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Happy holidays to my secret santa giftee @the-garbage-can-is-my-home ! I hope you enjoy this cute little AU I thought of for solangelo. Thanks to @pjosecretsanta2016 for organizing all of this!

This is my first time writing in present tense (and writing solangelo, but let’s not dwell on that) so bear with me.

word count: 3800 because I have no idea how to be concise

summary: The holiday season brings Nico to his dingy shopping mall more than he’d like, but the cute employee at the entertainment store makes his shopping experiences a bit more merry.

The local mall in town wasn’t a sight for sore eyes, it’s walls and tiled floors bland with hues of brown and grey. The lack of department stores and the multitude of mom-and-pop businesses that resided within the outlet never attracts many customers. The Mexican place at the food court receives more customers than many of the stores did.

Nico very rarely offers his service here, considering the limited options and boring atmosphere. There were few reasons he would drive himself half an hour from his home and spend his time here, them being: 1) The cinema that the mall offers, whose kettle corn was pretty good, actually, 2) His group of friends had arranged for a bowling night and he was dragged along by his roommate, and 3) The Mexican place at the food court made the best tamales he’s ever had.

More often than not, he was here to see a movie. A new sci-fi film had been released that looks mildly interesting, so he figures why not put off his rhetorical analysis essay and come out into the frigid weather to see an evening show.

The line was short, which was to be expected for a Thursday evening, and he buys his ticket with a whole hour to waste before the pre-show trailers would even start. He considers waiting in his car with the heat on high until about 20 minutes remained (he wanted time to buy his kettle corn, the concession line was always so long), but he decides to avoid using his quarter-tank of gas he needed to get home.

A quick stroll through the mall ought to waste his time, he thought. Maybe he could spot something for his sister; the holidays approaching fast and he still clueless about what she might like.

The mall had been decorated with strewn garland and tinsel, the occasional wreath hung along the small corridors. Nico thinks it’s still pretty pathetic, but at least everything wasn’t so bland.

He finds himself wandering into a dingy entertainment store which seems mostly empty of people. The entrance displayed cardboard cut-outs of celebrities and fictional characters, making Nico grin bemusedly. The store held rows upon rows of CDs and DVDs, shelves near the back stocked with t-shirts and snapbacks emblazoned with the symbols of different comic book characters. He thinks he’s been in here with Jason and Piper a few times.

“Hi! Is there anything I can help you with?”

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“A very attractive Mexican couple just approached me outside of the Austin airport. The woman excitedly asked if she could have her photo taken with me. I sheepishly agreed but said, okay, who do you think I am? Then I braced myself for having to disappoint her. But she said, "you’re Voltaire! I’m a big fan of yours from Mexico!” Daw!!!!“ (x)


I still haven’t decided how much Gamtav is going to be in Saviors, but lkdjfla;skdjf;lkasjdlk

Emotionally Troubled Irish Teen/Superhero Enamored With Mild-Mannered Illegally-Attractive Texan/Mexican Fellow Superhero News At Eleven.

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