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Great Minds Think Alike

Characters: Sam x Reader, Dean, John (mentioned throughout)

Word Count: 2,828

Warnings: None, just fluff

Request:  I freaking loved one in the same, and I was wondering if you could do a version for Sammy?

One in the Same

You don’t need to read this one first but this is that is the Dean version of it. 

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Hunting was always what you enjoyed doing. You didn’t plan on entering the life; in fact, you grew up as a normal child. You just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. It started in high school when a bung of your friends wanted to go camping in the woods where no one went.

You never wanted to go in the first place. You thought that sitting in bed, reading a god book was more appealing than going camping and drinking until your brain fell out. You were always a shy and reserved girl, always reading books and doing the right thing.

You loved to read anything from Shakespeare to fairytales. Even though you mostly read non-fiction, you enjoyed fiction from time to time. As you grew older, you distant yourself from your friends so you could focus on school and get your degree in Creative Writing. But none of that happened because you had to go camping.

At first, they dismissed the rustling and growls as “just the wind” but then they got louder and closer. You hated being out there with friends who weren’t really your friends. You thought you saw red eyes in the dark but when you blinked, they were gone. Everyone there called you crazy and you tried to be as relaxed as they were but you knew better.

The thing attacked Christina first, dragging her into the woods by her hair. Then it got Trevor and Alice, taking them with it to God knows where. The rest of you tried to take cover, using sticks and rocks as weapons against the hairless creature.

You didn’t know what would happen to you because you were a tiny little thing, you had no chance up against this thing. It already took the strongest man there out so who were you to stand a chance? If it wasn’t for John Winchester, you would be dead. He came out into the woods with another man, attacking the thing like they’ve been doing it their wholes lives.

Half of your friends were either gone or dead. The ones that were alive, already left, leaving you behind to deal with the aftermath. The man that John was with left to go find the others to see if they were alive while John gladly took you home.

It was then that you learned that the things in the night were very much real. He didn’t want to give out too much, afraid of corrupting you but you were intrigued. You’ve always thought that lore and the supernatural were always fascinating to you so could you blame the man when you started reading up?

You learned so much that year. You even found a case where it looked as if a demon was acting up in a town nearby. You immediately jumped at the chance, learning how to take them down and how to protect yourself.

That first time, didn’t go so well but that didn’t stop you. You were always determined and soon enough, you got good and then you got great. Hunting was your life all thanks to John Winchester. You didn’t blame him for one second because if it wasn’t for him, you wouldn’t be doing the things you love. You wondered if John was still alive or not.

That is why you dropped out of college and took up hunting as a full- time career. You traveled the United States, saving people and even meeting a few hunters on the way. You know you could be a better hunter but like everything else, practice makes perfect.

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I’ve seen a lot of anti-Caleb posts today, and as someone who really likes him, I’d like to add my perspective.

Although I agree with the desire of the anon who posted the confession about needing Caleb as a love interest, I do not believe that he is perfect, as the person said. Perfect-looking, yes. 😍 But I acknowledge that he is problematic, and that he has done terrible things. I can understand why some people don’t like him.

I have always been attracted to long-haired men. I found Caleb extremely sexy from the moment that he appeared, before we even knew his name. I also like the rocker type, and his studded leather jacket fits with that. My physical attraction probably led me to look for the good in him, but I have never seen him as completely irredeemable.

Caleb probably hasn’t had an easy life. It’s likely that he feels that others haven’t treated him well, and he is angry about that.

Caleb wants to change things. He may have felt powerless, but the crystal gave him power. He is against the system, which he feels is corrupt.

Perhaps this is due to all the time that he spent in juvie. He may feel that he shouldn’t have been sent there, and he definitely could have had bad experiences there.

It is a good thing to be against corruption, but he is definitely going about things the wrong way. He may not know any other way. I would like my MC to help him learn that he can try to make changes in a positive way. That won’t happen overnight, though; it will take time. I don’t think that he has gotten to the point of truly feeling remorse for his actions, but I see small signs that he may be warming up to our hero.

If you play the diamond scene where the hero watches the video in the prison, Caleb asks about the woman in the video. You can choose to tell him it’s your mom or say she must be someone Silas worked with. If you tell him the truth, Caleb says he can’t be expected to spare her if she’s working with Silas, that he’s getting out no matter what. (Admittedly not the best response.) When the hero explains that Rochelle doesn’t work for Silas any more and that the video is more than twenty years old, this is Caleb’s response:

He seems to be glad that he won’t have to fight Rochelle. This is a small step in the right direction.

If you recruit Caleb, the hero says “This is going to be one of the nastiest battle royales in Northbridge history. Don’t tell me that tag-teaming it doesn’t sound like fun…” and Caleb responds with the following statement:

He seems a bit friendlier to our hero…again, a step in the right direction. A baby step, yes, but it’s something. I think my MC can help him learn how to be a better person.

Thank you to those who have said that they will not hate on me for shipping my MC with Caleb. All of the hate I have seen towards Caleb makes me worry that people will react badly towards me. I don’t know who made the anonymous posts about Caleb, but it wasn’t me. I have never posted anything about him anonymously. And I’m not one of the people who has criticized Zig (I like him.)

Children and young teens don’t need to feel like they should identify as asexual, like, there’s obviously nothing wrong with identifying as asexual or having complicated feelings about sex but children do not need to be sexualized in this way. Some people have sexual thoughts at a very early age and some people don’t until they are close to adulthood. Puberty works differently for everyone. I’ve had sexual thoughts/pubic hair/known i was attracted to men for as long as i remember but i also know someone who had her first period at 17, and never thought about sex until she was 16 and she has two kids (from two dad’s [and that’s fine!]) and talks about how much she loves sex with her girlfriend and she’s still in her early 20s.

villa-kulla  asked:

for the mag7 asks, 4, 17, 24, 29, 31, and if there was another trope you happened to like, then 25 again!


4. Favorite Sam Chisolm moment and why?

A tie between when he fishes in his pocket (being careful not to get himself shot) and rattles off his list of qualifications (’A duly sworn warrant officer…’) which is completely absurd, and when he’s all ice-cold making the cowardly sheriff take his message.

17. Most attractive character and why?

Is there a why? I go back and forth between Billy and Goodnight all the time. And (though I’m ashamed to admit it) I find Denali really attractive too. I have a weakness for hefty men with long hair.

24. MVP of the movie:

Emma, without whom none of it would have happened!

29. Favorite set/location:

The rocks where they camp and meet Red Harvest! It’s a really atmospheric scene, and how they all bed down there speaks so much about them.

31 I answered below; 25. Another favourite trope:

The standoff before the first shootout, where everyone is eyeing everyone else up and you could cut the tension with a knife!

Thanks for the asks!


La Siguanaba is a supernatural creature from Central American folklore. It is a shapeshifting spirit that typically takes the form of an attractive, long haired woman seen from behind. She lures men away into danger before revealing her face to be that of a horse or, alternatively, a skull.


When encountered, she is a beautiful woman with very long hair who is either nude or dressed in ethereal white; she usually appears bathing in a public water tank, river, or other water source, although she may be found washing clothing.

She likes to lure lone men out late on dark, moonless nights, without letting them see her true face at first. She tempts such men away from their planned routes to lose them in deep canyons. If her victim (usually an unfaithful man) upon seeing her true face does not die of fear then he is driven mad by the sight.

When appearing to children, the Siguanaba will take on the appearance of the child’s mother in order to lure her victim into her grasp; once touched by the Siguanaba the child is driven mad and she will lead her victim into the wilderness to leave the child lost and insane.

Traditional methods are said to ward off the Siguanaba. In the border regions between Guatemala and El Salvador, those who see the Siguanaba make the sign of the cross upon her or bite their machete, while simultaneously banishing both the evil spirit and the fear that grips the victim.

In Costa Rica, the apparition is mostly rural, where in Guatemala she can be found wandering the streets of cities.