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Can I be attracted to certain people but not want to actually date or kiss them and still be ace/aro ??

Depends on the type of attraction, but yes. To me it seems like you might be experiencing sensual or aesthetic attraction. Sensual attraction being the want to interact with them in a non-sexual way(hugging, holding hands, etc). Aesthetic attraction being when you find their appearance aesthetically pleasing but not in a romantic or sexual way. 

Even if you do find yourself to be sexually attracted to certain people you can still be ace. You’ll just fall somewhere on the grayace spectrum ^-^

Edit: You can also be platonically attracted to them, so you just want to be their friend and be around them. -Max

How to Know When They’re Attracted To You!

Aries: They smile and laugh more around you. When Aries feel attraction, they feel better about life and that you’re the reason for it. 9 out of 10 times, they will laugh at everything you say.

Taurus: They become a different person in front you. When around you, they behave and their personality changes. For example, if they are a quiet person around others, they might become more chatty when they’re around you or vice versa.

Gemini: They agree with everything you say. If you say you like a certain activity, they will say ‘me too.’ If you talk about your appreciation or opinion about something, they will side with you. .

Cancer: This sign is most likely to show they are attracted to someone through non-verbals or body language. They might show longer or shorter eye contact than normal, sporadic touching, body turned towards you or away from you, or accidentally bumping into you. They may also dress nicer to impress you.

Leo: They seek physical closeness with you. When Leo are attracted, they try to get  what ever chance to get close to your personal space. Even if they don’t have the chance, they will still imagine or think about it.

Virgo: Their listening skills are really good. They pay more attention to what you say, and try to show that they care. They will try to empathise with you and help you with your problems.

Libra: They ask you a lot of questions to get to know you. Sometimes, the questions may be more personal than usual or out of place. For example, they might ask: What is your favorite music, movie, food, vocation spot, or anything else that is personal to your likes, dreams, or desires.

Scorpio: They remember details about you most others would probably forget. They may be shy to ask a lot about you, but when ever you talk to them or do something, they are very likely to take note of it and remember it for a long time to later impress you.

Sagittarius: They flirt with you. When they are attracted to you, they’re confident and they like to argue with you in a flirtatious or friendly way. They might tease you, but they’re actually really interested in you and trying to get a reaction.

Capricorn: They invite you to do activities with them. When attracted, they want to spend more time doing things together with you. They want to use the chance to build attraction and get to know you.

Aquarius: They will mirror your body language. They subconsciously copy your attitude and the way you carry yourself.

Pisces: They will try to impress you. They will work at improving themselves whether it is their looks or their talents to show that they are worthy of your attention. They might show off sometimes, but only to you.


Three kinds of attraction and why it’s important to know the difference

Aesthetic attraction: “I want to look at you.” You think someone is beautiful, very pleasing to the eye, but you feel no desire to touch them.

Sensual attraction: “I want to cuddle you.” You feel a great deal of affection towards someone and you want to hug them, hold them, perhaps kiss them, but with your hands never straying below the belt.

Sexual attraction: “I want to fuck you.” You want to do things of an explicitly sexual nature with someone.

Why is this distinction important? Because I didn’t realize I was demisexual until the age of 27 because all my life I thought that aesthetic + sensual attraction was the same thing as sexual attraction. I always thought that finding someone beautiful and wanting to touch or kiss them was sexual attraction, but realizing that it’s not, that sexual attraction means actually desiring sexual acts with a person, has changed my life and explained so many things. When I was figuring this out, a number of other people commented that they felt the exact same as me, so I think this is some pretty important stuff to spread around.

Click here if you think might be asexual,  or here if you think you might be demisexual.

How do the signs show their attraction
  • Aries:Makes the first move, direct approach.
  • Taurus:a lot of touching, gifts, possessive over you.
  • Gemini:teasing, talks alot to you.
  • Cancer:emotionally open,nurturing.
  • Leo:suddenly being protective, attention seeker.
  • Virgo:show's manners, being gentle.
  • Libra:asks a lot of questions, is always with you.
  • Scorpio:jealous, asks about you.
  • Sagittarius:jokes alot, talks about, spontaneous
  • Capricorn:eye contact, want to talk about everything
  • Aquarius:hugging a lot, asks to hang out.
  • Pisces:flirting, being supportive af

Turning your left cheek toward the camera makes you more attractive. Many artists have shown a consistent preference for painting their subjects from the left side, and studies find that people tend to be more interested in the left-side views of faces because you usually express more emotion with your left cheek than your right. Source Source 2

Meet the Purple-Red Scale of Attraction, an alternative to the Kinsey scale that not only measures degrees of who you’re attracted to, but the type of attraction you experience. 

It was created by Langdon Parks, a heterosexual asexual man who recently posted the new system on Reddit. So while the traditional Kinsey scale measures you on a 0-6 scale for complete heterosexuality to complete homosexuality, the Purple-Red scale also measures you on an A-F spectrum, for aromantic asexuality through hypersexuality.

It’s imperfect, too, not accounting for nuances like attraction to more than two genders or different kinds of attraction to different genders. But ace and demisexual inclusivity are good things. Well done. (via Mic)