To the younger people...

It’s okay if you have never liked someone, had a crush on someone, or thought about someone in that way.

This is someone telling you that it’s okay to not like people. 

This is someone telling you it’s okay to not have a crush on someone. 

This is someone telling you it’s okay to not like someone in that way.

Don’t worry about never liking someone or having crush. Don’t let anyone make you feel bad for this. You have nothing to feel bad about. You are not missing out on anything.

It’s okay. You are okay.

Neuro attraction

Neuro attraction is 1/6 of the attraction types that exist. (The others are romantic, sexual, sensual, aesthetic, and platonic. There will be posts about those too with the tag #attractions)

So, what is neuro attraction?
Neuro attraction is simply thinking about someone. ON A REGULAR BASIS. The desire to think about someone also counts. This is similar to the feeling when you get a crush and you think about them a whole lot. (The crush part is not included with the neuro attraction.) The act of thinking that way about someone IS neuro attraction.

Examples: If you are a guy who thinks about only guys, you are homoneuro. If you are a non binary girl who thinks about multiple genders, you are likely polyneuro, panneuro, or bineuro depending on which prefix fits your neuro attractions most.

How to attract an Intp girl

- sit alone and try to look as mysterious as possible while holding a book with the weirdest title, preferably something considered taboo (for ex: voodoo).

- keep eye contact while we talk about something we like but not to the creepy intimidating level, we tend to have a wandering look.

- gifts should be something personal and self-made no matter how small it might be. It means you took the time to know and appreciate us on a deeper level.

- compliment our thought process and analysis. Goddamit, i love this.

- let the silence be, we tend to overthink and sometimes we just need a break because it could get overwhelming. It should not be uncomfortable.

- sex-appeal and confidence, might even accept a little bit of arrogance if you also have the intelligence to back it up.

How To Attract What You Desire

Before you begin:

• Know what you want. What you really want. And don’t think of “how” you’ll get it.
• Write the desire in present tense on a card. It is now your goal card.
• Carry this card with you and read it often. This is putting the desire into your subconscious mind.
• Check if your goal is really what you want. Can you imagine bigger? Are you letting fear stop you? Are you answering your soul’s calling with this?


• How you fall asleep determines what shows up in your life. Everytime. Without fail. So we start our day how we fell asleep the night before, actually. Ask your self one question before you sleep: “If my wishes were fulfilled, how would I feel?” Fall asleep to that question satisfied.
• Record an MP3 or voice note of your OWN voice, reciting positive affirmations. Get examples online but personalize them. Your subconscious mind trusts your own voice. Use it.
• Never ever let yourself fall asleep feeling stress or failure. Don’t invite it in.


• When your eyes open, set your intention for the day.
• Did you have any dreams last night? Write them down.
• Write 5 things you’re grateful for. Increase to 10 after a while and begin to include wishes that are yet to manifest e.g. “I’m grateful I now weigh __”


• Read Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. (PDF’s online) Read slowly and reflectively.
• Read Feeling Is The Secret by Neville Goddard (PDF’s online)
• The Secret book/DVD is great for beginners but you’re going to have to dig deeper to pull this off.
• Do what makes you smile. Read, play your music, call a friend, go for walks. Do whatever you can to lighten your mood.
Write about your desire as if it’s already happened.
Visualize your life ASSUMING the desire has already happened. How do you feel? What are you wearing? Where are you? Was manifesting easy and fun?


Bruce Lee, Jim Carrey, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Oprah Winfrey, Big Sean, Conor McGregor and countless others have used this formula. It works, and it will work for you.

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I was digging in the my never ending folder of Disney things and found these attraction posters. Thought I’d share!

How To (Really!) Use The Law Of Attraction!

Powerful attracting action steps:

1. Write your goal out by hand everyday.
Anything you will not write down by hand on paper, isn’t something you really want.

2. … Write out your goal with your non-writing hand everyday.
This activates new neural pathways in your creative brain and tells your subconscious mind you’re serious.

3. Brainstorm different plans, however unrealistic they seem.
It costs you nothing to imagine.

4. Read up on people that have had similar success.
Even if their successful in a different industry, it feeds your brain with “like images” it can begin to create.

5. Stuck? Ask the Universe a question and then forget about it.
Questions stir your brain to search for the answer. If it cannot answer, it will connect with Universal Intelligence to find an answer.

6. Do something that feels good. And repeat.
We have desires because we think they will make us feel good. By feeling good now in whatever small way, we align with our dreams.

7. Fall asleep asking yourself one question: if my wishes were fulfilled how would I feel?
Your subconscious mind assumes you want more of what you want when you fall asleep thinking about it as if it’s already done.

8. Team up with a law of attraction based Life Coach. Let them unlock your potential.
If I can help, please see


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