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Just out of curiosity, what do you think about a Voltron RWBY AU? (As in like the characters of Voltron in the RWBY setting)


NCT MTL to date a dancer vs. singer


Anon: hello! it’s the singer/dancer anon again ahaha, i would feel like i’m asking too much with the separated ones so i’m completely fine with the singer vs dancer one :) sorry for not being too specific haha i’m a bit inexperienced with requests >< cheers <3

I hope you like this. I thought about this a lot so I hope you can see that too

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Ten would love to have someone to dance with; having someone who he could share a passion with would be a really big thing for him. He wouldn’t take it for advantage and would be the type to always help you with dancing and encourage you.

Hansol, another awesome dancer in NCT, would prefer dancers. Unfortunately we don’t know much about his hobbies and so forth, but obviously dance is one of them. He’d be so in awe of dancers, and would admire his S/O dancing majority of the time.

Jeno and Jisung are both the main dancers in NCT Dream so would like to have someone who can learn to and grow with them in dance. It’d be a typical date and the topic of many conversations.

With Haechan, it’d be like opposites attract, since he’s more of a singer than dancer. It would really intrigue him to see someone dance as well as you, and would be the kind to always ask you for help or directions with new dance choreo.

I don’t know why, and this may sound weird, but Taeil would like having someone who would dance whilst he sings. Obviously not like street dancing or hip-hop, but someone who does ballet or expressive dance. He’d find it really attractive.

Jaehyun is another member who would like the whole opposites attract stuff, even when you look at my other MTLs I say stuff like this too. Saying that he was in bassbot so ofc he dances and shit, so basically he could go either way. But he’d have a soft spot for dancers.

Johnny would be a subtle admirer of dancers. He wouldn’t voice his thoughts or openly express how he thinks dancers are very impressive, rather sticking to watching from afar. So, he’d like dancers over singers but wouldn’t really make it obvious to people.

WinWin is right in the middle because he literally could do either way. He loves to dance and he loves to sing too like have you seen him when they do those radio shows and he gets into the song and when it gets to his precious one line in the song, he puts his heart and soul into it and looks so happy :’-) whOOPS went off topic there, but basically he wouldn’t have a preference.

Yuta is really under appreciated for his vocals in NCT. Although he wouldn’t ask you often and would try to cover it up with arrogance in attempt to hide his embarrassment, he’d like asking you to do duets with him. And ofc you’d feel blessed af because this is Yuta and his voice is rarely heard.

Jaemin is next, and I don’t really know why. I just see him with a singer over a dancer. He’d like having his own separate talent and watching you do yours; like WinWin, he wouldn’t have a strong preference, but he’d just like being with someone who had different talents to him and ya I know he can dance well I’m not saying he can’t okay lmao

Taeyong is both a dancer and singer so in that sense he wouldn’t really prefer one over the other. But he’d definitely love it if they could rap (that’s why he’s more into the singing side) It’s kinda rare to find people, especially girls, who rap so he’d really find it admirable and attractive.

Mark is like Taeyong, he’s good at dance, singing and dancing. I think he’d like a girlfriend who can sing well; he’d find their voice really sweet and feminine. Dance and rap would be one of those things he kept for himself and singing would be something he’d share with you and enjoy doing.

Kun, I don’t think, is that much of a dancer; it’s clear he has a very good singing voice and would find other singers very attractive too. He’d like talking about music too and his favourite songs, it’d be one of the few things he’d be really comfortable in talking about.

Doyoung would like having someone to sing with, maybe even another idol. Someone who could share in his passion and talent. A dancer might intimidate him a bit or make him feel slightly threatened because he can be shy about his dancing skills.

I can't believe I'm saying this...

…but The Lego Ninjago Movie might actually make some audience members feel attracted to Lego teenage people


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:00000 you listen to bts??? do you have a bias :0

I fell in love with Jungkook first because that boy is too perfect to be true (his cover of Lost Stars though………… rip me) 

And I also love Jimin to bits HE PRACTICES SO HARD he’s such a sweetheart his laugh sounds like an angel being tickled and he’s got AWESOMe stage presence and his gaazeee  

He needs to be stopped 

August 7 1969: The Haunted Mansion Opens

After a decade, Disneyland’s newest attraction, The Haunted Mansion, finally opens its doors; though only to Cast Members. From 7:00 PM to midnight, Cast Members could enjoy the attraction. The attraction didn’t officially open to the public for two more days. And an official grand opening didn’t take place until August 12.

a complete guide to sexualities
  • heterosexual: attracted to the opposite sex
  • homosexual: attracted to the same sex
  • bisexual: attracted to two people at once. no more, no less.
  • asexual: attracted to people who's names start with the letter "A"
  • demisexual: attracted to demigods (greek and roman exclusively)
  • pansexual: attracted to pots, pans, and various other cooking utensils
  • graysexual: attracted to people with gray hair (including but not limited to the elderly)
  • heteroflexible: attracted to flexible members of the opposite sex (such as gymnasts)
  • homoflexible: attracted to flexible members of the same sex
  • polysexual: attracted to polygons and other various shapes

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I know it's subjective. But I will never understand how anyone will find pcy more attractive than ji. Imo, Kji is the most attractive xo member.

PCY looks like a foot.