie walks outside only to get into a heated argument with her ex. Joe, after settling himself down, stumbles upon the mess and inserts himself into the altercation. 
POV: Okay, I really fucked with the POV here, but it’s supposed to be Natalie’s
Characters: Joe Merriweather, Natalie, Landon
Word Count: 2600ish??
Author’s Note: This chapter literally picks up right after the last one, so, if you haven’t read part three, go ahead and read that sucker now. I don’t know why, but I struggled a bit with this chapter because having to control more than one person is a bitch. 
Quote:   “The moment people run out of ways to socially express themselves, they resort to physical violence.”


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How You Met (Teen Wolf Preference)

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Scott McCall:

You were freaking out. Was it necessary? Probably not. In fact, it definitely was not. Dr. Deaton assured you, Maxx was fine. Although, he was giving him a thorough once over just to ease your mind (he was looking over test results at the moment). You watched as the the 80lb ball of lovable mischief and fur happily let the vet tech pet him.

“If you don’t mind my asking… How did this happen exactly?”

“Well, I was planning on starting this diet, so I threw all my food away even though…” You stopped yourself for a moment, thinking maybe you shouldn’t go into details about your diet to the cute stranger that looked oddly familiar, “Anyways, I came home from school and this guy was in the trash with his stupid adorable face covered in chocolate…. He is lucky he’s so cute.”

“Hey, my mom says that… Not that I’m saying that I’m, well, I uh- Hi, I’m Scott.” He stuck his hand out to you with a goofy grin.

“(Y/N)… Wait, are you in my English class?”

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Why Do You Hate Me?

It’s amazing how a perspective of a person can change depending on how they treat you.

When Jack first met Joe, he thought the older man was funny and kind, and someone who he could get along with quite well. Until suddenly Joe was cold and bitter towards him, displaying all the signs of someone who hates another person. Jack didn’t know what he had done to warrant such hate from a person he barely knew, but any kind feelings he had for the other man slowly changed and morphed into those of distaste, to the point where Joe Sugg’s name left a bitter taste in Jack’s mouth.

None of their mutual friends knew what happened, much like Jack they were left in the dark. The only person who knew was Joe, but he was telling no one. And so Jack shrugged it off, and simply put up with the older man when their group came together, usually just ignoring Joe and talking with someone else and doing his best to ignore the occasional glare sent in his direction.

If Joe was going to hate him for no reason, then so would Jack.

In the beginning, Jack did try to figure it out, the reason for Joe’s dislike of him, he really did. He had wracked his brain, going over every single interaction between him and Joe and every single word that had been exchanged. Jack had even asked the others, trying to get their opinion on the matter, but no one had an answer. As time went on, and Joe continued to express a dislike for Jack, the younger man just let it happen, let his own feelings change until they barely looked at each other when in the same room.

“Wonderful,” Jack mumbled to himself as he walked into Conor’s flat, his eyes falling on the familiar body sat on the couch.

“Maynard.” Joe greeted him coldly, his eyes on his phone, a frown on his face.

“Sugg.” Jack replied, glancing around the flat, “Where’s Conor?”

“Ran out.”


A heavy silence fell between them, and Jack was tempted to turn around and leave, because being anywhere but here would be better, except this was his older brother’s flat, and he shouldn’t have to leave.

So Jack moved further into the flat, falling into one of the comfy chairs Conor had in his living room, pulling his own phone out of his pocket, trying to ignore the other body sat near him.

It worked, for about five minutes, before Jack couldn’t ignore the tension between them anymore.

For some reason, the thoughts he used to have, the ones that left him wondering what he had done to wrong Joe, came flooding back. Jack’s eyes darted from his phone screen to Joe’s face, which was still turned down to look at his own phone, void of emotions, his eyes darting across his screen.

One of the first things Jack had ever noticed about Joe was how attractive the older man was, and even with the now bitter feelings, Jack still found himself attracted to Joe. Which really only made things worse.

“Take a picture,” Joe said suddenly, causing Jack to jump lightly, his cheeks flushing lightly as blue eyes lifted to meet his, “It’ll last longer.”

“Not much to take a picture of.”

“Then why were you staring.”

“Wondering why my brother left me in a room with someone who hates me so much.” Because Jack had been studying Joe’s face, he caught the way the other man’s jaw tensed slightly at those words, how his eyes flashed with an emotion too quickly for Jack to catch, and how he shifted in his seat.

“If I had known you were coming, I would have left.” Joe said instead, his words sharp.

“Why do you hate me?” Jack found himself blurting out, his mind not able to stop the words from spilling past his lips, but now that they were out, he wanted the question answered.

“Sod this,” Joe mumbled, standing from his spot on the couch, slipping his phone into the back pocket of his jeans, “Tell Conor I had to go.”

“You can’t even give me an answer, can you?” Jack jumped to his feet as Joe headed for the door, his back to the younger man. “Instead you’re just going to run away. Fine.”

Joe froze, his body rigid and tense, his hands clenching and unclenching at his side.

“I don’t hate you.” Joe’s tone was low, but the words sounded loud in the room.


Jack watched as Joe turned around slowly, his eyes locking onto Jack’s instantly.

“I don’t hate you. You just think I hate you.”

“You’ve treated me like shit since the day we met!”

“And I have my reasons.”

“Then enlighten me, or I’m just going to keep thinking you hate me.”

“Go ahead. I don’t care.”

“Of course you don’t,” Jack shook his head, “You’re impossible.”

“Are we done?”

“Do I not deserve to know why you hate me?”

“I don’t hate you.” Joe gritted out, “Stop saying that.”

“You barely look at me, you have never once called me by my first name, you treat me like shit, and you couldn’t even be in the same room as me for ten minutes.” Jack explained, stepping towards Joe, “So yeah, you clearly hate me.”

“It’s not hate! It’s fear!”

Joe’s words echoed off the walls, and Jack blinked slowly at the man in front of him, “Fear?”

“Yes,” Joe sighed, “Happy?”

“You’re scared of me?”

“No!” Joe’s eyes widened as he stared over at Jack, “Not you!”

“Then what the hell are you afraid of?”

“Because…gods this is stupid,” Joe let his head fall back as he stared up at the ceiling, “I like you, Jack.”

“I’m still lost.”

Joe slowly tilted his head back forward, looking nervous, “I’ve never liked a guy before. But then you walked into my life. And suddenly…I got scared, okay? I got scared because I realized I liked you like I’ve liked girls in the past. And it terrified me. So I figured pushing you away was easier. That way my feelings couldn’t grow.”

“How’d that go?” Jack asked softly, stepping closer to Joe.

“Really shit, honestly.”

“Are you still scared?”

“Bloody terrified.” Joe swallowed as Jack’s hand brushed against his, “What are you doing?”

“I liked you, Joe,” Jack told him, “And then you pushed me away. But I think those feelings are still there. So if you want to give it a try,” He searched Joe’s eyes, looking for a sign to tell him to stop, “Then I’m willing.”

“I…I think so.”

“Oh thank gods,” Jack muttered before he pressed his lips against Joe’s, relieved when the older man returned the kiss only moments later.

“What the hell is going on?!” Conor’s sudden exclamation caused the two to jump apart, their cheeks red. “I thought you hated each other!”

“That’s what I thought,” Jack smiled, pulling Joe closer, who had his eyes locked on the floor.

“Well,” Conor snorted, “If I had known leaving you two alone would have made you stop hating each other, I would have done it ages ago.”

The Silver Fox

A/N - Another original fic, another awful title because coming up with names is the worst part of writing for me by far! But hey, I tried. Anyways, I’ve been itching to write a new original fic since it’s been quite a while since my last one, and after I got this little idea thanks to my still-going strong crush on one Mr. Haywood, I just had to run with it! A huge thank you to the lovely @mandywritesrtthings for encouraging me to write this in the first place and taking a look at the very rough drafts of this giant thing! Full disclosure - this is an AU, so as per usual, the kids/ex-wife mentioned are not IRL Ryan’s, they’re just fictional constructs spawned from my tiny human brain! Oh, and this AU-Ryan is a good bit older than current IRL Ryan, hence the silver fox-ness. Handsome older men, yo.

EDIT - I maaaaaaay also have some ideas for a sequel to this, so if there’s enough interest and if I can convince myself it’s not a terrible idea, who knows, maybe we’ll see more of this…

Pairing - Ryan x Reader

Warnings - Swearing, sex, mentions of alcohol, attractive older man, mentions of theatre.

Word Count - 5, 639

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Negan Imagines - The Blame Part 5

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A/N: Is it bad that I missed not seeing Negan this episode but I got to see my babies Maggie and Sasha so that made up for it. However I know a lot of y’all need your dosage of Negan so here it is. I know this is late and this is some of my poorer writing but I hope you can forgive me as I’ve been frantically busy this week so far.

Catch up here (Part 1)(Part 2)(Part 3)(Part 4)

Overall Summary: You’re the one who accidentally led the Saviours to the group cause Negan has an interest in you. Rick’s daughter.

In this chapter: Carl’s gone missing…

Pairing: Negan x reader, Father!Rick x Daughter!Reader

Word count: 1,609

Warnings: Explicit language, Negan being Negan, (this is a shit part)

After Negan left and took the majority of your belongings, things got more than difficult. The town was a mess and things seemed much harder for the long-term Alexandrian’s who had never known what life outside the comfy small town was like. 

Over the next 24 hours, your father decided to waste no time on scavenging for Negan. This rose tensions high, and they were even higher in your own home. 

You didn’t think Carl could get much worst after the comment that came from him when you helped Negan but surprisingly enough he did.

“Are you sure you won’t come?” Rick asked you. 

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Meet the New Boss Part 1

Supernatural AU! Dean Winchester has just taken over your office after Crowley was fired for embezzling, among other inappropriate actions. I tried to change his name to Dean Smith, and it just felt all wrong when I was writing it!

Warnings: None, unless you count being hit on by your creepy yet oddly attractive boss…? Swearing. Awkward sexual situation.

Word Count: 1614

Originally posted by f-uni

”Y/N, I need to see you in my office.” The smooth British voice of your boss floating through the office door makes you want to hurl. You glance at Meg, who gives you an apologetic smile. You smooth your pencil skirt and stride quickly into his office, heels clicking on the tiled floor.

“Yes, Fergus?”

“There you are. Took you long enough.” he holds out a 20 dollar bill. “Coffee, the biggest non fat soy latte you can get. And whatever you and Miss. Masters would like.” His mouth twists unpleasantly.

“Yes, no problem.” You turn on your heel to leave his office.

“Hate to see you go, but I love to watch you leave,” He calls cheerfully at your retreating back. You suppress a shudder, ignoring your ass of a boss. You grab your knee length wool coat, asking Meg if she wants anything.

“Whatever you’re going to get is fine, thanks.” She keeps her eyes on her computer screen.  


“Thanks.” He takes the Starbucks cup from you without glancing your way. “Nothing else.”

You make to leave and he calls you back. “How would you feel about dinner tonight? Just us?” He grins smugly at you over the lid of the coffee cup.

You manage a polite smile. “That’s against company policy, Fergus.” In all reality you want to throw up your lunch all over his desk. Not that he wasn’t attractive, for an older man. He was just so cocky and inappropriate, treating you and Meg like you were objects there solely for his entertainment. You’d rather cut off your own tongue.

His jaw clenches at the mention of his first name. “How many times have I told you? Either Mr. Crowley, or sir, if you must!” He straightens his red silk tie, the only color in his entire ensemble, and stands up from his leather desk chair. “I say screw it! Let’s go howl at the moon!” He’s moved around the giant wooden desk, moving closer to you, and you involuntarily back up, your knees hitting a plush chair. You overcompensate for being off balance and end up on your ass in the chair, his hands pressing into the cushion on either side of your head. You rack your brain, trying to figure a way out of this, just about to settle for kicking him in the balls when Meg’s voice floats through the door.

“Mr. Crowley? Mr. Lafitte is here to see you.”

You breathe a sigh of relief, thanking whoever was upstairs and looking out for you as you jump from the chair. In your haste to get away from Fergus you run right smack into Mr. Lafitte, whose hands reach out to grab your shoulders, keeping you on your feet.

“Sorry darlin’, are you alright?” He drawls in a heavy southern accent, light blue eyes gazing into yours.

“Yes, thank you, I’m sorry,” You mutter, escaping from this office the only thing on your mind.

“Darlin’?” He calls after you, and you stifle a groan as you turn to look at him, putting on your best poker face. “Would you mind terribly if I asked you to close the door?”

You nod silently, pulling the heavy door shut behind you and sitting back at your desk, trying to get your bearings.

“You ok?” Meg asks, clearly worried about you. You force a smile, keeping most of your attention on the blank spreadsheets in front of you. “I’ve never seen Mr. Lafitte in person. He’s kind of adorable.” She grins at you, only to get a stoic gaze back. She lets her smile slip and goes back to her computer.

An hour later you can suddenly hear Fergus shouting at the top of his lungs, although you can’t quite make out the words. You lock eyes with Meg, who’s eyebrows have nearly shot up into her hair. “What the hell is happening in there?”

“I don’t know, can you see anything?” Your view through the glass door only gives you a bookcase and part of the floor to ceiling window.

“No, just that goddamned bull statue of his.” She rolls her eyes. The door suddenly flies open, Mr. Lafitte emerging, straightening his dark grey tie.

“Ladies, I hope you both have a wonderful weekend, I’m sure your Monday will be more than pleasant.” He winks at you, your interest peaking at his cryptic words. You knew better than to ask. He gives Meg a wave before heading around the corner, where you hear the elevator ding.

“What was the president of the company doing here?” You turn shocked eyes to Meg.

“You got me, but oh my god!” She makes a show of fanning herself, making you giggle.

“Y/N!“ Fergus yells from inside the office. The anger in his voice makes you want to run to the elevator, but you make your feet move to stand in the doorway. “Call me a cab, and get Mr. Campbell on the phone.” He glances up at you, his face turning purple when he sees you’re still standing there. “NOW!“

His temper didn’t phase you; after nearly 7 years of dealing with him you were used to the mood swings. You were more focused on the fact that he was cleaning out his desk.

“Are you alright, Fer—sir?” You ask hesitantly.

DO I BLOODY LOOK ALRIGHT?” he roars, jabbing a finger in your direction. “GO NOW!”

You turn and run from the doorway back to your desk, where Meg has hunched down in her seat, trying to remain out of his sight. “Can you call the cab company for me?” you ask, dialing the line for Mr. Campbell’s law office. Before the first ring ends there’s a cheerful voice on the other end. “Mr. Campbell’s office, Jo speaking.”

“Hey, Jo. It’s Y/N. Is Mr. Campbell in?” You twirl the phone cord around your pointer finger, chewing your bottom lip nervously.

“Sure, just a second.” She puts you on hold, a song by the Foo Fighters drifting through the receiver. You’re only on hold for a few seconds when the phone picks up.

“Campbell.” The familiar voice washes over you, all business.

“Hi, Mr. Campbell. It’s Y/N. Sorry to bother you.”

“Oh, it’s no problem. And you can call me Sam.” Once he realizes who he’s talking to he becomes less formal, his business tone changing to a warm welcome. “What’s up?”

“Honestly, I’m not sure. Fergus says he needs to talk with you. Can I put you on hold?”

“No problem, Y/N.” His warm baritone caresses the syllables of your name, and you can hear the smile behind it.

“Thanks.” You put him on hold. “Mr. Campbell, line two!” You yell to Fergus and slam the receiver down, gears turning in your head.

“Samuel Campbell?” Meg’s jaw is basically on the floor. “THE Samuel Campbell. Attorney Samuel Campbell?”

“Yea, weird, huh?” You chew your bottom lip some more, trying to put all the puzzle pieces together. You knew once Fergus was gone, they would most likely get some other ass just like him in here by Monday. But you wanted to know why; it was literally burning you up from the inside out.


“Ready to go?” Meg has been watching the clock since 4:25.

“Yep, I think so,” you reply, brushing a strand of hair out of your face.

Just before you reach the corner of the hall Fergus yells for you. “I need you to stay, I have a few things to go over.”

Meg asks if you want her to wait but you shake your head. “No, just go home, I know Cas just got back from his trip. Have a good night.”

She gives you a quick hug before stepping around the corner, and you wait until the elevator dings to trudge back into his office, tossing your coat and bag onto your desk. “Take a seat.” He demands, pointing to one of two matching chairs. Goosebumps break out over your skin, your palms feel clammy and your pulse has picked up.

“Y/N.” He smiles at you, your stomach flip flopping.

“Ferg-Sir?” You mentally cursed yourself as you correct your sentence.

“I guess we can start with where would you like to go to dinner?”

Your eyebrows raise. “The company-”

He cuts you off. “I know, the company, the company. Good thing I’m not associated with the company anymore.”

This was all the information you needed. You draw in a deep breath, pulling on all your courage to get you through this. “I think you misunderstood earlier. I do not want to go out with you, Fergus.“

He sets his jaw, the glint in his eyes making you uneasy.

“Look, it’s friday, I want to go home.” You move to stand and he pushes you back into the chair, an oomf leaving your lips.

“You think I haven’t seen the way you tease?”

“I think you’re mistaken,” you grit through your teeth.

“Oh, am I?” His tone turns deadly and dread grips your heart, your stomach filling with lead, anchoring you to the spot. “See, you’re going to give me what I want.”

“This is your last warning. Do not do this.” Your voice sounds a lot braver than you feel. He wasn’t a very big man, but he was bigger than you.

“Seems Mr. Lafitte isn’t here to rescue you this time.” He leans in closer and out of instinct you bring your foot up, connecting with the apex of his thighs. You take the chance while he’s on the floor and escape the office, not bothering with your coat until you’re in the elevator safely headed for the ground floor.  


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Little Headcanon Thing About Mattie’s (possible) feeling/attraction for Leo Elster

This is something that blew up throughout the Humans fandom, with a mostly positive response. Many of us now ship them/”Leotilda”. As a Mattie Hawkins roleplay accounts, I wanted to write how I view this.

When they first met, Mattie fled soon after, before even getting to know the man. Before this, her way of speaking to him did seem slightly flirtatious. (In all honesty, who could blame her?)

Firstly, I believe Mattie was initially attracted to the slight closed-off personality Leo had. As an aspiring programmer, Mattie likes a challenge. Not that she saw Leo as a code that needs to be hacked, but she was already intrigued by him, and her mind wanted to unlock him, find out more.

As they got to know each other more, she felt pity for him. I think this unleashed a feeling in Mattie where she wanted to protect him. As the oldest sister, she already had this instinct. Furthermore, by Leo showing Mattie his memories, Mattie felt trusted. She knew how distant Leo was from anyone that wasn’t his family, and the fact that he spoke to her about it and even showed her his past, it made her feel like something was opening between them.

“Leo: Just because you’ve seen in here [his mind], it doesn’t mean you know me.
Mattie: I’m trying to.”

Plus he’s an angsty, attractive, older man with scruffy stubble, which teenager wouldn’t feel attracted to him.


[[ Request: imagine where you become affiliated with the club (sorry I can’t think of how, maybe doing a favor for another club??), and you fall for juice, but you don’t know anyone or their names – imaginative with descriptions ]] - I couldn’t think of a good reason you became affiliated either, so I just left it super vague. 😂 I figured it wasn’t that relevant to the storyline anyway lol.

You walked towards the SAMCRO clubhouse, placing your sunglasses on top of your head and wondering what questionable life decisions you must have made to find yourself here. Your eyes caught the reaper painted on the wall as you walked up to the main door, and you sighed loudly. Growing up in Charming, you had heard about the club your entire life, and you were always told to stay away. The Sons of Anarchy ran Charming, that much you already knew, and you had heard stories about them from the time you were a small child. But you had never listened to the stories. It was just small town gossip. Besides, you had never shied away from a little rule-breaking. Then through a serious of random events that you could hardly remember, you had moved away from home and met Nero Padilla. He had helped you through a rough patch in your life and had loved you like a daughter, and now you owed him big time. So when he needed a new bookkeeper for his escort service, you had agreed to help him out without hesitation. What you didn’t know at the time was that Nero and the Sons had formed a little partnership. So now here you were, walking into the SAMCRO clubhouse like you somehow belonged. 

“Hey, baby, can I help you?” a tall, slim man with dark, curly hair and piercing blue eyes asked you. He looked you up and down with an expression that told you he wasn’t exactly thinking the purest of thoughts. You felt a chill run down your spine. You could have sworn those eyes could see right through your clothes.

“I’m looking for Jax Teller,” you answered, returning the man’s gaze with a strong, determined stare.

He nodded his head, his eyes studying you for a few more seconds.“Yeah. I’ll go get him.” 

You gave him a polite smile and watched as he walked away. You let your eyes glance around the clubhouse. You noticed an entire wall dedicated to mugshots, and you tried your best to keep your eyes from rolling into the back of your head. You sighed and wondered again how you had ended up here. 

“Hey,” a tall, muscular blonde said as he approached you, his eyebrows raised and his mouth turned up into a confident, charming little smirk. Your eyes studied him carefully, sizing him up for a moment before you said anything else. You noticed yet another set of gorgeous blue eyes and thought sarcastically to yourself that blue eyes must be some sort of requirement to be a Son. 

“You must be Jax,” you responded, allowing your eyes to return to his. You held out your hand. “I’m Y/N.” Jax shook your hand and watched you carefully, clearly trying to figure you out. You looked out of the corner of your eye to see the curly-haired man staring at you with a disgustingly intrigued look on his face, but you ignored it. “I’m a friend of Nero Padilla,” you explained, turning your attention back to Jax. “I recently took over the books at Diosa.” You flashed him a coy smile. “I think we’ve got some things to discuss.” 

Jax nodded his head and smiled at you. “I guess we do.”


You walked through a pair of heavy wooden doors into a small, dark room. Your eyes flickered over to the middle of the room to the large wood table, a reaper carved deep into its center. You glanced around the room, noticing the “Brains Before Bullets” sign hanging on the wall. You circled the table, choosing a seat near the head of the table, upon Jax’s insistence. You already knew who Jax Teller was, even if you had never seen him before today. His reputation preceded him in Charming, and everyone was well aware of that fact. Your eyes followed Jax as he took a seat at the head of the table, his fingers toying with the gavel in front of him as he watched his men file into the room. Their faces were serious and stone-like. You could tell they weren’t sure what to think of you. You were some mysterious woman who had just showed up at the clubhouse unannounced, prepared to discuss Diosa business with their president. You couldn’t blame them for being a bit wary of you.

You turned your eyes to the doorway and watched as the leather cuts began to fill the room. Your eyes panned across each man that walked into the room. You watched an attractive older man enter the room, his hair messy and greying. His facial hair was neatly cut and groomed. You couldn’t help but notice the scars on his face, and you wondered how he had gotten them. Your eyes moved to the next man, the same curly-haired man from earlier. He flashed you a devilish smile as he took his seat at the table beside you. You sighed and turned your eyes back to the door, watching the rest of the men file into the room. But one man in particular caught your attention. 

As soon as he walked through those doorways, your eyes lit up and your heart began to race. He stood tall, but not quite as tall as the rest of the men. He wasn’t small by any means, though. You could see the muscles of his arms rippling under the short sleeves of his white t-shirt. You could tell he was strong. There were several tattoos running the length of his arms, but the reaper is what caught your eye. You imagined to yourself what those muscular, tattooed arms would feel like as they held you. You found yourself wishing you didn’t have to imagine. His skin was the most beautiful shade of light, tanned brown that just made you long to touch it. His hair was shaved into a short, neat mohawk, and he had two tribal tattoos running down either side of his head. On any other person, that mohawk and those scalp tattoos would look ridiculous, but somehow on him, it looked amazing. He took a seat at the table across from you. He must have noticed you staring at him, because he flashed you a light, friendly smile that made you melt. His brown eyes crinkled up into little slits when he smiled, sending butterflies soaring through your stomach. You couldn’t remember the last time someone had made you feel this way. Vulnerable. Nervous. You were always so strong, so powerful. You never let yourself be anything but fiercely strong. But this man had you feeling weak in the knees. There was just something about him that made you immediately feel drawn to him. And you didn’t even know his name. 

“I want you all to welcome Y/N to the clubhouse,” Jax announced, smiling warmly at you, as if he were speaking to an old friend. “She’s a friend of Nero. She’s taken over the books at Diosa.” He looked around the room at all of his brothers who were nodding their heads as they listened. “She’s got some stuff to talk to us about.” He turned to you and nodded his head towards the men all gathered around the table. “Y/N, you wanna take over?” 

You nodded your head and cleared your throat. “Sure.” You glanced at the man with the mohawk one last time, licked your lips, and smiled. Your little attraction to the biker boy would just have to wait. It was time to get down to business.



You stopped as you stood in the doorway of the clubhouse, your keys in your hand and headed towards your car. You were lost in your own thoughts, and you hadn’t even really realized it. You wouldn’t have admitted it for all the money in the world, but truthfully, you were thinking about the biker boy with the scalp tattoos. You hadn’t stopped thinking about him for a single second since you had first laid eyes on him. You sighed and turned to look behind you, wondering who had interrupted you from your pleasant little daydream. Your eyes were met with those familiar brown eyes you had been avoiding for the entire meeting and thinking about ever since. They were just so captivating, you couldn’t stand to look into them. You felt jittery every time you did. 

“Hey.” Your heart was racing, your palms were sweating, and you were strangely aware of every movement and sound you made. You started to hold out your hand in a polite gesture, but you pulled it back quickly when you noticed how it was shaking. You smiled nervously and casually wiped your sweaty palms on the side of your jeans, hoping he wouldn’t notice. “Y/N.”

“I know.” The man smiled at you, his entire face wrinkling in delight. His smile was contagious. Every time you saw it, you could feel your own face begging to erupt into a smile of its own. “I’m Juice.” He nodded towards the bar, the huge smile still present on his face. “You wanna grab a beer with me? Maybe we can talk?”

You bit your lip and flashed him a mischievous smile. “Yeah.” You took him by the arm, watching as his eyebrows raised in pleasant surprise. “I’d like to get to know you a little better, Juice.” 

Juice’s smile widened as he lead you towards the bar. You returned his smile, thinking to yourself that maybe you did belong here after all. 

Rick Grimes imagine - Just a kid

Originally posted by thewalkingdead

Requested by @shannon-posts ;)

Summary: The group find you by yourself and Rick has a particular liking towards you but your stubborn and don’t want to join their group. Until Rick convinces you.

Pairing: Rick x reader

Word count: 851

Warning: Age difference, reader is of age, some strong language, 

“Rick, we got something!” Daryl called over to his partner. Michonne had you with your hands behind your back, pinned to the ground. You were bleeding out from a cut you got trying to escape the group’s raid quietly. You had been holed up in a small apartment building to which you had secret escape routes and panic rooms which you had made yourself over the months you been there. 

“Get the fuck off me.” You snarled, wriggling underneath the older woman. 

“She’s feisty, got a mouth on her too. We caught her trying to wriggle down a hole behind that cupboard. Looks like she’s been here a while.” Daryl told Rick as he entered the room. 

Rick was taken back by the sight of you. You were gorgeous for someone covered in blood and dirt. 

“Get her up.” Rick ordered. You immediately knew he was the ringleader of the group. Michonne pulled you to your feet. You tried kicking out but Rick pulled out his gun as a warning. 

“Your blood or not?” Rick noticed the fresh blood on your shirt. 

“Mine. I got cut trying to get out of your groups way.” You gestured to the escape tunnel behind the cupboard. 

“There any more of you?” Rick asked, you shook your head. 

“I don’t like people. They get you into trouble. Too much emotional baggage.” You glowered at the man. Rick found your fury amusing. 

“She’s just a kid, Rick.” Michonne doubted you were alone. 

“I’m nineteen!” You looked back at the woman with frustration. 

“How many walkers you killed?” Rick asked. The rest of the group looked at him like he were crazy. Was he really going to take some aggressive teenager back to Alexandria?

“A lot.” You grumbled, still glaring at the older man who you couldn’t deny was highly attractive. 

“How many people you killed?” Rick asked, 

“I stopped counting after fifteen.” You admitted. 

“Why’d you do it?” Rick asked his final question. 

“Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do when people invade your home and threaten you.” Your tone was full of warning which Rick took seriously. 

“We have a camp about twenty minutes away. It has hot water, plenty of food and your very own house. We always welcome new people if you want to join us.” Rick tells you. 

“Rick, can I have a word?” Michonne handed you over to a tall red headed man. He kept a careful eye on you. 

“You seriously want to bring her back?” Michonne asked Rick out of your ear shot. 

“Like you said, she’s just a kid.” Rick looked back at you. Something about you made him curious. He hadn’t really felt this attracted to anyone since he met Lori. 

“I don’t need your pity or your camp.” You told Rick as he returned to you. 

“Please. We just wanna help.” Rick ripped the sleeve off his shirt and held it against your wound. You coward away a little but Rick’s hands found your hips to keep you in place. 

“I don’t need your help. Or your girlfriend’s help.” You nodded towards Michonne, Rick chuckled. You suddenly became aware of how close he was to you. 

“I don’t have a girlfriend. Just two kids, my group and a camp twenty minutes away.” Rick told you. You felt your skin prickle in excitement. You scolded yourself mentally for being so attracted to the older man. 

You took a moment to think. Biting down on your lip to which Rick tried not to stare at. 

“You said you had hot water?” You asked, considering going.

“Showers and baths. With soap and shampoo.” Rick explained. You took another moment, looking around at the home you had made for yourself. 

“And I can leave if I want too?” You questioned. Rick nodded. “Okay. I’ll go.”

Back at Alexandria, you showered and put on some clean clothes. A pair of jeans and a henley. 

“Feeling better?” Rick asked, his eyes running over you as you entered the kitchen of his house. 

“Much. God, I’ve missed hot water.” You smiled lazily as you leaned against the counter. 

“Glad I could help.” Rick neared you, smiling. 

You felt your heart skip in your chest. 

“Could I stay here tonight?” You asked shyly. 

“Course, I have enough room for one more.” Rick gestured to the large home he was accommodating with his son and daughter. 

“Thanks. Uh, Rick? Why’d you invite me here?” You asked. 

“There’s something ‘bout you. Something good. The others couldn’t see it but I can.” Rick told you. 

“Well, Thanks.” You stared up at the handsome man. Rick reached down and touched your cheek, you stiffened at the physical contact. Rick took his hand away and dug it into his back pocket. 

You leaned up at kissed the man gently. It had been the first kiss you had in a while. Rick’s lips lingered on yours for a moment before you pulled away. 

“Thanks again.” You walked away with a smirk on your face and your heart in your throat.

Something tells you that you’re gonna like living here.