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Sophisticated Conversation
  • Evan: I want to watch Daisuke Takahashi's world figure skating performance but I keep on getting distracted by what a good butt he has
  • Dorian: like I think Evan Lysacek is a huge douchebag
  • Dorian: but he's a really hot one
  • Evan: god right
  • Dorian: Stephane Lambiel? Hot. Takahashi? Hot. Scott Moir? Hot.
  • Evan: please, continue to perform feats of grace and acrobatic skill in your skin tight outfits with your toned, lithe bodies and wow skating is sort of pornographic
  • Dorian: it really is
  • Dorian: why do you think I like it so much
I saw Pitch Perfect!

I liked it a lot! It was a cute movie about rival a cappella groups and also about FRIENDSHIPS BETWEEN LADIES and had numerous PoC in the cast which is always cool as well. It was not without problems but I found them not jarring enough to jolt me out of the movie? Like sometimes I am watching a movie and something problematic as hell happens/is said on screen and all of a sudden THE MOMENT IS COMPLETELY FUCKING RUINED, but there were no moments like that this time around, yay.

There is also a biiiit of grossout humour, so be warned about that if that is a thing that troubles you?

Most importantly though, the music was really great and there were also a lot of cute dudes (but I will restrain myself to posting a picture of only one, Utkarsh Ambudkar)

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  • Dorian: if something vibrating is supposed to get me off it sort of has to be
  • Dorian:
  • Evan: no yeah
  • Evan: a duck is probably... not going... to cut it...
  • Evan: oh my god now
  • Evan: *no
  • Evan: what is the image in my head
  • Evan: crying
  • Dorian: you know you have no regrets about there being a mental image of me naked in your mind
  • Evan: unfortunately, that was not the image
  • thebettergoliath: I would be considerably happier if it was
  • Evan: oh
  • Evan: do I want to know the image
  • Evan: probably not but I'm going to tell you anyway
  • Dorian: thank
  • Dorian: u r good friend
Pretty much every dude out there I like as a person I would also be more than happy to have sex with were they willing.

If you’re someone who is of a gentlemanly persuasion and with whom I interact at all regularly on this here website, that probably applies to you too!

Like…while my brain differentiates between friendship and *romantic* attraction, the line between friendship and *sexual* attraction is rather hazier.

Now you know~