attractive band members

[15 year old voice] i want this attractive band member to rip my arm off and hit me with it. i want him to waterboard me until i forget my own name. i wish he’d strap me into a death ray and tear me apart on a molecular level

Best Night Ever

aharleyquinnuniverse requested: Can you do a three sum with me Gerard Way and Frank Iero? smut of course please and my names Harley

I really don’t do personals so everyone can get into it but I’ll send anyone who requests a personal a copy with your name if you want. Oh and this is the first smut on my blog so I hope you guys like it. Sorry It’s so long.

This was it the night I get to see My Chemical Romance front row. I was so ready for tonight. I was going to pick up my friend in 2 hours and then we’d head over to the venue. 

I put on my best concert outfit it was super sexy and also very airy so I could dance around without having a heat stroke. It was about time to head out so I grab my keys and head out to the car. When I pick up my friend we both let out really girly squeals and jump around for a bit. When we get in the car all we talk about is how attractive all the band members are.

We arrive at the venue and run straight to our spots. We only had to wait for about 20 minutes for the show to start, and when the show starts  could swear Gerard looked straight at me, then again it my just be my crazy fangirl mind.

After the Concert 

Me and my friend wait for the stadium to clear out a bit before we try and get to our car. I swear we were the last people in there. 

“Was it me or did Gerard keep staring at you.” She said with a little smirk. 

“Oh thank god.” I say “Then it wasn’t just me.” We both giggle for a bit then get up to go to our car. As we walk up the aisle to go to the exit I hear footsteps behind us. I stop for a second and knit my eyebrows before pulling out my pocket knife and turning to defend me and my friend.

When I turn I immediate regret my decision, Gerard Way was the one trying to catch up to us and not some creep.

“Whoa,” He says throwing up his hands eyes widening. “Didn’t mean to scare you.” I feel my face heat up, turning bright red like my converse. 

“I..uh..I’m really sorry.” I stutter quite flustered. I just pulled a knife on Gerard-fucking-Way. I slowly put my knife back where I had it tucked in my bra. Then became even more flustered when I realized I just stuck my hand into my bra in the presence of my idol. He turns a light shade of pink and I giggle a bit. We both shake out of our awkward and he extends his hand.

“Ummm, well I’m Gerard and you are.” I grab his hand and shake it firmly.

“(y/n)” I smile slightly looking up at him (since he was taller than me).

“Well (y/n),” He said a little awkwardly “Me and the band saw you and your friend having a good time and we wanted to see if you two beautiful woman would like to come hang out backstage for a bit.” I was speechless for a moment until I felt my friend nudge me a bit and I shake out of it. 

“Oh yea, of course, I would love to.” I say it all quite quickly causing him to laugh a bit. Before he grabbed my hand and started leading me back. I turn back to my friend who is following along behind us. She smiles and makes a kissy face. I shake my head and flip her off before turning back to see that Gerard just watched that whole thing. I turn even more red but he just laughs so I shake it off.

The rest of the band was nice and we spent a solid 3 hours just sitting around talking. Occasionally I would look over and see Gerard staring at me, but then I started to notice that Frank had been staring too. I could feel my ears heat up as Frank leaned over and whispered something to Gerard, who responded with a straight face and a nod. Both boys stand up from the spot they were sitting on the couch and walk in front of my chair. 

“Umm,” Gerard says awkwardly swaying back and forth “I was wondering if you would, only if you want to, I mean you don’t have to, but it would be nice if-”

“Do you want to come to the dressing room with us.” Frank butts in to stop Gerard’s rambling.

I can feel my face heat up and I can I assume my face is fire engine red. I look from Frank to Gerard then to my friend who seems content with Mikey. I look back at the boys knowing exactly what they’re looking for. I nod silently and Frank extends his hand and leads me away Gerard following close behind. 

As soon as we enter the dressing room the door is closed and locked by Gerard, while Frank places me on a small counter kissing at my neck. I close my eyes at the feeling and when I open them next I see Gerard has stripped down to just boxer shorts. Frank breaks contact drawing my attention back to him. He lifts my tank to reveal my bright red bra. He stares for a minute before backing away to start removing his own layers. Gerard places himself where Frank had been. He nips at my collar bone while caressing my breast. I lean my head back against the mirror in ecstasy.Gerard unties the ribbon of my shorts before linking his finger on the waist and pulls them down leaving me in my black lace panties. He lifts me off the counter and takes me over to a couch where Frank is waiting. I kneel between them, Frank behind me and Gerard in front. Frank ghosts his fingers over my entrance before rubbing me through my panties. I moan loudly and Gerard takes this moment to lace his fingers behind my neck and stick his tongue in my mouth. I grasp at the waistband of Gerard’s boxers and pull them down exposing his already hard member. I grip his shaft and begin pumping at a slow steady pace. He moans and places his head down on my shoulder, before sucking and nipping at my neck. Gerard wraps his arm around me and grasps the clasp of my bra undoing and discarding it somewhere in the room. He moves his face down and begins sucking at my breast. Frank stops rubbing me and rips off my panties, throwing them across the room before removing his boxers. Gerard lifts his face from my breast and leans me down so I’m on all fours. I feel franks member graze over me as I place my lips over the tip over Gerard’s cock. Both men thrust in to me simultaneously. I don’t get time to adjust before the pace is set. I moan on to Gerard cock and he throws his head back in ecstasy. I hear Frank groan from behind me and I feel myself getting close. Gerard twitches in my mouth before releasing his load down my throat. this triggers my orgasm. Frank comes shortly after. We all ride out our highs before collapsing into a sweaty pile of hot breath.

Best night ever.

Sorry this ones not very good but I hope you liked it any way thank you for reading.

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Okay, so I just saw a LOT of Eleanor posts flying so I’ll give you a run-down from a PR/marketing perspective. This will be, like, LONG, so you might want to get a cuppa and some biscuits (or a pot noodle, even) while reading through this.

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It’s okay
  • to love your band members only for their talent
  • to get attracted to a certain band member at first because of their looks
  • to love their looks and their talent
  • to love a band members actions and not their looks
  • to only love their music and not the person who made it
  • to think like that
Truth or Dare

Who needs a creative title anyway, right?

Warning: smut!

Not my gif.


You met Michael, Luke and Calum at school and when they asked you to come on tour with them you had decided that, yes, you would go because you rarely ever did anything for yourself. School was finally over and you had the whole summer to do whatever you wanted. You felt apprehensive about spending a whole month with just a driver, and of course, the band themselves, one of whom was a total stranger to you. Of course, you’d been to more than a couple of their gigs but Michael, Luke and Calum barely had time for a quick hug and ‘well done’ from you before they had to be whisked off for some sort of interview or meet and greet so you’d never actually, officially met Ashton. However, you decided to take the plunge and pushed your apprehension to the side. Finally, you were going to do something crazy and unexpected. You needed to live your life, you weren’t going to be a teenager forever.

Being on tour was the perfect escape from your mundane life back at home. The boys were fun to hang out with and you all got on well. You’d become friends with Ashton easily and you felt that this was possibly, no, definitely the best month of your life. Not many girls could say that they were able to hang out with seriously attractive pop/rock band members, go to concerts whenever you liked and join in with the boys’ adventures all across the world.

It was one of many occasions when you had a full night of being driven on the tour bus to get to where the boys needed to be. There was only so many times that Michael could beat you at his current, favourite video game and so you shouted in frustration, “GUYS! I AM SO BORED RIGHT NOW. ASHTON, LUKE, CALUM! PLEASE COME AND ENTERTAIN ME!”

One by one, the boys all appeared at the door to the back lounge, laughing at you for making such a fuss. “What can we do? Please…” you whined.

“Let’s play truth or dare?” Luke suggested innocently.

You grasped onto the idea (at least it was something to do) and ushered the boys into the front lounge area so as to ensure that Michael was not tempted to ignore you all and continue playing his silly video game. You grabbed 5 beers out of the fridge and handed them around the circle and you began to play.

“Ashton, I dare you to stick your butt out the window.”

“Michael, stick your dick out the window.”

“Luke, post an ugly selfie.”

More beers were handed out and the game continued like this until… “Y/N! I dare you to make out with Calum.”

You spluttered the beer that you were taking a sip out of before quickly wiping your chin. You had to admit to yourself that although all the boys were super attractive, for some reason Calum stood out for you. It could have been his tattoos, it could have been his muscular arms, it could have been the fact that he could go from adorable to sexy in 0.2 seconds. Whatever it was, Calum was hot.

He was looking at you expectantly, looking to see if you actually had the guts to kiss him in front of everyone. Fuck it, you thought, this trip was supposed to be crazy. You’d put on a show for the guys.

Standing up slowly you made your way over to Calum who was sitting opposite you on the couch. Holding onto his shoulders you put one leg each side of him so that you were straddling his lap. You could feel all of the boys watching you, waiting for your next move. You pushed your hair off your shoulder and leant down to kiss Calum’s lips.

His lips felt warm against yours and you ran your tongue over his bottom lip, seeking entrance. With a slight exhale, Calum let you in, exploring your mouth with his tongue. You shifted slightly on Calum’s lap, relaxing into the kiss and placing your hands on either side of his neck, pulling him in. Simultaneously, Calum’s hands worked their way to your butt, grabbing and pressing your body to his. You felt Calum harden underneath your crotch and whimpered so quietly that you were sure only Calum and yourself could hear.

“Woah, okay guys” called Ashton, chuckling, “that’s enough, you’ll give Luke nightmares.”

You pulled away, giggling and gently climbing off of Calum and making your way back to your seat, feeling flustered and horny.

“OH MY GOD!” shouted Michael, “Calum’s got a boner!”

“No way! Y/N gave you a boner?” Luke said, laughing and sounding astonished.

Calum looked embarrassed and grabbed a pillow to cover the extremely obvious bulge in his sweatpants. You were sure you looked just as embarrassed, even though a smile was spreading across your face. It was kinda funny.

Ashton began chanting “CALUM HAS A BONER, CALUM HAS A BONER, BONER, BONER, BONER” and soon both Michael and Luke joined in, dancing around in a circle.

The sexual tension could have been cut with a knife between yourself and Calum as you had been catching each other’s eye frequently as the night went on. Finally, you found yourself alone with him as the other boys had slowly, one by one, headed off to their bunks. Calum hadn’t said a word to you and you were beginning to think that the tension may be one sided as you stood to try and tidy up some of the bottles and other mess you’d all made. Standing up straight from bending over the compact trash can in the minuscule kitchen you turned around quickly to find yourself faced directly with Calum.

For a few moments, all that either of you did was stare at each other, trying to calculate who was going to make the next move or who was going to say what. Just as you were about to open your mouth to speak, Calum’s lips crashed into yours. The heat from your kiss earlier returned immediately as you grabbed each other’s bodies. His kiss made your head swim and you grabbed onto the counter behind you to steady yourself as Calum moaned quietly into your open mouth. Without speaking Calum grabbed your hand and pulled you quietly past the bunks and into the back lounge, pressing the button on the wall to make the door slide shut.

A sudden rush of confidence made you push Calum down onto the couch that ran all the way around the room. You began to take off your clothes, slowly undoing your shirt buttons and equally as slowly peeling your jeans off of your legs, tossing them to the side. Your eyes never left Calum’s face, his mouth open slightly and his eyes widening at seeing you in just your underwear.

You resumed your earlier position, straddling him, but this time your ground your hips down into his lap. “Y/N…” Calum groaned, pulling slightly at your hair to expose your neck, on which he placed wet kisses, working his way down and across your collar bone leaving a mark you knew would be there tomorrow. He slid his hands down your back, expertly finding the clasp on your bra and undoing it. Calum ran his tongue over one of your nipples, using his fingers to play with your other, sending shooting tingling sensations up and down your body. You could feel your underwear collecting your wetness as Calum continued to turn you on.

Calum’s hands continued to roam across your body as his soft lips met yours again, one hand was now place firmly on your bum whilst the other was working it’s way into your remaining underwear, his finger making agonisingly slow circles on your clit. You couldn’t hold back the moan that escaped your lips, “Fuck… Cal…” Cal shifted you on your lap and pushed a single finger into you, teasing you. You ground into his palm, seeking more friction. Without warning, he plunged another finger into you and began to curl his fingers, brushing against your sweet spot. You were panting now, your head spinning, trying to contain your pleasure. Seeing how much you were enjoying his touch, Calum used his thumb to massage your clit again. “Shit… Cal, I-I’m close.” Calum stayed silent, smirking into your neck as you felt the tightness in your stomach release, Calum’s name spilling from your mouth, telling him how much you needed him, how much he turned you on.

At your words, Calum placed you on the coffee table, quickly stripping himself of all his clothes, his length spilling free. You had barely gotten over your first orgasm when Cal had himself lined up with your core and entered you roughly causing you both to cry out each other’s names, forgetting that the other boys were sleeping in the next room. Your fingers scratched at his back as Calum pushed in and out of you, heat gathering in the pit of your clenching stomach. “Cal…”

“Hold on baby, I’m so close.” Calum moaned into your ear, his breathing heavy.

You felt Calum’s thrusts become less exact and powerful before you felt him release, yourself quickly joining you as you, again, ground your hips into his, riding out your orgasm together.

Calum placed a soft kiss on your lips before putting his sweatpants back on and helping you put on his t shirt. You giggled softly up at him, feeling spent. After one last kiss, Calum grabbed your hand, again, this time rubbing gentle circles onto your skin, and led you to his bunk.

Laying down together, your back pressed into his chest and his strong arms holding your body to his, Calum pressed his lips once more to your neck, you sighed contentedly, before you both drifted off to sleep.


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5 Seconds of Summer is a shitty boy band.

I despise them and their music more than One Direction, who have a few decent songs and a few attractive band members. With 5SOS I cannot stand any of their songs, and I don’t understand how anyone can find those boys attractive at all. Seriously, look at those haircuts. Gross and stupid looking.

5SOS is extremely overrated, talentless, and hideous looking group of boys.