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Oooh!!! Will you do a post on aro + ace Charlie Weasley?

My goodness, yes! I loveeee Charlie. I have done quite a few on him, talking about his life here and here, and talking about the way he discovered he was ace-aro here, and his coming out to his parents here. Some of them are posts from the beginning of this blog :) 

Charlie Weasley’s asexual aromantic identity was almost a relief to him. There wasn’t anything wrong with him for not wanting to date girls (or boys, no one at Hogwarts was terribly picky) - it was just another facet of him. Like the way he couldn’t catch a Quaffle to save his life but Seeking came so naturally. Like the way he could have full conversations with Percy or Bill across the dinner table without ever speaking a word. Like the way he could find his wand in his bag without looking by feeling for warmth against his perpetually-cold hands. 

It wasn’t lack of acceptance for himself that sometimes made his last few years at Hogwarts less-than-comfortable, sometimes, lack of knowing he was and what he wanted. It was the way that people seemed to treat romance (and especially sex) as a goal, as something to focus energy on and find …what? Solace, in? He didn’t know.

He successfully ignored the things said about him, mostly, and instead focused on his friends and his brothers. He was always close with Dora Tonks (he would never get used to calling her by her surname only. She had introduced herself as Dora in their first double Herbology class first year, and Dora she would forever stay in his mind), and with the revolving Quiddich team from his second year on. People, even Bill, at times, got on him about dating - about girls and Hogsmeade dates and using protection and it’s not that hard, Charlie, you’re an attractive lad. 

By the time he made Captain, keeping the core of the team strong was important enough to the House that they left him more or less alone about Finding A Mate, as he thinks of it in his head. 

The dragon conservatory in Romania was a different world. He was the youngest in the barracks, having gotten a sparkling reference from the most dragon-crazy git in England straight out of NEWT studies, but he was a hard enough worker to earn his place several times over. He spent every day elbow-deep in difficult, bone-tiring, all-compassing and thrilling work. He got to work with dragons every. single day. 

He loved it - rising at dawn to begin the morning’s work, eating large but simple meals in the field, and falling exhausted into bed each night. He loved the dragons, and the mountainous air and the people he worked with, an eclectic collection of young people from all over the world, united by their love of dragons. He made fast and deep friendships with everyone there, and no one ever ever mentioned romantic entanglements. It didn’t seem to be their priority, didn’t seem to be their goal, didn’t seem to even be on anyone’s mind. Some had partners at home, and some shared bunks and body heat between them, but most of them lived their lives like Charlie did - encompassed, and so so so fulfilled by the work, needing nothing else. He lives this way, blissful, for five years, and then lives the same life, but fraught with anxiousness for the family he’s helping only indirectly through the Order, for another three. 

Coming home, back to mainstream society, back to a concept of leisure time, back to English insistence upon propriety, back to his family “wanting the best for him” was exhausting, but necessary after a war that took his little brother and half the world he had loved growing up and rejected later in life. 

There would be plenty of time for a simpler life, later. He would find a way to live his life in a space not geared towards clingy, heterosexual monogamous pairings. But he would have to endure these spaces for now. His family needs him, and that’s more important than his own commitment to a life fulfilled on his own, with his friends, with his dragons. 

He needs to be here to help his family heal. If that means taking a few questions about this dating life, he can handle that. He knows who he is. He’ll return to that life soon. 

A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed

A/N: This is quite possibly the worst thing I’ve ever written, but lord am I proud of it. I’ve heard this little “joke” tossed around quite often, but I wasn’t sure if anyone had properly written anything regarding it. I couldn’t seem to find anything, so I took it upon myself to put it to words in all of its severely awkward glory. I hope you, whoever you might be, enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. Feedback is appreciated. Requests are open!

Warnings: Smut. Extremely awkward smut.

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reminiscence pt. I

part two: here

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part four: here


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1971. Y/N stood on the bustling train platform, the clamour of screeching owls and the hustling of luggage making her quite dizzy. Children and parents were bumping into her tiny frame continuously, in a hurry to say their goodbyes. Teary eyed mothers tousled their little one’s hair, reminding them over a hundred times to write letters, do well at school and make friends. Like most other first years, Y/N nervously clutched the handle of her trunk, a little scared yet a little excited, ready to leave her daily life behind, for the world of wizardry and witchcraft.

That was 6 years ago. Y/N (L/N) was now in her 6th year at Hogwarts; a proud Gryffindor, a thriving student and an amazing friend. Her first year had been splendid and she had made acquaintances quite easily, almost immediately befriending another scared, red-headed muggleborn on the train. Lily Potter. Their friendship had blossomed, and in time, the two of them grew very close to a certain group of unruly, fierce, clever boys. The Marauders were her best friends; looking out for Y/N all the time, always accepting and understanding. Their small family felt like home, a happy, safe place where nothing could ever go wrong.


It was way past midnight. Y/N lay on the plush, vintage mattress in the Gryffindor common room, the warm light of the fireplace making her skin glow like liquid gold, warming her up from the inside. The smell of hot cocoa pervaded through the cozy room, the atmosphere growing soporific, making her drowsier by the minute. She had come down to try and work on her potions essay, but the book strewn carelessly across her lap and the empty pieces of folded parchment were a clear indication that no studying had been done that night. In her defense, Lily, the marauders and a few of her other friends had sauntered down as well, and the endless gossip and laughter was obviously distracting. Y/N was at the border between sleep and awake, her mind wandering off to recall happy memories as she gazed at the faces of her smiling friends, people who had grown to become extremely important parts of her life.

She thought about her first two years, when the boys had just begun talking to her and Lily, and how their friendship grew with every little prank and argument. Come third year, Y/N had written to them all summer, sharing secrets and stories, describing the muggle world and her small daily adventures. Studying became of more importance from that year on, and late night cramming sessions led by Remus in the common room, with cups of coffee and chocolate frogs had become a regularity. It always somehow watered down to them laughing and talking into the wee hours of dawn, falling asleep amidst their books, completely exhausted. She would never forget their simple game of truth or dare towards the beginning of fourth year, when she had jokingly dared Lily to kiss Remus, and the pair had shyly complied, earning an outraged, quite over-dramatic reaction from James, who had stormed out of the room. It was the first time the group was made aware of his little crush on Lily. It was the first time Y/N had properly talked to her about boys, giggling and blushing profusely at the mention of every other attractive lad. It was the first time she had come to realize that Sirius Black was absolutely gorgeous.


Sirius Black. Though Y/N adored and cared for all her friends equally, the charming young man always held a special place in her heart. He had always been the first to tease her when they were younger, and the first to wipe her tears. He stood up for her, yelling at anyone who dared to make even the smallest negative comment. As 13 year olds, barely into their teens, the two had often sneaked out of bed to climb up to the astronomy tower, where he had confided in her, telling her everything about his family. (Y/N) had held him close, stroking his hair and whispering words of encouragement until he calmed down. After the girls had found out about Moony’s condition, they would stay up on those few nights, waiting for the boys to come back. She had tended to his wounds, worry etched on her face every time he winced or groaned. She had been there to witness all of his escapades, his seemingly never ending loop of courting and then breaking countless girls’ hearts. She had stood with Remus, laughing and reprimanding Sirius for his foolish antics.  She had watched him go from one girl to the next, and had poured her heart out to Lily, tears pooling in her eyes.

She thought of one of the infamous Gryffindor Christmas parties, thrown by the seventh years who had managed to sneak in bottles of firewhiskey and boxes of chocolates. Having fought with Sirius just that afternoon, she had brought Regulus along as a date just to spite him. Much to her dismay, he had brought along one of his fangirls, who wouldn’t stop swooning over the dark haired boy, making her blood boil. Both Sirius and Y/N had spent that entire party, glaring at each other, definitely not having a good time. Their ego got the best of them, and they wouldn’t dare admit how much they wished they had spent that night with each other. It was the first time Y/N thought there could be something more than friendship there.  

She smiled as her most secretive, cherished memories surfaced; the few nights she had spent tucked into his arms. Usually after a thrilling Quidditch game or after studying for hours, the two would find themselves pressed closely against each other on the couch, her hands in his soft hair, his hands rubbing warm circles into her lower back, their legs a tangle of limbs. She loved every version of Sirius, but that version was her favourite. Vulnerable and kind, making her feel loved and protected. He would whisper soft nothings in her ear and intertwine their fingers, making her heart race faster than usual. Of course in the morning, the two would play it off as just two friends cuddling, much oblivious to their own feelings.


Her reverie ended as Remus softly said goodnight and kissed her on the forehead, shuffling out of the common room. Y/N sat up as well, deciding it was finally time to turn in. Her sleepy orbs scanned the room, a barely visible smile absentmindedly creeping onto her lips. James and Lily were cuddled up on the couch, and Y/N  let out a small laugh, already hearing Lily’s excuses stating she had been coerced. Molly and a few other girls, were sat on the rug, conversing through whispers and smiles, eyeing a group of seventh year boys at the far end of the room. Peter had fallen asleep on a nearby armchair, his legs flung over the edge, a book lopsidedly covering half his face. She picked her things up, stacking her books neatly, while standing up and stretching slowly, her smile freezing as her eyes landed on a certain male.  Sirius was nestled snuggly in a large chair, a random girl curled up in his lap, whispering something in his ear, making him elicit a soft laugh, a little twinkle visible in his eyes. Y/N swallowed hard, her jaw set as she abruptly walked out, catching the dark haired boy’s attention.  As she stormed up the stairs, misty teardrops cascaded down her cheeks, her mind swimming with contempt for herself. What was the point in pinning after him for so long? He had unknowingly broken her heart so many times. It wasn’t even his fault. If only Y/N could pluck up the courage to tell him how she felt. If only she had could stand out, make him notice her, make him fall for her just as she had fallen for him, fallen for his obnoxious laugh, his warm eyes, his compassion and his chivalry. If only he knew. She had tried, she had tried to make it obvious to him, with her long hugs, random kisses on the cheeks, her little sighs every time he did something adorable, her little frowns every time he prowled after another girl. But what more could Y/N do?

What if he was her Romeo but she just wasn’t his Juliet?

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thank you for entrusting us enough to show us pictures from before you came out! you were a v attractive lad then and you're a very attractive lad now!

Thank you mon ami.

how to un-want what the body wants


Peter’s fingers dug harder into the fleshy part of your waist as the kiss got deeper and deeper. He laid stretched out against the trunk of the tree with you on top of him. Every time he went to kiss you, the force tipped you back and you returned it with an equally hard kiss.

By no means were you in love, it was quite the opposite actually. Your father Killian made periodic stops on Neverland to collect materials him and Peter Pan had agreed to trade and he trusted you enough to let you wander around the island the few hours he needed. You always told him you were going to go have a look at the mermaids but you had caught Peter’s eye one day and everything eventually led down to now. Peter was an attractive young lad and he knew it, which was part of the reason you were so drawn to him.

You breathed heavily as you pull apart with a sticky pop of your lips. Peter’s cheeks were flushed and his lips were the color of pink taffy, delightfully kissed and bitten through. His sunshine colored hair stuck up in funny angles from running your fingers through and his lightly dusted freckles stood out from being under the hot sun for so long.

“When’s your father going to return?” He muttered, leaving tiny kisses on the column of your throat. His hands moved up to cradle your neck, applying ever so slight pressure to tease you. If your father ever found out about your messing around with Peter Pan, he would have your head.

“I’m not sure,” You sighed, enjoying the feeling of his touch. You loved his hands anywhere on your body; whether it be your waist, your hips, your legs. You forbade ever going all the way, but kissing him was harmless.

You leaned back in and meet his mouth half way. Your noses bumped together and he enjoyed the reactions he gets out of you; the quickening of breaths, the tiny grunts and the pressing of your chest to his.

“(Y/N)? Is that you?” The unmistakable accented voice of your father called out. Your heart jumped and you go to rip yourself off of Peter’s lap but it was too late. Your father emerged out of the tall tropical plants and the look on his face said it all as his eyes land on you.


To find his daughter on the lap of the boy he barely puts up angered him to the fullest extent. You scrambled off Peter and stand yourself in front of him, ashamed. You did love your father and the last thing you wanted was for him to see you like that.

Peter stood up too, a smug look in his eye. This was just one more thing he could hold over Old Hook.

“(Y/N),” Your father said clenching his jaw. “We are leaving. Come with me this instant.”

You bowed your head and nodded, avoiding any kind of eye contact. Hook marched off the way he came and you look back at Peter. His arrogant look still hadn’t left his face and he reached for your hand, placing a chaste kiss on it. Ironic, since being a gentlemen was the last thing he was.

“Until next time.” He promised with a wink.

You shook your head. “I don’t think there will be a next time.”

“Oh, there will be. That dirty pirate can’t stay away from what Neverland offers, so I’m quite certain I’ll be seeing you sooner than you think.”

Hook yelled angrily for you again in the distance, probably only just noticing you weren’t following behind him. You yanked your hand from Peter’s and ran after your father.

You pray there will be a next time.

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Number 22 with Eggsy please? Sorry if b I misspelled his name

Ohh, my first Eggsy fic. Yeah boii.. Now that is something I haven’t said since I was in like middle school.

22 - Just Pretend To Be Dating Me.

Originally posted by hartwinorlose

Warnings: Swearing, Fluff

  • Y/n: Your name

Gary ‘Eggsy’ Unwin x Reader

You let out a frustrated groan, as you threw your phone onto the bar, “you alright, Miss?”

You looked to your left, to see a rather attractive young lad, “yeah, well no, I don’t know,” you laughed slightly.

“What’s wrong?” He asked.

“I wouldn’t want to bore you with details.” 

“Nah, you’re good, bore away.” He winked.

“Okay, well, my date just cancelled on me, his was a knob anyway, which is all well and good, but I needed a date for this family thing, otherwise they will rip the shit out of me.” You explained, as he ordered you both a drink,

“Right, well, just pretend your dating me,” he said.

“I don’t know you, and that wouldn’t be fair on you.”

“My name’s Eggsy, well Gary, but everyone calls me Eggsy,” he explained.

“Right, okay, Eggsy, I’m Y/n. My family thing is tomorrow by the way.”

He almost choked on his drink, “right, no problem, at least I don’t have to wait weeks, to take you out.”

You rolled your eyes, “smooth.”

“Trust me darlin’ I can do much better.”

This time it was you who choked on your drink.

Hope this is okay, I haven’t written Eggsy before, so Enjoy :D

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I so look forward to reading your blog & blurbs every day!! Could you write a smut about Harry & an older but taken woman? Perhaps she's worked for the lads for ages and has always been close friends with Harry. But then he starts to see her in a different light..... Oooohhh, so much with the Harry smut!! Thank you so much - you are full of awesomeness! xx

(thank you!!)

“Nice to meet you. I’m Harry.”

He nearly engulfed your entire hand in his as he shook it, giving your fingers the briefest squeeze before letting go. His hair is a deep and shiny brown, curling at the ends and tracked through with the pathways his fingers had forged, and fixed right onto you is a pair of the most startlingly green eyes you’ve ever seen in person. His body is long and leanly muscular, broad and just a little bit lanky, and if you had allowed yourself to think it at the time, you would have described his voice as ‘pornographic’.

All of the One Direction lads are attractive in their own very real right, well groomed and bright eyed, ready for the tour everyone in the room is about to embark on. They’ve all been polite and approachable and as accommodating as world famous popstars can be to you and all the other members of the tour crew, but Harry seems to be something different, a whole new level altogether.

It starts to make sense now why Abby, the one who referred you to apply for a job on One Direction’s road crew, told you to ‘watch out’ for him.

“Careful,” she’d warned, winking at you with her voice laced with heavy humor. “That Styles kid will charm the pants right off you if you don’t watch out.”

You’d laughed and rolled your eyes, not thinking anything of it, but now that he looks at you, eyes so brilliant you’re nearly stunned and pink tongue darting out to dampen plush lips, you wonder if she was really joking.

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Just Friends?! - Jack Maynard Imagine

A/N -  Anything with Jack ❤️ something where they are just friends, and they Get drunk and maybe hook up and wake up together the next morning and are both a bit freaked out. Feel free to change the plot, i dont mind

What is it like being friends with 7 guys who liked going on night outs quite a lot? I’ll tell you know.. it was draining. I’m that type of person who doesn’t like saying no. Sometimes i regret it but other times i do actually thank myself for agreeing to go. I get a thrill of doing activities outside my comfort zone it gives me the confidence boost i always needed. Saying yes to the boys always meant there was going to be laughter, jokes and new memories to laugh/talk about in the future. 

I’m currently in my apartment drinking wine with the music channel turned up loud. My hair and make up was already done but trying to pick an outfit was a nightmare. I had tried on several outfits but i couldn’t find one i liked. With the guys texting me saying they were just waiting for their uber i really needed to get a move on. In the end i decided to wear a short pencil shirt with a off the shoulder top and heels. (Heels are essential as im small compared to the others) Downing the rest of my wine i made sure everything was locked and switched off, double checking i had my phone keys and money before locking up and heading outside to wait. 

Ignoring all the hellos and i rushed into the car as it was absolutely freezing.
“It’s so cold, please turn the heating up” I asked the driver chattering my teeth and rubbing my arms to warm back up.
“Demanding” Conor laughed. 
“Maybe if you put more clothes on you would be fine” Jack mumbled.
“Need to look my best to impress dont i” I replied with a smile. “Plus you don’t have any right telling what to wear and how to dress Maynard”  
“oooo, Jack got told” Joe laughed with the other boys laughing along. 
It was only friendly banter with the boys, if you could give it you needed to take it. 

We had now been in the club for about two hours and i can say the boys had all taken a big amount of alcohol. Having this amount of alcohol in you took you to that stage where were everyone confident with what they were talking about and with their actions. We were in the booth downing the shots and pretending to dance like we were pros. “We need more drinks” Josh shouted over the music. “Lets order some” Oli shouted back grabbing Josh and Mikey to get the drinks in. I was in my own little world until Joe starting snapchatting and obviously i wanted to join in. We started singing with the different effects making a fool out of our selves but we didn’t care it was fun. As the night went on me and Jack started to become more closer dancing against each other, taking random photos and videos enjoying each others company and this didn’t go a miss from the boys. Don’t get me wrong Jack is a very attractive lad and we do get protective over each other but we didn’t see each other in “that” way. Just friends having fun on a night out. Nothing wrong with that right?


I always love a good night out but the hangovers in the morning are something i despise. I was awake but i couldn’t open my eyes. They were so heavy. My head was awake but my body wanted to sleep. After a few minutes debating to myself if i should get back to sleep or just wake up, i blinked a few times getting used to the light before i decided to move. I started my morning stretch and i froze mid way. I turned to look and i couldn’t process the thoughts. Why was Y/N in my bed? I instantly checked to see if we were clothed and i had my boxers on and Y/N had a hoodie and underwear on. I sat straight up to see if there were any evidence of something happening and i couldn’t see anything. 
“Jack?” I turned to look at Y/N still in disbelief. She started to open her eyes and she looked as confused as i did. 
“Why am i in your bed? Did anything happen? How did i get here?” Too many questions which i couldn’t answer especially with this hangover.
“I-i dont know, no i dont think anything did and i dont know” I spoke out. I watched as Y/N checked under the covers and sighed with relief when looking back up.
“Dont worry i already checked” I let out a slight laugh. Even though i’m confused out of my mind i didn’t actually mind waking up to Y/N. It was different. 
“My head really hurts” Y/N croaked out. “I know the feeling” 

I pulled out my phone to check snapchat (this was a regular thing i did after a night out because it would give me an idea to what happened) There was pictures of Joe having a drinking competition with Conor and Caspar. Videos of me, Joe and Y/N singing and videos of Mikey and Oli trying to flirt with girls. Nothing on there to tell me if something happened with the girl next to me… well that was until i watched Joe’s story. There it was a photo of me and Y/N kissing. Don’t get me wrong the fans have seen us kiss before but only as a dare. This wasnt a dare. Inside i was kind of freaking out. But freaking out in a good way? I always thought Y/N was different to other girls. She always made me happy no matter what mood i was in.
“Y/N have you seen this?” I showed her the photo of us as she just came out the bathroom gathering her stuff. She started to giggle.
“Aw aren’t we cute!” I started to smile. “We would be” 
“It’s a shame we’re just friends” She said picking up the last of her bits heading out the room. I smile was soon off my face. This feeling in my stomach started to appear and it wasn’t anything to do with the hangover. I sighed to myself.

“Just friends”

Open Up (Newt x Reader)

Character: Newt

Fandom: Maze Runner

Categories: Reader Insert, Female!Reader, Shy!Reader

Title: Open Up

Requested by anon:

Hi! You have amazing imagines! I was wondering if you could do a NewtxReader where Y/N is super shy, and she sorta isolates herself, the Gladers try and get a word out of her but fail, but then at her celebration, Newt forces the fun out of her and it’s all sweet and mushy? Sorry if that’s confusing but thanks anyway! :3

A/N: Here you go, I hope this is somewhat what you pictured and hence you like it. Enjoy! :3

After Alby showed me around the Glade in the Tour I went to hide in the Deadheads and stayed there, trying to take in everything that was happening.

I was sent to a strange courtyard in an elevator and was welcomed by dozens of boys I didn’t know. My memory was completely blank, I couldn’t remember anything at all except for my own name. And I was trapped in that place for who knew how long. With those strangers. And apparently, with monsters.

I tried to make an effort to grow used to it all, but it was hard.

I didn’t even remember any of the boy’s names except for Alby and Newt. And that was only because they were the leader and the second in command. Still, everyone’s faces were just strangers’. And everything seemed so scary and overwhelming, I was terrified.

I silently sobbed as I curled up against myself.


For the entirety of the day, I didn’t move from the spot.

Only when it got darker and this eerie feeling took over the forest, did I move to sit against one of the gigantic walls of the Maze.

A few Gladers had approached to try and make me talk or at least kind of check on me. Not that is was that many. Just four of them. Out of fifty or so they were…

The Keeper of the Cooks came to offer me some food because, according to him, Greenies had to keep their energies up. He was nice.

Then another boy, one a lot younger, came by too. He wouldn’t stop talking, until the point where he was really annoying. The kid had to be around twelve, and I understood he wanted to make a friend or something, but I wasn’t in the mood.

The third one was Newt. He didn’t say anything, but my theory was that Alby asked him to check on the ‘Greenie’ for him. Still, the British didn’t stay long. He just walked towards me, asked me if I needed anything and left when I shook my head. Not that I didn’t notice his sneaky glances towards me to see how I was doing.

And the third one was a Runner. An Asian guy that had tons of sass and a bad temper. I noticed him walking out of the terrifying Maze and talking with a brown haired boy who also wore the Runner equipment.

The second after, he was jogging in my direction, a look of genuine curiosity on his dark eyes as he watched me. The dark-haired boy crouched before me and positioned himself at eye level.

“Are you mute or something?” He didn’t even bother to say hi or introduce himself.

As a response, I silently stared at him.

If I was to talk to someone there, it wasn’t going to be that one guy. No, it had to be someone who understood why I was quiet and why I isolated myself. And someone that respected it and didn’t judge me because of it.

Not everyone could be as extroverted as some guys there were.

“Come on, girly!” The guy grinned smugly and gently nudged me on the shoulder with his knuckles. “Our beloved second in command says you have a name”

I still didn’t say anything. Besides, when you’re quiet you learn how much everyone else talks.

“Right, Y/N?”

I just stared blankly at him, trying my hardest to suppress a smirk as his eyebrows knitted together. He was annoyed.

“Whatever” He stood up and, with a last glance over his shoulder in my direction, he got off.

Only once he was out of sight, I grinned a little.


During the night, they made a bonfire in celebration of my arrival. Apparently, it was a tradition to have some short of party every time a Greenie arrived.

But just like the rest of the day, I went to a little corner where no one would notice me and observed the glowing flames of the fire in silence, dazed by my own thoughts and endless questions.

It was so confusing arriving there and not knowing anything at all. An existence where all you knew was your own name, like you had just been born. With around sixteen years…

Who put us here? Why? How could we get out? What-

“How you holding up, Greenie?” A husky voice with a British accent told me.

I felt really grateful towards him, because all day long he had been checking on me. Even if it was just by sending a reassuring grin in my direction or winking an eye at me when he noticed I felt down to encourage me.

He had noticed how shy I was and, unlike the other Gladers, he knew that he wouldn’t get nowhere by trying to make me talk. Even if I wasn’t so scared, it would still feel extremely hard to open up.

As a response to his question, I shrugged.

I saw him grin with the corner of my eye, and for some reason his smile was infectious.

I hid my mouth in my arms so he wouldn’t notice he made me smile. Still , he probably did anyway.

“Are you cold?” He asked, munching on something he grabbed.

The warmth from the bonfire kept me from getting cold from the chill night wind, so I shook my head, still not moving from my position. It felt safe.

“Why are you all bloody snuggled up then?” Newt chuckled, gently shoving me with his shoulder.

Pouting, I unwrapped my arms from my legs and sighed.

“That’s better, love” Newt kept calmly eating.

I blushed when he called me love, but tried to hide it from him.

I stared at him, though, curious about his persona. He acted around me as casually as he did around any other Glader, like he knew me for so long. And it surprised me.

When Newt finished his food, he stared back at me. So I looked away quickly, making him chuckle in amusement.

“Come on, I’ll introduce you to the Gladers” He suddenly said, smiling as he grabbed my arm.

Reluctant to go with them, I slightly shrunk away from him. But he insisted, so I let him pull me up.

He probably would have pulled me up anyway since he was surprisingly strong.

Still not letting go of my arm, he took me next to one of them.

It was the Asian guy with a strong built and muscular arms, the one that had tried to make me talk and didn’t really succeed at it. Not that he tried too hard, though.

“Minho, do you know the Newbie?” Newt let go of my arm and friendly patted my back, subtly shoving me closer to Minho to socialize with him.

“Oh, yeah” Minho crossed his arms over his chest and eyed me up and down. “We know each other”

Satisfied, Newt placed an arm over my shoulders and grinned.

“Great, that’s so bloody great” The blond looked proud, like he managed to make me open up just because I was in front of Minho.

But I was far from that.

“So you talk to Newt and not me? Why do you like him better?” Minho challenged me, leaning his face closer to mine and staring at me with squinty eyes.

I looked away and blushed violently. I might like Newt better, but not only because he had been nicer and more understanding. There was something else about him that just made me feel on ease whenever he was around.

“Because I’m the most attractive lad in this bloody place, that’s why” Newt grinned, still not letting go of me.

“Yeah, right” Minho rolled his eyes. “Whatever you say, shuck face”

Newt forgot about me for a second and took a step closer to Minho, jokingly challenging him to deny it on his face.

When Minho walked away, I thought about the word he had just used. ‘Shuck face’. What did it mean? I could ask Newt, not then but… eventually.

“Let’s introduce you to the rest of-“ He placed an arm around my waist, but I shook my head and firmly placed my feet on the ground not to be taken away by him again.

“I…” I began to speak, but changed my mind and closed my mouth again.

Newt didn’t push me to do it. Instead, he sweetly looked at me, still grinning in amusement, and encouraged me to speak with a glance of his brown eyes.

He looked surprised that I was finally ready to say something to them.

“What? Come on, you can tell me, love”

I frowned and took a deep breath. It was the second time I spoke that day. The first one being when they asked my name and I said it was Y/N.

“I… I don’t want to go…” My voice sounded low and tiny, almost like a tiny meowing of a cat.

But it seemed that Newt was amused by it, because a grin made its way very slowly on his lips.

“But you can’t stay here by yourself forever, love”

Again, I just shook my head. I felt like a little kid, but I didn’t care. Just the thought of having to meet more of them felt still overwhelming.

Newt chuckled and stopped trying to pull me towards the crowd. Instead, he let go of me and absently stared as if he was considering what to do next.

“I’ll go easy on you for now” He casually folded his arms over his chest and shifted the weight of his body to the other feet. “But you have to bloody open up eventually”

I sighed and nodded reluctantly.


“I promise…” I pouted, but I knew that he was right. If I was to be a part of the Glade, I would have to socialize and interact with people sooner or later. And that meant opening up.

“I’ll only leave you alone if you have some fun” A tiny smirk appeared in the right corner of his mouth. “You’re supposed to be the guest of honor”


Without giving it a second thought, Newt got hold of my hands and took me closer to the fire. I felt everyone’s eyes on us, but I tried to ignore them.

Newt pulled at my arms to make me move while he clumsily danced along with me. I made an effort of moving to the rhythm of the drums some of the Gladers were playing a few meters from us.

Exasperated by my shyness, Newt held one of my hands over my head, dropping the other. Then, he spun me around so fast that I had to lean my hands on his shoulders to recover my balance while he laughed, still grinning in a gorgeous way when he was finished laughing.

I shyly smiled and pushed myself away from him.

“Bloody hell, talk at least” That gorgeous grin still was on his lips as we danced, and he made me laugh for the first time since I arrived in that frightening place.

“Shut up!” I chuckled, snatching my hands away from his when he tried to grab them again and shoving him by the shoulders.

I didn’t know where that came from, but it felt natural with Newt.

His brown eyes widened in surprise and I giggled at his funny face. Still, he recovered fast and nodded to himself.

“That’s more like it”

From that moment on, and for the rest of the night, I chatted and danced with Newt. A smile permanently plastered on my face.

anonymous asked:

Hi, wanted to ask you something. I'm a Larry and Ziam supporter, but while Larry is a couple both the press and anyone in the fandom is aware of (even the antis), what about Ziam? I mean, sometimes I just think "What if they're not together, but just very affectionate?" Is it positive that except for ziam supporters no1 even thinks about the possibility of LZ being together?Are we reading too much into their interactions?Do we have tangible proof that there's something between them? Thanks Xx

Well first of all, the entire fandom is aware of Ziam whether they believe or not just like the entire fandom is aware of Larry whether they believe or not.

Second, don’t confuse tabloid and gossip media bandwagoning with confirmation of Harry and Louis’s relationship. Absolutely not. Not a single media outlet has brought forth any “proof” that we as a fandom aren’t already aware of. What the media is doing is cashing in on the popularity of Larry. Period. End of. Now, gossip media (Pop Bitch, Blind Gossip) is beginning to do the same with Ziam as they gain more popularity. See how that works?

Third, periodically I have to remind people that just because you aren’t aware of a thing, doesn’t mean the thing doesn’t exist. It’s science. LOL So I personally think many people are aware of Ziam, we just don’t hear about it. Because the game is to be sold, not told. Meaning, people in a position to know aren’t spilling the beans to the fandom just because. Why would anyone do that? That would not be smart for people that work with them. That would be very disloyal for friends and family. It’s just common sense.

Fourth, I don’t read much into Ziam’s interactions at all. What I mean by that is, for me, it’s exactly what it looks like. You actually have to engage in some fuzzy logic to explain away everything we’ve seen from them. You actually need to believe that they’re the exception to average human behavior to think everything going on with them is platonic. Like what we call flirting, they call being dude bro pals. What we call sexual attraction, they call being lads. Nope. It doesn’t work that way. If it were impossible to read human behavior—behavior that says I’m attracted to you in that way—the world’s population would be a lot lower because no one would be hooking up. We can read human behavior because there’s patterns that are pretty much universal. The only people running around without a clue about these things are the very young ones who are still learning and figuring this stuff out. Like this fandom, for example. Which is why they make things that are very simple and straightforward into a clusterfuck of senseless confusion.

Last, as for “tangible proof”, what is your personal standard of proof? Because obviously, neither Larry or Ziam are about to announce anything anytime soon. But both couples have dropped all kinds of hints. There’s all kinds of context clues. There’s enough to piece together a coherent narrative that is supported by the information we have access to. And there are tons of blogs out there that have documented it quite well. Why do you think the media jumped on the bandwagon? Because the fandom did all the damn work. But, if that’s not enough for you, then it’s not enough. No need for hand wringing. Your unbelief does not impact the reality of the situation in the least, soooo…

1D Pref; How you meet


You were drinking coffee in your favorite cafe, sitting down and looking out the window. That is, until a super attractive young lad sat in the seat across from you. Beautiful green eyes and super curly hair. 

“Hi there.” You smiled.

“Hey,” He replied, “I hope you don’t mind. I just couldn’t keep my eyes off of you. You’re beautiful.”

“Are you trying to flirt with me?” You laughed.

“Maybe..” He laughed with you, “I’m Harry." 

"I’m Y/N.” You smiled, and you guys hit it right off. He got your number and well.. after that, the rest was history.


You were on top of the Eiffel Tower, looking out at the sky and just admiring the beauty of Paris. One of your best friends had pointed out earlier that there was a blonde hottie looking at you. You didn’t believe her, until you looked over to see him smiling and giving you a little wave.

He walked over to you and introduced himself, wanting to get to know you better.

“Hi.. I’m Y/N.” You stared at his beautiful sea blue eyes and his amazing smile, that makes him 10x more handsome.

“Y/N? That’s a beautiful name.” He complimented, causing you to blush. “Hey, do you know what my shirt is made of?”

You were confused at his question, so you felt his shirt.. 

“Uhh cotton?” You replied.

“Boyfriend material.” He flirted, causing you to laugh.

“Cheesy now aren’t we?” You said before he asked for your number to take you out to dinner and just get to know each other.


You were walking home from work when it starting to rain, really hard. 

“Great. Just my luck.” You said to yourself. You didn’t think it would rain today, so you ran into the nearest cafe. However, it was closed. 

“Just my luck. AGAIN.” You huffed and waited under the cafe roof.

“Hey there, you need some help?” A boy, who was quite attractive offered.

“Uh no, it’s okay. I’ll wait until the rain stops, I don’t want to bother you.” You replied.

“No no, it’s fine. I can’t leave a pretty girl out here. You’re going to catch a cold." 

You smiled and thought about it, “Yeah sure. Thanks.” You got under his umbrella and you guys walked towards your house together.

"I’m Louis." 

"I’m Y/N, nic-” You stopped and looked at him again, “Wait a minute, aren’t you from that band One Direction?”

“Yeah, I am.” He replied.

“That’s cool.” You smiled, hoping he wouldn’t freak out.

Louis let out a breath, “Thank god. I’d thought you would go all crazy on me because that tends to happen..” 

“Don’t worry” You gave him a warm smile to assure him, “thanks for walking me home. I appreciate it.”

“No problem, I’d like to do it again. So, can I have your number?” He asked hopeful.

“Sure, why not.” You took his hand and wrote your number on his hand. 

“See you around.” You waved and walked inside, a big grin evident on your face.


You were out stocking up on grocery, grabbing a few things that you needed.

It’s been a long day and you haven’t had a single glass of water, which means you’re dehydrated. So you grabbed the last water bottle, however someone else had also grabbed it.

“Oh, I’m sorry.” The boy replied, “Here. I’ll just grab a coke." 

"Thanks.” You grabbed the water out of the freezer and thanked him again. “You sure you don’t want it?" 

"Yeah, you can have it.” He smiled, “I’m Liam.”

“Y/N. Nice to meet you." 

"Since you got the water, can I take you out to dinner?” He smirked.

“Oh, so you want to get even?” You snickered. 

“If that’s what you called asking you out on a date, then yes.” He laughed, “So, what do you say?”

“Sure, I’ll give you a chance.” You smirked and gave him your number.

“I’ll text you my address, pick me up at 7.” You said and walked away.

“I like you already.” Liam shouted, loud enough for you to hear before you continued walking away giggling.


You were running late to school and not paying attention to where you were headed, you bumped right into… who? You don’t even know.

“I am so sorry about that, I’m just running late and it’s really stressful.” You apologized, “It’s not like you care, I’m sorry." 

"It’s alright, I’m kinda running late too. What class?" 

"English.” You replied, “With the devil.”

“Ahh, I have her too. Let’s go then.” He quickly started walking with you hot behind his heels.

The whole entire class period, you caught him stealing glances at you every so often. 

By the end of the class, he introduced himself as Zayn, and you two began talking. You both found out you had 2 other classes together. 

A few weeks later, Zayn asked you out on a date and you two hit it off really well.

“Y/N..” Zayn nervously laughed, “I.. I like you." 

"Z-Zayn.. I like you too..” You replied, looking into his eyes.

“Good.” He pulled you in for a lustful kiss.

Paul Langerhans

German biologist and physician known mostly for his discovery of the islets of Langerhans on the pancreas in 1869, which are the cells that produce insulin (insulin is what allows you to eat sugars). He also discovered or explained the purpose of some type of skin cell that are now called Langerhans cell, but I couldn’t tell you what they do. He lived a fairly uneventful life after that and died at the young age of 40, five days from his 41st birthday.

I must say, Paul Langerhans certainly did not get the memo that scientists back then were supposed to be creepy looking. He is fine. I don’t even know how to describe it. He is an attractive lad.