attractive lad

how to un-want what the body wants


Peter’s fingers dug harder into the fleshy part of your waist as the kiss got deeper and deeper. He laid stretched out against the trunk of the tree with you on top of him. Every time he went to kiss you, the force tipped you back and you returned it with an equally hard kiss.

By no means were you in love, it was quite the opposite actually. Your father Killian made periodic stops on Neverland to collect materials him and Peter Pan had agreed to trade and he trusted you enough to let you wander around the island the few hours he needed. You always told him you were going to go have a look at the mermaids but you had caught Peter’s eye one day and everything eventually led down to now. Peter was an attractive young lad and he knew it, which was part of the reason you were so drawn to him.

You breathed heavily as you pull apart with a sticky pop of your lips. Peter’s cheeks were flushed and his lips were the color of pink taffy, delightfully kissed and bitten through. His sunshine colored hair stuck up in funny angles from running your fingers through and his lightly dusted freckles stood out from being under the hot sun for so long.

“When’s your father going to return?” He muttered, leaving tiny kisses on the column of your throat. His hands moved up to cradle your neck, applying ever so slight pressure to tease you. If your father ever found out about your messing around with Peter Pan, he would have your head.

“I’m not sure,” You sighed, enjoying the feeling of his touch. You loved his hands anywhere on your body; whether it be your waist, your hips, your legs. You forbade ever going all the way, but kissing him was harmless.

You leaned back in and meet his mouth half way. Your noses bumped together and he enjoyed the reactions he gets out of you; the quickening of breaths, the tiny grunts and the pressing of your chest to his.

“(Y/N)? Is that you?” The unmistakable accented voice of your father called out. Your heart jumped and you go to rip yourself off of Peter’s lap but it was too late. Your father emerged out of the tall tropical plants and the look on his face said it all as his eyes land on you.


To find his daughter on the lap of the boy he barely puts up angered him to the fullest extent. You scrambled off Peter and stand yourself in front of him, ashamed. You did love your father and the last thing you wanted was for him to see you like that.

Peter stood up too, a smug look in his eye. This was just one more thing he could hold over Old Hook.

“(Y/N),” Your father said clenching his jaw. “We are leaving. Come with me this instant.”

You bowed your head and nodded, avoiding any kind of eye contact. Hook marched off the way he came and you look back at Peter. His arrogant look still hadn’t left his face and he reached for your hand, placing a chaste kiss on it. Ironic, since being a gentlemen was the last thing he was.

“Until next time.” He promised with a wink.

You shook your head. “I don’t think there will be a next time.”

“Oh, there will be. That dirty pirate can’t stay away from what Neverland offers, so I’m quite certain I’ll be seeing you sooner than you think.”

Hook yelled angrily for you again in the distance, probably only just noticing you weren’t following behind him. You yanked your hand from Peter’s and ran after your father.

You pray there will be a next time.