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I do love this guy. Like I find men with tattoos very attractive and this man has a lot of them. And it sounds a bit weird but look how perfect the curve of his nose is in this gif!

This is for the lovely @itsclaaree. By the way honey, I don’t know Pete Dunne enough so I’m sorry. 

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- Very rough and possessive with you. I even think his ‘making love’ would be a little rough compared to the likes of someone like Sami Zayn.

- Locker room sex, morning sex, midnight sex. just sex anytime and anywhere. He’d probably wake you up in the middle of the night because he’d be in the mood. 

- The guy lives for spanking you. In the bedroom or in public, he will spank you.

- If you ever wanted jealous sex with him; just talk to Dean Ambrose. Seriously, you would end up being pinned up against a wall: one hand on your throat and the other down your pants as he would just remind you just why you’re with him.

- He’s a huge fan of leaving lovebites all over you. But not only on your neck. You would wake up in the morning with bites on your chest, thighs, and stomach. 

- I feel like he’d be the type to fuck you at different points of the day. So in the morning, midday, late afternoon, and midnight. Mostly because I don’t think he could go one round after another. But you’d surely feel him after though. 

- Orgasm ratio is 3:1 to you. 

- He loves to eat you out. Like it’s not even a chore for him. You could be watching your favourite tv show with him and he’d just get on his knees in front of you and just eat you out. 

- He doesn’t need rope to keep you down, his sheer size and strength alone can keep you pinned down. 

- He will grunt a lot of the time and his moans are probably heavenly. 

I suck

Fan fiction I like: Destiel smut/fluff

Fan fiction I write: Any and all forms of smut

Inner self: Shy af and riddled with severe depression and anxiety

Outer self: i will straight up stab a bitch if she even looks at me weird fuck it all imma kill someone mothafuckin not scared to steal yo’ girl im d a n g e r o u s ride or die ya kno wot im sayinnnn

Appearance: 5'7" sack of trash with some pale ass skin, a bunch of piercings and tattoos, bad fashion sense, poor posture, real shitty eye sight so i have to wear glasses and the face of a perpetually annoyed toddler because of resting bitch face™

People I’m attracted to: Skinny but toned men with or without tattoos and with green or blue eyes

Curvy women with or without tattoos

People I attract: No one because I don’t leave my house 🙃

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