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wow i feel like these are three different characters see,, you’ve got the naive pot smoking bassist, the flannel wearing art student who paints nudes, and the fucking annoying tumblr hipster who constantly reminds you to drink water

Today, Initiate.

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REQUEST: Can I have a divergent request where y/n is divergent and she has like a huge crush on Four but Four is like a jerk to her and Eric talks to Four about how rude hes being (but not like straight forward) and Four finds y/n crying in a corner somewhere AND JUST A LOT OF FLUFF

FANDOM: Tobias Eaton [Divergent]


TAGS: bullying

He caught me staring and in one second, his veins would pop out of his neck and forehead. “Look away, initiate.”

I was sitting at the table while my friends were joking and laughing at the jokes Peter made. I just sat with my untouched food, averting my gaze everywhere to get my mind off Four who told me to “look away”.

Finally I looked away with my cheeks flushed with a bright color of red. It was odd and maybe even wrong that me, a puny and weak Dauntless initiate would had a huge interest on one of the Dauntless leaders and trainers who was named after a number.

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How would the class and sensei's react, if korosensei reverts back to his original human form? ;)

A being this attractive cannot be allowed to exist on this planet…

His face says God of Death but his thoughts say Stupid Pervert Chicken Octopus

can you do an imagine where cam eats you out while all the guys are sleeping(in the same room) and they were secretly awake but they pretended to wake up and be shocked at the fact that you guys were doing this but they were turned on and then cam offers them all to join in and so on..

(okay so I think it’d be a Lil weird if I did more than five guys and one girl so I just picked three most popular out of the entire group. Nash, jack, and jack. I hope you still enjoy!) WARNING IT’S VERY LONG “Cam” you whined quietly. You were currently at Cameron’s place while he had a sleepover with Nash and the jacks. They were all currently asleep and You couldn’t keep the dirty thoughts out of your head and you were extremely horny. “Yeah babe” he said lifting his head from your stomach to look at you. “Please” you whispered placing your hand on your crotch near his head. He looked down and looked back up at you. He smirked before crawling towards you, placing his hand firmly on your crotch, making you squirm under him. “You want me to please you with them only feet away.” He said with cockiness. “You’re so dirty, I love it” he said kissing your lips. You bucked your hips against his hand trying to get some friction. “Oh you really want it” he said smirking. “Please cameron” you moaned out. He instantly placed his finger on your lips, shushing you. “Don’t want to get caught do you?” He asked. You shook your head no but in all honesty, it made it even more fun. Cameron kept his eyes on you as he pushed his hand under your thin shorts and thong before rubbing you. “Damn you’re soaked” he said with that god attractive smirk on his face. “Only for you baby” you said trying your hardest to please him so he’d please you. You softly moaned, covering your face in his chest as he stuck one finger in you. You arched your back slightly off of the couch has he plunged his finger in you fast, curving it here and there. All of a sudden Cameron pulled out, before laying flat on the couch. “Sit on my face baby girl” your eyes widened. This was one of your favorite things to do and he knew you went crazy during this. You sat up with shaky legs as you slid your shorts and thongs down, Cameron’s T-shirt that you were wearing was long enough to hide everything. Cameron reached out grabbing your hands as you walked back towards him quietly. You lifted your leg over his chest before he gripped your hips, lowering your heated area down to his Face. You threw your head back as you felt his tongue instantly start working on you. You tugged at his hair as you bit your lip trying your hardest not to make a sound. “Fuck” you whispered as you bucked your hips against him, the tip of his nose hitting your clit. You felt your legs start to shake, indicating you were about to have an orgasm. “I’m close” you moaned out continuing to rock your hips back and forth. Cameron just squeezed your ass tightly as he sucked on your clit before shaking his head. “Oh god ” you moaned out as you came on his face, squeezing your legs around his head. “Y/n!” You heard from behind you. You and Cameron both jumped at the voice to turn around and see Nash and both jacks sitting there, looking at you guys with wide eyes. “Shit” you mumbled climbing off of Cameron’s face. “I can’t believe you guys just did that with us right here” jack Johnson said, his blue eyes still wide as ever. “I-we thought you were asleep. ” you stuttered, utterly embarrassed. This dirty side of you was a side of you only Cameron had seen and now the jacks as well as Nash knew about it which was slightly embarrassing. “Stop complaining I know you enjoyed the sight” Cameron said. You looked st him with wide eyes as he just sat on the couch with his arms behind his head, a proud smirk on his face. “Ya know, you could always join. Y/n has been wanting to spice the relationship up anyways” he said. Your jaw dropped at his offer that he surprisingly made. Each boy looked at you asking for permission. You thought for a moment. They were all incredibly hot and you’ve always wanted to try a threesome so you figured a few extra guys wouldn’t really hurt. You looked at Cameron asking him for permission and he just nodded his head. You sighed before shrugging. “Let’s gets started then” Cameron said sitting up. You watched in awe as he tossed his shirt over his head, his muscles flexing. “Who wants to start?” Cameron asked. “Oh wait you’re being serious?” Jack Gilinsky asked. Cameron chuckled before nodding. “Yeah. You start Gilinsky” he said. Gilinsky looked over at you before grinning. You grinned back. This was a whole other level of excitement and you were getting wetter by the minute. You watched as Gilinsky stood up before walking to you. He never took his eyes off of you as his fingers traveled up your thighs teasingly slow. They continued their way up your body, taking your shirt with until it was pulled over your head. “Damn” Gilinsky said under his breath as he noticed you were only wearing a bra. You giggled slightly, feeling proud of yourself. You gasped slightly as Gilinsky yanked you by the arm into his chest. His face was only inches away from yours as he slowly unhooked your bra from behind. You quickly glanced over to Cameron, making sure he was okay with everything. Cameron was sitting on the couch, watching every move as if he had been wanting this for a while. His eyes traveled up to yours, giving you a reassuring smile. You turned back to Gilinsky, backing away slightly before you lifted his shirt over his head. You ran your fingers down his abs making his breath hitch in the back of his throat, slightly awed at how toned he was. Gilinsky let out a throaty moan as you grabbed ahold of his bulge in his jeans. While smirking, You pushed Gilinsky to where he fell onto the couch. Gilinsky watched you with pleading eyes as you slowly walked towards him before getting on your knees in front of him. He helped you push his pants down as well as his boxers, his hard member slapping his stomach. Your eyes widened at the size but you tried to hide the nervousness as you grabbed ahold of him, pumping slightly. “Fuck !” You moaned out as you felt someone slide into you from behind. You turned around to see jack Johnson smirking st you. You grinned before reaching behind you, grabbing his hand. You tugged his hand up to your breast forcing him to touch you moaning as he groped your breast firmly. Johnson immediately started to buck his hips into you as you wrapped your lips around Gilinsky, watching him through your eyelashes. “Fuck y/n you’re tight” Johnson groaned out as he gripped at your ass, making you moan and send vibrations down Gilinsky’s shaft. You felt Gilinsky run his fingers through your hair, forcing your head further down making you gag around him. You could tell Gilinsky was getting close by the way he was getting more forceful with everything. You could feel yourself getting close as well so you pulled away from Gilinsky, continuing to pump him. “I’m close” you moaned as your upper body continuously banged into gilinsky’s thighs as Johnson pounded into you from behind. “Same” Johnson moaned out. Johnson was the first to hit his orgasm, saying many curse words as well. You came right after, immediately wrapping your lips around Gilinsky once again, knowing he was going to be next. “Fuck y/n!” Gilinsky yelled out as he bucked his hips up into your mouth as he shot his load down your throat. You swallowed quickly before swiping your tongue over the top of his swollen head. You felt Johnson pull out of you before helping you stand up since your knees were a little weak. You looked at Cameron who had a straight face, not showing any emotion. You couldn’t tell if he was regretting his decision but you knew if he really wanted to call quits he would have said it by now. You looked down at Nash who was still dressed, looking up at you. You felt sore but you knew he was waiting patiently for his turn and that was exactly what he was going to get. You got down on your knees before tugging at his tank top, indicating you wanted it off. He quickly did so, looking over at Cameron. Cameron once again just stared at you both with a poker face. You smiled at Nash who looked more and more nervous by the minute. “Its okay, I’ll do all the work” you whispered before placing your lips against Nash’s. Nash seemed surprise at first but he was quick to kiss back. You pushed his tall figure down to where his back was laid flat against the blanket on the floor. He looked up at you as you unbuttoned his pants, sliding them as well as his boxers down just far enough for his member to pop up. You moaned out loud just at the sight. Nash sighed heavily as you dry humped his member, soaking it by your own wetness before you slowly slid down on him. “Fuck that feels amazing” he said throwing his head down. You leaned down kissing him once again as you bounced against his member, earning throaty groans coming from him. You quickly glanced across the room. The jacks had managed to get themselves dressed but they were still watching you and Nash. As for Cameron, he looked frustrated. You couldn’t tell if he was getting sexually frustrated or he was angry about you and Nash, I mean that was his ultimate best friend. You decided to ignore it, he was the one who suggested it. You sat up, placing your hands against Nash’s chest as his hand were squeezing at your upper thighs. “Oh god Nash” you moaned out as he started to buck his hips up along with your thrusts. Suddenly Nash pushed you down by your shoulders. You watched out of breath as he quickly kicked his pants and boxers off before placing himself in between your legs.You were now in missionary position as he immediately started to thrust into you. Each thrust was slow but long and hard, making sure you felt every bit of him going in and out of you. He lifted one of your legs over his shoulder, giving himself a better advantage. You held onto his face as you continuously moaned. You looked up at his face as he watched himself go in and out of you, sweat making his hair stick to his for head. Nash’s arms gave out on him and now his face was buried in the crook of your neck. You wrapped your arms around his neck as he continued to thrust into you. You could tell he was getting close by how sloppy his his thrusts were getting. “Oh fuck Nash right there” you moaned loudly as he hit your g-spot. He bucked his hips faster with each thrust, hitting exactly where you needed and you could feel your legs start to shake around him. “Jesus fucking Christ” Nash groaned as his dick twitched inside of you. You could feel his shaft pulsing inside of you as he hit his climax. You both moaned against each others lips as you came hard . He rode out both of your highs before he stopped, you both out of breath. You whimpered slightly as he slid out of you. You sat there out of breath as he got dressed, the room completely silent. “That was amazing” you said with a small chuckle following behind. Nash just smirked before sitting down on the couch, running his hands through his sweaty hair. “My turn” Cameron said. You looked over st him in shock. He had been completely quiet the entire time that you had almost forgotten he was there. “But I want mine In. Private” he said before lifting you bridal style, carrying you up to yours and Cameron’s shared room. He set you down on the bed gently before standing up. “I was fine the entire time until you kissed Nash. I couldn’t help but feel jealous and now I want you all to myself. ” he said as he unbuckled his belt. Your eyes widened at his hard member. You didn’t know if you could Take anymore but you knew he wouldn’t be exactly happy if you’d fuck his best friends and then reject him. “I swear baby the kisses meant nothing. It was just a ‘in the moment thing” you said as you watched him crawl up to you. “It doesn’t matter. In the end I still get you. ” he said as he kissed you softly. This kiss was different than any other. This was filled with not only lust, but passion, jealousy, but mostly love. In the middle of the kiss Cameron slid himself into you gently. You gasped. The guys felt amazing but no one could beat how Cameron made you feel. This time though you and Cameron weren’t fucking, you were making love. It was slow and passionate and it felt better than any other time you had ever had sex. “I love you ” you moaned into the kiss you both were sharing. ” I love you too” he said quietly before kissing you once again. After a good fifteen minutes, you felt yourself getting close to your fourth orgasm of the night. “I’m close baby” you moaned as he slowly pulled out and pushed back in. He nodded before kissing your neck. “Cum for me baby girl,” he said softly while running small circles around your clit. Just at his words you instantly came around him. You grinds d your hips up against his, helping him get to his climax. “God y/n” he moaned out as he came inside of you. He pulled out slowly before lying next to you, pulling you close to him. “Never again are we spicing things up like that again. I can’t stand watching other guys get to touch you the way only I should” he said said. You giggled before pecking his lips. “I don’t know how you did it. I’d shoot myself if I ever saw you with another girl. I can’t imagine losing you. You’re mine. I want you all to myself Cameron” you said, on the verge of just thinking about it. “Hey, you shouldn’t worry. I’ve only got eyes for you. And after tonight, I realized that It was a mistake to even consider sharing you. So I’m not going to put you through that. I’m all yours” he said before pulling you into him, lifting the covers over both of your naked bodies. “I love you ” you mumbled before drifting off to sleep.

These were so fun even though breathing was such a chore. Hopefully next year there won’t be a snowstorm stopping Hearts Boxcars from joining us so we can finally have our full group.

lmfao i still love that i went from junko at the beginning of the day to this

Spades Slick - striderian

Diamonds Droog - ceres

Patched Up || Jimin || Part 2

Request: You all wanted it, and I delievered! Here is Part 2!!

Summary: Part 2 of Patched Up. Life has a strange way of making people come back to each other. It just sucks that life made Jimin reappear on your doorstep with another gang member, this time both in need of medical attention.

Word Count: 1,840

A/N: I hope you all enjoy the second part, I don’t know where I would go from here if I were to make a few more parts. BUT if you do want me to continue then hit me up, I’m all ears. Remember all, Requests are OPEN! I do any boy group your little fangirl heart desires, so feel free to ask me!

<< Part 1 || Part 3 >>

“Thanks again for the lift Jihyo,” you chimed as you stood outside of your workmate’s car, speaking to her through the open window. She shook her head.

“Don’t worry about it; I’m just glad we can finally start having our usual commutes home!” She laughed with one final wave before she took off into the night, the sound of her car’s engine fading into the distance. You smiled thankfully before you turned away from the street and made your way up into your apartment building.

The past few weeks had been rather abysmal for you. Your life seemed to be plain, boring, and lifeless. You worked most days of the week; pushing boundaries with what could actually be considered a night shift before walking back home in the dead of the night. It was only recently that your workmate Jihyo had finally been let off training the new nurses and was thereby able to take you home.

When you did have a rare encounter with a day off, you found yourself watching every single news program watching, waiting for any signs of the BTS Gang and the gang member you had helped not too long ago.


You couldn’t get his face out of your mind, which was both pleasant and frustrating. You could still see his smile in the corners of your eyes, and every time you entered your bathroom you couldn’t help but feel that he was still lying in the tub, freshly sewn up and resting.

It was stupid, yes, for you to be so hung up on someone you met once - especially with that someone being a gang member. But could people blame you? They wouldn’t once they had a look of the angel you had met not so long ago.

You entered your quiet apartment, dropping your purse and removing your jacket, hanging both on the rack near the door. You slipped off your shoes and walked in your socks towards your sorry excuse of a lounge room before you lay down on the familiar couch you had invested half of your first pay check into. You pulled out your ponytail tiredly, nuzzling your face into the couch cushions before you felt yourself being pulled into a nice relaxing sleep.

Jimin groaned as he struggled to hold both his own weight and his best friend’s weight, hobbling slightly in pain. “Taehyung, please help me out here and carry some of your own weight…” Jimin wheezed, readjusting himself so that he wasn’t putting too much unnecessary pressure on his healed stitches.

“Yeah well, this is your fault Jimin.” His companion asserted, making sure to purposely lean over a little more. His dark brown bangs hung in front of his eyes, matted together with sweat from coping with the pain. “We could’ve let someone else deal with the Seven Star Gang - you chose to go and drag me into your fight.”

“It,” Jimin paused to huff, “was for a good cause.”

“Mhm, of course…”

“How’s your side? Can you hold up a little longer?” Jimin asked, the concern emanating in his tone. Taehyung nodded shallowly, hand still pressed into his left side as they walked. “You’ve just gotta hold on for one more block and we can get you help.”

Jimin recalled the small idiosyncrasies that lead to [Y/N]’s house. He smiled at the thought of you, and couldn’t help but laugh at the fact you hadn’t left his mind from the moment he left your apartment. And, when he faced another run in with his rivals from the Seven Star Gang, the first thing that passed through his mind was to go back to your apartment to get fixed up again.

The pair reached your apartment building, silently slipping past the night guard and taking the stairwell up towards your apartment. Jimin took in the sight of Taehyung, noticing the blood drying against his honorary jacket. As the two gang members made their way towards your apartment, Jimin felt more nervous with each and every step.

“Hang in there, I’ve got you.” Jimin murmured as they reached your apartment door. With his free hand, Jimin knocked in a fast rhythm in hopes that you were hope.

You awoke from your nap at the sound of loud knocks at your door, almost falling off the couch in the process. The knocks continued, forcing you to dash to the front door, pulling your clothes into their normal positions. You practically threw open the door to find the face you had been seeing practically everywhere for the past few weeks holding up a person she had never met before. “I-Jimin?”

“Hey, [Y/N]… Feel like operating again tonight?” Jimin greeted, hoisting the other male slightly. You took in the way both of them were rather torn apart, the pair of them brandishing new bruises and cuts across their bare skin; the new stranger clutched his side, applying pressure to the wound you knew he was harbouring.

“I-Yeah, okay then bring him to the bathroom and I’ll… I’ll deal with it.” You said shakily, moving out of the way so Jimin could continue to take the unnamed person to the bathroom. After they passed you, you immediately began to run around the apartment, grabbing your First Aid Kit and towels for your guests.

Upon getting into the bathroom, you watched as Jimin lowered the other male into her bathtub and you noticed his subtle winces as he did so. “Can you get his jacket off; I’ll get to his wounds in a sec.” You said, placing the kit down and beginning to disinfect the tools. You pinned your hair back once again with your hair tie and quickly donned on a pair of rubber gloves.

Turning back to the stranger in the bathtub, you took in the sight of the bullet wounds. Two bullets had been implanted into his side, side by side, resulting in shallow waves of blood to trickle from the edges of the wounds. She cringed and picked up her tools and knelt beside his body, immediately beginning to work.

Jimin watched as you worked, watching the sheer amounts of concentration flood your face. ‘God, she’s attractive…’ He thought to himself, exhaling proudly when you pulled out the first bullet. He knew that there was a specific reason he became enamored with you; and your dedication was just one of the many he had come up with in the past weeks. 

As you pulled the second bullet from his skin, his friend let out a sigh of relief, coughing up more blood. You reached for a towel and drape it over his torso, trading your tools for your thread. “This is gonna hurt a little, there’s not much I can do about it. I’m very sorry.” You apologised. The stranger shook his head.

“It’s fine… As long as I’m all patched up then it’s okay.” He spat through the pain, making you nod as you began to stitch up the two bullet holes.

Half an hour later, you had finally treated the man in the bathtub. Thankfully, he had fallen asleep, allowing for him to regain his strength and for you to treat Jimin of his minor wounds.

You wiped the antiseptic across the cut on his cheek, quickly following up with a bandaid. “What happened this time?”

Jimin laughed. “You act like this is a frequent thing.”

“It might as well be,” you shot back with a laugh. “But seriously, what happened?”

“The same guys from the first time, but Taehyung and I handled them.”

You noted that ‘Taehyung’ was definitely the person passed out in your bathtub. “I can see that…” You mumbled, going to work on the cuts painted across his biceps.

You worked in silence for a while, trying not to look up and show him the blush growing across your cheeks.

“Hey, [Y/N]?” Jimin called after you had finished. You were packing up all of the tools from your kit, not looking at the gang member.


“Two things.”

“Go for it.”

“Do you still have my jacket?”

You froze and reluctantly met his gaze. “I-Oh, yeah! I’ll… I’ll grab that for you right now, give me a sec.” You rushed passed him to your laundry, grabbed the gang member’s jacket from on top of the dryer and then quickly dashed back to the bathroom, coming face to face with an amused Jimin who stood just outside of the doorway.

“I washed it for you since, you know, that thing was covered with blood and dirt and what not…” You admit, holding it out for him to take. He smiled, pulling his arms through the wearing it proudly.

“Thanks [Y/N]… That’s thoughtful of you…” He murmured.

“And you said there was a second thing?”

“Ah, yeah, the second thing…” He continued, moving closer to you slowly, almost trapping you between the wall and himself. “Are you free this Friday?”

“I-I think, yeah…” You stammered nervously, watching as he continued to move closer and closer to your face. He grinned. “Why do you ask…?”

“Did you wanna go out this Friday night? Nothing to do with patching or my gang members up, I promise… And you know I keep my promises.” Jimin asked, head too close to comfort. You felt your heart pound uncontrollably in your chest.

“I- yeah! Sounds, that sounds great.” You grinned, watching Jimin’s own smile double in size.

“Mhm… It does…” His voice dropped much deeper in volume than what you were used to. His head continued to move closer and closer to yours, to the point where your lips brushed against each others. “M’gonna kiss you now… I hope that’s all good with you.” He smirked. You nodded and your lips met in a kiss that you admit you were waiting a while for.

“Hey, loser-”

Just as quickly as the kiss started it ended, the two of you jumping apart at the sound of a new voice. You both turned back to the bathroom to see a smirking Taehyung who was sat on the edge of the bathtub. You felt your face flushed a bright red as Jimin smiled proudly at his him. “You good Taehyung?”

“Better, definitely. Thank you [Y/N].” He smiled at you happily before returning to his serious expression. “And I hate to ruin the moment but we need to head back to the hideout, gotta plan for the next you-know-what.”
Jimin nodded and went to help Taehyung out of the door. Just like a few weeks prior, you followed behind, this time holding Taehyung’s jacket to give as they left.

Taehyung exited the apartment first, waving a goodbye to you which left you and Jimin alone. “So we’re definitely on for Friday night?”

You nodded. “Definitely, Friday night.”

Jimin smiled happily, leaning in a kiss your cheek quickly before following behind him.

As they left your apartment, you let out a fist pump of excitement. You were ready for the date, even if it was a few days away.

Lafayette x Reader: Modern!AU

Words: 800

Warning: a couple cuss words, drinking and drunkyness is the entire thing. a little angsty (not really don’t get excited)

Request: nope but maybe if you ask for it there will be a part 2 ;)))

Prompt: n/a

A/N: I woke up in a cold sweat at 3 am with this idea and slapped it onto a keyboard (bonus points if you get the reference)


You weren’t the type to get drunk. You were the ‘mom friend’, and designated driver. If you got drunk, it was alone, because that’s one of the last sides of you that you never wanted your friends to see.

When you were drunk, you were emotional, and you could change from different emotions faster than you could say 'vodka.’

Sometimes, your friends would try and pressure you to drink with them. Not to the point where you were uncomfortable, though, it was all friendly and they would soon be too drunk to even care.

Tonight, was a harsh night, and you found yourself alone in a bar. You weren’t sure how you got there, or why you decided to get drunk in public if of places. You were glad you weren’t around people you knew at the moment, but that pride faded quickly.

In a blur, you were giving an uber money, and at your friends’ doorstep. You knocked a little harshly, to wake him up if he was asleep, also because you pushed yourself upright with each knock.

There was a small fiddling with the doorknob, before it opened, revealing Hercules.

“Hey,” you drawled out, clutching onto the doorframe, trying to stop yourself from swaying back and fourth.

“Hey, y/n,” Hercules said warily, “Are you… drunk?”

“No,” you shook your head, but then you looked at him and gave him the most innocent look you could muster, in your drunk state, “… Yes.”

Hercules laughed, moving aside to let you in, shoving his phone in his pocket to let you in, “I’ve never seen you drunk.”

“Good. It’s terrible, it’s like all of these feelings come pouring out, I hate it… Why am I telling you this?” You said, narrowing your eyebrows at him.

He smiled, shrugging, “I don’t know, but please– continue. What the hell happened to you?”

“Well, I got drunk, because of feelings. Feelings are stupid, you know? I love being happy and all, but right now, that’s the last thing I’m feeling,” you were getting angry, “Why do I have to be this way? Why were we created this way? Feelings are stupid. Escpecially when you have feeling feelings for someone, and they don’t even know!

"And it’s not like you could say anything, because Lafayette moves on from girl to girl, and hasn’t been in a stable relationship for longer than two months,” you hadn’t even cared that you said his name out loud, and you hadn’t noticed Hercules taking his phone and putting it face down on the counter.

“He’s so god damn attractive! Every girl wants to fuck him, in some way, shape, or form, but none of them actually care about him!” You could feel tears welling up in your eyes, “Who’s been there after his breakup with Adrienne? Me. Who has been the one cleaning up after his stupid messes? Me. Who had been the one that picks splinters out of him after he thinks it would be fun to climb a tree? Me. Every. Single. Time.

"What other girl would do that for him? No one! If they knew the Lafayette I knew, my god, they’d run faster than Usian Bolt. Because you know what? He’s not the perfect person everyone thinks he is. He owns three pairs of pink sweatpants, he has Mickey Mouse underwear, and he still has Webkins animals that he plays with!” You threw yourself onto Hercules couch, face down, “What am I going to do?”

Hercules sighed, walking over and lifting you up by your upper arms, “Let’s get you to bed. Spare bedroom. Let’s go.”

“Hercules, I’m not hooking up with you,” you mumbled, as you were thrown over his shoulder.

“Only in your dreams,” he said, letting out a breathily laugh.

“No, that’s Lafayette.”

He laughed even harder before laying you down in bed, commanding you to take your shoes and jacket off, before putting them away.

Hercules came back, though, with a cup of water. He set in on the nightstand, “This is for the morning. Got it? You’ll need it.”

You rolled your eyes, “Okay, dad.”

It was his turn to roll his eyes, but you still gave him a soft 'thank you’ before watching him shut the light off and walk out the door.

Out of earshot, Hercules took his phone out of his pocket, “You heard that, right?”

Lafayette took himself on mute, smiling, he nodded, “Every bit of it.”

Had to go back and rewatch some episodes after the mook interviews and I’m sorry but if the very final scene of Free!ES isn’t proof that future Rin and Haru were fucking I don’t know what is

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...i don't even stan seventeen or kpop (anymore) tbfh but this mingyu guy you make gifs of is absurdly attractive. one of the best faces+body combos i have ever seen good god

this is probably my favorite message i’ve ever received u kno it!!!!!!!!!!! hes godly hes out of this world!!!!! 

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i went to your face tag to see what the hype was about and oh my god. oh my actual god. fuck. your face. you are very attractive. you look really indescribably good with facial hair. like wow

the idea that my face could have hype is both hilarious and kind of Crazy tbh

anyway i’m dying this is really nice??? holy shit

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For the descriptive thing, brown ombréd to blond beach wave hair (sometimes curly) green eyes w/ 3 brown freckles in them and freckles going across my nose and onto my forehead. I have baby cheeks but a surprisingly slender lower half of my face. I have prominent collarbones but I'm super fat. I have big thighs but surprisingly skinny calves. (While describing my face it's not attractive at all what so ever)

oh my god you sound adorable! And I don’t care if you have a little chub, i wan’t to hug you 24/7! Yes, I would 100% date you anon ((good describing btw wow and DON’T BRING YOURSELF DOWN LIKE THAT, IM SURE YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL)) <3

Describe yourself over anon and I’ll tell you if i’d date you :)