attraction whispers

Forgive me Father, for I have sinned. 

Here’s some kinky ass smut for all you fellow sinners. This time, it’s Mr. Miranda teacher smut! Whoo-hoo.

“Shit shit shit shit SHIT!” You screamed mentally, speed walking through the hall to physics, grabbing your binder out of your bag in preparation for Mr. Miranda’s class.
Having most of your credits completed, you found yourself coming into school only in the afternoons, no one telling you when the schedule was changed and the start time for your two classes was thrown off.
Taking in a deep breath, you managed to turn the handle to the door as quietly as possible, slipping in, right in front of Mr. Miranda- Fuck.
“Glad you’re finally joining us, Ms. Y/L/N.” He smiled sarcastically, murmuring to you just loud enough for the class to hear, hazel eyes never drifting from your fresh excuse from the office as he signed, continuing with his spiel. “The class is in the middle of a test, and since there’s only 12 minutes left in the period, I suggest you come back during the activity period and make it up.”
His eyes met yours, seemingly entertained and thriving from your embarrassment.
“Sure. Can you write me a pass?” You sighed, handing over your school assigned agenda, not bothering to even fake a smile to the hard-ass before you.
He obliged, tongue sticking out slightly as he wrote, those dark brows of his furrowing together.
The next few minutes flew by, your heartbeat slowing and ears cooling as the effects of anger and embarrassment went away.
This was the fourth time that prick had harassed you for being late. If he wasn’t such a total jerk, he might actually be attractive- or so you thought.
Mr. Miranda was a hard-ass in all aspects of teaching, from late policies to homework policies, to how focused he could force the class to be. Always dressed in classic neutrals, often opting for black slacks that fit snugly around his waist with matching shoes, a button down, vest, and some sort of simply-patterned tie- it was as if he created his own uniform.
By sitting in the front row, you were easily able to pluck out all of his features within a week- the long disheveled black hair, perfect, dark angular brows, glimmering brown eyes, dark lips, and a nearly razor sharp jawline when his head tilted a certain way- all fitted into tight slacks… God, why did he have to hate you so much?
Excusing yourself from your activity period, you turned into the dreaded classroom, heart thumping silently as your eyes found themselves on Mr. Miranda.
“Ah, Miss y/l/n, so good to see you!” He grinned, drawing a sharp breath in through his teeth and clasping his hands tight, looking around the mess of papers for your test. He quickly found the desired page and handed it over.
“If you could go take a seat in the back lab, there’s something I’d like to talk to you about before you start.” He added, gesturing at the extra room.
You felt death crawl upon you, dread manifesting itself in your very core and spreading out to your fingertips, a million possibilities flying through your mind in a whirlwind as Mr. Miranda shut the door to the classroom and then the door to the lab, following you in.
You dropped your bag at the edge of one of the tables, taking a seat on a stool, palms sweaty as you set the test in front of you, worried eyes looking to the man looming beside you.
He leaned, hip against the table, a couple feet from you, his arms crossed sturdily like a fortress before him.
“Y/n, are you having difficulties somewhere?” He asked, his tone quite serious as he focused upon you, his bottom lip sucked into his mouth as he raked his teeth over the skin.
“N- No, sir, nothing at all.” You replied, caught a bit off-guard by the question.
“Y/n… Think long and hard about this-” his voice dropped low and his frame hunched over in order to bring his face to your level, “Absolutely nothing has been distracting you during class? Nothing at all?”
His eyes were completely locked with yours, your peripheral vision blurring out as you focused on him and only him, breath hitching in your throat.
“I’m sure. No distractions at all. I’m fine, really.” You bluffed, a breath of nervous laughter escaping.
“Y/n.” He grinned, face now so close to yours that you could feel the hot breath on your skin, your body trembling, ready to go limp at any moment if he so much as touched you. “Every time I look at you, I find your eyes already on me, even when I’m not instructing… always.” He murmured softly, “For the love of all that is holy… Y/n, just say it.” He chuckled lightly, hazel eyes softening as they met yours- something stirring behind the warm color- some sort of wild fear or desperation.
“Say what?” You retorted, completely unsure of his implications.
“Say that… Y'know… You have a crush on me. Find me attractive.” He whispered, a hand reaching to cup your jaw, a thumb rubbing ever-so-slightly over your soft skin.
Seeing him there before you, he was completely cracking and exposing your inner desires- the things your dreamt about, dwelling in your subconscious until now. The depraved thoughts swirled around your mind as you found yourself lurching forward, your plush lips crashing to his with a level of desperation that you never expected.
Feeling the teacher’s fingers glide to the back of your neck as you kissed, the taste of coffee lingering on his lips- something set off an internal alarm. You pulled away as quickly as you leaned in, a crashing wave.
“Mr. Miranda, I-I… I can’t. I can’t do this, I’m sorry.” You stuttered, heaving in a few breaths, attempting to shake off the gravity of what you’d done.
“Y/n… Are you sure? …You know the hard-ass thing is just for show, right? I swear.” He whispered softly, a hand petting your hair, brushing strays out of your face. “Y/n, I know this is wrong, but you’re… A-Amazing. You’re intelligent and gorgeous and incredibly witty and I just… I want to be with you.” He admitted shakily, his eyes venturing to meet yours, anxiously awaiting your reply.
In your mind, you weighed the consequences, choosing whether or not to pursue your explicit daydreams or simply take your test in peace- possibly making things more complicated. Opting for the former, you pressed your lips to his once more, rising slowly off the stool, arms circling around his neck as you felt him reach to loosen his tie. After all, how much damage could you do in 40 minutes?
You felt the charcoal tie fall at your feet, quickly realizing that the next set of motions were those of Mr. Miranda undoing the buttons on his vest, slipping the garment off.
You stepped back, hands gliding down to his chest to unbutton the white dress shirt, leaving his chest exposed. He easily slipped the garment off, throwing it on the next table over.
Your eyes wandered to his shoulders, the surprisingly strong upper arms… the new skin exposed to you for the first time, finding him to have lean muscles, looking more attractive than ever.
“Sweetheart?” He breathed, tilting your chin so you would look up at him.
“Yes, sir?”
“If you strip and sit up on the table for me, I’ll be more than happy to make up for the hell I’ve given you this semester.” He murmured in your ear, bringing goosebumps to your skin as you nodded eagerly, kicking off your shoes and tugging your shirt off simultaneously, hands flying to the clasp of your bra while toeing off your socks, the undergarments dropping to the floor while the older man undid your jeans, slipping them from your hips before you could help, pushing the denim down your legs and propping yourself up on the table.
Wrapping his arms around your waist, he dragged you to the edge of the table, his chest pressing against yours, your lips moving slowly together as your back arched, bringing you as close as possible as he tilted you down on the table.
“You’re so beautiful.” He whispered, those hazel eyes looking at you with some real emotion, much to your surprise.
“And you’re very handsome.” You giggled, humming as he kissed down your chest, hands at your breasts, feeling them tenderly before gliding his hands down your sides, fingers hooking into your undies, dragging them down your long legs, which were dangling over the table.
“Wanna lay down for this?” He breathed into your lips, fingertips caressing your sides you leaned in again, wanting so much to kiss him, to be with him like this- feel nothing but the smooth sensation of his kiss, to feel his taste on your tongue.
Pulling away for air, you felt his lips move on your skin. Kisses travelled down your body, thighs quivering as his breath met your core, your legs parting further, his palms pushing your thighs farther apart as he pressed a kiss to your clit, tongue wiggling as he licked it over.
“Y/n, baby… You taste so good… So perfect…” He murmured, continuing to work at your sensitive core.
Tossing your head back, you felt your back arch, a soft moan escaping your lips. You drew in a shaky breath as he continued to kitten-lick at your clit, two fingers slipping their way inside of you-curling so perfectly and picking out a distinct rhythm. A soft whimper left between your slightly-parted lips as your breath picked up.
“Oh, s-shit, Mr. Miranda-” you cut yourself off with a moan as you felt another finger slip in, the man moving his face away as his fingers pumped faster, curling up into you as you squeezed your eyes shut, legs quivering.
“Sweetheart, y/n, look at me, look at me.” He cooed, your eyes fluttering into a half open haze as he worked his fingers as fast he could, “It’s Lin, babe. Wanna try that?” He whispered, the most devilish smirk on his face as you moaned his name, so close to your release.
Suddenly, you felt the absence of his fingers, watching him as he brought them to his lips, licking a long stripe up each one, sucking on each individual digit, tongue swirling. “Fucking wonderful.” He breathed, the sight before you nearly pushing you over the edge.

“Lin…” You breathed, feeling your exposed body quiver, watching his fingers slip away from his mouth, something about the scene being wonderfully intimate despite the circumstances.
“Yes?” He purred, those glimmering hazel eyes never straying from your face.
“You… You have a condom, right?” You asked nervously, sitting up slowly, somewhat shocked by your own words- in disbelief they really just escaped.
Lin seemed taken aback for a minute, his eyes losing the firey glow. “Y/n… Can you stand up for a minute, please?”
You obliged, hands nervously clasped in front of your skin, gaze meeting directly with his shiny black shoes.
“Um, could you look at me, please?” He breathed, sounding a bit shaky as he lifted his fingers to your jaw, helping tilt your head to look into his eyes.
“Y/n, I don’t want to pressure you into anything, really… Are you sure that’s what you want?” He questioned softly.
In reply, you pressed your lips to his for an instant, pulling back and nodding profusely.
“I want this more than anything.” You whispered, daring to smile a bit as he pulled you in once more, bare chests pressed together in the tender kiss, his lips moving slowly, caressing yours and bringing butterflies to your stomach.
“I’ll stop anytime you say, seriously.” He mumbled into your lips, fingers fumbling with his belt before he let the slacks drop, kicking them away along with his shoes and socks.
You let out a soft gasp, seeing the bulge in the man’s black briefs. Looking him over once before being pulled back into another kiss, you found this one more passionate than the last. Your fingers dared to caress the outline of his erection, palming him through the material as he moaned into your mouth- vibrations radiating throughout your body.
Soon enough, you let your hands venture to his waistband, slipping fingers beneath them and slipping the fabric off, still in a heavy kiss.
When you stepped away, you could see his erection fully, nearly slapping his stomach in anticipation, precum dripping from the tip in preparation.
“Can I… Um, taste?” You asked breathlessly, blushing softly as he nodded, watching you drop to your knees before him.
Wrapping your hand around his cock, you gave a few slow pumps, breath teasing his tip before you kitten-licked at the head, lapping up the salty precum, swallowing every last drop before taking him into your mouth.
One hand still working slowly, you slipped the sensitive head into your mouth, hollowing your cheeks and pulling your lips taut as you sucked, feeling his strong fingers grip at your hair- his breath becoming heavy. Pulling back, you gave a final lick before smiling up at the man innocently.
“You taste amazing, sir.” You breathed, rising once more and balancing on your toes to reach up and press your lips to his once more, the kiss heated and exciting as his fingers looped in your now-somewhat-tangled hair once more, pulling your head back.
“Aw, sugar, you looked so hot sucking me off.” He moaned, teasing his bottom lip between his teeth. “Are you ready for this?”
Nodding yes, you leaned against the table, worrying your bottom lip as your watched Lin grab the small package from his pants pocket, ripping open the packaging and rolling on the protection- standing in front of you, fingers running softly over the skin on your sides, his breath warm as he grinned at you, seeing the small smile on your face.
“And you’re sure about this?” He asked once more, his face only inches from yours.
Running your fingers through the messy black hair you smiled, humming out a ‘positive’ and giving a small kiss to the tip of his nose- something that required the effort of standing on your tippy-toes, eliciting a sound akin to a giggle from the older man.
You made your way to sit on the table again, Lin’s grip preventing you from doing so, keeping you pressed against him in a wonderful kiss, his tongue perfectly teasing yours, your shared taste quickly becoming your new favorite flavor.
“I’d like to try something, if you don’t mind.” He panted, breaking the intense embrace you were in.
You watched as he sat on the table, inviting you up as you hovered above his lap, his arms around you tight as he left a trail of soft kisses all around your neck and collarbones, causing your heart to flutter softly.
“Are you ready?” He smirked, something so reassuring hiding behind the streaks of his eyes.
Nodding, you could feel him align himself with your slit, your hips dropping in order to help him along, letting out a strangled moan as you sank, feeling him fill you up completely, his arms still wrapped around you tight. You felt his hot breath on your skin, kisses planted on your chest.
Your head crashed to his shoulder while you adjusted, breathing deeply while you took him all in, moving and pressing a soft kiss to his jaw before sitting back upright.
Moving slowly, you rolled your hips up and down, feeling exactly how sensitive your insides were as you bounced, letting out a small whimper every now and then, feeling his nails dig into your back.
“Oh… Shit!” You squealed, feeling his hips snap up in time with your rolls, your eyes squeezing shut tightly.
Drawing your knees flush against his thighs, you moaned softly, gaining greater control over your movements, able to work faster, hips forming a steady rhythm. Your name escaped Lin’s lips in breathy moans, sending chills up your spine as he gripped at your hips, helping push you down onto his length.
“Damn, y/n, you feel so fucking good-” he panted, his pace increasing as his hips bounced up, throwing off your rhythm and bringing you a strange sense of pleasure, the sounds of your activity and your combined moans filled the room, like some sort of explicit symphony.
“Oh, shit, shit, shit, Mr. Lin- I can’t- I’m gonna cum.” You squealed, hips moving rapidly of their own accord as your eyes squeezed shut, head flying back as you groaned.
“Cum for me, Baby, I wanna feel you let go.” Lin groaned, leaning his head down to tease your breast with his teeth.
You felt yourself letting out a breathy moan in the form of your lover’s name as you came, nails raking the skin on his shoulders and upper arms.
He continued to rock up into you, your moans stifled as you sank your head into the crook of his neck, squealing softly as you felt your walls clench around his cock, his thrusts now working at your ultra-sensitive walls.
“Oh, fuck, Lin, you feel so good.” You panted, pressing kisses to the sweat-slicked skin on his neck.
Within an instant his hips had picked up pace, losing all rhythm as his nails dug into your hips, forcing you down- surely leaving marks as he finished, spilling into the condom, slowly rocking his hips up to ride out his high.
His arms slipped around your supple waist, your face still buried in his shoulder as he leaned back, falling into the cool surface of the lab table, eyes closed in pure bliss as he regained his composure, arms still wrapped about you as your chests pressed together, hot and somewhat sticky from sweat.
You slipped away from him, rolling over and collapsing at his side, feeling the cool air hit your skin as you sighed. Feeling Lin’s hand brush against yours at your side, you slipped your palm into his easily, twining your fingers together.
Feeling a smile creep across your face, you tilted your head to find a matching expression on your teacher.
“That was amazing.” You whispered, running your thumb along the skin of his hand, truly feeling the intimacy of the moment.
“You’re amazing.” He grinned, giving a tiny squeeze to your hand before tilting forward to give you a sweet kiss.
Soon enough the two of you had to get around, slipping off the table and putting yourselves back together, going so far as to knot Lin’s tie for him.
“Don’t worry about the test.” He smiled softly as your fingers moved to the charcoal fabric, looping it around his neck.
“No, it’s alright, I’ll take it.” You chuckled softly, smiling up into his beautiful brown eyes, feeling his fingers untangle and smooth your hair.
“Y/n…” He breathed, bringing you to attention as your eyes met his, “I really meant it… You’re amazing- and absolutely wonderful, and completely beautiful and just- I really like you.”
Feeling yourself blush, a small smile tugged at your lips, moving a hand to his shoulder.
“I find myself quite enamored with you, too, Lin.” You whispered, the two of you sharing one last tender kiss before the bell rang.

Everytime Percy and Annabeth go out, Percy is completely oblivious to the stares and the heads turning to ogle him. He only has eyes for Annabeth.

Annabeth of course notices the appreciative looks he gets from girls and sometimes, guys. When she mentions this to Percy, he looks extremely baffled. “I don’t know…I guess they liked my panda shirt?”, he says.
Annabeth has to try really hard to stop herself from tackling her dorky, clueless boyfriend with a huge hug.

(Spoiler Alert: She fails - this display of affection in turn attracts more jealous whispers and envious sighs from everyone else, along with creating a blushing Percy)


Prompt: So I was wondering if you could do some fluff with Spock or Pavel x chubby reader? And I love your blog. 🖤 For Anon

Warning: poor self-image

Pairing: Chekov/Reader

A/N: Not much to say other than if you feel insecure just remember that you are beautiful, you are handsome, you are perfect the way you are. Don’t let people tell you otherwise. Also, I did make the reader female, if you want a male one to a similar effect, tell me.

Word Count: 620

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Me and friend watching the new Beauty and the Beast:
  • Gaston: *appears*
  • Friend: Darn it *starts waving arms and pouting in chair*
  • Me (aka the Hobbit trash heap): What? Are you okay
  • Friend: *whisper yelling* HE'S A JERK! SO WHY IS HE SO ATTRACTIVE???
  • Me: *whispers back* Because Luke Evans
The first day // Conor Maynard

Requested by @maynardmaniac07

It was currently three in the morning and once again Conor was awake, his insomnia making it impossible to get a decent night’s sleep. He looked down to see you, peacefully sleeping with your arm carelessly slung across his waist and your head resting comfortably on his chest. He laughed quietly as you started to mumble incoherent words in your sleep.

He gently ran his fingers through your hair and tightened the grip on your body to keep you as close as possible. Conor had always believed that you were way out of his league but in all honesty it was the other way around, he was sweet, caring, handsome, humble and anything you could ever want in a man. You started dated when you were both teenagers and his singing career was only just kicking off and to this day you were still curious as to why he chose you out of all the possible girls he could’ve had.

Although from the first day you spent with Conor you knew that there was something different about him, something that just felt right with him. It felt like just last week it happened although it was actually nearly three years ago.

It was currently the middle of summer and you were home alone as your older brother, Mikey, had gone out with your parents. You heard someone knock the door and opened it to see Conor, one of Mikey’s best friends, stood there looking frantic.

“Oh, um hi Y/N, is Mikey in by any chance,” he asked desperately, his eyes searching the room behind you for any sign of him.

“He’s gone out sorry,” you replied while admiring his shining blue eyes that looked slightly panicked.

“Shit,” he muttered in response. 

“Anything I can do to help?”

“N- actually yes, I accidently let my sisters kitten out of the carrier and now I can’t find it, I really need help to find it. I know you don’t really know me so I promise I’m not some pervert that will kidnap you, I just really need help. Anna will be so upset if she gets home and it’s-” his cute rambling was cute off by you laughing at him.

“Of course I’ll help, let me go get some shoes,” you told him earning the most sincere and cute smile you’d ever seen.

“Did you hear that?” you asked covering his mouth with your hand to shut him up.

“Hear what?” he mumbled, the sound obscured by your hand.

“Shut up, wait there it is again,” you looked around trying to figure out where the small meowing sound was coming from.

A few minutes later you located the small cat and once you were both sure it was somewhere there was no chance Conor could accidently lose it again Conor pulled you into a bone crushing hug, one that felt like it should hurt but instead felt comforting and safe.

“You are a lifesaver,” he said pulling away to look at you, he then proceeded to place kisses all over your cheeks and forehead making you giggle.

“Conor, stop it,” you laughed and he obliged, pulling you back into a hug instead.

“You know, you smell a lot better than your brother does. Maybe you should educate him on where the shower is located in your house,” he whispered into your ear.

You laughed at him again, “I’ll do that for you”

“You’re also a lot more attractive” he whispered again and rubbed his nose against the side of your neck. A light blush appeared on your cheeks and the butterflies in your tummy went into overdrive.

You didn’t reply to him afraid that you’d make of fool of yourself so instead wrapped your arms around him tighter. You felt odd standing in a tight embrace with someone who never really spoken to until today yet it felt so right.

He was the perfect height for your head to rest in the crook of his neck and his grip on your body felt familiar, like it was meant to be.

You spent the rest of the day with Conor, lounging in the sun on his mini balcony while getting to know each other. You were so engrossed in Conor that you’d only just noticed that the sun was starting to go down. 

“I should probably head home,” you told Conor and he groaned in response, grabbing onto you to prevent you leaving.

“I’ll let you go on one condition,” he stated staring onto your eyes.

“What’s that?”

“You let me take you out on the weekend,”

Your heart rate sped up and it took everything you had to keep your cool in that moment, “sure,” you told him with a sweet smile.

“Come on then, I’ll walk you home,” he grinned at you and held his hand out to help you up.

When he left you on your doorstep that night with a soft kiss on the cheek you knew he’d already earned a small part of your heart and it wouldn’t take long for him to gain the rest of it.

Talk Russian To Me

I have this headcanon that Rose and Dimitri speak Russian to each other like all the time, no seriously all the time!

- and it’s not just Dimitri to Rose

- no it’s full on conversations at any time

- at first it’s pretty one sided because even after her time in Russia, Rose can only understand about half the language and forget actually trying to speak it

- but Dimitri is infinitely patient with her and slowly helps guide her tongue around the unfamiliar sounds

- it doesn’t take long for Rose to pick it up and pretty soon they speak it everywhere

- random times in public

- when they are intimate

- just hanging around their apartment together

- everywhere

- the first time the gang witnesses it, it’s pretty early in their relationship

- and everyone is still in that awkward phase, getting used to seeing Dimitri - a previous authority figure to all of them - involved with one of their best friends

- but anyway they find them in a secluded corner of Court, where they’re more likely to attract less stares and whispers

- and they are all entwined and being adorable together having a full on freaking conversation in Russian!

- so they all kinda gape at the pair for a few seconds *cough* minutes *cough*

- until Rose notices them and beckons them over, switching back to English easily

- and they still are shocked because no one realised how much Rose had immersed herself into the culture when she had spent that month in Russia

- anyway over the years, the language rubs off on the gang and they all find themselves using phrases here and there

- Christian picks up the very best of Russian swear words from Dimitri which come in handy when Lissa goes on her anti-swear rampage

- and everyone calls Rose and Dimitri’s unborn child detka throughout her pregnancy while they are still considering names

- speaking of children their children are definitely raised bilingual

- and they quickly surpass their mother in ability

- much to her annoyance

- Darius, their youngest son thinks it’s the absolute best way to pick guys and girls up

- much to his parent’s amusement

- But seriously just Rose and Dimitri speaking Russian to each other!

An ask sent to someone other than me.


It was an off day at base. No training, no missions, just a leisure day. Genji had planned to meditate with Zenyatta in the morning and then spend the rest of the day with you, but he could not find you anywhere. He asked around base and no one had seen you. Genji felt a little uneasy as he walked quickly up the stairs and to his S/O’s room. He knocked twice, but heard no response. He knocked one more time before saying “My love, are you there?”.
“Yeah” a weak voice called out. He turned the knob and slowly entered the room. His S/O was sitting in front of the mirror, wearing barely any clothing, their gaze fixed on their scarred body. Genji stepped to you, and placed a metallic arm on your shoulder. “Is everything alright?” He asked, sitting down next to you. Your eyes stayed fixed to your body, not trying to hide the sadness in your face. “Do… do you think I’m attractive?” you whispered, finally looking at Genji’s reflection in the mirror.
Genji took a moment to answer, initially shocked that they would even need to ask that question. “Y-yes, of course!” he assured. “Do you think otherwise?” he asked, kindness and comfort in his voice. Your head hung low as you tried to hold back tears. “N-no! Not with these stains on my skin” Your voice cracked as you spoke, allowing a tear to escape from your eye. “What are you talking about? Your scars do not take away any beauty you ho-” he said before you cut him off. You stood up quickly and stomped away from him and the mirror.
“Don’t lie to me, I know they’re ugly. They’re just muddy smears of times where I wasn’t strong enough to protect myself” You sobbed, tears falling down your cheeks. Genji slowly stood and inched quietly to his S/O.. He sighed “I should have shown you before, but I didn’t know they bothered you that much.” Genji said, as his hands moved up to his mask. There was a small screech as the pressure was released and the mask removed from his face.
You turned your head back, surprised to see genji without his visor. You faced him fully, as your hands instinctively rose to his face, rubbing your thumbs and fingers across the marks. “You’re so handsome” you whispered as you scanned his face. He had never shown his face to you before, so you didn’t know he was covered with just as many scars as you had on your body. A large smile grew on your lips as you rested your head on his shoulder. “You are as well” Genji smiled, wrapping his arms around you into a hug. He pulled back and lifted your chin as he leaned in and kissed you on the lips for the first time.

You and Hanzo held hands as you walked along a crowded path. You and him had agreed to pick up a few things from a market in Spain. You wore a tank top, showing off your wounded arms and neck. Normally you didn’t mind their existence, it showed you survived whatever hurt you, so you bore them without a second thought. You were not far from your destination, and while enjoying the comfortable silence, you overheard some people behind you. “… bestia con cicatrices” was all you heard other than a few snickers. You glanced back and saw a group of teenagers staring at you -no, your arms- and laughing. Hanzo quickly took notice as you let go of his hand and instinctively covered your arms.
Hanzo had not heard or understood what the teenagers had said, but understood the situation immediately. He turned back to the group and sent a death glare to them. His resting face already seemed like he was angry, so when he actually was, it was terrifying. All five of their eyes’ widened as they stood and hurried away, muttering curse words out of fear. Hanzo then turned to face you, your gaze purposefully avoiding his. “My love…” he said stopping you and holding your hand.
“It’s nothing, they were just pointing out the truth.” You whispered, still refusing to meet his eyes. His brows furrowed as he pulled you into a hug, embracing you tightly. A gesture so uncommon from the prideful archer, especially in public. You wrapped your arms around him and buried your head in his neck. He did not say much, only a few sentences in Japanese you had learned the meaning of because he says them so often. After a minute, you pulled away with a smile on your face. “Thank you.” You said, wiping the last tear from your eye.
“Anything for you” he smiled and took your hand again. Actions always spoke louder than words with Hanzo, and you loved it.

c [translation: “scarred beast” in Spanish.]

You laid across Jesse’s lap, eyes closed and exhausted after a mission today. Mccree was humming some song that was starting to send you to sleep, when he stopped. You felt his gaze lie undisturbed on your face. Your eyes opened slowly to see he was just staring at your face. You smiled, “whatcha looking at?” “Just something beautiful” he cooed in response. A light flush of red overcame your face as you looked away from him.
Your attention had returned to Jesse as his hand caressed your cheek, along a deep scar you received a long time ago. You closed your eyes, enjoying the touch, but also feeling the slightest bit self conscious. You had not thought about your scars all day, but now you were. Your mind spiraled slowly in a circle of negative thoughts, only to be broken by hands on your arms.
Mccree had rolled up your sleeve and was tracing all the major scars on your arm. You opened your eyes and looked up to him. “What are you doing now?” You asked timidly. “Just admiring” he said simply. “I know I should keep my hands off the merchandise, but I just can’t do that” he teased. You squinted your eyes and pulled Jesse off the couch and onto the floor, you fall in after him. He let out a chuckle before asking “what was that for?”
“I’m not merchandise you fool” you snarled, looking down to him. A soft smile spread on his face before he reached up and stroked your face again. “Darlin’ I know that. I’s just teasing” he apologized “sometimes I just feel I need to remind you how beautiful you are” your face turned a brighter red before you leaned down and pecked his lips. “You’re too good to me” you teased. “I know” he responded, pulling you back into another kiss.

When someone asks me to pick ONE Joker Game character...

Me:  ლ (゚Д゚ ლ)

Me:  ‘`( ꒪Д꒪),、 !!

Me:  Σ(゚Д゚; 彡 ;゚д゚)

Me: ヽ( ´Д`)ノ (д`ノ) ヽ(   )ノ (ヽ´△) ヽ(´△`)ノ

Me:  ‎(ノಥ益ಥ)ノ ┻━┻

Me: ヾ(థ ェ థ)ノ

Me:  (oT-T)尸

VIXX: Reactions to seeing your tattoo

N: admires your body and the way the tattoo looks on your beautiful skin. Tracing his fingers lightly over the ink, he’d comment about how cool the colors or the design was. Would tease you and say you’re such a badass, and that he’d never be able to go through with it and get a tattoo for himself.

Leo: congrats bc you just made this grown man flustered and sexually frustrated. If you’ve kept it from him for a while and he just now found out, honestly he’d think he’s never seen you this attractive. He’d whisper in your ear, slyly, that you’re the most beautiful person he’s ever seen and and seeing you tatted, even if it’s just a small tattoo, just made you 10x more badass in his eyes.

Ken: so much showing off oml. If it was somewhere visible on your body, he’d have no problem moving your hair or reveal it by moving a clothing item just to show you off. He’ll joke and tease you by saying he wants to get one as well, and that you’d have to hold his hand the whole time and kiss him better.

Ravi: he’ll fall in love with you all over again tbh he’s so happy. Since he’s got hella tattoos himself (he looks delicious with those tattoos oml), he probably understands how painful it is to sit through and have the needlework done. But he’s proud of you nonetheless and he might suggest getting a matching tattoo later on.

Hongbin: probably will cringe as he sees how painful it might’ve been. He doesn’t like the idea of his baby being in pain so he’ll ask you a bunch of questions. For some reason he’d want to kiss it constantly, finding you unbearably attractive with the ink on your skin.

Hyuk: don’t be surprised if he’s mad at you for not telling him or not taking him with you when you got it done. You’d explain how that wasn’t possible since you didn’t even know him back then, and he’d shut up and proceed to ask you what it meant for you. Like ken, he’d want everyone to know how cool you are and ask you to show it off often.

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Gift - Jin (BTS) and Mark (Got7)

You and Mark had been bffs for a really long time. In fact he was the one who introduced you to your boyfriend Jin. Jin and you had a great relationship, you barely fought and always showed a lot of love towards each other. You two had been together a year now and had moved in with each other. Recently you had noticed that anytime you left your phone alone and came back Jin would be in it. You had nothing to hide of course, but him doing this every time made you feel like he didn’t trust you.

 Eventually you had had enough. On one particular Saturday morning you were laying in bed with him as the bedroom TV was on. He was watching a show on it and you were texting Mark constantly, since he was your best friend after all. You had to go visit your mom so you went into the bathroom to get ready. When you came back he had your phone in his hands yet again and was looking through it. You rolled your eyes and sat back down besides him with a huff.

“Seriously Jin? What is the issue?” you asked, attitude clear on your voice. “Recently you’re always on my phone, why? Do you think I am doing something wrong?” you questioned.

He bit his lip deep in thought before he looked up at you. “Why have you been messaging Mark so much?” he asked.

You scowled at him, “Because he is my best friend why else? Do you think I am cheating on you with Mark? You can read all of our messages none of them are inappropriate.” You said defending yourself.

“I don’t think you’re cheating on me but…” he said trailing off.

“But what?!” you asked raising your voice at him slightly. 

“But…I think that you think he is attractive.” he whispered softly.

“Of course I think he is attractive Jin, I mean obviously he is but don’t you think he is attractive too? That doesn’t mean I will cheat on you with him.” you stated. Jin had said before how handsome Mark was which wasn’t so weird for him to tell you because Jin was bisexual. Jin just looked back at you with an expression that you could not read and it was pissing you off so much. You rolled your eyes at him and said, “You know what Jin I’m just going to go now ok.” You grabbed your purse and phone and stormed out of the house getting into your car and driving off.

During the day with your mom you forgot about the stupid fight. You returned home at night and entered your house. Jin was in the bedroom laying in bed as if he hadn’t moved since you left, however you knew he did since he was wearing different pants. Seeing him reminded you of the fight and you became annoyed again. 

However, when he saw you he smiled widely. “I missed you baby.” he said sweetly as though the fight didn’t even happen. 

You bit your lip to stop yourself from smiling back. He looked so angelic on the bed in just some grey joggers that hung low on his hips leaving his toned abs and piece of his hip bones on display. His hair was slightly messy and he had his lip in between his teeth. “I’m going to shower.” you quickly muttered and disappeared into the bathroom shutting the door quickly so as not to give in to him.

You got into the shower and let the warm water flow over you, running your hands all over your body with your eyes closed. Your mind couldn’t help but drift back to Jin laying on the bed looking so perfect. You wanted him but you were supposed to be angry. Suddenly you heard the doorbell ring. You thought nothing of it, maybe Jin had just ordered take out. You let your mind drift back to his body. His toned sexy body that knew how to please you. You groped your boobs softly with one hand as the other went in between your legs. You rubbed your clit softly and moaned Jin’s name softly. 

You opened your eyes and realized how ridiculous you were being. Your sexy man was right in the bedroom. Why should you please yourself?  You could never please yourself the way he can. You turned off the shower and grabbed your towel wiping your body off and then wrapping the towel around yourself.

You made your way to the door and pushed it open. What you saw made your knees grow week. Your sexy boyfriend was on the bed in just his boxers with your equally as sexy best friend, Mark also in just boxers. They laid beside each other with their mouths attached as they kissed each other, their hands roaming the other’s body and they both sported erections. It was such a sexy sight seeing two beautiful men on your bed like that. You took a step forward but your knees gave out and you fell to the floor alerting them both of your arrival into the room.

They both sat up but didn’t seem shocked or anything by your presence. Jin got up off of the bed and came over to you helping you up to your feet. “What’s going on?” you asked as you squeezed your thighs together, your arousal was so great at that point.

Jin smirked, “I know I got you angry this morning sweety, so  I have a gift for you.” he said seductively. Your eyes flashed to Mark on the bed who was also smirking. His hard on so evident in his tight boxers. You had never seen Mark like this before but oh my god was he fucking sexy. 

Jin pulled you into him and pressed his lips to yours in a brief but heated kiss. He nipped your bottom lip before pulling away leaving you breathless. “Go play with your gift a little.” he whispered and you couldn’t help but moan in response. 

You looked at Mark again as Jin swiftly rid you of your  towel. Mark bit his lip as he looked at you and shifted in his boxers, he was obviously pleased with what he saw. You slowly walked over to him as he sat on the edge of the bed. His eyes stayed trained on you the whole time like a dog on a bone. 

You straddled him immediately and put your face very close to his, as you took his hands in yours and placed them on your bum. He squeezed instantly and you whimpered. You leaned in to him and pressed your lips to his hungrily. He kissed back with the exact same vigor as you connected your hands behind his head, deepening the lustful kiss.

He pushed his tongue into your mouth as he squeezed your bum again and you moaned into the kiss gripping a little of his hair at the nape of his neck and pulling it hard. His tongue played with yours making the kiss even more sexy and creating moisture in between your legs. 

You pushed down your naked crotch onto his boxer covered boner and both of you moaned this time. The friction felt amazing. The soft material of the boxers against your wet heat and his hard boner beneath that was absolutely heavenly. You moved against him again and he pulled away from the kiss and gazed at you through hooded eyes. He loved the feeling just as much as you did.

Before you could move against him again, you felt Jjin’s presence behind you. He bent down and pressed a kiss to your shoulder making you shudder as he let one of his hands crawl up to your boob and squeeze it hard. He placed a kiss by your ear next before whispering to you, “Suck him off.” You moaned at his order and nodded getting up off of Mark and kneeling in front of him. Jin then moved and sat beside Mark on the bed, both of their eyes were on you.

You reached forward and pulled Mark’s boxer’s off painfully slow. His huge cock sprang up as you got rid of the boxers. His cock was beautifully pink with one prominent vein running through it. It almost made your mouth water for it. You took it in your hand and brought the tip to your lips licking a soft, teasing lick on it.

“Fuck.” you whispered. Mark barely swore, so to hear him swear in this context made you clench around nothing. You took the head in your mouth and sucked harshly as he breathed hard above you. You continued to suck on him taking more and more of him into your mouth until you gagged around him making him moan out in absolute pleasure. The noises he was making were so sexy.

You swirled your tongue around what was in your mouth and he gasped when you began to bob your head on him. “Holy shit!” he groaned looking down at you. However your eyes were closed savoring his taste. 

Suddenly you heard strange noises from above you so you opened your eyes and looked up. The sight made you moan around Mark’s cock. Jin had pulled Mark in by his hair and was now kissing him sloppily and sexily. Their lips moved fluidly against each other, it was so sexy. When you saw Mark’s tongue go into Jin’s mouth you moaned again around Mark’s cock.

Mark reached over with one hand and began to palm Jin through his boxers and Jin moaned into the heated kiss. You couldn’t help but to reach in between your legs. You felt how very wet you were as you began to rub your clit furiously causing you to bob on Jin even better than before. Your fingers on your clit was making you feel good but not good enough but you kept doing it getting some relief.

You began to bob your head even faster making him pull away from Jin and moan loudly. Jin looked down at you and bit his lip lustily. “Stop.” he mumbled and you knew he was talking to you. You pulled away from Mark and looked up at Jin with big innocent eyes.

He chuckled, “Don’t look at me like that love, you were just sucking off your best friend.” he said and you smiled. He pulled you up and swiftly switched positions with you. You were now on the bed, sitting whilst he knelt on the floor. “You did a great job on Mark didn’t she?” he said turning his attention to your best friend.

“Yes she did.” Mark responded as he looked at you, his eyes looking over your naked form.

“That’s why I’m going to reward you baby.” he whispered and you shuddered as his breath hit your inner thigh very close to your heated core. He leaned in and pressed a kiss to your inner thigh making you squirm slightly. Mark leaned in and pressed a soft kiss to your shoulder making goosebumps appear on your hot skin.

He pushed you back on the bed so that your back was against the mattress now and you couldn’t see what Jin was doing. Mark pressed his lips to yours as you felt Jin press his lips against your lower lips. You gasped into the kiss allowing Mark to slip his tongue into your mouth and wrestle yours. You reached up and gripped the back of his head deepening the kiss.

Jin began to slowly and teasingly lick up your core making you squirm slightly. However, he used his strong hands to push your hips back onto the bed and keep you grounded there. You pouted into the kiss and Mark bit your bottom lip before pulling away. He looked from your face to your neck and then to your boobs. “You’re gorgeous.” he praised as he pecked you lips again before he went down to your perky boobs. 

He pressed a kiss to one of your nipples at the same time as Jin sucked on your clit and your body jolted from the pleasure making both boys chuckle. Jin continued to suck on your clit as Mark began swirling his tongue around your nipple. “Shit you moaned arching your back slightly and giving Mark even better access to the nipple he was working on.

Having both you sexy boyfriend and your sexy best friend please you was almost too sexy. It was like a dream come through. You clawed the sheets at the sides of your body gripping a bunch of cloth in each hand and squeezing tightly almost screaming when Jin grazed his teeth against your bud.

He then began to circle your clit as Mark began to suck on your other nipple. “Oh god it feels so good.” you moaned as you closed your eyes and just enjoyed all of the pleasure that you were receiving. You could already feel your first orgasm start to build and it was building very very quickly.

“Guys.” you whimpered and Jin picked up immediately, since he always knew when you were close. He began to suck harshly on your clit sending wave after wave of pleasure throughout your body. Mark just continued to assault your nipple.

“Oh fuck!” you screamed as you gripped the sheets harder, curled your toes and came hard. Mark pulled away admiring your orgasm face as Jin continued to lick your juices. Your body shuddered. He eventually pulled away and stood up. 

“You taste amazing as usual.” he said and you smiled at him. “Want a taste Mark?” he asked seductively. Mark nodded eagerly as he stood up also. Jin pulled him in and they tongued each other sexily again making you moan.

When they pulled apart Mark said “She tastes delicious, I need some more.” and before you knew it, he was where Jin was previously, between your legs and his mouth was on your core greedily licking your over sensitive pussy.

“Mark!” you screamed from how sensitive you were and also because he was giving you even more pleasure. He was moving his tongue quickly against you, ravishing your pussy, trying to draw out another orgasm from you.

He took it up a notch as he pushed two fingers into your wet core easily and began to finger you quickly. “Yes Mark!” you moaned your sensitivity creeping away as you felt more and more pleasure from his fingers and expert tongue. His tongue was sloppily licking you and it felt amazing. You looked up and saw Jin biting his lip and looking at what Mark was doing, his boner looked almost painful.

You motioned for him to sit on the bed beside you as you sat up. He smirked and did as you asked. You pulled him in for a heated, passionate kiss as your hands wandered his toned body. One of your hands grabbed his hard cock and began to pump it slowly, teasingly and he groaned against your lips.

Mark’s tongue was moving faster against your core and his fingers were pushing deeper and deeper into you. You could feel that orgasm approaching hard and fast already. You squeezed Jin’s cock hard and pumped it faster and faster as your orgasm came closer and closer to a release.

You bit Jin’s bottom lip before sucking it into your mouth making him moan into the kiss and thrust up slightly in your small hand. Mark suddenly arched his fingers up inside of you and it hit your g spot. “Holy shit!” You screamed pulling away from the kiss and closing your eyes. You were still pumping Jin, as fast as you could now.

Mark continued to hit your special spot spiraling you into a huge orgasm where you screamed loudly. He continued to please you throughout your heavenly orgasm. You collapsed back onto the bed breathing hard from that second orgasm. You felt exhausted. You closed your eyes and felt the bed shift beside you. When you opened your eyes again both guys were standing in front of you looking at your naked, exhausted body in lust.

“You don’t think you’re getting to sleep without me fucking you now do you?” Jin asked with a smirk on his lips.

“But…” you began but he swiftly interrupted you.

“No buts princess, on your hands and knees like I like it.” he said. You bit your lip and looked him up and down, looking sexy as ever and any thoughts of your exhaustion left you as you became aroused yet again. You crawled fully on the bed and got on your hands and knees positioning yourself at the center of the bed, head facing the headboard.

Jin moved from his spot and got onto the bed behind you. You felt his hands on your ass squeezing it gently before one hand came down and spanked your right cheek. You moaned and he chuckled as he hit you again. You suddenly saw Mark coming towards your top half. He knelt in front of your face, his cock right by your mouth. You moaned and looked up at him. 

“Suck it.” he said. You didn’t need telling twice. You leaned a little forwards and took his cock into your mouth for a second time that night. Mark groaned and gripped your hair slightly as you began to bob on his dick.

“Yes keep doing that baby.” Jin said from behind you as you continued to suck off Mark vigorously. Suddenly without any warning at all, Jin gripped your hips tightly and slammed his massive cock into your pussy. You moaned around Mark causing him extra pleasure as he gasped and threw his head back.

Jin gave you not a second to adjust as he began mercilessly pounding into you deep and fast. Jin really knew how to please you from countless nights of sex with you. Jin was gripping your hips so tightly that you knew there would be marks there in the morning which Jin would love to kiss over which would only lead to another heated session.

Jin wasn’t relenting with his thrusts and you weren’t relenting with sucking Mark’s cock. You were determined to make him cum. You wanted him to cum in your mouth for you to swallow it like a good girl. You glanced up at Mark. He looked so hot with his eyes closed, head back and mouth slightly opened, it made you even more determined to give him release.

“Fuck baby girl you’re so sexy.” Jin groaned from behind you spanking your ass again. The mixture of the intense pleasure he was causing you and the slight pain from the spank made you clench hard around his cock. “Shit.” he moaned as he thrusted even deeper into you now.

Mark grabbed your hair roughly and began to thrust his cock into your mouth, completely fucking your mouth now and you loved it. He pushed a little too deep and you gagged around it making him curse under his breath. Your eyes were a little watery from the gagging but you didn’t care, you were enjoying yourself.

Jjin spanked you again and you moaned around Mark’s cock making him tug harshly on your hair. Jin thrusted extremely hard at a different angle and hit directly on your g spot. You tried to scream but couldn’t since Mark was fucking your mouth so instead you gagged around him again and he groaned your name, he was very very close.

A few more thrusts into your mouth and he came, shooting his salty cum down your throat. You swallowed it all. He pulled his cock out of your mouth and smiled down at you “Good girl.” he praised making you smile. 

Jin however at this point pulled out of you and flipped you over so quickly, the next thing you knew was Jin had thrusted back inside of you at the perfect angle to continue hitting that spot inside of you and you were screaming his name as you clawed down his back. Mark had collapsed beside you both and was just looking on lazily as you screamed in pleasure.

Jin was looking down at you with dark lust filled eyes as he absolutely pounded into you. His cock hitting your g spot was making you close to your third orgasm already. You felt like you couldn’t control yourself due to all the pleasure.

Jin’s intense expression and the way he was fucking you pushed you over the edge. “Yes Jin Yes!” you screamed arching your back and closing your eyes as you came clenching around him hard.

 “Shit Y/N” he groaned into your neck as he came as well inside of you. He continued thrusting into you, riding out your high before he pulled out and collapsed beside you. At that moment all your exhaustion came back to you and you felt like you couldn’t move. Mark was already sleeping beside you whilst Jin panted on your other side.

You turned to look at him and smiled. He smiled back and pressed a kiss to your lips. “Did you like your gift?” he asked. 

“Fuck yes.” you replied.

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Marichat: A Peeping Tom Cat

Requested by: @animatedsuperchick19

Sooooo I wanted to post this before I went to bed but it’s not over just yet- Part 2 will be coming soon ;) and trust me the sequel will be better!

EDIT: Part 2

Adrien was feeling particularly lonely that night. He had to attend several photo shoots earlier that day where the only human interactions he had began with “Could you-“ or “Why don’t you try-“. To make matter’s worse his father was called out of town again for some kind of design meeting. Adrien was sentenced to house arrest for the weekend until his father returned home. Adrien couldn’t stand a minute of it. As soon as it was late enough that Nathalie would no longer disturb him he crawled out the window as Chat Noir.

There was nothing in the world that made Adrien happier than leaping through the city donning the mask of Paris’ beloved superhero. Of course without an akuma to fight or Ladybug by his side his loneliness soon began to eat away at him once again and that’s when Adrien caught a familiar scent in the air. He looked to his left and found the Dupian-Cheng bakery just across the street from him. Chat smiled as he looked over at the balcony that led to his classmates room… Chat couldn’t help but notice her lights were still on. Chat wondering if maybe Marinette would be okay with Chat Noir checking up on her? After all Marinette did seem to like Chat Noir better than Adrien, maybe he could just say hello for a minute or two…

Chat Noir vaulted over to the balcony. He rapped at the trap door but there was no response. Did she fall asleep with the lights on? Chat slunk over to the window where he noticed that she wasn’t in her room at all. before Chat could stop himself he was opening the small window and crawling through. Maybe she would be back soon? Chat looked around her room wondering if he wanted to make a ridiculous pose on her chaise for when she wandered back in. Before Chat could decide on just what he wanted to do he heard the sound of a door opening. Chat turned to see Marinette walking out of the bathroom. Steam poured out of the room as Marinette padded out towel in hand. Marinette was gently drying the ends of her damp hair with the towel. The towel in her hands however was the only stitch of clothing the girl had. The towel draped in front of her body barely covering the area between her hips but left just about everything else on display. Chat’s cheeks turned a violent shade of red as he quickly looked away and cleared his throat.

Marinette’s head snapped up at the sound finally realizing his presence. She shrieked jumping back and clutching the towel to her chest. Adrien suddenly felt very warm. Marinette’s body flushed red, her legs shaking beneath her, knuckles white from how tight she held the towel to her. Marinette backed up into a wall in order to hide her backside from view.

“Evening Princess,” Adrien croaked refusing to look her way.

“Chat Noir!” She shouted. “What the hell!?”

“I was in the neighborhood and thought I would check up on you! I swear I didn’t know you would uh-“ Chat spared a glance at Marinette before quickly looking back at the wall face hot. Marinette’s heart pounded in her chest.

“Have you ever heard of knocking!?” Marinette screeched.

“I did- you didn’t answer-“ Chat tried to explain.

“So you just thought you would let yourself in?!” Marinette hollered.

“Well I wasn’t expecting you to walk in here naked!” Chat retorted causing Marinette’s face to flush a deep shade of red.

“How- how much did you see?” She squeaked her throat feeling tight.

“Uh- nothing!” Chat lied, sweat now dotting his forehead.

“Don’t lie to me Chat Noir!” Marinette snapped.

“I-I may have seen a little…” Chat trailed off. Marinette made a strangled sound in the back of her throat.

“How much?” Marinette demanded.

“Just the um,” Chat swallowed hard,” top half,” He mumbled.

“Oh no! No! No no no, this can’t be happening!” Marinette moaned as she slid down the wall into a sitting position towel covering her knees. Chat finally looked at her cheeks still pink.

“I-I’m sorry Marinette I didn’t mean to-“ Chat began, searching for the right words to fix this although he wasn’t sure there were any that existed. Marinette buried her face into her hands.

“I know. I know Chat! It’s just embarrassing!” Marinette cried shaking her head in her hands, completely mortified.

“It’s not that embarrassing for you,” Chat muttered to himself.

“Excuse me?” Marinette’s voice rose, her head snapping up to meet his gaze.

“Hm?” Chat played dumb.

“Explain to me why you think this isn’t embarrassing for me,” Marinette snapped voice choked, tears welling in her fiery blue eyes. Chat looked at the ground unable to meet her gaze.

“Well you know.” Chat scratched the back of his neck avoiding the question. He glanced up at Marinette who was looking at him intently still waiting for her answer. Chat released a long sigh before speaking again. “You’re um, you’re very- you know what I’m trying to say right?” Adrien squeaked. Marinette gave him a bewildered look. Chat swallowed hard before continuing. “You’re uh- nice, looking I mean, uh attractive, really really attractive,” Chat whispered, face burning crimson as he stared at the floor. Chat chewed on his bottom lip waiting for a response. Now you’ve done it Adrien, on top of seeing her naked you had to go and tell her how good looking you think she it- that’s not creepy or anything, Adrien thought to himself bitterly. A squeak escaping past Marinette’s lips caused him to look back up at her. Her face was ten different variations of pink and red. Adrien worried her head might explode with all the extra blood flow to the area.

“I’m sorry! I shouldn’t have- I didn’t mean it like that! I just- I was trying to tell you you have nothing to be embarrassed about I just- I’m making this worse. I-I’m going to go,” Chat stammered before turning back to the window.

“Chat Noir?” Marinette croaked. Chat half turned to look at her. “Just um- just knock next time okay?” Marinette said softly. Chat nodded before leaping back out the window.

Adrien didn’t sleep well that night. It might have had something to do with the fact that he couldn’t stop thinking about Marinette. Literally everything about her was fresh in his mind begging for his complete attention. Why did Adrien have to be so damn creepy. Not that anything he said wasn’t true because it was and he meant every word of it. But that still didn’t make it okay to tell a naked girl, who he had seen by accident after breaking into her room, that she was attractive. And thinking about how lovely she had looked now, hours after it had happened was definitely creepy. Adrien cursed himself for his behavior before his thoughts roamed onto her last words to him. She told him to knock next time? Did she think there would be a next time? Did she want there to be a next time? Now that was a thought…. No!!! No no no! There would not be a next time where Marinette was, well, indecent. Although Adrien didn’t think there was anything indecent about how she looked she looked… radiant. No! Bad Adrien! Why was he still thinking about this? Maybe he could make it up to Marinette somehow. Maybe he would go over there again to apologize to her and this time he would KNOCK!

The thought of of officially apologizing to Marinette while she was at least dressed calmed Adrien’s racing heart down enough to allow him to sleep. He dreamed of Marinette that night with damp hair and a towel.

The Age Gap. Aaron Hotcher X Reader

||Anon Requested: Heyya Could you please write a Hotch story. Where the reader is significantly younger and the team finds out and teases him. Then he goes home to reader fluff and smut if possible please. I like the idea of a slightly vulnerable hotch. Xx Thanks||

 "Do you have to leave" Y/N said, sticking her bottom lip out. Aaron chuckled and kissed her lips gently. “I do, we have a case. But I’ll be back as soon as I can” he stroked her hair, admiring her bright/dark E/C eyes.

 Hotch dreaded going to work. The team had been constantly teasing him ever since Hotch told them about his and Y/N’s relationship. 

You see, Aaron is 54, Y/N is 27. Aaron usually didn’t date younger women, but something about Y/N made his heart beat rapidly. He really did love her, and she loved him, not to mention Jack loved her. But their large age gap made him nervous about their relationship. He thought of himself as a old man, and he thought of Y/N as a beautiful young woman. He constantly worried a younger and more attractive man would steal her heart. But Y/N reminded him that she loves only him, and that’s all that matters.

 "Hey man, how’s the young lady" Derek winked. Aaron’s brow furrowed, He hated feeling vulnerable, but he did.

 "Did you know, Most men over the age of 50 date women ether in their 20s or 30s?“ Spencer commented, making everyone look at him in confusion. "I wouldn’t blame him, she is an attractive woman” Emily whispered to Penelope and JJ. “Can we please stop talking about this!” Aaron raised his voice, frustrated. The team all became quiet and sat down.

 Aaron sighed as he unlocked and opened the door to his home. “Aaron? Are you home?” Y/N yelled from upstairs. “Yeah! I’ll be up in a minute” he dropped his briefcase on the floor and headed up the stairs. “Hey babe” she smiled, cupping his face to kiss him. “Hard day?” She asked as he laid on the bed. “Yep” he simply said, groaning. She frowned and sat next to him. 

He sat up and sighed “I don’t even know why they care I’m dating you, I love you. That’s all that matters” she rubbed small circles on his back. “Exactly, Aaron I don’t care that you are much older than me. I love you and I’ll always love you, we are both adults so it shouldn’t matter.” She smiled “ ‘bout you just relax” Y/N said as she left wet kisses along his jawline and neck. “Christ Y/N….” Aaron moaned, his voice barley audible. 

She straddled his hips, rubbing her crotch against his, feeling his erection growing. She slowly undressed herself, slow enough to make him beg.

 When they both were naked she slowly lowered herself on his hard member, causing a small whimper to escape her lips. Aaron put one hand on her hip to help her steady herself and one hand on her breast, massaging it to make her slightly moan. 

She picked up her pace, sliding on and off of his large erection. Aaron grunted, the pleasure overwhelming him. All the stress from earlier that day, was forgotten, as he had this beautiful figure in front of him, her breasts bouncing as she bounced. 

“O-oh God Y/N I can’t- I’m gonna-” he was unable to finish his sentence as this large orgasm took over his body. Soon Y/N reached her climax as well. They both panted as she slid off of him and laid back next to him.

 "Aaron?“ She whispered, her chest rose up and down as she tried to catch her breath. "Yeah?” He looked over at her and her glistening body. “I love you so much” she rolled over and ran her fingers through his hair “I love you more than you can imagine” he smiled, kissing her forehead softly.

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theon greyjoy: i promise

ANON REQUEST: Would you be willing to write an imagine were the reader is Ramsay’s lil sis and she befriends Theon/ Reek after she starts treating him (cause she is against her bro and his morals) and when he comes to leave he takes her with him and they kinda fall in love… Sorry if it is unclear. Thank you!!!

You pushed Ramsay to the wall, holding him down while he smirked at you. You softened your grip on him, and he used that moment to push you on the wall. He gripped your face hard, his face angry and wicked.

“If you weren’t my sister, I would’ve killed you.”

You spat at his face, and you pulled on his tunic. Theon was watching everything happen, and he was weakly muttering as he held the pain. Ramsay was flaying a portion of his skin, and Theon’s screams were enough to get your blood boiling. It was a curse to be born a Bolton, you thought.

“You’re not my real brother, you’re just a bastard,” you said as Ramsay’s grip on your neck tightened. He released you for a moment, and he paced the room and went back to playing his game with Theon. “Stop it!”

You called for some guards, but they just stared at you. They only follow Ramsay, but they are scared of you. You always have the upper hand since you were just like your father. You towered on them as they sat on the bench. “I said, take Ramsay and go.”

“My lady, if lord Ramsay wants to skin that ironborne, he can do so.”

You took them by their neck, and pulled one up. You banged his body on the wall, his armor echoing through the hallway. “I am lady Bolton, a trueborn daughter of Roose Bolton. You will follow what I say or I will make sure you will not see another day.”

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Pairing: CainxReader
Word count: 1,584
Author: Brittiny
Request: Anonymous. hi I would like to request a Cain x Reader with the ‘fake relationship’ trope, thanks

You walked in the front door of the bunker and sighed. You’d just returned from a solo hunt and looked forward to relaxing. “Meet us in the library.” Dean said, walking by you.

“Hello to you, too.” You muttered, following him. “What’s going on?” Cas, Sam, Dean, and Cain were all there. Must be something big for them to be there.

“A case.” Sam replied.

You gave him a ‘really?’ look. “No shit, Sherlock.” You were sore, tired, and you wanted nothing to do with a case. However, you knew that wouldn’t fly.

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You’re in my veins, you fuck.

Prompt: Bucky Barnes!AU, set in the present time at college.

Word Count: 2 317.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader.

Warnings: Angst, swearing, drinking, mentions of sex and cheating.

A/N: Sorry not sorry. I enjoyed writing this too much.
Italics are memories or the past. 
Sorry for any possible grammar/vocabulary mistakes (English is not my first language) and if any of you would like to read a Spanish version, just let me know!!!

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They first met when (Y/N) was doing voluntary work at the college’s shelter, she did love animals and it would look good in her CV once she finished college. Being a vet was something she’s dreamt to do since she was a little girl.

He, on the other side, was there just to get something good done in order to able to continue in the football team. His coach has made him clear, if he did not keep his grades up and did something good, beneficial for the community as he put in words, he could kiss goodbye to the football team and therefore, his scholarship.

She did not like him, he had a reputation around college. Typical football guy, arrogant and a heartbreaker. Yeah, she couldn’t stand that. Mostly everyone on the football team was like that, thinking they were above everybody else. Like football was the most important thing in the world and as they were the players, they were entitled to do whatever the fuck they want whenever they want to.

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